The Crossing - Recompense

(Part 6 from 7)

Chapter 6

Laying beneath Alex’s body, the stone floor was slowly chilling me to the bone. In my excitement I hadn’t been aware of how cold the stone was becoming until is downright uncomfortable. Now, the chill of hard surface was having the undesirable effect of dampening my enthusiasm, and rapidly becoming a major distraction.
“Alex, can you reach the steam sauna control on the wall above you??” I asked.
“Yeah, I think so, why?” he asked, quizzically.
“This floor is suddenly freezing, and the sauna will feel nice.” I replied, “Turn it up to a hundred and twenty degrees, I like it hot, the system will do the rest.”
“How long with it take to heat up?” he casually asked, reaching for the temperature control.
“Ten or fifteen minutes, I think.” I said absently.

Dutifully, Alex made the adjustment and resumed stoking me. Unfortunately, the cold had inhibited some of my previous exuberance, which was making it difficult to recapture the mood. Trying my best to relax, I took his bulk while searching for the magic that would restore some of the previous passion. Within about ten minutes, and to my relief, hot, moist, steam billowed into the shower enclosure, sufficiently elevating my temperature and warming the surface of the stone floor, and my libido, at the same time. The hot steam rejuvenated and rekindled the tingly, gnawing yearning in the pit of my stomach, which quickly had my internal temperature rivaling that of the steam laden shower.

Crossing both arms, I rested my forehead on my overlapping forearms, and closed my eyes attempting to relax, and focused intently on the heavenly sensations pulsating through my lower region. Alex’s rhythmic gyration beckoned my desire, which responded with its own unique sensual undulations. “At this rate, it’s not going to take him long to get me hard again.” I thought. With the fervor of a kid with an all day sucker, I lay there savoring each precious nuance, enjoying the moment to its fullest. I mean, who knew when I’d have this opportunity again, and, if it would be as wonderful as this first time, so I delighted in each and every second of the sensation.

Opening my eyes, I watched thick plumes of dense steam swirl and dance on invisible eddies, while my mind conceived a myriad of images of discernable shapes and forms, before the thick vapor swirled and dissipated within the relative calm of the enclosure; only to contort once more and stir my imagination. I found my mind drifting between the pleasant fullness between my cheeks, and the surrealistic backdrop of the white plums of hot, thick mist that enveloped us. The awkward position I had assumed, trapped my folded member between my legs, which didn’t allow enough room to attain a full erection. While somewhat frustrating, the small faux pas didn’t curb my enthusiasm and I raised my hips briefly to press back into my well hung friend. The steam was doing its job, raising our body temperatures and relaxing the muscles of our sweat dappled extremities. And while I couldn’t see Alex, the small droplets of perspiration spattering my back, with the regularity of light rain, told me we were both perspiring profusely from the extreme workout. I was thinking If we stayed in here too long we’d be risking severe dehydration, but in retrospect, I shouldn’t have been concerned as the high heat and humidity accelerated Alex’s climax.

My posture relaxed as he hammered me mercilessly and I got into the rhythm, until he abruptly halted, which signaled to me that he was close to coming. Unlike our last go around, I remained totally motionless, mentally soaking up the nuances of his orgasm, like a sponge. From the perspective of the one being ravaged by his monster tool, it was an awesome ride! I felt his beautiful cock, distend and lengthen, just prior to the enormous head billowing to double its size, a mere heartbeat ahead of ferociously spewing hot, sticky goo deeply inside me. The comforting sensuality of the hot fluids forcibly breaching my most intimate recesses was poignant and profoundly intimate for me. As far as I was concerned, this was as enjoyable, in some ways, as actually climaxing. Alex’s delivered his final load and them pumped me a few more times for good measure, before collapsed atop me, spent, and panting breathlessly. He lay blanketing me for long minutes before stirring.

“Oh God Josh, you are so damn sexy! That was incredible!” he wearily whispered in my ear, as we lay intertwined and motionless on the stone floor.

I lay there contented for a long time, Alex’s now limp member still inside, as I drifted in and out of consciousness. After a time, he rose, turning on the shower and began washing away the cum and lotion. I reclined, watching him, my eyes roving over his lean torso and ripped abs, down his sinewy thighs and muscular calves, and drifted back up to a pair of broad cut shoulders. “He was gorgeous!” I thought. Shortly, I rose and joined him; we lathered one another thoroughly to cut through the lotion that clung tenaciously to our skin. As I soaped his back, reaching around his waist, my hand came to rest gently between his legs. Pressing my chest against his back I softly caressed the limp appendage, cupping my hand around him and tugging gently. With my free hand I quickly found purchase around his balls, and massaged them; the soap lathering until his crotch was enveloped in huge white fluffy ball. He eventually became semi erect, but for all my efforts he never stiffened beyond that. So, I reluctantly released him and we rinsed off. As I reached for a towel to dry off, Alex pulled me into an embrace, kissing me passionately, and slipped his tongue effortlessly between my lips, gently caressing my receptive cavity.

It was a long, deep, sensual kiss that burned with his passionate intensity. Heat bloomed in my groin, as his hungry mouth covered mine, and that skillful tongue worked its magic with each passing second. An all too familiar primal stirring, sprang to life, and in the blink of an eye my manhood was standing at attention before his lips left mine. Gazing intently into my eyes, a conflicting mixture of tenderness and ferocity clouding his features, Alex gently squeezed, and then softly stroked my erection, which grew and hardened further under his touch. Deftly fondling the shaft, he cupped my balls with his free hand, all the while peering into my eyes. Riveted in place by the attention he was devoting to my lower region, all semblance of modesty was stripped from me and my demeanor unashamedly conveyed what he already knew; his able ministrations commanded my body and molded it to his will.

The intensity of my ardor made it increasingly difficult to stand, and when it was impossible to bear the sexual tension any longer, my hips undulated into the hand closed around my well prepared appendage. Alex tightened his grip on my aching flesh, making my overtures all the more pleasurable. Here I was, standing obediently as another guy gave me an extremely erotic hand job, and not only did I thoroughly love it, I was begging for it! “Oh my God, this is so damn sexy!” I thought, as my knees weakened and wobbled and my groin ached burned with sexual tension and anticipation.

The whole damn thing was one incredible turn-on, and I was settling in to let him slowly jack me off, when to my surprise and dismay he released my quivering cock, took my hand, and led me to the bench. Placing a hand on top of my shoulders, he guided me down onto the bench, and gently pressed my shoulders against the warm stone wall. Falling to his knees, Alex spread my legs, taking a kneeling position between them. With one hand he grasped the base of my hard flesh and applied steady pressure around it, while his free hand caressed my scrotum and the smooth, highly sensitive skin at its base, containing the nerve ganglia. The hand massaging my aching balls was commanding and immensely erotic; his feather-light touch alternately rolling and squeezing my testicles, then lightly stroking the smooth sensitive area between my scrotum and anus. The delicate touch of his fingers stroking the taut skin covering the inflamed nerve endings was exquisite!

My heart pounded furiously in my chest, and flushed with heat, I spread my thighs to their furthest point, curving my ass and humping his fingers as he expertly caressed my intimate region. Continuing to tenderly caress my swollen, sperm laden orbs, Alex increased the pressure of his grip around the base of my shaft. Glancing down, I saw light glistening off the precum, which oozed from my slit in increasingly large quantities, and partially covered his hand. Fixated by the image, I watched intently as my cock trembled and undulated under his tender caress, swaying with the grace of a willow in the wind. Closing my eyes, and resting my head against the wall, I sat and savored the ecstasy of his embrace and the thrill of mounting heat that scorched my nether region.

It’s difficult to say how long I sat there oblivious to my surroundings, and enjoying the rapture of his touch, before hot, wet, lips surrounded my monstrously inflated cock head. Sucking in a quick breath, I moaned with pleasure, as supple flesh caressed the rim of the head, his tongue working the soft sensitive “V” shaped underbelly of the shaft below the crown. Steamy full lips held the bulbous cap in a vice-like grip, as his velvet tongue lashed the smooth fleshy underside of my shaft. Artfully, his talented tongue danced daintily over and around the smooth, taut surface of the head, stopping ever so briefly, to trace its undulating rim. Alex’s tongue, mercilessly teasing and lashing the purple, engorged, fleshy cap, was a study in unadulterated, unbearably exquisite, agony. Arching my back, I attempted to push myself further between those hot, creamy folds, but he withdrew just enough to keep the head sheathed, while preventing me from pressing further between his clinched lips. Alex let out a low guttural moan, holding my quivering flesh firmly in place, while he slowly rolled his tongue around the distended crown and sucked with the attentiveness of a child eating a lollipop. I could only pray that in his excitement he didn’t bite down to get at the gooey center.

His soft flexible oral muscle glided smoothly over my unbelievably swollen flesh bonnet, flitting daintily, and pixie-like, between the slit and soft, tender “V”. My rock hard cock ached and throbbed painfully; the skin a purplish hue, stretched thin and taut by the immense pressure of blood rushing in to further engorge it. Deftly, my partner worked the foremost edge of his rigid tongue in and out of the small opening in the head; the sensation of its tip slipping between the tiny slit opening was strange, but equally bizarre was that I found it extremely pleasurable, and exhilarating. Reeling in amazement and anxious bliss, I sat white knuckled, gripping the edge of the stone bench, while his tongue meticulously scrutinized the slit and soft sensitive underside of my cock head. Agonizingly, he crept down the length of my granite-like shaft, seemingly one millimeter at a time; painstakingly enveloping the rigid trembling flesh, as moist, warm lips delicately caressed the soft supple skin.

Working his way down the length of the shaft, he eventually swallowed its entirety; stopping only when his mouth rested against my public mound. The hard, throbbing member securely nestled in his throat; Alex softly sucked my hardness, bobbing his head ever so slightly while delicately slinking his tongue around the edge of the twitching crown. Gradually, he withdrew, moving up the length of my drumming member, taking a breath, and once more swallowing me whole. I gasped unabashedly with delight and lust, as his mouth and throat blanketed my stony erection. I’d never before experienced such a feeling of devastatingly pure pleasure, and in my rapture I raised my hips to meet each downward bow of his head, willing him to consume me, body and soul.

Mental and physical stamina aside, with Alex’s mouth wrapped around my cock, it wasn’t long before my abdomen clinched, my ass cheeks tightened, and I choked out a groan as my body erupted in sharp, acrid spasms; a precursor to the rapidly approaching culmination of my desire. Almost immediately, I felt the resounding rumble of seminal fluid, violently forced from my testicles, and propelled outward with rapidly escalating velocity, desperately seeking escape. Throwing my head back, I froze in a silent scream, for what seemed like an eternity, before at long last wrenching the vocalization from my body, in a crescendo of physical and emotional release; culminating in a number of long, heavily laden, streams of hot, vicious, sticky fluid. The turbulent momentum of my ejaculation slammed into the back of Alex’s throat, and sucking ravenously, he managed to greedily swallow every drop, as he vigorously pumped the shaft.

Exhausted, I collapsed, basking in the afterglow of our truly incredible sex. After long minutes slouching against the hard stone surface, motionless and contented, and still struggling to catch my breath; I silently rose, my footing somewhat tentative. Standing over Alex’s sprawled figure, pursing my lips and placing one hand on my cocked hip, the other suggestively cupping my limp flesh while stifling a laugh, I sarcastically prompted, “So! What do we do for an encore!?”

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