The Crossing - Recompense

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Chapter 7

The autumn air was cool, crisp, and clean; its freshness accentuated by a brilliant azure blue sky that was completely devoid of clouds. I loved this time of year, with its changing leaves, mild daytime temperatures, and cool nights. “If only it would remain this way year round.” I thought, stepping out of my bedroom door into the blindingly bright midday sunlight. “What the hell did I do with my sunglasses?” I absently asked myself. As I pondered that question my attention slowly turned to Alex, who was presently attempting to strike a nonchalant pose, by leaning against the passenger door of my car with his ankles crossed. “You were in a heck of a hurry to get out the door! Are you having seconds thought about what happened?” I asked nervously, my stomach knotting, afraid of what he might say.

“Nope!” he retorted, crossing his arms and grinning. “I thought you might be a little uncomfortable though, so I wanted to give you some space.” he continued. “Plus, I didn’t want to wear out my welcome.” He said smugly.
“Well, don’t worry about that!” I assured him, “I’m fine, and it was great! We’ll have to do it again sometime.”
“Josh, there is one thing that I should tell you,” he said flatly, pausing briefly, “so there is no misunderstanding; I’m bisexual. I still love the girls, but guys add something special every once in a while!” he explained, a broad smile coming to his face.
“Oh hell, Alex! I love girls too, but this definitely opens up a new avenue to explore!” I responded, anxiously to let him know how much I enjoyed our encounter.
“More like a superhighway!” he mocked teasingly, the corners of his mouth turning up in a slight smirk.

“Yeah, whatever!” I jeered, “Then I plan on taking a road trip!” I joked, attempting to strike one of those male model poses, and failing miserably.
“Seriously Alex, that was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had.” I told him, averting my gaze in embarrassment at the admission. There was a long awkward pause, and I started mentally kicking myself for opening my mouth.
“You know Josh, the truth is,” Oh God, here it comes! I thought, He thinks I’m too serious after one incredible experience. “I thought you were pretty awesome too!” he admitted, with a faint smile. “While we’re on the subject; I just happen to know a girl that loves threesomes, and she’ll gets crazy hot watching guys fuck!” he pointed out. “When you get her really worked up, you wouldn’t believe what she’ll do!” he laughed.
“Wow! Now that’s a dream come true!” I thought.

Alex was watching me intently as I looked up, apparently trying to read my expression. “That sounds great!” I blurted, “When can we get together?” I asked, licking my lips and thinking I sounded a bit too anxious.
“No worries, we might be able to hook up tomorrow. But, there’s one small problem.” He mentioned, shifting his stance nervously, to lean on his hip. “I don’t have any place for us to go.” Alex pointed out.
“That’s not a problem ol’buddy!” I declared, “The folks are gone for the week, on some business trip. I have the entire house to myself!” I confided.

He beamed with satisfaction, turning to face me as he sauntered over with a deliberate exaggeration. I couldn’t help but laugh at him as he strolled comically past me, haughtily turning on his heels. Holding one arm across his chest while resting the elbow of his other arm on it, he tucked a thumb under his chin with two fingers extended upward, cradling the side of his face, in an exaggerated pose of deep contemplation.

In a condescending tone that only a farcical, elitist, and extremely accomplished socialite could muster, he asked, “So Darling, does that mean the steam room will be available for the occasion, or do I need to call ahead and reserve it?”
In my best upper crust voice I sneered, glowering at him in mock irritation, “I can assure that won’t be a problem! This is the off season Madame!” Taking a step toward my car before remembering, I asked, expectantly, “Oh, by the way, what the hell did you come over here for anyway!?”

“Crap!” Alex blurted, “I can’t believe I forgot all about it!” he muttered. “Josh, you know Ms. Paganelli, right!?” he stated, more than asked.
“Well, yeah! DUH!” I retorted, “She teaches American History. So?”
“Man, they found Ms. Paganelli and the Mayor dead! They’re saying on TV it was a murder suicide! They were both found nude and in bed together in a cabin outside of town. Apparently, they had been having an affair, or that’s what they’re saying!” Alex offered. “Can you believe that!?” he exclaimed, excitedly.

“Wow! That is the dammed craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.” I declared. “But, you know what bothers me?” I offered, “That just doesn’t make any sense.” I said, thoughtfully, “Why would he kill her and then himself? Where’s the motive?” I asked, speculatively. “I mean based on what you just told me there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for it.” I concluded.
“You know Josh, sometimes you think way too much! You are always looking for some rational reason for things!” Alex professed. “People don’t always do things in a logical or rational way, you know!? And, the police wouldn’t say it if they didn’t have good reason!” He insisted, frowning expectantly at me.

“That’s true, but this just seems a bit weird in my mind; like, why bone her, and then kill her?” I wondered aloud. “And, why go all the way out in the middle of the woods to do it? And, if you were that upset about something, would you screw her and then off her?” I asked, pausing, “Sorry! Something is just a little too neat and tidy, in my book.” I exclaimed, as something about it nagged at me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.
“By the way, how did they die?” I asked.

“The TV didn’t say.” Alex replied, flatly. “Something about the police not releasing any information concerning the case, blah, blah, blah.” he said, flatly, “And, it was an ongoing investigation and that they were looking at a person or persons of interest.”
“What?” I yelped, startling Alex as I whirled to face him. “Doesn’t that sound strange to you?” I questioned.
“What?” he asked, seemingly confused by my question.
“Think about it Alex! Why would there be a person, or persons, of interest if it was a murder suicide??” I asked smugly. And with a wry smile, I crossed my arms over my chest thinking there was more to this than meets the eye. “Somebody ought to look into this…” I mused.
“Josh, you’ve got that look on your face!” Alex remarked cautiously.

“Yeah, my best friend knew me better than anyone else, but I don’t know what he was so worked up about! I was just going to take a quick look into this, that all! What could it hurt!?” I mused dismissively. “I mean, what could go wrong!? I’m only going to take a peek!”
The series will continue with: The Crossing – The Call

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