The Grundy's

(Part 7 from 7)

The fact that his bride of one hour was downstairs at the reception entertaining their guests, while he was playing Mummy’s and Daddy’s with her cousin did not seem to matter any more. He knew what Katie wanted, he was getting used to being a Grundy and he reckoned that he had time to give hr what she wanted.

Katie kept smothering his face with kisses until he gently pushed her away, in one last futile attempt to redeem the situation.” Katie dear I have just married your cousin. This is not the right time for us to be fucking“. The feel of her young breasts pushing against him was rather stimulating to say the least and he was finding hard to deny this young vixen of a girl.

She was looking down at him and then she said .”Any time is right time to be fucked .“ She said .remember - you made a bargain. You promised that you would make love to me after the wedding when we did not have to worry about our wedding clothes. . This is after the wedding honey, we are both naked or near enough and I‘m very horny?” Tony was lost for words as she just pulled him into another hug. Her lips were very full and very soft. Her kisses started to get even more passionate as she took his cock in one hand while she started kissing her way down his body stopping to suck his nipples before she finally broke the kiss.
"Are you absolutely sure you really want me to take advantage of you darling she asked?"
"Yes, but!"
"Oh, okay, just checking."
Tony’s mind dwelled for a brief moment on his bride downstairs but he knew that Joan loved dancing, and he was sure that her attention would be diverted for at least another half an hour. So he started fondling Katie’s breasts, and began flicking her nipples in turn At the first contact, she moaned quietly. he played with her nipples a little and then shifted his attention to her neck. he kissed it and licked it. Periodically he would shift up and nibble on her ear. Trying to catch his breath, he exhaled into her ear and she moaned again.

Meanwhile, she straddled him getting into the ninety nine position, placing her young hairless pussy over his mouth, as she took his now fully enlarged cock into her mouth and staring sucking . Tony was lost as his hands reached up to fondle her gorgeous young firm teenage buttocks, as he deliberately pushed a finger into her young wrinkled anus as his tongue went to work licking and sucking her sensitive pussy. He knew by her reaction that she was enjoying it and within seconds he was licking her clit. It was more than Katie could take as she reared up and whispered.
“You bastard.” she said with a smile I’m going to fuck your ass off for that as she straddled his groin.

She looked down at him. "Did you know that I know all about you and my two horny cousins and Aunt Elsie‘s business proposition, an if you lot don‘t cut me in - then I can be a bad enemy.” She said with a smile on her face. Tony just nodded as Katie proceeded to position herself over his cock. She took his cock in her hand and moved the head in between her pussy lips, coating it with her lubrication, then she gradually lowered her body on to his cock. All of a sudden she just let her weight drop. Katie stopped for a moment and then she started to let her full weight drop again - she was very tight, but suddenly he was in as far as he could go.
“That’s lovely darling.” She muttered, as she started to move her young body, her mouth dropping open as she started uttering low moans of contentment.

They started very slowly quite quickly they settled into a rhythm and the tempo picked up. Her moans got a little louder and then she let her weight drop completely and just sat still . She came in a rush and just let go panting and whispering "Oh my God." Tony kept thrusting, although softer and at a much slower pace than before. Then after only a couple of minutes of this, she screamed with orgasm again. "My God! That feels incredible!" he could only agree, he was very close to coming himself as he started to thrust up into her young body feverishly almost losing his rhythm at times. He jammed into her one last time, as far as he could as he came. She moaned as she felt his hot semen flood her young womb.

Just then the door burst open and his bride burst into the room saying “Aren‘t you ready yet……?
as she uttered a little scream and fled the room. They heard her shout to some one he’s in there fucking our Katie “ Then the door burst open and the room suddenly seemed to be full of people.

Then Elsie appeared and said . “They are not fucking. “Everybody out let them get dressed - let the party continue we don’t want a fucking scandal today of all days.”
Elsie looked at him and said. “I know that you are a Grundy now but this is the first as far as I know -that a bridegroom has fucked a bridesmaid at the wedding. You had better be very nice to Joan tonight if you want to be pardoned .”

Tony said “You are talking to the wrong person Elsie. She is a Grundy after all!.”

“Yes darling Tony and so are you - welcome to the clan.

The End

I hope you enjoyed this fantasy family I have plenty of ideas for further episodes in the locker, and so There will be a part two if you like it and there is sufficient demand..

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