The Grundy's

(Part 5 from 7)

Her pussy was squeezing on his cock creating a myriad mixture of feelings as she continued to rock and bounce on him. Bending over occasionally to kiss him and slow the tempo a bit . The agonizing, exquisite sensation of yet another climax started to build in his groin and he wondered how long he could last with this lovely woman.

His cock was being forced in and out of Elsie’s hot, slippery vagina until he exploded deep inside her with a force that seemed to cause the room to spin around him. He was feeling very exhausted and very happy as Elsie’s body stiffened and let out a loud moan before suddenly exploding into another climax.

Even after he had been totally drained, Elsie continued to bounce up and down on his cock until it began to shrink and slide from within her. He didn't even notice that Elsie had lifted herself off him until those luscious lips came down on to his, as he drifted off into a long relaxing sleep.

It was several hours before Tony awoke, he was alone so he showered and dressed and made his way downstairs to the lounge. To Tony’s surprise Joan was waiting there for him and she cuddled up to him on the coach as Elsie went to make some coffee. She said. Tony have you seen the photo’s and the Video’s yet?

“You take a good photograph and I would have recognised you anywhere from your photo’s.” at which point she stood up and came back with a bunch of Polaroid photographs in her hand, to his dismay they were all of him having sex with Karen and Joan and two more Polaroid photographs of him being ridden by Elsie, with her impaled on his cock. On every photograph his face was clearly visible.

Almost immediately Tony realised the terrible significance of these photographs if they were ever made public. Just then Elsie returned with the drinks and she noticed the photo’ in Tony’s hands .
Elsie looked at him and she said with a look of seriousness on her face.

“Show Tony the video’s next Joan.” Elsie said.

Then Joan switched on the video and it was obvious that somehow with the use of hidden video cameras in the bedrooms they had a number of very graphic videos of himself and Karen as well as Joan and Elsie having sex . After he had seen a selection Elsie said we have an overseas buyer for most of them, but we will blank out your face in editing if you really don’t want it shown. We don’t bother too much because we can use make-up.

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