The Grundy's

(Part 6 from 7)

Chapter 3
Becoming a Grundy by Marriage

“Look Tony we have to talk, you see I don‘t know whether Karen has told you but she is pregnant, in fact the more we consider the situation it is possible that all three of us are liable to be pregnant with your child. Joan is at her most fertile time now. I don‘t know whether you have considered the implications of this, but it will look bad with you living here with us as a single man. At least if one of us marries you, then there will be more of an air of respectability about it.”

Tony then said. “I had naturally assumed that you were all on the pill“. The fact that you are not is a bit of a shock.
”Don’t worry Tony dear, you are almost part of the family now and we won’t let you down. Elsie said. with a smile. Tony drank his coffee quite quickly as the consequences of what was happening to him ran through his mind. He could see no way out of his predicament. He knew that if Karen’s mother went to the school with her side of the story together with the photographs. He knew he would be finished. Everyone would believe her and he would be hounded out of teaching, and possibly end up in prison.

Tony felt very let down and very shocked at the inference that they were prepared to blackmail him, as he sat quietly considering his position. He had become very fond of the family and the very thought of what was being inferred, made him feel physically sick. The thought of marrying one of the Grundy girls, either Karen or Joan did not bother him so much, but the very thought that they were prepared to blackmail him was very upsetting.

Elsie spoke again quietly “I can see that you are a bit shocked Tony, but face it we may be whores, and sometimes do it for money, but so are you. I have no doubt that given the chance of another fifteen year old girl in your bed you would have your pants down in no time.” Tony had to smile and nod - he knew she spoke sense.
“You may be right and I see what you are saying, but what you are saying is that if I do not agree then you would make sure those photo’s go to the school places to cause me the most embarrassment.”

“Joan said. “No Tony darling Elsie did not say that.”
“It’s alright Joan I was thinking of Karen I don’t want her upset after all she was or still is my girlfriend.”
“Don’t worry love, Karen knows the score and you can still fuck her and Mamma as well if she wants you to after our wedding, which is the best way for us all. In fact as far as we are concerned you can have three wives. We will share you. But we have the right to have boyfriends as well.”

Elsie then said “Look Tony remember that we first saw you at the school open day a few months ago. We liked what we saw, and we could not help noticing that you were never short of young female company. Karen could not take her eyes off you, and so I asked her whether she would like to have you. She was most emphatic in her desire to have you as her boyfriend, from that time on we made the plan to trap you. You see honey the position in which you have landed yourself in is kind of awkward for you. Firstly you could go and shout about being kidnapped and blackmailed, and it would do you no good no-one would believe you, the bottom line is that we could produce the video’s and photo’s and you are right up ‘shit creek’ to put it mildly, but we could not come out of it unscathed either.”

I just nodded. Elsie looked at me and said “ Like it or not to put it crudely, you are my, or rather our family sex slave. If you marry Joan, that means that you will be married into the family. We know you like to fuck and we know you are good at it. I promise you that you will enjoy being a Grundig, there are lots of horny schoolgirls waiting to be fucked, as well as some real horny mothers,. and at the same time we will make some money for all of us.

You carry on as normal every day doing your teaching but initially until you marry you will be my boyfriend, or if you marry you will become Joan’s husband, and so if and when we are seen together no-one will take too much notice, but I know plenty of women and young horny school girls who don’t have a husband, and they want to spend their money on a man for a good discreet fuck occasionally, or for general escort work and they will pay us well for your company.”

Tony immediately reacted “They will of course then go and blab about it to all their friends and they will recognise me and I will be doomed anyway.”
“Yes darling that is a risk but we are very selective and we will ensure that everything is on video and they all have something to lose if they do - but think of all the fun you will have and all the money we can make ”
“I don’t have much of a choice anyway do I?
“Of course you do darling - we have grown very fond of you and we just want you to become a member of the Grundig family.“

“What do you think Joan?” Tony asked. - do you want a husband who is a male whore.?”
“Why not darling we are all whores, and we all know the score, but we have been and will always be very selective in the clientele to protect ourselves and you. I know Mamma is fed up of being fucked or giving hand jobs to stinky customers at the massage parlour, so she is looking for a way out, and you are it, and to be truthful we all want a good kind man in our lives and we also want children, your children - what could be better for you or for us?. We know you are a pervert like us, and you like young girls and Karen is really sold on the idea as well. She really loves you the little vixen.”

As Tony sat there looking at Elsie and weighing up the alternatives, the thought crossed his mind.
“Why not?” He liked Elsie and the two girls and he had a lot to lose if he did not co-operate. Tony stood up and then said.. “So you are prepared to send these photo’s to the school and shop me are you. All I can say is do your worst.”

Elsie looked at Joan shrugged her shoulders and then she picked up the photo’s and tore them in two. She looked at Tony and said. “You can have the fucking videos as well. I am not going to shop you.”
I looked at their sad faces and said“ Thank you I hoped you would do that so all we have to do is to arrange the wedding.

Within seconds Tony quickly found himself on the floor being pummeled by two very happy sex crazed women

After seeing Karen and after she confirmed that she was quite happy with the idea of Tony marrying Joan providing that Tony gave her a fair share of his attention, and was a good daddy to her baby then Tony was quite happy to become a member of the Grundy family.

In one way he was quite happy to have three lovely women in his life, and soon it was confirmed that he would become a daddy three times in fairly quick succession. Strangely everyone was happy, except his mother.

The wedding arrangements were made with great speed, in fact it was so swiftly arranged before Joan was even beginning to show that she was pregnant, that it almost took the wind out of his sails. He almost wondered whether Elsie had it all arranged beforehand. However, happily the wedding coincided with the school holidays.

The great day arrived and Joan was looking lovely. Her wedding dress was absolutely lovely, she was deliriously happy, and Karen and Katie her cousin the other bridesmaid looking absolutely stunning as bridesmaids. Elsie had hired a big hall and the catering was laid on for 150 guests. The Grundig family descended from all parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland to the wedding. For the first time Tony really found out what being wedded to a Grundy really meant.

His mother was the only one of his family to come to the wedding, but strangely enough he could see that eventually she too was caught up in the euphoria of the event and even got on well with Elsie and the girls .Before the wedding the bridesmaids and the bride took over some rooms in the hotel where the reception was being held for changing . With Joan the bride being the last to get ready with her stepmother and the bridesmaids fussing around. Tony was made to get changed first and so he decided to stop out of the way and have a nap in a spare room. Tony had quickly dozed off but was woken by the glamorous Katie plonking herself down on the bed. There was no messing about with Katie who started coming on to Tony. But as they were both dressed ready to go to go so nothing came of it. Katie would not risk messing up her make-up and so Tony was off the hook.

After the service, the reception, the meal and all the speeches they had arranged to go away for a two weeks honeymoon in Majorca where Elsie had hired a quite large villa. After the dancing started Elsie suggested that Tony went to get changed, and get ready to leave in the room booked for Joan and him as naturally Joan would need more time to get ready than he would.

He was glad to get away from the celebrations and quickly showered. His clothes and his case was all ready packed for him and so he decided to have a quick snooze before Joan arrived to change. He was woken when a naked Katie clambered on to the bed and lay down next to him, she wrapped her arms round his neck and leaning over him and gave him a long passionate kiss, her tongue probing every inch of his mouth. He knew that she was about the same age as Karen, but he was shocked to find her in his arms on his wedding day while his wife was downstairs entertaining the guests.

“I thought that I locked the door “ Tony protested.
“You did darling, but I got a spare key for a quick blow job on the hall porter.

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