The Grundy's

(Part 4 from 7)

Tony sensed that Joan was rapidly building for an orgasm and he hoped she would enjoy several more before he too had to cum. She kept working up and down on his cock. She was very tight and very wet and he could feel her muscles vibrating and massaging his cock like a real veteran. Her breathing was very quick and shallow. Tony fondled her breasts and her nipples were like little bullets. She stopped and shuddered as her wetness consumed his cock. She had her first orgasm as she kept on riding him, harder and harder and then her orgasms came one after the other as they continued to fuck. He found that before long he was very near cumming himself and couldn’t hold on for much longer

"OH Tony OHH! This feels so good!!" Joan moaned as he continued working his cock in and out of her tight pussy. "Oh it feels like I got to go pee again. OH!"

"I'm... going to cum in you!!" he moaned as he felt the first stirrings in his balls. He felt them tighten and his legs started to quiver. He felt the first shot of his cum firing out of his cock into Joan’s pussy. Then he started cumming time after time until he knew that he had fired his last shot into Joan’s hot love tunnel. Joan shook and shivered, her beautiful young face had an inexplicable look of ecstasy as she had another orgasm yet again.

She smiled down at him, her blue eyes full of happiness and contentment as she started kissing him passionately all over his face. Her warm hot body collapsing on top of him as she lay contentedly with her blonde head resting on his shoulders.

Tony vaguely seemed to remember that he was woken during that night several times for more sex but it was nearly seven o clock in the morning when he eventually came to full consciousness. But it was not Joan lying with her arms wrapped round him it was Elsie her stepmother. Tony shot up in bed and said.
“ What are you doing I have to get up. I have to be at school, at 8.30 this morning. Where is Karen still in bed ?”

“No honey Karen has taken a note to school for you to say you are off sick and in view of all the Mexican flu around we thought it better to be on the safe side”
“But Karen is not well?” Tony asked.
“She is fine really she just wanted to give Joan a chance with you last night so she pretended to be sick and you did that alright with Joan she was absolutely knackered when I got home last night, so I put her in my bed to sleep as I wanted to see just how good you were for myself. I was not disappointed.?”

At that Elsie turned on her side and put her arm across his chest. Tony had to admit that she was almost as beautiful and as sexy as her two daughters, but in a different but more mature way she was probably even sexier than the two younger girls. He could feel his heart beat faster as she cuddled her body up against his in the bed. Her beautiful blue expressive eyes were glued on him, waiting for his reaction as without speaking she bent over and placed those luscious red lips on to his, one of her hands went down to grasp his cock and Tony automatically turned to face her . They kissed face to face, his arm draped over her body pulling her closer when Tony having now decided to bow to the inevitable had put his arms round her and pulled her naked body close, so that the nipples standing proud on her lovely breasts pressed into him as they kissed.

Her lips were full and soft and she brushed his lips with the tip of her tongue. She pushed her tongue into his mouth. Her hands took his face and held it tight as she kissed him. Her long blonde hair flopped over his face and the exotic waft of her perfume did little to help his equilibrium. His cock was erect as it stood erect from his body, as Elsie pushing him on to his back straddled him and Tony looked up to see the moist vagina hovering just above his face.

Her pussy was neatly trimmed and was puffy and bulged out slightly her delicate slit marking the entrance to her love tunnel. The fact that Elsie straddling his head obscuring his face helped extinguish the last of his inhibitions. He knew what she wanted as he set to work with his tongue. He found her clit almost immediately with almost instantaneous reactions as she came almost immediately .

Elsie turned round and swung her long, shapely legs to position her pussy just above his Cock. She leaned forward and grasped his hard cock with one hand and eased it up inside her. Her level of excitement was so great that his cock found the passage easy into her pussy. A moan of pleasure escaped her full lips as she settled down on his hips. The sensation of her slippery vagina sliding down over his so-hard cock was overpowering. he moaned loudly at the sudden overwhelming feeling at the envelopment of his tool.

"Oooohh! That’s nice," she gasped. "Ooh! Yes, all the way in. Uuuuuuuuh!

With a whimper of pleasure she began bobbing up and down, her eyes locked on ,him as he lay beneath her, his hard cock sliding in and out of her highly aroused pussy. She seemed to be beside herself with lust! It was far better than her husbands had ever been.

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