The Grundy's

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Releasing his head from between her legs, she pulled him up, kissing him over and over as she flipped him onto his back. All eagerness, she lowered her dripping pussy gently onto his cock. God, what a feeling, so hot and smooth as Tony sank into her! Reaching up to caress her as she rode him, Tony savoured the touch of her skin, loving the shiver that ran through her body as she came a third and a fourth time, until Tony finally exploded inside her.

She began to pull away, but Tony knew from her expression that they were far from finished . His cock was still rampant, which amazed and excited them both, and she rolled onto her back this time. She wrapped her legs around him, as she pulled him inside her and Tony came twice, while she must have come at least a dozen before they finally released each other. Tony sat up on the bed and she cuddled up against him, her head on his shoulder.

She looked at him. “You have not given me an answer yet darling about moving in with me.?”
Tony said. “Tanya dear. We hardly know each other - its far too soon.”
She pushed him back on the bed and said. ”Well Tony honey I want you to stay here and let me look after you tonight, and many nights afterwards when I am alone if you will let me?” It was a fantastic night and Tony did take Tanya up on the offer quite frequently in the following two or three weeks after that.

But suddenly Tanya became very cold and stopped inviting him in. When Tony pressed her to find out why she reluctantly told him. “I have been warned off, because you are dating one of the Grundy’s and I have been told that I must not poach on their territory, or else.” With that she shut the door in his face

For the first time Tony began to ask questions about the Grundy family and suddenly people became very evasive and refused to talk about them. Although as the days went by Karen and Tony became even closer and their clandestine meetings became even more intimate. Karen was becoming even more frustrated and more demanding. One Friday she came to his staff room when he was alone, and Tony took advantage of the occasion, and after locking the door they had a very passionate necking and intimate groping session. She was really randy, and wanted to go much farther then than they ever had done before, but Tony was conscious that the cleaners would probably be coming in shortly, and could catch them red-handed. So he decided to exercise discretion.

But Tony did arrange to meet her and take her shopping the following day. As a precaution he warned his landlady Tanya that he may not be home that evening, as he knew she would be expecting him.

When he picked Karen up at her home that afternoon she was looking absolutely ravishing, her makeup was perfect, she had been to the hairdresser and her dress sense was right bang in fashion. She looked and dressed older than her real age, and Tony was sure that she would not be easily recognised by any school friends they happened to meet. Elsie her stepmother pressed him to stay to dinner when he brought Karen home after the afternoon shopping spree. Elsie said as she made the invitation “Oh Tony don’t call me Mrs. Grundy just call me Elsie, or say something like. Come her and let me fuck you.” I assure you I respond very promptly to that very quickly”

Karen was quite embarrassed and complained by saying “Oh mother please!“
Elsie said to Tony with a twinkle in her eye “Sorry Tony just kidding but we all know the facts of life don‘t we and after all you and Z have met before so we are not strangers are we?”
Karen told Tony later that her stepmother had been much younger than her father when they had married. Her father had later been killed in a road accident. She said., “Elsie can be very crude at times, but she has a heart of gold and we love her dearly.”

Tony took Karen to a shopping centre in an adjoining town where there was little chance they would be recognised. All the way their in the car, Karen’s hand was very possessively placed on his right knee under his raincoat. She made sure that her body touched his whenever it was possible making it hard for Tony to concentrate on his driving. As the journey progressed she adroitly unzipped his jeans, and let her hand fondle his cock. She cleverly kept Tony excited without letting him spend, after about fifteen minutes of this treatment she whispered in his ear, as she carefully put his cock away.

“I want to save that for later darling. I know a much better place to put it.”

Tony had also met Karens older sister Joan at the school parents meeting and he met her again when he picked up Karen, also a very sexy glamorous blonde of about 18 years of age. Joan had just started a beauticians course at a local Technical College and Karen told him that her stepmother worked in a massage parlour, but she had previously worked as a beautician for a theatre company, but the money or hours were not as good as the massage parlour. Tony could now see why the girls had such a good eye for make- up and fashion with a stepmother with that type of background and experience. After shopping Tony stayed for dinner. He soon found that her stepmother, and also to some extent Joan was paying him a lot of attention. At dinner Tony very definitely got the impression, that their were two other females in the family who seemed to be competing with Karen for his attentions..

After dinner Karen wasted no time but took him to her bed room while her mother was getting ready for the evening shift at the massage parlour in the next room, Karen wasted no time, as within seconds of the door being locked, she had thrown her arms round his neck and they were locked in a very intimate and passionate embrace

Soon despite the fact that her mother was still in the house they were both totally naked, with Karen snuggled up close to him, rubbing her boobs against his body and her gorgeous young lips clamped on to his. Karen pushed him back and lay down on top of him with her head on his shoulder, and her cool right hand on his chest playing with his nipples. Her mouth was perpetually locked on to his tongue probing his mouth as her free hand dropped to play with his cock and to rest it in her groin against her very wet pussy.

Tony decided to take the initiative as he took Karen in his arms, he could not wait to get his cock inside this horny young school girl after all the frustrating times they had experienced together. His hand came to rest on her buttock, as he pulled her young body close and he slowly squeezed Karen's buttocks. She snuggled closer and placed her right leg over his right leg, and her hand slid down between their bodies to take his cock in her soft hand. His cock throbbed and he felt a stream of cum shoot, onto her hand and on to the bed sheets.

Karen was impatient and so was Tony, as she grasped the head of his cock in her tiny hand and squeezed gently. He could feel her breath on his chest as her young teenage body began to writhe against him. His thoughts of fucking Karen at last was driving him crazy. He was relieved when she whispered
“Lets not fuck about darling lets get down to business now.” That suited Tony wonderfully well

He let his hand slide between her legs and his finger gently fondled her pussy, as she opened her legs to give him better access. Her hips bucked as he found her clit and she pumped his cock as for a second as she rolled on top of him Fucking young horny Karen silly was the only thing in his mind at the present time. He wanted this beautiful teenage girl so badly it was driving him crazy with pent up lust.

Karen sat up, carefully straddling him pulling her knees up by his sides and with one hand she directed his cock to the lips of her young waiting pussy, then she sat down very gently on his cock, as her warm wet pussy gradually expanded to absorb his size. The fantastic thrill of their coupling almost took his breath away He grabbed her round the neck and pulled her body down on top of his as he started moving gently inside her. For a short time she lay on his shoulder her beautiful blonde hair splayed out over his shoulder and chest, as she nuzzled his cheek with her face and lips as together they started to move in a slow sensuous rhythm. But Karen was really horny, and she wanted to feel all of him deep inside her and she sat up she hunched her young body on to his cock to get maximum penetration as they gradually started to pick up a faster rhythm.

Karen bucked and squirmed in ecstasy, grinding her young body on to his cock. Tony held his cock in place and let her push against it at her will, she sat down hard on taking his full length with some difficulty. Tony could feel the head of his cock pushing against her young cervix as Karen went crazy with unrestrained lust, as she tried to find even more of his cock to push inside her. Her pussy contracted round his cock and her muscles rippled like crazy just as though she was trying to suck every bit of sperm from his him. She began to quiver and shake as she rode up and down on his cock in long sensuous strokes. Her mouth was open, and she was emitting long wails of satisfaction and pent up lust as repeated orgasms rocked her young body.

Tony was nearing his own climax as he began fucking his throbbing cock in and out of her tiny pussy at a faster speed. Karen moaned out loud as with every stroke they expelled a steady flow of her juices mingling with his and soaking the bed clothes. Tony drove his cock into her as hard as he could as he erupted, shooting his seed deep inside her waiting young womb. Spurt after spurt pumped into her and gushed out of her pussy as she continued to fuck him almost wildly until finally out of sheer exhaustion she collapsed on top of Tony, as they both rested happily and for the moment contented while they caught their breath.

Then they both fell asleep their arms locked round each other. Tony woke well into the night when he was awaken by a flash to see Elsie her mother taking a photograph of them as they slept their bodies interlocked. She smiled and said. “I will let you have copies later Tony now go ahead and enjoy yourselves.”

They stayed in bed all day Sunday. Tony found that Karen seemed almost insatiable, while at intervals her mother or Joan brought them refreshments. Tony crept home an exhausted shell of a man early on Sunday evening, to sleep until it was time for school the next morning.

Karen gave him a lovely smile at school on the Monday, she looked absolutely lovely and she was exceptionally well behaved , but when she had the opportunity she whispered to him that her stepmother expected him to go with her for dinner that evening. From that day onwards her mother actively encouraged Tony to spend his nights with Karen.

When he did manage to get back to his apartment he found a note from Tracy giving him a months notice to get out. The note said if you leave sooner I will refund your rent. Once again Tony was sure that after his previous conversation with her that it had something to do with the Grundy’s.

During the next month most days he would go straight from her house to school, her mother even arranged a wardrobe for him to keep his clothes in, and he in effect had left his apartment and become a lodger with the Grundy’s. But one night he arrived back from school and he found that Karen had gone straight to bed from school, and after sitting with her for most of the evening he reluctantly decided to go down stairs and sleep in the lounge. He had now got so used to having Karen alongside him in bed that the thought of sleeping alone was not very appealing to him. Elsie her mother was working late but Joan was waiting in the lounge for him already dressed for bed in a sexy see through nightdress, and she waylaid him, and without too much resistance from Tony took him into her bedroom.

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