The Grundy's

(Part 3 from 7)

Chapter 2
Joan makes the Running

Tony had always fancied Joan quietly but having an affair with her sister, had deterred him from making any moves in that direction. But Joan he soon found was a very determined girl, plus the fact that she was also a very sexy 18 year old blonde. She knew what she wanted and she told Tony in quite a determined manner. “I want you to stay the night with me and fuck me, darling Tony you can’t leave me all frustrated, so tonight you must stay with me. I am yours all yours tonight sweetheart.”

As she spoke she was leaning against him with her arms folded loosely round his neck. Her lips gently kissing his and her body rubbing provocatively rubbing against him Her long blonde hair inches from his face. The smell of her exotic perfume was intoxicating, it was, a sweet musk smell, although she was ready for bed. Tony said “This is not right Joan, I am Karens boyfriend, and although I think that you are very lovely and very sexy especially in that exotic nightdress, I do not want to hurt her by starting something with you.”

“Darling Tony you won’t hurt her as long as you keep it in the family - the Grundy’s share everything, and that includes Mamma as well, but I admit Karen would be annoyed if she found you fucking someone else outside the family without her permission. Like your ex sexy neighbour for instance. In fact it was mamma who suggested that I look after you tonight, as Karen is sick and Mamma will not be home until the early hours.”

Tony’s head was spinning as he tried to absorb the implications of what this sexy young girl was implying. However his body was being diverted from analyzing the full implications of what Joan was saying as the effect of her closeness was playing havoc with his self control.

She was looking up at him, and he realised that what he was seeing was pure unadulterated lust in those beautiful young blue eyes, then she pulled his head down and kissed him passionately on the lips, her near naked body was pushing hard against him, and she was gently rotating her hips gently against his now fully hard cock. He realised that she was indeed very lovely, she had lovely features now, completely free from her day make-up with a few freckles over her cute button nose. He just looked down into her beautiful blue eyes and from then on he was lost. He shrugged his jacket off followed quickly by the rest of his clothes and he saw her give a little smile of satisfaction as she turned away to lay down on the bed to wait for him.

Within seconds Tony now totally naked leaving his clothes in an untidy pile on the floor, and joined her in the bed as he quickly moved his hand up her thigh under her flimsy night dress, where he could feel the warm heat between her legs. Joan shifted her weight slightly, spreading her legs to accommodate him. It was obvious she was more than ready.

Tony was not in the mood to be careful or to engage in extended foreplay, he was a little disturbed at the implications of what she had said. The thought that Karen would willingly let him fuck her sister and her mother without complaint, had got him a little worried. If Joan wanted to be fucked by him, then he would do that and thoroughly enjoy it. But nevertheless he was surprised at what she had said about Karen.

She up looked at him Tony reached out and touched her face, holding her cheek as he brought his lips to hers. He kissed her passionately, his tongue pushed into her mouth. He drove his tongue deeper and farther into her mouth, feeling the back of her throat. His face touching her face now soft with the feel of night cream, as he drove his tongue into her.

Her nipples made small bulges in her flimsy see through night dress and Tony, ordered her to take her night dress off . She began to shiver at his touch as he helped her. But with amazement he could see that she was enjoying his more brutal direct approach.

She moved her hands boldly to grasp his cock and testicles that pressed hard against her belly. His hand felt her soft inner thigh as she spread her legs wide for him. Her pussy lips were soaked.

"Oh yes Tony dear " she moaned. "Don’t stop now darling ram it in hard".

Suddenly he realised he was being a bit childish so finger fucking her gently Tony quit quickly found her hard little clit. He coated it with her own juices as he did so she shook as if she had been electrocuted at the touch of his finger. Tony lightly rubbed it pulling back the small hood feeling the tight small nib of her clit. She shook uncontrollably, crying out as his finger rubbed harder pushing her closer to orgasm . Her body started to convulse , tensing as she cried out as her first orgasm wracked her body.

Joan without speaking reached down and grabbed his cock expertly and immediately placed it against the lips of her hot wet pussy. She started to rub his cock against her vagina lips. Then impatiently she tried to place his cock inside her but Tony told her to straddle him and Joan with all the skill of an expert positioned his cock as he told her to sit down slowly. Tony now sorry for his initial reaction to her explanation of family infidelity , wanted her to enjoy this. So he lifted her up and let her fall back gently on to his cock. He let her go slowly as his cock penetrated her hot tight love tunnel . A couple inches at first then a little more, and then he was deep inside her as far as he could go, Joan started to move a little up and down on him and she said.
“Tony dear this is lovely I have never done it this way before. I can feel your cock right up inside me. It is so big, but I like how it feels," Joan panted as we fucked away.
"Oh Tony I feel like I got to have a pee. Oh Tony I‘m cumming!"

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