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Sissy Boy Stories

  • Getting Some Helping Hands Inside
    Drunken girls fist sissy boy after a the party...

  • Graduation from Fag School, Chapter 2
    Chapter 1 of this story has already been posted. If you have read it, you know about the special fag and sissy-boy training school in Boston that is run by a fag-helping woman and her shemale friend. Fag coursework, mostly labs for hand-on practice, takes many weeks. This story is Chapter 2 in the story, as we look in on the current class about halfway through their fag study. Their lessons today will get their cocks rock hard, and probably yours as well.

  • My Dominant Sissy
    She Males
    Our clients only know him as a sexy full figured woman and the rest of our employees see him as a feminine gay transgendered boy, but when Toni comes into the office in sexy open toed high heels, I know I am going to get fucked by my pretty but dominant girlfriend...

  • Rugby Players Find Accomodation Part 4
    Young effeminate boy gets gang banged in the showers after a rugby game and made to wear a girl's dress when he judges the players asses at a party in the club later...

  • Tony's Transformation
    A heterosexual young boy becomes a transvestite and goes to school dressed as a girl until going to university. Later in life he becomes the first male teacher at this girls school...

  • Jenny's Love
    A Foster boy in a bad home is rescued by his form teacher, who takes him as a lover...

  • Things I never knew I could feel
    First Time
    A story about a sissy who finally realizes who and what he is after his first time sexual encounter with a real man...

  • Trannies feminize dandy boy part 3
    Being fucked by a rugby team in the showers was not the end. I was honoured guest at the club afterwards even when the party got gate crashed by ... crazed trannies...

  • Tittie Crazy
    Sexy Wifey finds Sissy Hubby's girlie clothes; she makes him dress, service her, other men...

  • Nextdoor Neighbbour
    A 18 year old's first experience of gay ... with the older boy who lived next door...

  • Orgy of Orgies: Lipstick Lesbians with the Fantastic Fags
    Everyone who gets there agrees that same-sex ... is the most perfect ... there is. For lesbians and fags to do their own group orgies is cool, but this story offers that a combined simultaneously-opposite same-sex orgy will be the ultimate of New Year's Eve parties. An articulate lesbian gives her background and her plans for this futuristic, tremendously-orgasmic, 30-person fling.

  • Fag School Registration Day - Chapter 3
    Don't read this if you are illiterate, or if you are offended by the term 'fag.' However, if you now know that 'fag' is an endearing term used by passionate fag lovers and their supporters, then read on. The time setting for this chapter of fag school is between chapters 1 and 2, the day the fresh fag freshmen check in and check each other out.

  • She was male!
    She Males
    Fucking a shemale...

  • When a good pegging comes together
    Cody a completely straight guy leaves a blog open about how he wants to get pegged. Amanda his girlfriend found the blog and never thought of it and is immediately open and wanting to peg her boyfriend. And in the end explores even more...

  • A Trucker Drives it Home : Part 3
    Truckers stuff my bum and now cum is oozing from my cleft...

  • MyEnslavement
    Tony is adopted by an older women to satisfy her fetich for young boys...

  • Graduation from Fag School - Magna Cum Laude - Chapter 1
    There is a great school in Boston where fags are made perfect and proud. The school is taught by an insightful woman who knows that most men should be fags. She helps them, and this is the story of how tremendously she helped me find how deeply I could and needed to love cock.

  • Submit
    It was always at this point that Carl would reach under himself and begin jerking his tiny 'cock, because once Laura had dropped her seed, she would have no use for him until she 'was in the mood!!!...

  • Puppy Love
    A transvestite actes in a Shakespearean play and is required to deliver sexual favours to save the theatre...

  • No! just never occured to me.
    First Time
    I just didn't figure NO was a word for something I enjoyed so much and seldom was ASK to entertaine my 'Guest' with 'Not that feelers and touchers didn't go thier share of gropeing it was just those that had the courtiousness to ask were not turned down and I would go as far as they wanted as often as they were available,I never thought about it as being PERVERTED for them and socialyor Biblically wrong for me.

  • College Bed-Buddies
    The heat of summer leads to some real hot loving sex...

  • Robbed And Raped
    She Males
    A crossrdresser is about to have kinky ... with his wife when they are interupted by burgulars who take more than money...

  • Bi Awakening
    Coming Out As A Bisexual Male...

  • Kissing Games
    'it was very erotic of course and all the passion that had been building up in me were threatening to tear out of my body, he must have sensed the cry in me cause he crushed his mouth to mine and kissed me hard.'... angel's crush kz turns his eye to her...

  • Dominant Black Tales and Submissive White Tails
    An in-depth tale of domination and submission in Black and white that shatters every taboo...

  • X-men:Bast Ch.2
    Ahma spends time with her new friends at the Mansion and trains with them. Logan returns after a typical absence...

  • The Shop
    She Males
    Transgender story...

  • Rachel and Chris - followup for Crissy
    She Males
    More action between Jack, young girlfriend Rachel, and her TG brother Chris...

  • The new girlfriend
    [Part 1] Mark gets a new girlfriend who turns him into her slave and teaches him not all toys are for girls...

  • The new girlfriend : part:2
    Mark find out that his life is about to get flipped upside down for a week...

  • The night I found I loved sucking cocks
    My girlfriend tired of my tiny cock, decided to get me to suck her ex boyfriends big cock...

  • Wife Seeks Help In Training Her Submissive Husband!
    Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers... 'Wife & friends take revenge!

  • BBWs triumph in special Royal Rumble
    BBWs triumph in special Royal Rumble...

  • Dressed for Sucksess
    Cute and passable crossdresser risks rejection by offering unsuspecting female a ride. He gets more than he hoped for...

  • Love thy neighbor
    Showing my neighbor my town he soon shows me his body. And his father is always welcome...

  • Bull's experiances
    Cheating Wifes
    My stories of various married women I have been with...

  • Fuck in Hole
    Cheating Wifes

  • Jasmine cuckolds me
    Cheating Wifes
    Wife becomes whore for black woman...

  • Jasmine fucks my wife
    She Males
    He could never have imagined it...

  • Surprised girlfriend!
    Story of being humiliated and made fun of tiny dick...

  • Being rich
    Me a married rich white man alone in a dark alley with a ghetto black guy? Trouble...

  • Beauty queen slut
    A former Hongkong beauty queen returns to high class whoring...

  • Honky-Tonk
    Husband has too much to drink and wife persuades the cop not to arrest him. The next time it may take both of their persuasion skills...

  • I just wanted to be good
    First Time
    I will start by telling you why I am heading for the bathroom during my 'science class...

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