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Coming out.. Happy!

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To say I was curious would be an understatement. As a teenager I would dress up in my older sister's clothes. Whenever I got the chance I would wonder into her room to play dress up. It was intoxicating, the feel of her panties snuggly fit over my erect penis, the sensuous feeling of her stocking's sliding up my hairless leg's, shaking as i clipped on the garter belt. I was so excited as I easily brought myself to climax. The thought of being a sexy little lingerie slut consumed me. My orgasm's were so intense it would leave me breathless. Unfortunately as I got older and moved out on my own my crossdressing stopped eventually.

One day last month though I was especially horny and surfing the web when I came across a sissy crossdresser site and immediately all those thought's and fantasies came flooding back. I decided to make a trip to the mall to purchase my first outfit. I was in another state of mind as i arrived at the mall. I had never told anyone the I was a crossdresser nor did i tell anyone that I was in fact sexually attracted to men.

I decided that today was gonna be the day to change all that, instead of asking the saleswoman at the lingerie shop to help me find something for my 'girlfriend' I was gonna be totally honest with her, and in the process come out of the closet to her. I hoped that once I told someone, anyone it would help me overcome my fear's and anxiety's of my gay fantasies and allow me to actually go through with my plan's for later that night.

As I approached the lingerie shop I was so nervous I was shaking, but I just let myself go and made my way in. Since it was early afternoon the store was empty which was sort of a relief. "Hello, may I help you?" the lone saleswoman asked as I approached the back where all the naughty lingerie was displayed. "Um uh yes I need a sexy outfit for tonight stocking's, garter belt, panty's skirt".

I managed to say. "Is this for your girlfriend? Do you know here size"? she inquired. She was older than me I would guess around 40. "No ma'am they are for me" I replied not returning eye contact with her. "It's ok darling we have a lot of men come in here, it nothing to be ashamed of girlfriend". The Idea of looking and acting so feminine with the ether attractive woman helping me pick out the sexiest black lace panty's, back thigh high stocking's, garter belt and a pair of subtle one inch black heals.

"The dressing room is in the back if you would you like to wear them home" she told me. "Why yes that would be nice thank you" I replied . "If you need help or want me to check if you got it all right just holler honey" she yelled as made my way to the dressing room. As I took my clothes off and slid my new panty's I was so sexually aroused i thought I was gonna cream in them.

Once i had my stocking's on i was fumbling with the garter strap's I heard the saleswoman call out "is everything ok darling? Do you need help"? "Yes Ma'am I do" I answered. She had me come out to her as the dressing room was to small for both of us. There I was standing out in the open wearing only my panty's and stocking's free for all to see who passed. Then I heard giggling as I turned to see to younger women enter the store. My penis was hard as steel as my shame turned to excitement. "Don't you worry about them now there you go sweetie" as the saleswoman clipped the final garter strap to my stocking top.

"Your gonna make some boy very happy". It was such a turn-on to have to sexy woman know my secret fantasies. . As I put my pant's on I was so horny I decided I would go to the adult book store visit the gloryhole to make some boy very happy. I had the saleswoman throw out my male boxer shorts, my sneaker's and sock's. I wore my little heal's out with made a loud noise as I walked which made me think people were watching me. I rolled up my pant leg's so anyone who did look knew right away that I was wearing black stockings. I felt so sexual and feminine I couldn't control my raging erection only to point it upwards.

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Now it was time to really come out of the closet, I so wanted and really needed to have me first taste of cock. I was going to submit myself to another man to, to please him sexually, to surrender to my desire's and to fulfill my most erotic desire's. I saw the adult bookstore was rather crowded but I had come to far to back out now I was way to aroused and excited to stop myself.

I was going to cross the line into homosexuality and continue to feminize myself at any cost. I made me way to the booth checking out all the guy's as I did and picked one who I thought was the hottest guy and hoped it would work out that we would hook up. Once in the booth i took of my male clothes and stood there in only my lingerie.

I put on a video of a man on his hand's and knee's sucking to guy's off while they verbally degraded him. I turned the sound up as loud as possible and waited. It didn't take long for someone to enter the next booth and turn on the buddy light. I got down on my knee's and looked through the hole and gasped in pleasure as it was the hottie who caught my eye coming in. He already had his cock out and was stroking it. "Yummy" I said to catch his attention.

"Nice outfit slut" he said. "Do you want to suck my cock"? he asked. "Yes" I replied. "Ask me, beg me tell me how bad you want it" he ordered me. "Please sir let me suck your cock, I need it, I want it so bad. I want to pleasure you with me mouth... Please" I pleaded. "Yes slut you can suck me cock, but you must come to my booth don't get dressed just walk over in your lingerie I want everyone here to see you and know that you will be sucking my cock and getting fucked by me.

You want that sissy"? "Oh yes! sir I do want everyone to know I'm a sissy cocksucker" I answered so aroused i almost ejaculated in my panty's. I opened the door to move over to his booth and saw so many men checking me out and cat calling me I almost fainted from desire. "good girl" he said as I knelt before him.

He kept the door open so everyone could see me give me first blowjob. "Go on kiss it" he ordered me. First I kissed the head a couple of time's then I inched out my tongue and licked his slit. Slowly I started French kissing his beautiful cock as it grew to about 8 inches then I gently slid my mouth over his erect penis and closed my lip's around his shaft as seductively as I could.

Once I started bobbing my head I thought yes oh yes I am sucking a cock. This gorgeous man was allowing me to suck him off and I fell in love with sucking cock. "Oh yeah that's it slut suck that cock, Oh yeah you like that don't you?, yes whore make me cum" he shouted out for all to hear. this pushed my over the edge without ever touching myself I squirted my cum and soiled my pretty little panty's.

Sucking harder I desperately wanted to make him cum. After a few minute's he yelled out "oh yes that's it I'm cumming do you want it in your mouth"? "Yes" I answered. "please cum in my mouth" I pleaded. "Take it slut, swallow my cum oh yes suck my cock".

Just then I felt him spasm in my mouth as he shot his hot load into my mouth. "Swallow my cum, slut" he yelled as his cock slipped out of my mouth and he collapsed onto the bench. "Get out whore" he said to an ovation from the rest of the costumer's. I grabbed my clothes and just ran out of the store without dressing. I was so embarrassed, but also a little empowered that I took the first step in my new new found sexual lifestyle. I was now a feminine sissy cock worshipper. I came out happy.

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