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The toys in the shoerack!

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Dad was a construction worker.Mom was a waitress. They married when i was 1 year old and my Brother was 3 we never knew any other DAD and he was great. Hard on us for schooling but took us on super vacations and made it to most of our games or had them taped. Mom and a friend Valeri cropped the tapes to just us kids and the prettiest vacation shots, with a tape of BLOOPERS to laugh at. We were a tight family and had nice friends like val/bert, linsy/don maggie/phil . Couples that spent weekends at our cabin on the lake or bbq in the backward.
Then in the winter it was cars and cards any time the guys didn't work. Not unusual to wake up to EIGHT or TEN couples variously naked strung around the house, not always with the one that BRUNG 'EM as Dad joked as they danced to old Texas Two Steps by BOB WILLS or Hank Thompson. There were six kids that danced played cards and watched the adults get STUPID nearly every weekend. When I was 11 I had been Plummeted, pounded, penetrated ,played with,kissed ,kuddled, kranked up to the ceiling. Not an once of Virginity left in me (I didn't think). But it was kinda boring even with an orgasm every fifth time. Brother and I had messed around when we were 8 and 11 but it was not a big thing. We watched Mom and "uncle Donnie" in the pool while Dad was in the guest room with Val. It caused us to want to try some of that stuff so we did, It was blase at best. I was draged in to WOMANHOOD kicking and squeeling like a pig under the gate. I wanted to climb big rocks, Trees, Mountain bike up pikes peak. Not have cramps, blood twat, headaches and bloat like a melon. Mom took me to her OB/GYN. at one month into eleven years old. My chest got sore and stayed that way until I was twelve and three months. Then every thing just mellowed out and I became a human being again. I wanted nothing to do with BOYS ,SEX or BODY changes, until I woke up one morning about 13 and1/2 , thinking of masterbating before gitting up,I pictured a boy from a Tv sit com ,as my Agressor, and I surcumbed to him with a pint of gooy slime on my hand and nighty panties. That aftenoon I was sitting in a sunny spot in the living room when "Buster" came through ,inviting mom and I to go to his Babe ruth game. I declined and mom accepted. I was home alone feeling Adventures a foot. I tried a carrot, not good. Then a brotwerist weenier, WAY TO SPICEY. A cucumber as ok but too big and hard for comfort I got off with my index fingers doing see/saw on each side of my reddened little clit. Mom came home a 5;30 and cut up my LOVERS for a salad. WE ate and Val came over to take mom bowling. Dad and Don went to the sports bar and told me to lock up cause no one would be home before 3;00 am. Buster was at Vals with her kids for the nite. I couldn't tolerate her JOSIE and MICKEY.
I went on another search and found a box of rubbers in Dads bedside table, so i filled one up with old mashed potatoes and it was not the answer. Then the Find of the Century, Behind moms closet door was a wooden built in Shoerack and the top slots were Big and roomy. I reached in and got a starteling like a live snake was in there. But reason prevailed and I had to know what it was.So I got a step stool and dads minimag lite from his nite stand And stood back to open the lid, it was a brown gelly Penis with a Box on the bottom , then another one slimmer and pronged at the base with a HOOKed finger looking "L". a tube of K-Y jelly and a long chain of old popbeads, from Moms youth. the next compartment had another Gray harder one and three little Balls on one string, when I pulled the string, they violently Viberated and chimed loudly.Then the'Coupe-de-Grase.a rubber bulb about five inches long that went in and out as you pumped the squeeze ball with your also swelled up and popped up ridges on it that went down as you relaxed the thrust.I had the K_Y on it before i got to moms bed, and my shorts were just pulled over to the side to allow me to get it up in me, and roll onto my quivering belly. I was pumping on it as i rolled, no ceremony, no day dream ,just horney hammering as fast as it would go. Icame in a minute and relaxed to gain my feet feeling they were numb."DAMN DOOR BELL." I didnt take it out i just stuck the pump in my pocket and pulled the tee shirt down as i ran to get the door. "BUSTER what the fuck are you doing home?" He was pissed and red faced. "MICKY made a big deal out of you not coming over and Josie said some rude things about you being a snob since you got your periods and your tits." WE started laughing at that part and he pointed at my erect nipples thru my shirt. "They look plenty friendly to me." He was making a gesture like he was going to pinch them like he used to several years ago. I raised my tee over my head and held it in front of them. like a drape. "Now you can't see them" he took the shirt and threw it over his shoulder and made a lunge at me in the middle of the living room. I squeeled like I was suposed to and ran to moms room . He came on in I didn't lock the door. He went into FRACKENSTINE position and pursued me relentlessly around the room Looking all the time at the collection of toys on the bed. I reached down and unhooked my shorts and let them fall to the bed as I jumped over it to avoid his wild grab."OH please mister Swamp UGLY don't rape little ole meeeee" I let the pump fall to his hand and grinned as I made the hand sign to him to pump it. He did and I fell to the floor face up and spread so wide it was drafty. He looked up inside me from very close and his tongue raked my bead up out of its hood and sent it into hype shiver."Buster please*** take the thingy out of me now, and make love to me!" I just never called him "buster" always it was a slur or dummy. "Kelli, Are you sure you want me to do that?" I smiled and drew him down for a french kiss that made him hump me in his dress slacks as he pumped the FROG inside me. He was getting me very close with the dry humping. " OH no, Honey BEAR! I want to come! with YOU inside me not some ole used toy," He was stripping as fast as he could, strewing things all over the room, a sneaker broke moms jewlery box. I held him in my hands to kiss it like an old friend and snuggled it to my cheek calling it barbie doll names. "Have you got enough feeling for me to do this?" That was a stupid thing for me to say " Oh fuck, you know I do .Its all I can do to stay out of your room every night. And riding in the van is like torture cause I want to be cuddled with you" He was almost crying as he shook trying to remove the rubber ball carefully"AWGGG SHHHHT I MM GOIN*******. my wild thrashing got it out and he was into me in afew grabs, From the back, but comfortably up in my sloshie muddel. "Kelli can i do anything to make it better for you?" I was so far into my next Climax, that i could do nothing, but grunt, as I slammed my chin to my chest to suck the nipple he was pushing in to my mouth. His erection was so hot it made me sweat every where "OH OHHH I gotta peee real bad quick move please" HE held me solid " NO sissy, that ain't pee, just relax and let it go it's ok honest..." My neck arched hard and a spasam went to my butt cheeks just before he slapped my tummy several times sharply low next to my pubes and I gushed juices out of me and he came at that moment also I slammed back in to him for a last peaking high and shot more onto moms Granny quilt. "GOD BUSTER WHAT WAS THAT ? A MACK TRUCK?" we giggeled to a stop and rolled to hug and kiss up our sloppy mess from each others gross privates I came again in little jerks,Tremmors and "twinkels" as he whiskered over my clitouris and into my vulvas lips. I was Earnestly trying to swallow his penis all the way down when the lights flicked on. I didn't stop, I poked my finger into his bung hole rudly, and he slammed his face deeper and arched hard to drive Himself into my throat,Comming as he drew it out slowly. Only then did we look up at mom and dad standing there with half assed grins on their RED faces.It was me who cleared the dick from my lips to get off a line. "OOpsies! Was it YOUR nite with the Toys Mom?" I was full of confidance and Smart assed enough to pull it off. Buster couldn't have done it. She suffeled really embarassed "AHH WELL I guess not" she was puzzled as to how i knew about the things in the closet.Dad was just as shocked as He could be. He looked over the collection closly, and shook the BROWN BOMBER at her." You told me you barrowed this from Val as a diversion for our anniversery" he nodded '"Where did, all this shit come from?" Mom was evasive as hell .Buster and I sat naked on the edge of the soaked up rusty stained white bed spread." Buster this ain't our fight. are we sleeping in your room, or mine tonight?" "Neither kelli, we'll use the guest room ,so we don't have to listen to them all night, Come on help me find my clothes." We basicly ignored them as they talked to us and pushed by them if they got in our way. "Mom we are not gitting me pregnant, WE like it BIG TIME, and no out after curfews. We don't fight any more and we love doing housework together." You got it better than most moms, who wonder where her little girl is, when you can't see her. You know we'll be in the shower or in bed humping to our hearts content". "Dad Kelli and I have learned well from watching you guys and we know it takes Variety to make young people happy". Dad chuckeled and put his hand on our shoulders " You don't need to Put up your toys Kids I think we need to check them all for rough edges and fully charged batteries, Right MOM?" she was not smiling but knodded yes. It was five years later that Buster and I moved out on our own and married a gay couple to make it look ligitament. They were finding Lesbianism to be a yoke in the work place so we helped them out with SPOUSES. I spelled my name KELLY on the marriage licence To Marie. Buster Gave BERNICE a boy baby the first time we all slept together since then its a monthly event. Mom and DaD take us on vacations and To all the family reunions. We visit weekly and I pal with mom to shop and doctor. Last week she finally ask me how long Buster and I had been PLAYING before that night. "Mom if I hadn't have found those things that night we probably would never have got any thing started. But a 13 year old alone in a sex toy shop is going to discover a lot of things about who Mom is and who she herself is". she ask me another stumper. "DID you and your dad ever do anything?" I waited a moment to answer her. "not sex as in a fuck mom ,but once he was teaching us to water ski and his hardon went between my legs as we were going 60 miles an hour over the water and I had a good orgasm and so did he, it was the first semen I ever saw or felt". she lit us up a smoke and looked into my face"Is that all of it?" She was on a quest to hang us. "YES IT WAS not like some big orgy thing it was just a minuet of indescretion." ok MOM why the third degree"? her face flushed "Well one night when you were living with Buster in the guest room I noticed him sneaking back to bed with a wet dick and totally exhausted" she drew from the smoke and snuffed it "Buster didn't come home for and hour after that". You were laying naked face down on the bed with the door open, snoring like a gorilla.But, with a wet cunt, slimmed up Hairs and a red mark across your shoulders. I thought he may have raped you and you didn't tell on him?" she paused so I answered. "Nope if he did it's news to me also" then she made a sobbing noise. "Whats wrong mom?" She was shaking. " I fucked Buster long before you did I had him useing the toys when he was still in grade school" Did he ever tell you that ? " no but it don't matter mom just enjoy the thought and forget it was a taboo, I will But i wouldn't and she knew it.but she was wanting something to go down on dad. So far all the kinky shit was hers to bare. I thought about the nite in question for a moment but nothing came to mind about it that would help me remember something that didn't happen. But I did flash back on to the ski lesson, He had me and WALOMA Caster both to teach that weekend and we were not very gracious on foot. He got behind me several times and we crashed in fifty feet. but this time we mad it topside and crused in behind the Super EightChevy motor whos exhaust was loud enough to tickel our tummies as we rode in the folks'ole streched out flat on our bellys on the solid wood beds bolted to the frame of the hull, We got our JOLLYS more than once that summer.Dad had let me squat lower than him to take off now I was standing lock kneeded and arm braced on the tow line. His old navy trunks were falling down fast, "REACH BACK AND PULL UP MY TRUNKS THRY ARE FALLING OFF.I reached back and got his rod in my hand instead. Then pushed my tiny bottom past my thighs and leaned back forward into the wind, (WOULD HE OR NOT) I felt the erection still resting on my quivering butt flank, I opened more for him and leaned my face back as if to talk to him.He leaned forward, NOW pleasedaddie nowwwuungeee hhhhhhuuugugugufuck me please so darn good. how can I find a husband that can make me come sitting on his lap without ever putting a hand on me. That did it His entire 8+ inch loaded weapon Was clawing its way up my birthcanal looking for a place to plant this time. I know my eyes were closed tight but I can see from my knees up into my dads cock going in and out of me like remote view. Action inhanced. I feel it crown out in my uterus but I clamp my legs so tight he comes up in me with a water tempeture load of cold sperm to meet my steamed pussy. A second or third climax was already building when the damn board darted to the left sharply, then right in a slowing arch, to pick us up from the Icey 55 degre water...We were full frontal fucking for a prize ring at the end of the line. Uncke don reached for me and raised me off of my dads spent water willie,I was not wearing any top or bottom at all dad had them tangled in his foot boot, his trunks were tugged up only a milisecond before he broke water. The sperm clung to us and showed muddy trails in places we didn't want people looking. Val got me a towel and hugged me into it, Ive got another suit on board, that we can make fit tighter than that one, I knew today you were going to be out of that bottom piece, Thin walls and a public restroom make you nervious and silly inside, And Your dad will welcome you to his world with open arms "Did I call the cards right for you?" "We'll need a day to evaluate this from afar I forced my father to have wonderful orgasms with me leading/the team.p>

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