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  • Africa
    African culture regards the seduction of sexually active women totally ""different than that of the western hemisphere...
    Rate this story, Author : Lyn, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 12-Nov-2013.

  • Adventures of Anita & Seema - Seema meets the neighbours
    We tell the neighbors our fantasy of fucking stranger and how we get our fantasy"s fulfilled...
    Rate this story, Author : Indain_Fuck, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 05-Oct-2013.

  • Naughty Girl Banged
    Her first gang bang...
    Rate this story, Author : Lyn, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 26-Aug-2013.

  • She tried Black First.
    Teens first time...
    Rate this story, Author : Lyn, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 16-Apr-2013.

  • The Making of a Whore : Part 2
    The story continues...
    Rate this story, Author : Lyn, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 22-Dec-2012.

  • Stephanie"s stories - My special birthday surprise
    Hi, I"m Stephanie and this is the story on how my life changed drastically...
    Rate this story, Author : Jason Hunter, Main category : First Time Stories.
    Posted at : 15-Dec-2012.

  • Getting Some Helping Hands Inside
    Drunken girls fist sissy boy after a the party...
    Rate this story, Author : Karl, Main category : Bisexual Stories.
    Posted at : 05-Nov-2012.

  • Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
    I finally make love to the woman of my dreams...
    Rate this story, Author : Maddy, Main category : Lesbian Stories.
    Posted at : 15-Jul-2012.

  • The Surrender Project
    Bondage, discipline, rough sex, it"s all a siren song to Miri. When the wrong person finds out about Miri"s addictions, she knows how to exploit them. Once the seed is planted, Miri becomes a slave to her addictions and, therefore, a slave to her stalker. It was almost too easy, but the best part to Miri"s knew owner is that there will always be a part of her that struggles and rejects her new life...
    Rate this story, Author : Ana Adair, Main category : Fetish Stories.
    Posted at : 27-Jun-2012.

  • Reminisce
    A woman, longing for her husband (a soldier), recalls their sex...
    Rate this story, Author : Mark, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 21-Jun-2012.

  • Teleported Inter-Planetary Cheerleaders Suck
    Lovely Ms. Sextonís bus of school cheerleaders gets teleported to another planet, where the aliens have fun plans for ALL the girls...
    Rate this story, Author : Charlie, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 08-May-2012.

  • Black Safari for Sophie
    A mother and her teenage daughter are subjected to black lust while on a safari tour...
    Rate this story, Author : JonathanT, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 05-Mar-2012.

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