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My Best Friend's Husband

It started off with a fight with my boyfriend. He had to leave for KL on some urgent work for a day and that day it was my day off. I threw lots of tantrums and we had a major fight over him choosing his work over me ..I was being foolish. It was important for him to go.

Well, in anger I picked up my bags and came to my apartment and he left for KL.

A small brief about those days.
I was 24 years old that time and I was seeing this new guy from India, a rich businessman. I was working for a PR firm and living along in an apartment in Jakarta.
After I started seeing this guy, Gautam, I started living with him in his apartment. Obviously, my parents, who lived in Bandung, never knew about this. Only a few close friends knew that I am living with a man before marriage. Actually I was not even serious about this guy. I was just evaluating him.

Those days, I used to have regular sex with this guy and I was also still involved with my ex boyfriend, Pramud.
Pramud and I were in the process of breaking up but sometimes we used to spend some time together like movies or dates. These dates eventually ended with me in bed with Pramud.
Right from my teenage, I never had problems in seeing multiple men. I never had a problem in being in bed with one guy on one night and being on another's guy's bed the 2nd night. I always had backup options even when I was dating a guy very seriously.

Those days, I used to love oral sex, but I hated swallowing. But sometimes, Pramud used to make cum inside my mouth, but I used to take it out. Even with Gautam, I used to make him cum on my face or breasts.
Although since the age of 19, I had been swallowing cum, be it the first guy who I had sex with, my uncle or my cousin. But when I was about 23 years old, I had started taking it out on a tissue. I don't know why. Anyway, now I love swallowing.

Since, Gautam did not try to make up and left for KL, I grew even angrier and I stopped thinking about him. I went shopping and all and I came to my house in the evening.
I had a bath and changed my clothes and wore my casual shorts and a tank top. I was wearing a panty but no bra.

And then at night around 8pm, one of my friends dropped in. His name is Rafiq. He is married to a very close friend of mine, Prima, in Bandung. Rafiq was visiting Jakarta on an official trip. And he had just become a father.

We chatted and then we ordered some dinner and ate it in my apartment only. We had wine also before dinner which he had brought for kind of celebrating his becoming a father.

He knows about my boyfriend, Gautam and he knew about Pramud as well.

I talked to him about my fight with Gautam and he tried to tell me things which actually did not help at all ..I chose not to talk about him. I started talking about Pramud.
And I told him, how much I still missed him, how much I loved him but will not marry him.
After a lot of chatting, around 10pm, he left for his home.

I was feeling dizzy because of the wine and I started some music on my laptop and started reading some of the mails that Pramud and I used to send each other. We used to really talk dirty about sex on mails whenever we were apart.

And the very obvious happened. I started becoming horny and I started feeling my pussy from shorts .they were loose shorts and all.
Then I took off my shorts and panties and started feeling my pussy while reading the mails.
Then when I got really into it, I took off all my clothes and was just imagining and dreaming about you and me and masturbating on the chair.
My pants & panties were already off .I took off my tank top as well and I was masturbating really big time.

What I did not know was that my friend's husband, Rafiq, was standing inside the room.
I had forgotten to lock the door when he left. He came back as he had forgotten his bag.
He says that he knocked, but maybe because of the music I did not hear it. So, he opened the door and came in.
When he came in  he saw me and me being naked.
He says he could not control himself after seeing my naked body and to see me sitting on a chair with my legs spread wide apart...on the table....and my finger inside my pussy and me fondling my boobs.

And I don't want to blame it on him, but I have to. He should have left immediately, but he didn't.

Instead he dropped his pants and underwear and was watching me with his dick in his hand.

And when I was completely naked and enjoying myself, I got up from the chair to get to my bed for the grand finale....the orgasm...the climax.
That's the time I saw him .and he was standing just a 2 feet away from me naked.

The first thing I saw was him and then his dick .and for a second I could not take my eyes off his dick.
The sight of his huge, hard dick standing erect HARD.......It reminded me of Pramud's cock .Pramud's hard and hot dick ..and how much I wanted it .how much I loved it

And the strangest part is....I didn't even shout....I didn't even try to cover my boobs or my pussy....I didn't even try to get to the clothes.....for a second...I just stared at his dick and he told me later that I had a hungry look in my eyes.
Probably....that was my biggest mistake.
He immediately came and held me in his arms and started kissing me .while his dick, already wet was touching my body.

I wanted to resist and slap him and kick him, but the feeling of being horny thinking about Pramud, me angry at Gautam or maybe it was just shock, that for a few moments..... I did not resist...OR....I could not resist.
I kinda...let it happen.

While he was crazily kissing me, in between, he made me lie down on bed while kissing me and came almost on top of me and he just pushed his middle finger inside my pussy......it was extremely easy for him to push his finger inside as I was very wet that time...... and he started fingering me.

All this happened so quickly that I did not find time to think or react....till the time he was almost on top of me in bed.

Then I resisted. I shouted "NO What the hell? This is SO wrong. GO."
And I tried to push him off me. But he is big man...hefty and well built. He didn't budge.
But....he kept on kissing me and while he had his finger inside my pussy and went ahead and started to kiss my boobs....
...... I kept on pushing him....and I screamed.... 'LET GO. GET OFF ME. '

But.... then....his finger inside my pussy.....reached THE Spot....and I gave a small shout of pain or pleasure....and that precise moment he put his tongue inside my mouth.....started French kissing me....while feverishly fingering my pussy.
And that was it.
After that I totally lost control.
And .I contributed and really French kissed him back and put my arms around him.
I totally lost control over myself....

I completely lost control.......I really pulled him closer and started kissing him like mad......and.....and
...he immediately removed his fingers and he pushed his really big dick inside my pussy.....entered me....completely....and without warning or anything.....he starting humping me like MAD...like a crazy animal....like amazing...
...his thrusts ...the thrusts of his dick inside my wet pussy....were so HARD....so HARD.............these really hard and strong humps from his dick deep...really deep... inside my pussy.......made me have an a blasting orgasm...

And it made me kiss him like mad........and I almost ripped off his shirt and got him naked..

He kept on humping me like a crazy animal.....and...I went wild....really WILD....
..I was feverishly and hungrily kissing him....French kissing him.......feeling his body... and...
......he was SO feverish in humping me and kissing me....licking my face......and sucking my boobs....
...we had lots of it .lots of it very passionately...very wild...very very wild ..then....
.....he said this while french kissing me...... 'I wanna fuck you. I wanna hump you. Doggy style. '

...and.....I readily agreed and I said..."Anything...Anything at all....Just DO me. Just FUCK me!!".... and he DID...
 him on top of me and fucking the brains out of me.....
.... then I came on top and started riding him and he had a very nice time watching my boobs, squeezing them........
....he then picked me up while still having his dick inside me...
...he was standing and he had lifted me with him still fucking me and I had my legs wrapped around him & I was kissing him like mad and his hands were on my buttocks...
....he placed me on a table and made me spread my legs wide apart and him standing with his dick humping my pussy....
..he again picked me up and took me against the wall and he was inside me...
..him on a chair and me riding him and feeding him my breasts, my nipples......
.... then he made me kneel on the bed and entered my pussy from behind...and it felt soooo good that while he was fucking me from behind, my boobs were shaking wildly with each hump of his huge dick inside my pussy.. ...I was almost screaming with pain and pleasure....I was shouting..."Pramud...fuck me more....more...harder"...and he did... He didn't feel bad that I was fucking with him, Rafiq, but I was calling Pramud's name.

....it went on and on and on along with French kissing like crazy....
Sometimes I was moaning softly....
And sometimes I was shouting in pain and pleasure......

He sucked my boobs like nobody's business....
I gave him bites on his chest....
He kind of bit my nipples.........for a lot of time 
And finally he came inside me....
Big time...
Loads and loads of it ...
He just burst ....
I could feel all of the hot stuff shooting inside me.....

And I had multiple....multiple orgasms.....my head was about to explode.

He was top of me in bed, when he ejaculated loads of his cum....inside me....
He just lied down on top of me.....and stayed like that. I was exhausted completely. We just stayed like that for more than 15 minutes.

He took his dick out of my pussy, only when it became soft and he came down from me and lied down next to me....
I sleepily pulled my tank top from the table and cleaned my pussy and he took it also and cleaned his cock and threw the top away.

And we slept together .as it is both of us completely naked ..me still almost on top of him.

After that........I got up 3 times in the night.
Once I woke up .and ..while half of my body was on top of him .I started feeling extremely horny ..and I don't know what came over me ..I started kissing him everywhere and woke him up....he switched on the side lamp lights and saw me kissing his chest.....with his dick in my hand....and then I went down....kissing his tummy....and then I kissed his dick and made it go hard like a rock...I climbed on him and demanded it, initiated it or I said that I wanted it.. It was me who demanded it....
I fed him my boobs and asked him to suck them....I made him do nasty things to me......

Then I myself held his dick in my hands and guided it inside my pussy. I ordered him to fuck me. I had said..."Rafiq...DO me, baby...NOW. FUCK ME."
And we had sex ..I was riding him and was fucking him....
He fucked me .
I fucked him ..
Wildly....I was moaning in pleasure and so was he .
And made him cum and......he sure as hell made me cum. He made me climax twice.
I stayed on top of him for a long time....and slept.

The 2nd time....we were sleeping....I was sleeping in his arms and I had my back towards him.
He woke up and probably felt horny. So, he just started fondling my boobs and made me turn around to face him. I did.
He started kissing me and I kissed him back too.

It was dark and he took my hand and placed it on his dick. It was hard and wet on top and I started feeling it and slowly pumping it lovingly.
And he carried on lovingly kissing me , my lips and French kissing and fondling my boobs and my pussy. It was so beautiful....so loving.....something I have everyday...with Gautam....
After sometime, he came on top of me and pushed his dick inside and softly starting fucking me. I liked it....I loved it. It was gentle and caring...and beautiful.
And I contributed by spreading my legs wider and raising them higher....so that he could enter deeper inside me.....
He kept on going on and we kept on kissing passionately....I was moaning in delight, he kept on sucking my boobs too and finally came inside me....but he had managed to make me climax before that. It was a beautiful experience.

And we woke up once more close to 6 a.m.   and he switched on the side lamp ....then we were just lying down facing each other....and we smiled and kissed....then he took off the sheets and looked at my naked body.....and said some very nice stuff about my body, about my boobs, my pussy.....and I smiled and kissed him softly....and was also looking at his well built naked body and his huge dick..........I just started playing with his hot hard dick in my hand...just playing and slightly pumping it.......and he was gently caressing my body....and we were softly and passionately kissing each other...our tongues were exploring each other's mouths...
Then something happened....
Something just came over me and I went down and starting kissing his dick......and then..... I took it inside my mouth and started sucking and licking it .he started moaning.......and I pumped it like nobody's business while it was inside my mouth ............I was licking his dick.....sucking it and pumping it inside my mouth.... he was moaning in ecstasy
I carried on doing it......till he ejaculated.....some of it came inside my mouth also.... ..

As soon as some of his cum came inside my mouth....Immediately I took his dick out of my mouth..... but I carried on pumping his dick......because I wanted him to cum....on his body or mine......I wanted to make him cum on my breasts ..
,.....but he was holding my head...so I couldn't move at all......and I was pumping his dick in front of me......and then he ejaculated big time.....loads of it.....on my face and my boobs...but most of it was on my face only.
I took out the cum that came inside my mouth.
Then he made me sit in front of me....I was trying to hide my face and go to wash it as it was covered with his cum....but he held me and looked at me....my face was dripping with his cum...from my forehead...to some in my hair...to my cheeks and a lot on my lips and a lot of it around my mouth and chin.

And he laughed loudly and teased me ...... I smiled...as I couldn't laugh...I could not open my mouth....as there was so much of his cum on my lips and outside my mouth....
....I was so embarrassed.
I rushed to the bathroom after that. I saw myself in the mirror.......it was a lot of cum...all over....
I just could not control it. And I was imagining Pramud's dick while it was his inside my mouth because I so regret not giving you this pleasure.

I spent a lot of time in the shower after that....probably 30 minutes....rubbing myself clean....of all the sins.
But I sinned again.
He came to the shower....I objected.....but he didn't listen........he started kissing me.....French kissing me......while gently fondly my boobs....
...... and then he made me spread my legs while I was standing under the shower.....he knelt down and licked my pussy lovingly and kept on licking it...pushed his tongue deep inside.....and without putting his fingers inside even once...made me have an orgasm (and I thought only Gautam could manage that.....I missed my loving boyfriend)........and then he wiped me dry and almost carried me back to the bed to sleep with him....naked.
We kissed a lot...very passionately....kept on kissing and feeling each other's body.......and we slept naked in each other's arms.

And in the morning we got up and I watched him get dressed up and I was still naked inside the sheets. He made tea for me and he came to the bed and I sat up and we talked.

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