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  • An Indian friend wife
    How a friend joins an Indian couple and makes a family...
    Rate this story, Author : Raj Ratna Kaul, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 06-Sep-2013.

  • Perfect Valentine gift for the maid
    I was pressing her boobs and pinching her ass. When I was pinching her ass, she herself pressed her boobs...
    Rate this story, Author : romanticrockstar, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 22-Feb-2012.

  • True story of a Gigolo!
    True story of a Gigolo. How he became gigolo in metro city...
    Rate this story, Author : Raaz Sharma, Main category : First Time Stories.
    Posted at : 25-Jan-2012.

  • A hot experience never before
    Initial years of our marriage were rather dry with both being illiterate in terms of sex life. We just did it for the sake of doing it. She was also totally unexposed to sex. I had to show and teach her everything. I am sure, many of our fellow Indian"s go through the same situation...
    Rate this story, Author : Jay Jain, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 01-Dec-2011.

  • My cousin Wife Virgina
    Virgina is my cousin wife who had sex with me this is a true story...
    Rate this story, Author : maxc, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 30-May-2011.

  • The Game : First Time Sex: Part 5 - Awakening from the Dream (rev 1)
    A dream turns into reality as Marcus re-enacts events from my dream, and Donna and Tonya would make Parvati very proud...
    Rate this story, Author : Galaxy, Main category : First Time Stories.
    Posted at : 11-May-2011.

  • Never to old
    One lesson that I have learned in life is that you are never to old!
    Rate this story, Author : Duke Parish, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 12-Mar-2011.

  • Wife enjoyed gangbang with strangers
    My slut wife enjoyed the gangbang with old men showing me her other side of life...
    Rate this story, Author : hotlovermale@gmail.com, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 02-Sep-2010.

  • My Sex Adventure with two girls
    “Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri” A statement made by Gujarat state"s women & child welfare Minister comes in India"s leading newspapers during Navratri festival. The entire Gujarat was agog with celebrations all over. Why Gujarat, every part of India celebrated Navratri festival in their own way...
    Rate this story, Author : Navstory, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 07-Jan-2010.

  • Rita like hymen girl Jhanky
    Story is about my maid, who was a virgin girl and how I was able to take her virginity...
    Rate this story, Author : Rita, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 16-Jul-2009.

  • Maid to tune
    Maid submitting to mistress...
    Rate this story, Author : oldboy, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 21-Apr-2009.

  • Bus Journey - the longer experience
    After that earlier experience I became kind of more bold in handling this kind of situation on the lucky day when I was going for my prac in the morning. this time I waited for my usual bus but I knew that I have already missed it so I waited for any other bus to my bad(or rather good) luck a bus came but as it was full when I walked in I found last seat and the front seat of it empty but choose the last one...!!
    Rate this story, Author : Someour Mukh, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 01-Jul-2008.

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