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My cousin Wife Virgina

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Virgina is my cousin wife she have 2 small kids her husband works on ship. it was summer time i all ways liked virgina to see in summer she looked very hot as she used to were transparent clothe to fell cool i could all ways see her black bra & underwear her body had a great day while i was walking by her house i saw her father-in-law & mother-in-law living the house with big bags i went to them and asked them were r you going and they answered we are going to euro trip fore 15 days i was quit heart broken as i thought virgina is also going with them.After few moment i saw virgina coming out in maxes i told her you r not going she told me no i have 2 kids to look after and they are 2 small to go for euro trip i was happy inside but i did not show it on my face.

The next day i sat outside my house to look for virgina . After some time i saw her with kids living the house it looked like as they were going some were but she was not dressed as she was also going with them i quickly folled her and saw that her both kids got on 2 a bus and left while she turned back and came 2wards me i asked were did they go & she said they went for summer camp for 7 days i was happy now she is all alone in house and i asked her your will bee bored in the house what will you do fore 7 days & she told good Q what will i do.I quickly told her do u like to watch movies as i know she loved to watch movies.I have lot of movies in my had-drive if you want you can have it she told me ok plzz give me i like to watch movies and then my next trump card how about watching it together becoz i also wanted to watch moves & she said no problem come in afternoon we will watch together i said ok and i left .

In afternoon i went to her house in rang the bell as she opened the door i just could not believe at my eyes she was wearing a white shot pate cot witch was exposing he thigh,s my penis became harder looking at that seance i could also see her her breast cut it was amazing after that we went to her bedroom were she had her pc i connected my hard drive and told her witch movie should we watch. she told me how about love movie i quickly suggested he indecent proposal it nice movie i haven't seen the movie yet my friends told me it is nice storie i put on the movie she sat on her bed and i sat on the chair the movie started and she told me come on bed and make your self comfortable i did not say any thing and went on her bed by her side close to her i knew there were many sex seances in the movie i could see her chewing her lips with her teeth and she all most put her hand in side her under were to finger her pusse but some how controlled her self after when movie was over she sat beside me for a min and did not said any thing i then realized that i should live as i was about to disconnect my hard drive she told me lets watch other movie i said ok witch one

she told me do u have a sex movie i said yes she told me don't tell anyone that we r going to watch sex movie 2gather i told her relax i wont tell . I put a movie it was a Hindi movie it was a hard core sex movie i sat very closed to her and the movie started it was very hot suddenly i felt her hand rubbing my penis it did not told her any thing and put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it and slowly i put my hands in her underwear and fingered her pusse and after few moments my hand started to finger her pusse very fast and she layed on her bed saying me come on fast more fast she told me i haven't had sex for last 7 months and told me to give her all kind of pain in all parts of her body i started in full speed she was holding the pipe of the bed as i did it for 5 min then i tiook of her underwear and lifted her pate cot exposing her navels i told her do you have ice in you fridge she said yes i went to the fridge and took the ice and came back when i entered the room she had goon fully nude i took my cloth off and showed my hard penis to her she came to me and bit my penis it was pain full but was fun she pulled my skin of pines and licked my pines from in side and took the ice from the can and rubbed it on my penis and on my nipples i took her nude body and lifted her on my shoulder and as i was about to throw her on the bed i took my meddle and put in her ass she shouted ohhhhhhhhhhhh i took the ice from the can and pressed it in side her ass she was shouting in pain and biting me were ever she could i kept her down she stood in front of me as the ice was still inside her ass melting and water was streaming from her ass she hold me tightly and scratched my back with her Neils and bit me on my nipples and lips.

After when she finished biting my nipples i throw d her on the bed and her breast bounced up wards but i wanted to see the ice in her ass witch was melting i turned her around and opened her bump to see the ass whole and there was a little ice left i quickly went to the can were i kept the ice cube and found a big ice cube i went to her while the ice in here ass was about to melt i turned her around and baited her nipple and pinched it with all my strength she shouted loudly but i did not let the pinch go after i again turn her around an opened her bump and put another ice in her ass she shouted with pl user the cube was big so it might take time to melt so i turned the ac off and ran to wards kitchen to look for the candal i found one and i came back to the room she was holding the bed sheet tightly as the ice was showing the effect in her ass i burned the candal abd brought it near to the ice and wax started to pore from the candal and the ice started to melt in her ass quickly and water started to come of her ass she was laughing as she experienced such pleasure of sex for the first time but it was not over soon she started to fell pain in her ass as ice was finished and the hot wax was dropping in her ass her body started sweating like water as room became hot as ac was put off her sweaty body was looking very sexy and turned me more to tougher her i took my both hands and pulled her bump wide open and put mu pines in her whole and started jumping and putting wax on her whole and my pines it was hot.

i was in pain after few moments i cummed inside her ass whole and my body give up and i felt across her side she also turned and layed across me. she told me i know what will i do for 15 day now .I TOLD he but your kids will come back then what she said i will send them to my father place we will have sex like never b4 but i still want more can i have more .I said but the felling is go on after i cummed she sat on me and started to press her breast and squeezing her nipple,s and slowly my pines started become ing harder she stood up on the bed and opened her pusse to show me i pulled her with my arms and put my mouth in her pusse and liked it for 15 mis the i took her to shower room and started the shower and fucked her for 3 hours in witch i cummed for 3 time and she for 2 times it just sex but she was still not satisfied it was 6 pm and we had sex for 5 Hr i was tiered and also was she but we were not letting each other go i had my moment i went home

in night i got a call from virgina she wanted me to come home to have sex i quietly escaped from my room and snecked in her house she was fully nude i made her stand in front of wall and look ed at her nude body it was amazing the breast was osam the tites were full of milk i went to her and started chewing her nipple,s then i picked her up on my shoulder and took her to her room while i was going to her room i put my finger and put it in side her ass and pushed it up and down 15 day went like 15 mins and i had sex with her in every position but when ever i get a chance i have sex with her as wild as it can get i love her.Her breast is the best i have ever seen.

I am lucky that i fucked my cousin wife and he still don't know.

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