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Sheetal the prostitute

(Part 1 from 2)

Sheetal and had opened up a part of me I never really admitted I had. 
My life with my wife Rupali was your typical, wholesome life. We loved 
each other and our infant son. We shared household chores. I worked 
hard and provided for the family while she stayed at home and took care 
of the house and our son. Despite our hectic lives we made love to each 
other a couple of times a week and maintained a healthy sex life. 

Nothing had changed there, but now Sheetal had added another more 
devious dimension to my life that no one else knew about except the two 
of us. Sheetal and Rupali were the best of friends and it amazed me how 
Sheetal was able to lie so blatantly to her, carrying on the fašade of 
friendship, while fucking her husband behind her back and ridiculing 
her innocence and naivety. I was no better, I was cheating on my wife 
with her best friend, indulging in all sorts of lustful trysts and 
deceiving her by pretending to be a good husband. But I could not 
control my lust for Sheetal. She provided me an outlet for all my 
unspeakable desires. My wife Rupali was the good girl... we made love 
to each other. Sheetal was the whore that I fucked. 

Sheetal was careful never to let on that anything was going on between 
us at home. But at work she would call me everyday. We'd have phone 
sex, and lustful conversations in which we discussed our darkest most 
intimate fantasies. My favorite fantasy involved picking up a 
prostitute. Not one of those high-class escorts, but one of those 
streetwalkers. I was always too afraid to do it coz I didn't want to 
take any chances getting arrested or get any disease. 
One time she came to my office, pretending to be a potential client. 
She was such a great actress. My secretary led her in trying 
desperately to console her. She was crying, saying she wanted to 
divorce her husband. I had her sit down on the sofa in my office, 
closed the blinds and asked my assistant not to disturb us. 

Then I sat down behind my desk and she crawled on her hands and knees 
under my desk and unzipped my pants and gave me a blowjob that blew my 

She would come by a couple of time a week after that. She even paid for 
my professional services by the hour. To everyone in the office I was 
merely advising her on her divorce proceedings. 

One day, around the time I was getting ready to leave for work, I 
received a call on my cell phone. The called ID showed it was Sheetal. 
I was pretty surprised as we had agreed that she would not call on my 
cell phone. I didn't want my wife seeing my phone bill and get 

I answered the phone and Sheetal was surprisingly brief, "I'm here on 
the corner of Sunset Blvd and Spaulding Ave. I need you to come by and 
pick me up." 

I knew that to be a particularly seedy area of town and I thought that 
maybe her car broke down or something and that's why she needed me to 
pick her up. It wasn't a good area and so I quickly rushed out of the 
office and drove over. 

I drove a couple of times past the intersection she had mentioned 
trying to see if I could find Sheetal anywhere but there was no sign of 
her. I didn't want to get a ticket for cruising so I found a spot to 
park and got out to look for her on foot. She wasn't picking up her 
cell phone. It was getting a little dark and there were mostly hookers 
on the sidewalks at that time of the evening. I walked past them trying 
not to make direct eye contact but I couldn't help but sneak a peak at 
a few of them. I wished we lived in a consequence free world that I 
could pick up one of them and take them over to some motel for a night 
of debauchery. That's when I heard one of them call my name. "This 
ain't no peep show Rahul". 

I was stunned to see Sheetal, standing there leaning against a 
lamppost. She was wearing a short red dress made of a spandex like 
material. It was more like a swimsuit barely connected at the waist 
leaving most of her midriff bare. 

She wore a long pearl necklace entwined around her neck and hanging 
down all the way to her waist. She wore black fishnet stocking and 
stood perched on inch high platform heels. In her stocking she kept a 
couple of packets of condoms. She was wearing far too much eye shadow 
or mascara or whatever and her lips were almost glowing with bright red 
lipstick. Her hair wasn't the usual straight long flowing style. 
Instead it looked slick and curly. I probably wouldn't have recognized 
her if I wasn't so familiar with her voice from all those times when 
she talked dirty to me during sex. She really loved acting like a slut 
and now she had taken it to another level. 

"Like what you see mister?" she said while rubbing her crotch thru her 
dress in an obscene gesture. I was speechless. Then she came close to 
me and rising on her tip toes on those heels whispered into my ear, "I 
wanted you to pull up in the car and pick me up like you were picking 
up a hooker." 

All I could muster in response was, "I want to watch you." She opened 
her eyes wide as if in disbelief and then chewing her gum a little more 
smiled at me and said and enthusiastic, "OK!" 

I walked over to my car nearby and sat down watching her. She really 
had this thing down. She walked a couple of times up and down the 
sidewalk just like the other girls. She was by far the prettiest. 
Whenever a car would slow down as it passed by her she'd look at the 
driver and really act as if offering a blowjob. She'd open her lips and 
jerk her fist near her mouth and then suck on her thumb, twisting her 
head as she sucked. 

I loved watching her walk. She moved so sexily, swaying her hips from 
side to side with each step. You could easily make out the perfect 
curves of her as underneath her dress. She bent over as if rubbing her 
leg and the dress hiked up just a little, revealing the very bottom of 
her butt cheeks. 

I was about to turn the key in the ignition to go pick her up when I 
noticed a silver Mercedes pull up next to the curb. I couldn't see the 
driver from my vantage point but I saw Sheetal saunter over to the 
passenger side window and lean over. She spoke to him for a couple of 
seconds, in between adjusting her stockings and then opened the door 
and climbed in. I was shocked! What was she doing? I thought about 
following the car but to do what? The last thing I wanted was to be 
busted for pimping or something. But I was concerned for Sheetal, she 
may have been doing something stupid but I didn't want her to get hurt. 
So I pulled out of the parking space and started following her. Then my 
phone rang. I picked up and it was Sheetal. "Hi baby..." she said very 
casually, "I've picked up a customer and I'm gonna go party with him. 
I'll be back in 15 minutes." Then I heard a beep and click but she 
didn't hand up. She put the phone on speakerphone, probably on purpose 
and I could hear their conversation. "Just checkin' in with my suga' 
daddy. Just pull up someplace safe and we can talk." 

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The car pulled into an alley nearby and stopped. Then I heard the guy 
ask, "so how much you girls charging these days?" Sheetal didn't answer 
right away, I knew why. She gathered her wits and replied, "20 bucks 
for a handjob, 40 for a blowjob and 100 for a fuck." 
"Here's 40 bucks and I'll add another ten if you can earn it." 

The next thing I heard was her unzipping him. I got out of my car and 
discretely walked over to see what was going on. It was dark and I 
couldn't see the guy's face but I could clearly make out Sheetal's body 
in the bright red dress, leaning over into his lap. Her upper body 
bobbed up and down. I put the phone to my ears and listened. I could 
make out some faint slurping sounds and Sheetal's unmistakable moaning 
along with the guy's muffled groans. Then I saw Sheetal raise her head 
delicately wiping the edges of her lips with her fingertips and I heard 
her on the phone asking him, "mmm... you like that big boy, you like 
what I'm doing to you big fat cock. Yeah, can I call you daddy? Huh... 
Give me your juice daddy, you wanna make your little girl happy don't 

Then she started sucking him again. He didn't last very long and after 
a few more minutes he pounded on the side window a couple of times 
groaning hard with his head straining back against the headrest and 
then sighed out loud. Then I heard Sheetal moan, "mmm... daddy your cum 
tastes sooo good. See I swallowed it all down." "Oh you're a good 
little girl. Daddy loves you very much", he replied. 

He handed her another ten dollar bill and drove her back to the 
sidewalk where he had picked her up. I followed them back there too. 
She climbed out of the car with a naughty grin on her face and a look 
of accomplishment. I took a quick look around to see if the coast was 
clear, no cops or anyone around and then slowly pulled up next to the 
curb and rolled down the window. Sheetal walked up to the window and 
leaned on the car door, her back curving gorgeously and her ass pushed 
up. "Hi honey... you lookin' for a party?" 

I couldn't believe my ears. After everything that had happened she was 
still in character. I calmed down and decided to play along, "yeah... 
um... are you interested? I mean, yeah I want to party. Get in." 

"Easy sugar... don't you wanna know how much?" 
"Huh? Oh... yeah, how much?" 
"Tell you what lover boy, lets pull into one of those alleys and we'll 
talk a little business there." 

She pulled open the door and slid into the passenger's side seat. My 
eyes were transfixed between her thighs. The dress was so short and 
tight it had pulled up almost all the way up her thighs nearly 
revealing everything. I returned my focus to the road and pulled out 
and drover over to another nearby alley. Once we had parked I turned to 
Sheetal and nearly screamed at her. "What were you thinking Sheetal? 
How could you just climb into a car with some strange guy? Let alone 
the fact that he could have been some weirdo who could have killed you 
or something, what if a cop had caught you two? You could have been 
arrested for soliciting, public indecency and about half a dozen other 

"Relax Rahul. The danger adds to the thrill of it. I didn't plan on it. 
But when the car pulled up next to me and he called me over... I 
thought that I'll just talk to him... I knew you were watching and I 
thought it would turn you on. I wasn't planning to get in the car with 
him; I just thought I'd act the part you know. Then when the guy 
propositioned me it was so thrilling. The thought of a guy actually 
wanting to pay me for sex after just one look at me... over all those 
other girls on the street. I was just so excited I wanted to see what 
would happen next so I said yes. Then I got in the car with him and I 
was so nervous and yet so keyed up. Then I got the idea of calling you 
and keeping you on the line so you could come by if I got in trouble or 
something. Anyway, everything's cool... so relax!" 

She was rubbing my crotch the whole while so I calmed down a little. 
Then she turned to me and started narrating the whole thing to me. "So 
did you listen to the whole thing? Was the sound clear? It was so 
fucking hot. I still can't believe I just did that!!" 

"What was with the whole 'daddy's little girl' act?" I asked her. "Oh 
shit... the guy was such a perv. When I unzipped him and started 
playing with his dick he pulled out a small photograph from his shirt 
pocket and held it in the palm of his hand. He tried to keep me from 
seeing it but I could see it. It was of him with a young girl about my 
size and with the same hair. I could tell it was his daughter. I could 
tell he was trying to get off imagining me as his daughter... so when 
said he'd pay me extra if I could earn it... I took it as a challenge 
and I knew just how to put him over the top. Fuck... can you believe 
the guy wants his own daughter to suck him off and feed her his cum. 
What a fucking pervert." 

"Yeah... there are all sorts of perverts. That's why I was so worried", 
I said, trying to ignore the images my mind was conjuring up thinking 
of the guy and his daughter. Sheetal did look pretty young and with the 
curly hair she seemed even more adolescent. "Aaaaw... my man was 
worried about me. that's shooo..." 

Her words were cut short by two short loud piercing sounds and flashing 
lights in my rear view mirror. My pulse quickened and my skin felt 
cold. A black and white cruiser pulled up behind us and the officer 
said something over the speaker I couldn't decipher. What was I going 
to do if I got arrested for picking up a prostitute? Rupali would find 
out everything. The office walked up to my window and shone his 
flashlight inside the car. Everything looked so obvious... her clothes, 
us parked in the dark alley. 

The officer asked us for ID and what we were doing here. I fumbled 
around for my driver's license trying my best not to look guilty but I 
had truly never been more afraid in my life. Sheetal was nervous too 
and she handed him her driver's license and her old real estate agent 
identification card. She mentioned where she lived and the officer 
checked the address listed on her driver's license. 

I guess the officer realized that she wasn't a real hooker and told us 
to move on and that it wasn't a good neighborhood and sitting in an 
expensive car parked a dark alley like that was just asking for 

I breathed a sigh of relief thanked the officer and got out of there as 
fast as possible. No point tempting fate twice. I wanted to drop 
Sheetal off at home and forget this evening ever happened. But Sheetal 
had other things in mind. 

She told me her car was parked in the parking lot of a nearby motel. By 
the time we got there Sheetal had managed to calm me down. Exciting me 
again with the details of her night, squirming in the car seat as she 
rubbed her crotch. She had already booked a room in the motel and 
despite my resistance she had me in the room before I long. It was a 
seedy little motel just off the sunset strip. Just one room with a TV, 
a double bed and a bathroom. It wasn't dirty but it smelled damp and 
the room was mostly lit up by the cheesy neon sign outside. I kicked 
off my shoes and socks and sat down on the bed and she got back into 
character standing in front of me asking, "so what'll it be lover?" 
"You never told me how much", I replied. 

"It's 20 for a handjob, 40 for a blowjob and 100 bucks if you want to 

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