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  • Julia my darling
    Julia is in love with her boss and enjoyed sex with him. This story describes her erotic lovemaking...
    Rate this story, Author : Ekta Kapoor, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 20-Jun-2005.

  • The image of your dripping cunt is tantalizing!
    Master/slave Erotic love. Moving now to my penis, soft with satisfaction, you gently suck it into your mouth, massaging, licking, cleaning what we have done, you are fulfilling your role and caring for your Master.
    Rate this story, Author : kl40, Main category : Fetish Stories.
    Posted at : 15-Nov-2003.

  • Woman has pregnant sex and likes it
    Saturday evening came and Cathey was excited. She could hardly wait for the men to fuck her pregnant cunt...
    Rate this story, Author : J E MARTIN, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 01-Jul-2003.

  • Movie Madness
    Jen and Moe planned for a fun night out at the movies, but little did they know that the fun they were about to have was just movie seeing...
    Rate this story, Author : Blanchette Lingo, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 10-Jun-2003.

  • Woman With Needs
    A small time girl moves to a big time city...
    Rate this story, Author : Jim Thorton, Main category : First Time Stories.
    Posted at : 27-Sep-2002.

  • Orgy of Orgies: Lipstick Lesbians with the Fantastic Fags
    Everyone who gets there agrees that same-sex sex is the most perfect sex there is. For lesbians and fags to do their own group orgies is cool, but this story offers that a combined simultaneously-opposite same-sex orgy will be the ultimate of New Year"s Eve parties. An articulate lesbian gives her background and her plans for this futuristic, tremendously-orgasmic, 30-person fling.
    Rate this story, Author : Randi Younge, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 18-Nov-2001.

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