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Woman has pregnant sex and likes it

(Part 1 from 2)

Leo Columbo owned a small grocery store in a poor neighborhood. Leo was a short stocky Italian emigrant, He was bald with a big handle bar moustache.

His customers were welfare mothers who used food stamps. Leo did not mind. He looked forward to serving the unfortunate women and fantisized about fucking them.

One day he saw a very tall, obliviously pregnant blond girl putting food in a shopping cart. She could not have been over seventeen. She looked at her list and carefully crossed of the items she put in the basket. Leo thought she was sexy even if she was pregnant.

Leo had not had sex since he was small. He and his sister Maria had gone to his bedroom one day and played doctor. Maria was three and he was seven.

He took his little sisters dress off and sucked her tiny nipples. Then he shed his clothes and pulled little Marias cotton panties off exposing her hairless pussy.

Leo rubbed his small throbbing peter on his sisters cunt. He lay his sister on his bed and tried to penetrate her pussy hole. Maria protested that it hurt.

They kept that exciting secret as a wonderful forbidden adventure.

So Leo was a horny man. He ogled that tall pregnant blond and got a hard on. The blond girl was done shopping and Leo rang up the items on his old fashioned cash register. The girl reached in her purse and counted out food stamps.

"Oh my god." she said.

"I don't have enough stamps to pay for this."

Leo looked around. His store was empty because it was closing time.

"Come in the back room honey and let me feel your big tits." he said boldly.

The young blond was in shock. This pervert wanted to feel her up. What the hell. She would let the pervert do it. She needed the groceries.

She went to the back room with the little man. She saw that his living quarters were in the large back room.

The blond removed her blouse and bra revealing very large breasts with long nipples.

"Here they are pervert.

Feel away." she laughed.

Leo didn't waste any time and sucked one breast after another drooling all over them. The blond had a climax and sighed.

"You can go home now with your groceries." Said Leo because he had shot his sperm into his shorts.

Suddenly the blond pulled off her dress and panties. She stood nude with her pregnant belly sticking out.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" she said and laid on his bed and spread her legs.

Leo Columbo did not waste any time.He got another hard on immediately. He mounted her and fucked the hell out of her laying on her pregnant belly.

When he had finally finished he ask her a question.

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"Why don't you sell your ass for money?"

"Men will pay a lot of money to fuck a pregnant woman." said Leo.

"Do you want to pimp my ass?" said the blond.

"YES." said Leo enthusiastically.

"All right, I will do it." she giggled.

"My boyfriend was going to marry me but he chickened out."

"I don't know where he is."

"I might as well be a whore and get paid for it."

Leo dick was hard again and he stuck his finger into her wet pussy. She spread her legs, closed her eyes wiggling her hips with anticipation.

"What do think they will pay a pregnant hooker." she sighed climaxing.

"I bet you can get thirty dollars for fifteen minutes." said Leo.

The blond smiled to herself realizing that was a lot of money.

"How will I get my customers?" she ask.

"I will take care of that." said Leo.

The young blond grabbed Leos dick and jacked it off until he shot sperm all over her. She scooped up the cum with her fingers and ate it.

"I'll see you tomorrow." she said smiling.

The blond then left with her groceries.

Leo could not sleep that night thinking about the woman and their new endeavor. He wondered what percentage he should take of the top. He would call his uncle Veto. His uncle would know. His uncle owned a class bar across town. Maybe Veto would send him some men that would pay to have sex with pregnant woman.

Oh shit Leo said to himself. I have to find out her name. Leo drifted of to sleep dreaming about the nameless pregnant blond.

Leo called his uncle in the morning. He explained his situation and how damn sexy that pregnant blond looked. Vito told him he would look into it. He would talk at him this evening. His uncles english was bad and Vito did not like to discuss such things on the phone.

Vito Apiscatelli arrived at Leos grocery store just before closing time. He was as different from Leo as night and day. Vito always dressed in expensive suits. He carried a gun in a shoulder holster. He was a tall man with good manners and a crooked smile. Leos uncle was a gangster.

Vito told his nephew about a private club of wealthy gentleman that desired pregnant woman and paid one thousand dollars for the experience.

The woman that they used had her baby and it would be a while before the madam could find another. The madam told Vito that it would be alright if he borrow her customers for a while.

The blond girl arrived and Leo closed the store. Vito introduced himself as Leos uncle, bowed and kissed her hand in the old world manner.

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