The Other Members Can Also Cum Anytime

(Part 7 from 21)

Chapter 7 - My best gayfriend

Next day, of course, I called Alison. But she was not available:

"Gee, Bobby, today I have to go to the gym. Sorry! Are you free tomorrow?"


"Well, then I see you tomorrow, okay? And Bobby?"


"I really want to see you."

We hang up. She had to go to the gym, uh? So that's how she got her fantastic body. Well, that was okay with me. The next day, then.

And I wanted to meet Mark. It was summer, we had nothing to do, but even so I haven't met him since that night in the old house. I called him.

And, at two o'clock I was in his house. Well, we were in his house. And no one else. After he closed the door behind me, he kissed me. We went to his room and took off our clothes. But we just talked for some time. He was still surprised he liked a cock in his ass so much.

"I never thought, you know? But there was a moment when Pete was fucking me hard and... I never felt anything like it! I mean, I still like girls, fucking Laura was... Amazing, but... God, it's just so good to feel a cock inside of you. Now I know why you're bi!"

"Yeah, when I felt Dad fucking me, it was painful, at first. But after some time it became incredibly good."

"Yeah, I know, real good! I went nuts! I want to do it again, you know?"

"Well, why do you think we're both naked?"

He laughed:

"Yeah, but I really want to do it again and again. All the time. I never want to stop!"

"Don't worry, Mark, me neither."

"And you're so lucky! I mean, you're family's also bi and Cindy has no problems with it!"

"Well, how could she? She can't take her hands out of Judy's tits!"

"Yeah, you're so fucking lucky! I just wished my family was like yours."

"Hey, at least you're invited to our parties."


At that time, I had a hard-on and so did he. He kissed me again. And again. We were making out and our big hard cocks were rubbing. He stopped kissing me for a second and asked me:

"You know what I never did?"


"I never sucked a cock."

"That's a shame, Mark! You must learn it! Right and now!"

Mark kissed my neck, my nipples, my bellybutton and soon he faced my shaft. Well, he wanted, right? He wanted and he did.

He started licking the precum out of my cockhead.

"Good," he said.

"Isn't it?"


"You must taste the real stuff."

"I will."

Then he ran his tongue over my cockhead. Mark was a natural. He knew how he liked it and he was doing the same to me. He started to lick my cock. And I was loving it.

"Be brave, Mark. Put your lips around it."

He did! He did and he started to move his head. Down.

"Oh, yeah, Mark, you know what you're doing, babe. You're really making me hot."

That's all he needed to know. He started to move his head faster. Up and down. He was also using his tongue.

"Oh, Bobby, it's wonderful. It really makes me hot! I had no idea it was so good to feel a cock in my mouth! It's better than a pussy!"

"I think so too, Mark. But suck me! Oh yeah, baby, that's it. You're a natural, Mark, you really know what you're doing. And you're doing it so well! Suck me. The peehole, lick the peehole! Yeah! That's it. Play with my balls. Oh, yeah, Mark, that's it! Now suck me! Yeah. Yes! Yes! My balls! What you're doing? Don't stop!"

"I just want to taste your balls, Bob. That's all I want."

"Oh, okay, go on. Suck them! Yeah! Stroke my! Cock. That's it, that's it, that's a hell of a handjob. Oh, Mark, I can't believe we jacked off together for so many years and I didn't pay attention to your wonderful technique. It's so good. Suck me again! Oh, yeah! God, you're such a good cocksucker!"

"And so are you, Bobby. And your sister, and your dad..."

"Suck me!!!! Yeah! Oh, Mark, I'm about to cum! Are you sure you want to taste it?"

"Do you like it?"

"Don't stop! I love it! I love to eat cum. But if you don't want to taste it, just take my cock out of your mouth."

He didn't.

"Good boy, Mark. Good boy. Push a finger into my hot ass! Yeah! Oh, yeah, Mark! That's it! That's it, babe, my balls! Okay! Ah! Ah! I'm cumming! Swallow! Cumming! Oh, my god, I'm cumming in my best friend's mouth! Swallow! Swallow!"

He did. And I was glad he did.

"So? Did you like it?"

"Yeah... You're right, it's better than precum!"

"I told you so. But now you still have a hard-on and I don't want my friend to feel any pain. So we must make it soft. Now, how could we do it?"

"Just let me fuck you and I'll be fine, Bobby."

"Okay. You read my mind."

So I moved my body. My ass was ready for his shaft. But, in case he needed some motivation, I said:

"Fuck my ass, Mark. Make me glad fucking my ass!"

He didn't need any motivation. He got behind me and started to push his cock into my ass. Which was exactly what I wanted. Soon I felt all of his great cock inside my butt. And I was loving it.

"Oh, Bobby, your ass is so hot, man! So fucking hot!"

"Fuck me, Mark! Your cock is hot too, don't worry. It's really hot. But I want it hotter."

Mark didn't disappointed me. He knew what I wanted and it was just what we both wanted.

"Here, Bobby, can you feel it? My hard cock fucking your ass merciless?"

"Yeah, Mark, and it's wonderful. I'm glad you have that cock and I'm glad you want to use it in me!"

"Now, that's the spirit! Oh, Bobby, I love girls, man, but I can't resist your ass."

"I want to fuck you too, later, babe, and you'll feel my shaft inside of you!"

"Oh, Bobby, I'm gonna love it, man, I'm sure I'll do. No one with this kind of ass can have a bad prick. And your prick is so big! I can't wait to feel it fucking me."

"First you have to finish what you're doing, Mark! Then I'll let you experience my cock!"

"Yeah, baby, yeah! You know, I haven't fuck anyone since I fucked Laura and Becky!"

"That's okay, you're part of the family."

"I'm glad you said that."

"Great! Now fuck me hard cause my cock is already hard again."

"Okay! Here, can you feel it? I'm fucking your ass! I'm fucking your ass, Bobby! Now let me feel that big hard cock you're so proud of it! Yeah, it seems really big. Do you like when I touch you, Bob? While I'm fucking you?"

"Yeah, babe, yeah! Touch my balls, play with them, yeah... Oh, yeah! Oh, Mark, you fuck me so well! So well! And I love to feel your hands on my balls while you're fucking me!"

"Hey, man, I won't be able to hold much longer."

"Don't worry, Mark, cum inside my ass! Don't worry! I want to feel your hot spunk deep..."

"Oh! Ah!"

"Yeah, I'm feeling it already! So good! And hot! God, your spunk is hot! I love to feel my ass wet."

"Oh, Bobby, you're such a good fuck, man!"

"I'm glad you liked it, honey. Now move your hot body cause I want to experience your wonderful and tight ass."

"Here, Bobby. Be happy!"

I was. His ass was, indeed, wonderful and tight. Which was enough to make me happy. I have this thing for wonderful asses: I love them.

"Hey, Mark, you're really tight, man!"

"And you're really big! That's marvelous! Man, I love girls, but I can't say no to a wonderful prick like yours! It makes me feel so good... Deeper, Bobby. Shove it all."

I did. And he screamed.

"IT'S JUST SO FUCKING GOOD! BIG! BIG! Fuck me, baby, fuck my ass, fuck me!"

"Yeah, you're not so straight anymore, uh, Mark?"

"No, and I'm happy I'm not!"

"Gay, Mark. Use the word gay."

"I'm so fucking gay you're fucking my ass, Bobby! It's wonderful. Wonderful! I'm so gay I'm not so straight anymore. It makes me so gay! I love it! I love it!"

"We all do, Mark. We all do!"

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!"

I was fucking him. And I kept doing it. Meanwhile, I reached his hard cock. Yeah, it was hard. And great to feel. I started to stroke it.

"Yeah, Bobby, stroke my cock while you fuck me! That's it, that's it! Oh, yeah, Bob, yeah! So great! Your cock inside of me! You playing with my. Prick! Yeah! God, I wish I had a dick to suck right now!"

"You will, Mark, you will. Do you want to suck my dad?"

"Yeah, I do! He's so big!"

"Yeah, one day I'll fix it! You have no idea how great it feels a cock in your mouth while another is fucking you!"

"Oh, yeah! I want to do it! I want to do everything."

"Such a hot and tight ass."

"Yeah, fuck me! Just like that, oh, Bobby, you're great, man! You're the best!"

"You're also the best, Mark! Don't worry. That's a hell! Of an ass you have! Here! Just behind you! Oh, god, I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum, Bobby, cum inside of me! Bury your cock deep inside of me and cum!"

"I'm gonna! Do it, Mark! You'll see! You'll see! That's the best! Your ass is great! And your cock is so thick! I'm thinking about it! Yeah! Oh, babe, yeah! I'm cumming!"

"Deep inside of me, Bob!"

"Here! I'm cumming!"

"It's great, Bobby! It's great! Deep inside of me! Yeah! Great! Don't stop beating my meat, I also want to cum!"

But I had a better idea. I stopped beating him (could he ever forgive me?) and took my cock out of his extra-tight ass and moved his body and deep throated him. Well, I guess he forgave me.

"Oh, Bobby, that's great! Suck me, man! Suck me! That prick was inside your ass, do you remember? Suck it! Make me cum! Oh, fuck, such a great mouth! Such a great mouth! Yeah!"

Then I remembered his ass was full of cum! And I wanted some cum. So I started to suck his ass.

"Oh, baby, that's it! Suck my ass! Lick it! Oh, man, I can't believe how deep can your tongue go! That's great!"

However I decided my middle finger could go further. So I pushed into his ass and deep throated him again. The truth was that Mark was so hot that I wanted to do everything with him. At the same time. I wanted to suck his cock, his balls, his ass, kiss him, fuck his ass and be fucked by him, all at the same time. I couldn't. But I was having a hell of a time sucking his big meat.

"Oh, Bobby, that's it, I'm gonna cum! Swallow, swallow it all! Okay! Yeah! I'm cumming, Bobby, I'm cumming, swallow! Yeah, babe! Yeah! I'm cumming! Can you taste my cum?"

Yeah, I could, but unfortunately I did as he told me to. I swallowed it all. I guess I should have saved some for him. Well, maybe next time. And we both wanted more. We kissed again. But soon I had to go.

When we went downstairs, again, we met Carol, his sister. We said hello, and I told Mark:

"Well, that's it. Bye!"

"Hey, Bobby, wait a minute," said Carol. "Where're you going to?"


"Hey, can you give me a ride?"

"Yeah, sure."

So we said goodbye to Mark. Later, we were in my car and she asked me:

"So... Are you two fags or bi?"


"Don't give me that, Bobby! I'm older than you! And you two scream a lot! What I couldn't understand is if you two are just fags or if you also like girls. I mean, you said so, but I haven't seen any girl with you."

"Well, I... Well, we like girls."

"And what is that talk about your sister? Are you fucking her too?"

Shit! That was going too far! It was supposed to be a secret! Shit! Well, mental note: I shouldn't talk about it to Alison. It was already too much.


"And your father?"

"Yeah, the whole family. And your brother. And some other people." Then I decided to test her. "Why? Do you want to join us?"

She looked at me.

"Maybe. Who knows?"

"Do you like to suck girls?"

"That's none of your business."

"Can you handle incest?"

"That's none of your business. Here, you can leave me here."

"You can go to my place, if you want."

"I don't. Not now. I know all I wanted to."

I stopped the car and she left. Hopefully she wouldn't talk. And I would certainly love to fuck her. She was just incredibly hot! Well, since I was dreaming, why not her older sister, Tracy? She was twenty, and she was as hot as her sister. Who knows? Maybe, someday.

While I was driving, thinking about those two, I hoped that there was someone home. My cock was hard again.

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