The Other Members Can Also Cum Anytime

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Chapter 14 - Another family, another fuck

And that afternoon, the way I saw Dave's family changed. For the first time, I would see them naked.

First, let me tell you about Dave's family. Dave has three brothers and one sister. His brothers are Steve (who was 23), Nicky (who was 19) and Charlie (who was only 15). Debby, their only sister, was 16. I knew them all, but not very well. Of course, I know why: Dave was always worried that his family members would start fucking and sucking in front of the "shy" guests. I would love it, of course, but how could he know?

When Mark and I arrived, Dave and his family were already waiting for us. His parents were not home because they were working, so we had the whole afternoon for us. But I must admit that, after the night before, I wanted to see Dave fucking his father. Well, I would have other chances.

They were all naked. And I looked at all of them. The guys had hard cocks, so I don't think they were just talking but, well, as long as they could fuck me, what's the problem? All of them had nice cocks. Very nice, all of them. I just wished they knew how to use them, all of them. Inside my ass.

And Debby was gorgeous. Dark eyes and black hair. She had small tits, but even so I wanted to suck them both.

I thought that, at least, another girl would be there: Shelly, Dave's girlfriend. But no, she couldn't make it. Well, okay, I could have sex with just those six.

Steve looked at Mark and me and smiled:

"Hey guys, take off your clothes. You already saw us, now we would like to see what you two have to offer. Or do you want us to take off your clothes for you?"

Mark and I looked at each other. We smiled:

"Well," he said, "we can't waste energy. So, we are waiting for a volunteer."

Four, four volunteers. Charlie, Dave, Nicky and Debby. Steve didn't move. Well, actually he was moving his hand up and down his big cock. But that was all his movement. While he was watching his brothers and sister taking off our clothes. And kissing us.

Boy or girl, it didn't matter. Mark and I just kissed them back. And felt their mouths on our mouths. Or ears, or necks, or nipples, or...

It was nice. Nice and hot. When Nicky opened my pants, he saw a hard cock. He looked at me and smiled. And ran his fingers along my cock.

"Thanks to you," I said. "Thanks to all of you.'

He kissed the tip of my cock and let his fingers run free over my prick. And my balls, both of them, and my butt. And my ass.

I looked at Mark and Charlie was on his knees, sucking Mark's dick. Dave was behind Mark, kissing him. And touching Mark's nipples. And his cock was rubbing Mark's butt.

Debby started to kiss me, but soon she stopped, just for a second, just enough to say to her brother:

"Get off! Let me take care of Bobby."

She kissed me again and Nicky, well, he got off. His cock was also hard and it went up and down as he was moving. He sat next to Steve and Steve's hand was going up and down. And Nicky's hand was doing the same. But they were holding each other's pricks.

Debby was, as she said, taking care of me. Her fingers were on my cock. And she was kissing me. Well, I love to feel a man holding my cock, but sometimes nothing beats a small, soft and feminine hand.

But I didn't feel her hand for long. No, she decided to open her pussy and Debby was not the type of girl who liked to have her open pussy empty. I was lying on the floor and she was on top. And her open pussy was getting fuller and fuller as the seconds went by.

"Oh, yeah! Hm, Bobby, you have a really nice one. It's better when it's in than when it's out, don't you think?"

"You can bet, Debby! You can bet! Come down, honey, come down!"

"Not yet! Don't be a fool, Bobby, let me enjoy every second. Every inch. I want to really feel all of it entering me before we start a serious fuck."

That's a nice girl! My cockhead was between her cuntlips and, even so, she didn't consider it as "serious fuck". God, she even reminded me of my sister. But that was not fair. As far as Laura was concerned, everything was a serious fuck when she was naked.

Steve and Nicky saw us and, apparently, they liked the idea. Nicky sat on Steve's lap. Steve's cock, of course, was buried inside his brother's ass. But don't worry, cause Nicky was moving. Up and down, up and down.

Debby was just moving down. But that was okay with me. Even if Steve and Nicky were already having a "serious fuck".

"Oh, Steve, I wanted it so bad, today! Kathy wanted to come, but today I was dreaming about a cock. Your cock."

"You stupid bitch, Dave could fuck her. Or Charlie, or Bobby or Mark."

"You know my girlfriend, bro! I would end up sucking their cum out of her pussy and soon I would be fucking her. Oh, shit! But I wanted a cock. Inside my butt. Just like yours, Steve, just like yours!"

"Okay, Bobby, here it goes. I want to feel it all inside. Oh, yeah! Yeah! That's it, really deep inside!"

"Oh, Debby, it's so soft and wet!"

"And it goes so deep, honey. Just so fucking deep!"

She moved her body and kissed me. I could feel her small tits on my chest. But I was concentrated in her tongue in my mouth. And her wet cunt around my cock. She whispered:

"That's not all, you know?"


She spoke louder:

"No. Come here, Mark, push this thing inside my ass! I want to cum with two cocks inside me."

Mark took his cock out of Charlie's lips. But Charlie didn't like that:

"Hey, sis, what about me?"

"You can suck Nick, if you want! I don't care! These two are guests and they're mine. At least for now."

The discussion was stupid, of course. Mark saw her shaking ass and he wanted it. So, he was behind Debby and stopped our fuck for a second. But just enough time so he could push his whole marvelous cock inside Debby's ass.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, Mark, yeah! Now I can feel it, now I can feel both of you inside of me! Dave should have called you two to join us years ago. Yeah! Move your cocks, both of you. Yeah! That's it! Faster! Oh, my god! Fuck my two wholes!"

And she kissed me again! But my tongue was not a cock. And that was what she really wanted. I guess that growing up with four brothers did that to her. She could not be satisfied by less than three.

"Dave, come here, dear brother. Come here and let me suck your shaft. Yes, I just love your cock, bring it to me. So hard!"

And she started to suck her brother. Meanwhile, I was fucking her, and I could feel Mark's movements. So we could not complain.

"Suck me, sister! Suck my cock, suck my cock while my best friends are fucking you! You like it, don't you? Three cocks inside of you!"

"I just wished I could take more," she said.

"Suck me, don't speak, just suck! Yes! Oh, Debby, Steve taught you so well! You really learned how to suck a cock, congratulations! I just love the way you move your tongue! It's the best way!"

I could clearly see how she was sucking her brother. But I am a man of action, and I could also clearly see Dave's balls. So I started to lick and suck them.

"Oh, Bobby, thanks man! Thanks! Yeah, lick my balls, suck it, suck it! Oh, shit, my left ball is all inside his mouth. And my cock is inside her mouth. Both of you, suck me hard! Yeah! Oh, shit, yes!"

I was still moving my cock in and out Debby's cunt, but I had an observation to make:

"Hey, Dave, it's not fair, man! You'll cum inside her mouth and she'll swallow it all."

"Don't worry, Bobby, I'll let you have some, now suck my balls! Yeah, oh, yeah!"

"Oh, Charlie, suck me, man, suck my cock! Yeah, fuck! Come on, Steve! Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum real soon, you'll see! Oh, shit! What a wonderful feeling, my big brother fucking my ass while my little brother sucks my prick! Yeah, Charlie, go faster, man! Go faster cause I want to cum in your mouth! Go deep, Steve, go deep cause I want to cum with your whole prick up my ass! Yes!"

Mark and I were also very near the edge. But Dave was the first one to cum. He did as he had promised me, he took his cock out of his sister's mouth and jacked off. His wonderful cum land on our faces. Mine and Debby's. We started to kiss each other and lick Dave's cum out of each other's faces. And her cunt was still around my cock. And Mark was fucking her ass. I could, occasionally, fell his balls.

So, when Nicky came, we were also ready. Mark came when he heard Nicky saying: "Yes, swallow my cum, Charlie!" I came when I felt Mark's cock buried inside Debby's ass and he screamed. She came when she felt it.

"Cum, cum, both of you, cum inside of me! Yeah, I wanna be full of spunk! Hm... Oh, Dave, your friends are the best! Oh, are you done, Mark?"


"What about you, Bobby?"

"I think so."

"Oh, I loved it. Don't take your cock out of my pussy, not yet. Keep it inside my ass, Mark. I want to feel them going soft. This is nice, isn't it?"


And she kissed me. She was right, it was nice.

But Steve and Charlie saw that Mark and I were not busy anymore. So they left Nicky alone and came to us. They moved our bodies and, before we could protest (and who would protest?) we felt two marvelous cocks entering our asses. Well, I felt that. Mark probably felt the same.

Steve was the first one to say anything. And he was fucking my ass!

"Oh, shit, ever since you two arrived, I wanted to do that. But you went crazy for my sister! Yeah, I love my brothers' asses, but I wanted something new. And you have a great fucking ass, Bobby! Great fucking! Ass."

"Thanks! Now push it all, Steve! I want to feel all of it. Come on, I guess I can even get hard again. Yeah! Shit, babe, push it all inside my ass."

"Oh, Charlie, yeah, pretty baby, yeah, fuck my ass like you do to your brothers and sister! Oh, that's just so great!"

I was also in heaven. But it could get better. I looked at Nicky and asked him:

"Come here, Nicky, come here and suck my cock, will ya?"

He looked at my cock and licked his lips. Then he came, got under me and moved his head up. My cock.

I would return the favor, but Mark and I were so close that my best friend decided to kiss me. Well, I'm not Debby, so I can deal with just a tongue while I'm being butt-fucked. So I kissed him back.

Speaking of Debby, she apparently liked what we were doing. She came closer and got on her hands and knees. Dave put his cock inside her pussy. And she started to lick my butt!

So there I was, object of the attention of four beautiful people. A cock in my ass, a tongue in my mouth, another on my cock and a third tongue running over my butt. And Steve thought he had to ask me:

"Are you liking that, Bobby? Uh? Do you like my cock inside of you? And all those mouths and tongues on you?"

"I'm loving it!"

Yeah, I was loving every second of it. And Mark kissed me again. But Charlie didn't want this to last:

"Oh, Mark, your ass is so tight, man!"

"Fuck it, Charlie. Fuck it!"

"I never fucked an ass so tight!"

"Are you liking it?"


"So keep fucking me, Charlie. Keep fucking me and cum inside of me!"

"Kiss him again, Mark! I want to see your tongue in Bobby's mouth."

So Mark kissed me again. While I was being fucked, sucked and licked.

"Faster, Dave, fuck me faster!"

"Oh, sis, I can feel Bobby's jism inside of you!"

"And what it does to you?"

"It makes me horny. It turns me on so much!"

"So fuck me, Dave. Fast! I want your jism mixed with Bobby's."

And Nicky was sucking me while he was stroking his own hard cock. Since Steve was pumping hard, my hips were moving, so my cock went in and out of Nicky's mouth. I would cum soon.

And so would all of us. Nicky, for instance, started to insert the middle finger of his left hand inside his ass. While he had my cockhead in his throat. A special guy.

And Debby, who was licking my butt, had really hard nipples on her small tits. And Mark forgot about my mouth and touched his foreskin on the floor. While Charlie did a hell of a job inside his ass.

"Fuck me, Steve, just fuck me crazy cause I'm ready to shoot into your brother's throat."

"Don't worry, Bobby, just don't worry about me! I'm about to cum myself. Keep sucking him, Nick, keep sucking him cause I'll make our guest cum again."

He was good in what he was doing, I can tell you that. And Nicky was also marvelous. But Charlie came first.

"That's it, Mark, I can't hold any longer, man! That's just it!"

"Inside, Charlie, cum inside, I want to shit jizz tonight!"

"Yeah, babe! Yeah! Take it, Mark, take all of me!"

"It's more than enough for me, Charlie! Cum in!"

Charlie did. Just because he liked Mark's ass so much. It was beautiful to see. Really beautiful. But the best was yet to cum. They kissed, and Mark turned Charlie's body. So Charlie was in his hands and knees and Mark inserted his hard prick inside the kid's ass.

"Oh, Mark, babe, how did you know that I love to have my ass fucked after I came?"

"I just know that I love to fuck with my ass full of jism, Charlie!"

Nicky apparently liked that talk, cause he moved his hand faster! And soon, still with my cock in his mouth, he came. And his spunk flew till it landed on my face. Now Debby was next to me (while being fucked by Dave) and in a second her tongue was cleaning my face. You know how girls are, they have to clean the boys.

Nicky's orgasms was probably marvelous. Cause he started to work on my cock with new power.

Steve was really deep inside my ass when I came! I just couldn't held it anymore! When I felt all of Steve's cock deep in my ass, Debbys's tongue on my chin and Nicky's tongue softly on my peehole, it was too much. Just too much.

But I couldn't rest, after I came, cause my ass was still giving pleasure to Steve. He didn't "abuse" me for long, cause he was pretty over the edge himself.

"Oh, Bobby, that's it, babe! That's it! You have a great ass, man, just a great ass! I only wish I've met you... I'm cumming!"

So he did. Dave and Debby were the only ones left.

I just laid on the floor, trying to catch up my breath, watching the two couples, Dave and Debby and Mark and Charlie, fucking. Nicky was next to me. But Steve wanted more. He just looked at my limp cock and mentioned:

"I would love so much to have it inside of me... What about that, Bobby?"

"I'm not sure if I'll be able to help you soon. But just give me some time, okay, Steve?"

"Hm, I have a better idea."

And so he licked my left foot. Slowly. All over it. Till he started to suck my toes. And lick them. It felt so wonderful that in no time I had my hands on my nipples.

"Oh, sis, I'm cumming!"

"Cum, cum inside of me, Dave, I want it inside my cunt just like Bobby's. Cum, cum inside of me!"

"Oh, yeah, Debby, yeah!"

"Cum, my dear brother, cum inside of me!"

Well, I was having a good time, with my feet being licked, but those two were having a hell of a time. I don't blame them. Each one of them is beautiful.

Dave was done, but Debby, even if her brother had just done her, was ready for more. She just got for Nicky's cock. And started to suck it.

Steve was not sucking my cock, but it was as good as if he was. My cock was growing, growing, growing, and Steve was licking my feet. When he saw my hard shaft, he said:

"I just have to taste that!"

So he forgot about my wet feet and put his lips around my cockhead. He licked it and sucked it for some time, till he decided he had a better use for my prick. It was hard, so he sat on it, facing me.

"Oh, yeah, Debby, you were right. Dave, you were right too, that's a first class cock he has. Hm... So nice and big and thick and hard. It's really good in my ass."

Really good. I just wanted to push all of it fast and deep inside Steve's ass. But he was in control. And he wanted it slow. As my cock was entering his ass, his cock was getting harder. I could see it.

"Faster, Mark! Faster inside my ass! Fuck my butt, fuck my 15 year old butt!"

"Easy, Charlie! Easy! I don't want to cum soon."

"Fuck me! Oh, yeah! Grab my balls! That's it, baby, squeeze them! A little! Oh, shit!"

"Oh, sis, I was in mood for cocks, today, but you made me change my mind! Now I want your nice and wet cunt."

"And full of spunk, dear brother, don't forget it's so full of spunk."

"Yeah. Can I add my own spunk into you?"

"Sure. Come here, Nick, fuck me like daddy fucks mom."

So he did. And, if they were realistic, I would have to say that his parents really knew how to fuck.

While Mark was grabbing Charlie's balls, Dave went under his little brother and started to suck Charlie's cock. Charlie was young, but he was polite. He returned the favor.

And, when I felt my cock deep inside Steve's ass, I just grabbed Steve's cock and started to jack him off! My cock was all inside of his ass, and his cock was completely hard.

"Oh, yeah, Bobby, stroke me, stroke my cock, jack me off! Oh, baby! Your cock goes so deep inside of me! Oh, yeah, you really know how to stroke a cock!"

"Yeah, years of experience. First mine, than my stepbro's, my dad's, my sisters's boyfriend... Oh, yeah, Steve! Sit on my lap! Yeah!"

"Fuck me, Mark, just fuck this hot big prick of yours in me! Suck me, Dave, suck me cause I want to cum in your mouth."

"Oh, Charlie, your ass is perfect, boy! Just so fucking perfect! I'll cum real soon, you'll see."

"I wanna feel it, Mark. Hot and wet. My ass. Suck me, Dave! But don't cum now, Mark, I still need some time."

"Don't worry about that! I'll give you all the time you need."

"Yeah, fuck me forever."

"Oh, Nicky, baby, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt! Oh, yeah, I love it! My cunt is just so full of spunk, but I need more. Fuck me, bro, fuck me!"

"Oh, Debby, I just love your hot little pussy! It feels so nice around my prick, just milking it, just milking it! Just so nice!"

Steve was moving up and down my shaft, while I stroking his cock. And he was running his strong fingers over my chest. Playing with my nipples. I wanted so badly to suck a cock! Or just to kiss someone, maybe, I don't know, I just wanted to get my mouth busy on something. Since I couldn't, I just kept talking:

"Oh, yeah, Steve, keep fucking me, yes, up and down, that's it! You know how to ride my shaft, man!"

"And it has so much of it to ride, Bobby! I'm going insane with your cock in my ass. And your fingers, those magical fingers of yours working so nicely on my prick!"

"Oh, Dave, keep sucking me, man! Yeah! Oh, shit, yes! Don't stop, Mark, don't stop! That's it, babe, in and out my ass! Oh, shit, this feels so good!"

"Great ass you have, Charlie! Dave should have called me to join you years ago! I can't believe all those years I could've been fucking you! All of it lost!"

"Well, they just told me all about it last year! I can't forgive them, keep fucking me, Mark! I can't forgive them. But they only told me when I was 14. They were fucking for ages!"

"It doesn't matter, Charlie, you're one of us now! Oh, Debby, I'm gonna cum, babe!"

"Cum, Nicky, cum in my wet pussy! Cum all over it! Just to make me happy! I'm cumming too, just wait a couple of sec... Oh, shit, that's it, bro, that's just the fucking it! I'm cumming!"

"Oh, sis, you're milking my cock!"

"That's because I'm cumming! Hard!"

And they kissed, like brother and sister. Which was my goal.

"Squeeze my balls, Bobby! Keep stroking my cock and squeeze my... Yeah, man, yeah!"

And I saw Steve's cock cumming. All his spunk landed on my chin and neck. He, while moving his butt up and down, ran his fingers over my chin and neck and got some of his cum. Then he offered me his full of spunk finger. I licked it. I told you I wanted to keep my mouth busy.

"Suck me, Charlie!"

Charlie did!

"Oh, Charlie, I'm ready to cum, babe! I'll cum in your mouth!"

"Suck me too cause I want to cum in yours, Dave!"

They sucked each other, while Mark was fucking Charlie.

Steve decided to take my prick out of his ass. Then he got on his fours and offered me his ass once more:

"Come on, Bobby, finish the job. I came already, now go really deep inside of me and cum. Deep!"

Well, I went really deep inside of him. But I was not ready to cum, not yet. So I just had fun with his ass for a couple of minutes.

"Okay, Mark, I already came, and so did Dave," said Charlie, with a white mouth, "now it's your turn!"

Mark and I looked at each other. We smiled. Well, I was fucking the older, he was fucking the younger! Both of them had great asses. And we concentrated on their asses.

"Here, Charlie, is that what you want? A whole big cock?"

"Yeah, man, yeah!"

"What about you, Steve? Is my cock enough for you?"

"Sure, Bobby, sure! Cum on!"

He didn't need to ask me! I was ready, at last, to cum again. I did as he had told me, I pushed my cock deep inside and, then, feeling his whole ass to cum into, spurted without any problem.

"I can feel it, Bobby! So deep!"

"Is it good, baby?"


And Mark also came in Charlie's ass. He was kissing Debby when he did it. And he squeezed her nipples.

After that, Mark and I left. We could stay as long as we wanted, but we were tired. And I would have little Dick that night. My youngest cousin. Just 13. Hm...

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