The Other Members Can Also Cum Anytime

(Part 1 from 21)

Note : This story is completely fictional!
This story is the sequel of "You Can Cum Anytime You Want, Family!". And I think you should read it first. If you already read it, I hope you have fun!

Chapter 1 - Mark

Since Becky, Donna and Mike moved to our place, and I started to fuck them all, I must admit I wasn't seeing my friends anymore. Of course, going back home, after school, meant sex, and that was better than just talking to friends.

However, the school days went on. Now that I was bi, it was hard for me not to pay attention to other dicks and butts I used to see during the shower. But that was fine, it just made me hornier to come back home. One day, however, during the gym class, my friend Mark mentioned that I was too distant.

"Hey, man, what's the problem? You don't talk to me anymore."

"Hey, sorry! I was just... You know..."

"Yeah, Cindy, right?"

Not just that, but it was a good excuse.


"Hey, no problem. I only wish we could hang on like we used to do."

"Yeah, sure. Anytime."

"Why don't we go to my place after school?"


I was just being gentle. We all would move to our new (bigger) house soon, and I wanted to fuck and suck all I could in the old house. Plus, Chad would go there, and I wanted to be fucked by him. But Mark was an old friend and... Well, I couldn't take him to my place, because it was certain that someone would be fucking openly. And I didn't want my best friend to think we were weird. So I said yes.

But after some time, I truly wanted to go. When he took off his clothes to take his shower, I looked at his dick. It was great! He turn his back to me and I saw his muscular, hard ass. The impulse of sticking at least a finger inside of it was almost irresistible.

I was glad because I knew Mark and I often ended up jacking off, watching some of his porn. We used to do it since we were 13. Of course, by the time we were 14 we did it everyday. But that was all we did. As the years went by, Mark and I used to do it regularly. That was the first time since we started that we spent more than a month without our masturbation together. Again, I repeat, that was all we did: Plain old masturbation. But maybe I could start something. He was my best friend, I was a little nervous, but, at the same time, maybe I could do him. If I remembered it well, his cock was pretty big, something like 8 inches. Of course, when I saw it, I wasn't paying much attention to it. Yet.

Later, we were alone in his house. We ate something, and talked a lot. About school, college and girls. He and his girlfriend, Sharon, had broken up some months before.

"Can you believe I don't have sex with anyone for three months? Well, except with myself, of course."

"Well, I can't complain about it."

"Yeah, you're so lucky to have a girl like Cindy!"

"Yeah." And Laura and Judy and Becky and Donna and Mike and Chad, and Dad and...

"Sometimes I can't take it, man. I just need to fuck."

"I know what you mean. So do I."


We talked for hours. When the phone rang, I went to the bathroom. I locked the door and took my cock out. Big, hard and full of precum. I used my finger to make it clean and then used my tongue to make my finger clean. Great taste. When I went back to his bedroom I couldn't waste any time. He was back, already, and I needed to cum.

"Hey, do you have any new tape?"

We both knew what I meant. A porn video. Just like the old days.

"Yeah, sure, take a look."

He showed me a box I already knew. Inside of it, several porn tapes. I held one and asked him:


"Yeah, great!"

"Man, I really need to jack off now."

"Yeah, so do I!"

Mark and I were old friends. We had our routine. We both took off our clothes and laid side by side on his bed. When he moved his body to put the tape in the VCR, I saw his strong back, and his lovely ass. My cock was ready.

Soon we were both jacking off. That girl certainly knew how to be fucked. But I was also watching his cock. Just the idea of having it between my lips. Of tasting it... I came.

"Hey, Bob, you certainly finished it quickly, huh?"

"Yeah, well... You know. Soon I'll be ready for more."

"I hope you don't mind, but I'm not ready yet."

"Okay. Don't worry, Mark, after all you don't have sex with anyone except you for three months, right?"

"Damn right! I wish I had a girl here to suck my cock."

"Yeah, I wish it too... I mean, three montths without a blowjob..."

"Can you believe it?"


"Man, I could die for a blowjob!"

Well... His hand was moving fast up and down his big cock. His eyes were fixed watching the scene.

"Do you want, Mark?"


"A blowjob!"

"Yeah, sure! If I had a girl..."

"Well, I can try..."

He moved his head:


"Well, since you're... You know. You want a blowjob. We don't have a girl. How bad could it be?"

"No way, man! No way!"

"I mean, I've never done anything like that, but..." That was a lie, butt... "You know, we watch films, and the girls are always doing it to each other. Why not?"

"No way, Bob! I like girls!"

"Yeah, me too, but... You know, it's... Look, I just want to try. Just to see what I think. Just to taste, you know? You're my best friend, I can't think of anyone better. Just between us, okay? No one will ever find out. You get your blowjob, and I taste it."

"I'm not gay, man!"

"Well, if I suck your dick, then you're not gay. I mean, just close your eyes and pretend it's a girl, how about it? I'll suck it. I'll be the gay. Not you. I mean, it's better than your hand, right?"

"I don't know... I mean..."

"It's just like a girl's mouth."

I looked at his cock. As hard as a stone. I looked at the video. The girl was sucking the guy's cock.

"Look at that, Mark, don't you want a blowjob like that?"

The girl stopped sucking and the guy started to jack off. In no time, he came. And her face was full of cum. I pressed "stop".


"Okay, I guess."

I started to suck my best friend's dick. When I felt his cockhead between my lips, I knew I would have to do it again and again. His cockhead was the objective, and I stayed there. Fast, yes, but also tender. When I moved down my mouth, he shouted:

"Oh, yeah!"

I stopped the blowjob and asked him:

"Are you enjoying?"

"Yeah... It's better than I thought. What about you? Do you want to go on?"

"Yeah, sure! I like to have your cock inside my mouth, Mark!"

"Go on, then, Bob! Remember, I need a blowjob!"

Well, I had a job to do! And I did it properly, with his cock deep inside my mouth. Yes, there was no hope anymore for me, I loved to suck a big prick. And Mark's was not small, not at all, it was almost as big as mine. I couldn't wait to feel it inside my ass.

"Oh, Bobby, keep sucking, man! Oh, yeah! Oh, I had no idea! It is the best, man, the fucking best! Keep doing it! Oh, yeah! Oh, my God, Yeah!"

I started to lick that wonderful peehole of his. Then I licked, slowly, the base of his cockhead. Then I took it all inside my mouth again.

"Oh, Bob, stop it! Stop, man, I'm gonna cum!"

"I know! Cum inside my mouth, Mark! I want to taste your cum, man!"

Of course I knew! I was a pretty good cocksucker, I knew what was happening. I aso knew how to drink cum, now. I got his cockhead between my teeth, closed my mouth around it, and caressed Mark's big balls. When I felt him spurting in my mouth, it was not a surprise. But who cares? It was wonderful to drink his cum. To feel his cum all over my tongue. He was done. For a while.

We laid, still naked, side by side. My cock, of course, was hard again. You know, sucking cock makes me horny. But Mark was also pretty excited:

"God, that was great, Bob! I had, I mean, I had no idea! I mean, that was one of the best blowjobs I ever had in my life. Maybe the best!"

I was slowly stroking my cock. Thinking. But I answered my friend:

"Yeah, I also loved it. It's great the way your cock fills my mouth. You have a great cock, you know?"

"Now, come on, man, tell me the truth, no way I was the first guy you sucked!"

Yeah, no way! I raised my hips and inserted my middle finger inside my ass. I didn't want to cum, not that soon. So I said he was right and started to tell him the whole story. Since Mike. While I was fingering my butt. Sometimes, he interrupted me:

"You mean, your sister Laura?"


"God! Go on!"


"Your father?"

Or even:

"God, that must be great! Everybody fucking together!"

At the end of the story, of course, his cock was as hard as a brick. I just touched it for a second, and it felt great. So hard and hot. And big and thick. My own cockhead, of course, was also covered with precum. I got my finger out of my ass and licked it. Mark was staring me, fascinated. Then I touched my precum and, again, licked my finger.

"So, Mark... A blowjob is fine, but how about a tight hole for you to push your cock into?"

"You mean your ass?"

I started to stroke his cock and said:

"Well, I would love it!"

"Sure, man, sure!"

Then I got on my hands and kness and said to him:

"Go on. Gently, please!"

"Don't worry, man! God, I can't believe I'm about to fuck a guy's butt! I never dreamed on that."

"You have no idea how great it is! You fucked girls in the ass before, you know how it is."

He started the pressure. Oh, my God, it was great! His cock was really something, I could not believe I had spent all these years jacking off with him and never got it between my cheeks. Which cheeks? You choose, it's great between all of them.

"Yeah, Mark, you know what you're doing, man! Yeah! Go on! Deeper! Okay! Yeah! Your cock is great! Remember to call me whenever you're horny, will ya? I need it inside of me, now! Great! Deeper!"

"Bob, I had no idea, man! You were right! It's so damn tight! It's just like a girl! I never thought I would do this!"

"See how stupid you were? Push it all."

"Yeah! Damn stupid! Can you feel, Bob? Can you feel my cock inside your butt, man? Deep inside of it?"

"Yeah... That's great, man. You know, I love to fuck a girl, but I can't resist a good prick. That's it, move it, Mark! Move your cock inside your friend, will ya? Inside your male friend! Oh, yeah, Mark, you know how to do it, that's it! Go on! Don't be shy, man, keep fucking me! Keep fucking! I want to feel your cum inside my bowels, man! Fuck it harder!"

"Oh, Bobby, that's great, man! Are you going to invite me to one of your parties? I want to fuck Mike! I want to fuck your dad, man!"

I started to jack off while his cock was moving fast in and out of my ass.

"Yeah, sure! Do you want to fuck Laura? Do you want to fuck my sister?"

"Yeah! Yeah, Bob, I want to fuck your whole family! And I want to fuck you, man, I don't want to stop fucking you! Ever!"

"Go on! Go on, Mark, I want to cum! Your cock is doing a hell of a job inside my ass! Just keep doing it! Yeah! Oh, yeah! Fuck me, man! fuck my ass! Isn't it great? Isn't my ass hot? You like to fuck my ass, don't you?"

"Yeah, Bob, it's hot! It's great! It's tight, man, it's tight! I'm gonna cum!"

"Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me cause I'm almost cumming myself! That's it! Oh, your cock is really big, Mark, it goes so deep! I'm almost! I'm cumming! I"M CUMMING, Mark!"

I was spent. I took my right hand out of my cock and just felt the wonderful feeling of a cock inside my butt for a couple of minutes till:

"Oh, Bob, I'm cumming too! I'm cumming, man! I'm cumming inside my best friend's ass!!!! That's great! Oh, my God! Yeah! Oh!"

We were spent. He laid on my side and I didn't even think, I just kissed him. I had a lot to thank this man, especially that day, when he made me cum. But he was a little scared.


"Oh, sorry, Mark. My fault. It won't happen again."

He smiled.

"No, no problem. It's kind of good."

Then he kissed me. He was also a great kisser. But it was late and I had to go back to my place. So I soon got my clothes on. When I was leaving, we met Carol, Mark's sister. She was 18 and was watching TV. She was also hot. And she smiled at me. I had no chance, but... I could dream about it.

However, I needed some rest. After all, the next day would be the day when Ellen would finally learn about heterosexual sex.

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