The Other Members Can Also Cum Anytime

(Part 5 from 21)

Chapter 5 - 14 people and 2 virgin asses

"I want a cock inside my ass," said Ellen.

Well, we, guys, just looked at each other. It was too soon for most of us. Well, almost. Of course, the young Johnny was almost ready again.

"Suck me and I'll fuck you in the ass," he said.

My sweet future sister-in-law smiled. She had such a beautiful 14 year-old smile... Unfortunately, she didn't smile much longer. Soon she closed her mouth around Johnny's cock.

"Oh, yeah, Ellen, suck me! Okay, can you feel my dick getting hard again? Suck it, suck it!"

Well, all 14 people in that room loved to suck cock. Ellen was a person, so...

"Suck me! Oh, yeah, you're so hot! Hey, someone bring me the KY jelly!"

My dad, with a semi-hard prick, was the one who did it. Meanwhile, his wife was kissing Chad and playing with his balls. And Cindy, of course, saw her sister but couldn't forget she was my girlfriend. So she started to suck my cum out of Judy's cunt.

"Suck me, Cindy! Suck me! Suck this cum out of me and I'll promise you I'm gonna cum for you!"

"Oh, yeah, Ellen, you're a great cocksucker! Keep doing it, keep doing it! Yeah! I'm going to fuck you hard and fast. Yeah, keep sucking me! Oh, yeah, I'm gonna fuck your ass, babe!"

I was getting hard again too. Since Chad was near me, I started to stroke his lovely prick. He looked at me.

"Oh, yeah, man, go on!"

But Becky kissed him again. He had a hand deep inside her wet cunt. He took his finger out of my stepmom's pussy and I licked it clean. But I wanted something bigger and thicker than a finger. And it was right at my face! So, as he pushed his finger back to Becky's cunt, I started to suck his cock. Of course, there's nothing better than to feel a cockhead between your lips. And that was exactly what I had!

"Oh, Pete, you have such a great cock! Fuck me harder, honey! Please! Hey, Mark, come here and let me suck you!"

Concerned as I was about my friend, I looked at the one who said it. I had nothing to worry about, he had his cock in Donna's hands. And, soon, in her mouth. While she was being fucked by Pete, the guy who had just fucked her mother's ass.

My father returned and gave the jelly to Johnny. While Johnny was preparing Ellen's ass, dad got on his knees and started to blow Mike.

Laura? Oh, she had Jim's cock inside her cunt and he was moving real fast, so she had nothing to complain. Or did she?

"Oh, shit, fuck me, Jim! Yeah! Yeah, baby! Oh, shit, I just love this! Oh, yeah!"

My cock was already hard again and I moved my body. And Becky's, and Chad's. Soon I was fucking her cunt while I was sucking Chad's cock.

"Oh, man, you're a hell of a cocksucker, you know what I mean? Just like your sister! Keep going, man, keep going!"

"Fuck me, Bobby! Yeah, son, that's it, just fuck my cunt without any mercy. I just love to have you cock inside my pussy, so go on!"

"Oh, Laura, you have the best pussy, and you're so beautiful!"

"Don't speak a word, Jim, just fuck me!"

Judy and Cindy were silent because both of them had their mouths busy. Apparently Judy remembered that her brother's cum was inside my girlfriend's cunt and decided it was not fair. Cindy didn't complain.

"Okay, Ellen, here I go!"

We all stopped and looked at them. Johnny was behind her holding his cock. Soon he pushed it.

"Aaaah! Oh, my God! I had no idea! Ouch! I saw in the films, but! I had no idea! It hurts!"

Jim said to his younger brother:

"Be gentle, kid! Be gentle!"

"It's so tight! So fucking tight!"

"Yeah, so was you when I first fucked you, remember?"

"Sure, Jim. I mean. I'm trying to be gentle. Am I gentle, Ellen?"

"It hurts! A lot!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Hey, Ellen, look at us!"

She looked. Mike was fucking my dad's ass easily. God, I wanted a cock inside my butt! And Ellen had pretty much the same idea:

"No, Johnny, just give me some time, will ya? It's not that painful anymore. I think I can take it. Just give me some time so I can get used to it. Now. Push it a little. Stop! It hurts! But it's not so bad anymore."

"Mark, sweetie, fuck my ass, will ya?"

"But, Donna, you're... I mean... Pete... Oh, wow!"

So they got in the right position and soon Mark was pushing his cock inside Donna's glorious ass. And Becky liked the idea:

"That's it, Chad, fuck my ass, will ya? I also want a couple of cocks inside of me!"

And I felt Chad's cock making my stepmom's cunt tighter. God, I wanted that cock inside of me, but her cunt was also good. Oh, yeah. She was over me, fucking my cock while I felt Chad's cock moving inside her ass. Yeah, that was great! But I could not say how great it felt because Rebecca was kissing me. And, later, Chad was kissing me.

"Deeper, Johnny! Stop! Okay! I don't feel so much pain anymore, go on! Yeah, you can go! Yeah! Go on, Johnny, go on! Is that all?"


"Not bad. Not bad at all. It's a funny feeling. You can try to fuck me now, Johnny. Please."

"Okay, Ellen, don't worry! Here, I'm moving it in and out of you, can you feel it?"

"Sure, Johnny, sure."

"Are you in pain?"

"A little, Johnny. Just a little, But keep fucking my ass... It's also good!"

"Oh, Mark, you have a great cock to fuck my ass! That's great! Keep going!"

"Hm, is he that good, Donna?"

"Haven't you seen the size of it, Pete? And that's not all, he sure is talented too."

"Oh, do you think that later he would let me taste it?"

"I don't know, but you would love it."

"Hey, Pete, my man, you can have it if you want!"

"Hey, Mark, not so fast! I want you to make me cum several times. You and Pete."

"Don't worry, Donna, I'm gonna fuck and fuck and fuck your ass!"

"That's the spirit, Mark! Now faster, a little, will ya?"

"Oh, yeah, Judy, lick my ass! Yeah, love, that's it! Oh, yeah, finger fuck my cunt! That's the clit, that's my clit! Oh, I feel so hot when I feel your tongue moving slowly on my butt!"

"Fuck me, Mike, Fuck me! That's it! Stroke my cock! Oh, god, you're amazing! I just called my brother and his family to come here! You must feel Alan's cock! And Sam's, you'll love Sam's cock inside your ass! But right now just fuck me! Oh, son, I love your mother, but I'm so glad that you came to live with us!"

"Hey, Ed, I live to come with you!"

"That's the spirit, my boy! That's the spirit! I love your mother, but I can't say no to a good cock!"

"Neither can I, honey," said Becky, while Chad and I were fucking her ass and cunt.

"Oh, Johnny, now I don't feel any pain! Fuck me, baby, just plain old fuck my virgin ass!"

"Oh, Ellen, I'm gonna cum soon!"

I loved Mike, I loved Donna, and I wanted them to have a brother. So I came deep inside my stepmom's pussy.

"Oh, Rebecca, I'm just! Your tight! Ahh!"

"Now fuck me hard, Chad, cause I want your cum inside my ass!"

"Don't worry, Becky, I won't last long! Not long! It feels so damn good around my fucking cock!"

"Fuck me, Jim! Just fuck me cause! I'm! I'm cumming! Don't stop, don't stop!"

"Oh, Laura, I'm cumming too, babe! I'm cumming, can you feel it?"

"I can only feel a hell of an orgasm, Jim! Keep going!"

"Oh, my! Laura!"

"Yeah, that's it! That's it, Jim!"

I moved my body and Becky and Chad were free to fuck themselves.

And Judy, after sucking all her brother's cum from Cindy's cunt decided to suck her older brother's cum from Laura's. My sister, of course, was not stupid to say no.

Jim came next to me and we started to make out. He was so hot! And soon I was touching his balls and ass, I still needed to have my ass fucked that evening.

"Oh, Becky, I'm cumming, babe! I'm just cumming inside your butt!"

"I know, Chad, I'm also cumming! Go on, dear boy, go on! Yeah! Yeah! Oh, you're so good to me!"

"That ass! Is great! Becky! Becky! What a great! Ass! You have! I'm! Can you? Feel it?"

"Yes! Yeah, Chad, yes!"

"Keep fucking me, Mike, don't look at your lucky mom! Keep fucking me cause I can use some more cum!"

Jim and I were in another world, his tongue moving inside my mouth, mine on his, our hands touching each other's ABC (ass, balls and cock). But soon I felt a tongue licking my back. I checked it. It was Chad's.

And my girlfriend was sucking my cum out of my stepmom's pussy.

"Suck me, stepdaughter-in-law, just suck me! Suck me cause I love it! Hm, Judy, what great tits you have, do you mind if I suck them while you eat my stepdaughter?"

"No problem, Becky. Just move your body and suck on my nipple!"

"Oh, my God, Donna, I'm gonna cum," said Mark.

Then he took his cock out of Donna's butt and came hard. His spunk flew over her body and some of it fell on her shoulder. But most of it fell on Pete's face. Then Donna and Pete, still fucking, began to lick each other to eat some cum. It was beautiful to watch and Mark just stopped and saw the two hot ones fighting for his cum. I was watching too, while Jim was sucking my nipple.

Suddenly Laura cried:

"Eat me, bitch!"

She was talking to Judy, of course, who was, in fact, eating her. I looked at them and was glad to see that Becky was by then sucking another nipple of Judy. And Cindy, while licking Becky's cunt was also fingerfucking my stepmother's ass.

"Fuck my ass, Johnny! I'm really liking it! It was hurting me at first, but now don't worry! It's just good! All the fucking time! Keep fucking me! Yeah!"

"Oh, Ed, honey, you have a fantastic ass! I think I'm gonna cum soon!"

"Don't stop, Mike, don't stop! Keep fucking my ass, boy, keep fucking it! Harder! Stroke my cock! I love the way you stroke my cock!"

"Oh, Donna, I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum, Pete, cum inside my cunt, just cum, don't worry! Cum now cause I'm cumming too! Cum now! Right now! Oh, it's so fucking good! Keep fucking me, Pete, keep... Oh, yeah..."

"I'm cumming!!! Donna!!!"

"Cum, honey, cum inside of me! I'm cumming too!"

So they both came. I looked at Jim and whispered:

"Fuck me, Jim! Fuck my ass!"

He was glad I said that, of course. He was hard and so was I. But now I wanted to do something. And I instructed Chad:

"Let's 69 while he fucks me!"

Chad also liked the idea. So soon I had his cock a few inches away from my face. And he engulfed my cock. Of course, seeing my ass filled with nothing but air, Jim knew he had to do something. So he put his cock inside of me. Of course, when he entered, my cock went deep inside Chad's throat. But Chad didn't mind. My sister's boyfriend was a nice guy. I waited a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of a cock inside my ass and a mouth around my cock, then went down on Chad. His cock was full of precum, so I had to lick it all, first. But that was okay, he liked that. And so did I.

Donna went with the other girls. So Cindy started to suck her. Becky didn't mind, she was too busy sucking Judy's tit. Pete moved closer to Mark and, seing his big, hard cock, started to suck it. Mark was already open-minded, so he didn't care. He caressed Pete's hair while he was getting the blowjob.

"Oh, Ellen, I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum, Johnny, cum inside my ass! God, I had no idea it was so good to give ass! It's marvelous! Cum inside of me, cum, just cum!"

"I'm cumming, Ellen! I'm cumming!"

"Yeah, Johnny, cum! It's wonderful, Cindy, it's wonderful!"

"I want to eat that, little sis!"

"You will, sis, you will!"

So Cindy said to Rebecca:

"Becky, don't you want to eat your daughter for a while?"

Becky smiled:

"Hm, Judy's tits are so big and great... And tasty! But okay, I will. Just because you're asking me! But I insist you suck me later, okay?"


So Becky started to lick her daughter. Judy and Laura rearranged their bodies so they could do what they have done for all this years: A good old 69.

"Suck me, mother, suck all of me!"

Ellen, with her ass full of cum (and hopefully mine would be like that soon) moved and offered her behind to her older sister. Of course, that was my cum-lover girlfriend's idea. So Cindy started to lick her ass.

I was still giving head to Chad while I was giving ass to Jim. Chad was sucking me while he had a hand playing with my balls.

Johnny, alone, looked at my father. Who knew perfectly well what a good boy deserved.

"Come here, Johnny! I want to suck your cock!"

He didn't even blinked. Soon my dad was licking Johnny's limp cock.

Jim was moving his cock inside of me really fast. I was loving it! That's how you fuck a guy's ass.

"Oh, Pete, keep sucking, man, I'm gonna cum! Keep sucking! Me! I! 'm cumming! Swallow, swallow, swallow!"

Pete didn't need the order. He swallowed all of Mark's cum. After that, he raised his body. His cock was hard. Mark looked at it. Then he touched it. Just for a second. Just to feel how good it feels, another man's cock. But, while he was discovering it, Pete asked:

"Can I fuck you?"

Mark stopped. He looked at Pete's cock. Then he thought about Ellen. Cindy was still sucking Ellen's ass. Then Mark said:


I stopped sucking Chad's cock when I heard that. That was great, Mark would finally be fucked. I looked at him. He smiled at me. Pete got the KY jelly and prepared Mark's virgin ass for his shaft. I was almost jealous. But I had a cock inside of me, a mouth around my cock and... Why was I loosing precious time? Chad had a beautiful cock just below my nose! And I sucked it all.

"Eat me, mom! Oh, you eat me so well... I'm gonna cum in your mouth, mom! Just keep sucking! Keep! My clit! Yeah, mom, suck my clit!"

"Oh, Ed, I'm gonna cum in your ass! I can't hold any longer! I'm cumming, Ed! I'm cumming in your ass!"

"Keep sucking me, Ed! Don't stop! My dick's already hard again! Keep sucking! Yeah, Ed, I love your thick strong finger in my ass! Keep sucking!"

Mike came inside my dad's ass. Then he kissed dad's neck and got his cock out. But dad still had something to do. He had to ask Johnny:

"Do you want to drink my cum? Uh, Johnny, do you want me to cum on your face? After that you can fuck me! Just let me cum on you!"

"Sure, Ed! I love cum!"

So dad stood up and Johnny got on his kness in front of dad's huge and hard cock. Mike came behind dad and kissed his neck once more. Than he got his two hands around my father's cock and, again, started to stroke it.

"Oh, Mike, you're the best handjob in town, son. I just love to feel your hands around my cock. And your cum inside my ass. I'm gonna cum soon! So soon."

Johnny was desperate to fuck dad's ass, cause he started to lick dad's cockhead. His peehole. And Mike was still stroking. And kissing.

"Here I go, Mark!"

"Go on. But be careful, Pete, you're my first!"

"Don't worry man. I know what I'm doing. Here, can you feel it? I'm already pushing."

"Of course I can, damn it! It hurts a little! But go on, I think I can take it! God, I never thought that I would be fucked by a guy."

"Are you liking it?"

"Yeah, it really makes me hot. It's painful, but... It makes me hot."

I knew what he was talking about. I had a dick deep inside my ass and it was certainly making me hot. And also getting me closer and closer to the edge with each thrust. Of course, Chad's mouth and cock had also something to do with it.

"Oh, Johnny, I'm ready to cum, boy, I'm ready to cum! Keep this pace, Mike, keep it! Yeah! Oh, yeah! Are you ready, Johnny? Are you ready?"

"Yeah, Ed! Cum!"

"Oh! Ah! Drink it, Johnny! Drink it all! Go on, Mike! Yeah! That's it! That's all! So fucking good! Drink, Johnny!"

I looked at Johnny's face. Well, it was hidden behind a mask of cum. But he was licking whatever he could. And Mike soon licked Johnny's face clean. Of course, to watch a man licking the cum out of another guy's face is one of the hottest things you can ever see. Ellen could not look at nothing else. And my father, again, got on his hands and knees.

I was stroking Chad's cock, but my mouth was empty. So I buried his cock in my throat once more. That felt so good, his hard, pulsing cock inside my mouth. So good.

"Deeper, Pete, deeper! I can take it, man, I can take it all. Yeah! Stop! It's good. Yeah, it is. Go on, go on. Slowly!"

"Hey, Mark, that's a hell of an ass you have here. I'm surprised, man, really surprised that you've never been fucked by anyone."

"I just had no idea it felt so good, man! Keep pushing!"

"I want to have my cunt lapped," Cindy said.

Judy looked at her and left Laura alone. Well, not alone, cause Laura followed her girlfriend and, when Judy started to eat Cindy, Laura did the same for Judy. But, when Donna saw the juices running out of Laura's cunt, she decided to drink all that juice.

Johnny, already a clean man, started to insert his dick inside my father's butt. Mike kissed dad. And I knew that dad could taste his own cum on Mike's tongue.

"God, Ed, I can feel Mike's cum inside your ass!"

"And how does it feel?" Asked Mike.

"Great! I love to have my dick wet while I'm fucking a nice ass!"

"So fuck me!"

"You asked for it, Ed!"

"Oh, Bobby, your ass is great, man! I'm gonna cum soon! It's so muscular and tight!"

"Fuck me, Jim! Shut up and fuck me! I needed a cock like yours inside of it, don't disappoint me!"

"I won't, baby, I won't!"

"Hey, Becky, do you want me to fingerfuck you?"

"That would be wonderful, Ellen."

"Okay, then."

"Hey, Mark, that's it. I have my whole cock inside your ass, man."

"It's great, Pete! It's great! I never had that feeling! I'm full of cock. And my own is hard again. Fuck me, man! Fuck me!"

Ellen had the idea, but I liked it. So, with my mouth running up and down Chad's shaft, I inserted my middle finger inside his ass. I shouldn't have done it. Chad came. Of course, I loved it, I swallowed it all, and I loved it, but... I just wished I had a cock inside my mouth. I was loving it. But he was a generous lover, he kept sucking mine.

"Suck me, Donna, suck me cause you're making me cum again!"

"Hey, Pete, I'm loving this! Fuck me more, fuck me more, man! That's the best! Now I know why everybody here loves to take it in the ass! It's wonderful! Fuck me, man, fuck me harder!"

"Don't worry, babe, I'm gonna make you cum! I'm so glad you're liking my cock inside your ass! Here, take it! Again! That's it! Do you like when I push it harder?"

"I love, man! I just love!"

"Oh, Ellen, honey, how many fingers you have in my cunt?"

"Three, Becky!"

"Make it four. I want four. And lick my clit, will ya? Yeah, good girl! Good girl! That's it! God, I can feel your four fingers deep inside my cunt. Lick my clit, lick my clit! Yeah..."

Dad was sucking Mike. While Johnny was going nuts inside his ass.

"Oh, Ed, that's a hell of an ass, man! Oh, I'm gonna cum soon, I'm gonna! You'll see. Are you liking it?"

"Yeah, baby, fuck me hard while I suck my stepson's cock!"

"Don't worry, Ed, don't worry! I am! Fucking you! Hard!"

"The boy is good, uh, Ed?"

"He sure is, Mike!"

"Keep sucking me! I want to cum inside your mouth. Like your daughter's boyfriend came inside your son's mouth."

And, he could add, I came inside Chad's mouth. Because Jim's cock was doing a great job inside my ass. And Chad was doing a great blowjob. When Jim pushed it all, my cock was buried in Chad's throat and my cum went further. Chad didn't mind. He moved his body and soon Jim and I were free to make him cum.

"Okay, Jim, cum inside my ass!"

"Don't worry, Bobby! I'm about to! Anytime now. Real soon! Can you feel my cock moving inside of you?"

"Yeah, and I'm loving every second of it!"

I looked at everybody. Funny enough, the girls were already satisfied. They were just sat, the only "sexual" contact now was Judy playing with Cindy's nipples. But that was not sexual. It was just tenderness.

Johnny was still fucking dad, who was still sucking Mike. Mike, I knew, was almost over the edge. And Johnny was moving his dick really fast. Which was okay, since dad seemed to be enjoying.

Jim was fucking me and I could feel my limp cock moving between my legs. It was great. But he should cum before I got another hard-on.

Pete was lost.

"Oh, man, that's it! Are you sure? You want me to! Cum inside you ass? I can take it off, if you want!"

"Go on! I want to feel your hot spunk inside my ass! Go on!"

"I'm! I'm cumming, man! I'm! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Here! There it goes, Mark! Feel my hot cum inside your ass! Can you feel it?"

"Yeah, it's great! It's wonderful, Pete!"

"Swallow my cum, Ed! Swallow it all! That's how I like!"

Dad still had some cum on his teeth when he said:

"Bring me Mark! I want to suck him till he cums!"

Mark moved his body. I could see his cockhead full of precum. It wouldn't take long for him to cum. Dad started to lick his cockhead clean. And Mike got on his kness and started to suck Pete's cum out of Mark's ass.

Jim also saw that. He held my butt and came deep inside my ass.

"That's it, Bobby! Here, take all my seed, man! Take it all!"

I was in heaven. You know, to make a man cum using your butt is one of the best things in the world. I was also spent. And so was he. We both laid on the floor and watched his little brother fucking my dad while dad and my stepbro sucked my best friend.

"Oh, Ed, man, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Keep sucking my ass, Mike! Swallow, Ed! Great! Oh! Yeah! Swallow! Swallow!"

And so Mark and Mike were also spent. But Johnny kept fucking dad's ass. Of course, not for long. Soon he also came. Inside my dad's already-full-of-cum ass. And you know what? Dad and I still had cum inside our asses. Who would lick us?

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