The Other Members Can Also Cum Anytime

(Part 15 from 21)

Chapter 15 - Do you want to try?

I had a plan about my little cousin Dick. And I had talked to my aunt about it. So, that afternoon, while I was getting cunt, cock and ass from Dave's family, they went out. I got back before of them. And I inserted a tape in the VCR. A porn one.

As soon as they got home, we were ready for dinner. They bought some food, on their way home, as I had asked.

After dinner, we had TV and talk with the family. At bed time, Dick and I went to my room. The lights were on and I locked the door. And he saw a photograph of a naked girl on the tape's cover.


"Oh, Dick... I... Well, okay, let me be honest with you. I was watching it when you got home."

"Is it porn?"

"Yeah. You know how these things are, don't you? I mean, you jack off, don't you?"

"Well... I mean..."

"Come on, you can tell me."

"Okay, but don't tell anyone."

"Of course not! Don't worry! I do it too. All the time!"

"You were jacking off?"

"Yeah, but you arrived and I had to stop."


Well, dear reader, now let me be honest with you. Of course I was lying. I was not jacking off when they got home! After that day, I needed all the spunk I had left (and it was not that much) to use it on (in) Dick. But I had to be naked with him. So... A little lie. But I had a good reason. His mother would also want to fuck him.

"Yeah, during most of the dinner I had a hard-on."

But the boy was really interested on the tape.

"I never saw a porn film. I saw porn magazines, sure, but not a film."

"Oh, do you want to see it?"

"Well, I don't know..."

"Come on, don't worry. I won't tell anyone."

"Well... Okay."

"I hope you don't mind if I take off my clothes."

"Uh? Why?"

"Well, to jack off, of course. I need to cum, you know?"

"Oh. I guess it's okay, then."

"Aren't you going to jack off?"

"Uh... I don't know. I guess not."

"Come on, Dick. Men don't see any problem on being nude among other men."

"Well, I don't know. Let me just watch the movie, okay?"

Okay. So I took off my clothes and we started to watch the movie. To give the impression that I had been watching, I've stopped the tape on a blowjob scene.

"Oh, sorry, Dick. Do you want to see it from the beginning?"

He was staring at the screen.

"No, thanks, Bobby. That's fine."

Yeah, it was. I turned off the lights and we watched it for some time. Then I asked him:

"Have you ever had a blowjob, Dick?"

"Uh, yeah."

That was a surprise! I thought that the little boy would say no.

"Really? Well, who gave it to you?"

"Well, a... You know, a girl."

"Really? From school?


He looked at me. I wanted to keep asking him questions, but I guess he just wanted to watch the movie.

So I remained silent for some time. And I started to stroke my cock. He looked at me, but said nothing. But his fingers were moving over his crotch. He still had his pants on.

By then the guy on the tape was already fucking the blonde girl. And I, jacking off, asked my little cousin:

"Have you fucked her?"


"Have you fucked her?"


"You know, the girl who gave you the blowjob. Have you fucked her?"


"Oh, just oral sex, uh?"


"Did you two 69?"


"Really? Oh, so you sucked her pussy?"

"Uh? Yes."

"Oh, Dick don't you love to lap a cunt?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Come on, Dick, you can jack off, don't worry."

He looked at me, at my moving hand on my shaft and decided I was right.


Then he got rid of his clothes and I saw his naked body. At 13, he had almost no hair on his body, just a little covering his crotch. His cock was hard, and it was not little for his age. Of course, he had nothing compared to Mark or Dave or Steve, but I saw (and felt) his brother and I knew that Dick's pecker would grow. And, to tell the truth, even if it was not so big, I wanted to feel it inside my ass.

He returned to bed and started to jack off, watching the couple on screen. He had experience, I knew that. The way his fingers moved along his cock proved that.

We spent some time jacking off together. When the girl got out of the guy's cock and put it in her mouth, she sucked a little and the guy came.

"Boy, I would kill for a blowjob right now, wouldn't you?"

He looked at me.


"Yeah, I would love a blowjob. I mean, I love my girlfriend and all, but, I just need a blowjob right now."

He looked at me and smiled:

"Do you want to try?"


"You know... Me... giving you head."

Another surprise! Neither Sam nor Alan had touched the boy. What was he talking about?

"You mean..."

"Yeah, I could try. And if you like it, you do it for me. It's better than our hands, right? And you said it yourself that you would kill for a BJ."

"Yeah, okay, I guess. But I must warn you that I never did that before."

"Oh, don't worry, Bobby. I'll do it first."

"Did you?"


"You know... Sucked a guy before?"

"Hell, no. But we want a blowjob, right? We couldn't wake up the girls and asked them to for it, so we have to do it ourselves. And they`re our sisters!"

First thing: The girls would love if we asked them to suck us. Second: As soon as he got his lips around my cockhead, I knew he was lying. When I felt his tongue licking all my precum, then my peehole, it was clear that he had done it before. More than once. Instincts don't go so far.

"Oh, Dick, that's great! I never thought that boys could also do it, you know? But you're proving me wrong."

"It's so big."

"Are you liking it?"

I knew the answer. He liked that. Which was normal, of course. And he said:

"Yeah, it's not bad. You have to try."

"I will, Dick, I will. As soon as you finish me."

"It won't last long."

And he sucked me. Hard. Too hard for a beginner, but that was okay. I like my men to be experienced.

"Oh, yeah, Dick, keep going, Keep going, oh yeah!"

"Is it like a girl?"

Why did he insist on this charade?

"Yes, yes, Dick, just like a girl. Oh, boy! You suck me just like my girlfriend does!"

And Cindy started sucking dicks a long time ago!

"That's great, Bobby!"

"Come on, Dick, keep sucking me, will ya? Oh, yeah, shit, you do it so well... Just how I like it, with your tongue exploring all of my cock."

And, soon, his hand joined his mouth. He really wanted me to cum. While he was working his lips and tongue on my cockhead, his fingers were going up and down my shaft. Such small fingers!

"Oh, Dick, I don't know how long I can take it!"

"Cum, Bobby, cum in my mouth!"

I decided to play the game:

"Why? Do you want to taste my spunk?"

"Well... I mean... If you don't mind... It's just cause I love to cum into a, you know, a girl's mouth and..."

"Keep sucking me, my boy, and I will cum inside your mouth. Just keep sucking me!"

He did. And he stroke me. And his other hand grabbed my balls. And I came.

"Swallow, Dick, swallow all my cum! Yeah, my boy, oh yeah!"

He did. Swallow. Like a good boy.

"Now it's my turn!"

I grabbed his small and hard cock and started to play with it.

"Okay, Dick. But tell me, that was not the first time you did it, was it?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know, it was not first time you sucked a cock."

"Sure it was!"

"Come on, Dick, I can recognize an expert when I feel him around my cockhead. You're one of them."

"Hey, Bobby, it was the first time!"

"Don't give me that shit! Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. And I like to suck cocks too."



"So... Are you a fag?"

"No. And that's a terrible word! I just like to have some cockmeat in my mouth, that's all. And in my ass. But I like girls."

"Wow, you mean you've been fucked in the ass?"

"Sure. What about you?"

"No. Never. And you still like girls?"

"Of course! All my friends like boys and girls. Well, except Mike and your brother."

"Yeah, Sam is a real homo."

"Sure, but he's so good at it that who cares? Come on Dick, who was your first cock? Was it Sam?"


I knew that. Sam would have told me. I licked Dick's cockhead. There was precum all over the small place.

"Come on. Tell me."

"Okay. But you must suck me. And promise me that later you will let me fuck your butt."

"It's a deal."

And I put his pecker in my mouth. He started to talk when I had all of his cock inside my mouth,

"Oh, that's good, Bobby. Real good."

"Tell me."

"Okay. I have a friend called Jason. He was the one who showed me my first porn magazines. And we started to jack off together. Oh, Bobby, that's it, keep doing it like that! Oh, my! Well, one day, while we were jacking off, he accidentally touched my arm. And I came real hard. I thought about it, but didn't mention it to anyone. Cause I knew that Sam's a fag, and I was wondering if I was too. But after some time we were jacking off and I touched his arm, pretending it was an accident, of course, and we both came. We didn't say a word, at the time, but later we talked. And we decided that the touch of someone else's skin made us hotter. We started to jack off holding hands. We fooled ourselves pretending we were pretending we were girls. You know, I was holding a girl, and..."

"I got it, Dick. Go on cause you're making me hot."

"You're making me hot too, Bobby. With your mouth. I'll cum soon, you'll see."

"Go on."

"Okay. Well, since we were pretending that we were girls, what about a handjob by a girl? That was what we thought. So we started to do each other. And I loved to feel someone's prick. And we came a lot. Later we decided to have a blowjob by a 'girl'. And we loved it! To suck and to be sucked, you know? Now we don't try to pretend we're with girls anymore. We just suck each other."

"And what about anal?"

"No. Never."


And I licked one of my fingers and inserted in his ass. I was still sucking his cock, of course!

"Oh, Bobby!"

"Not so bad, uh?"

"Well, no! It's kind of nice."

"Do you want to fuck me, Dick?"

"Sure! Are you sure you want it?"

"Oh, yeah!"

And I got on my hands and knees. I offered my ass to that wonderful boy and Dick started to push! I could feel my ass opening. And soon I could feel his crotch touching my butt.

Now, let me be honest with you. I was fucked by Mike and by Sam, and Sam's cock is much bigger than Mike's. I don't care, I like them both. But Dick... That same afternoon I had felt Steve's shaft between my buttcheeks. It was not the same thing. The feeling was not unpleasant, of course, it was nice, but I couldn't wait till he was two or three years older, that would be a blast! Even so, it was nice.

And he was my cousin, so I couldn't hurt his feelings.

"Oh, yeah, Dick! Oh, man, that's so great! Push it, push it, oh, my God, you're driving me crazy! Push it! Yeah! Hm... So good!"

"Oh, Bobby, this is the best! Hm, so good!"

"Yeah, your cock is good. Come on, Dick, come on, cum in my ass!"

"I will! Man, are girls like that?"

"Do you want to try girls?"

"Sure! I mean, don't get me wrong, but..."

"I know! Keep fucking me, Dick, keep fucking me! Oh, you're really great! I'll introduce you to girls later! Tomorrow! Just fuck me! You can cum in my ass!"

"Oh, Bobby, that's so good! I'm gonna cum soon! If I knew, I would have raped Jason. Your ass is so hot! Oh, shit!"

Quite frankly, I was starting to enjoy it. My cock grew hard again, just feeling his dick moving in and out of my ass. But, as I was ready to accept all the fun that boy could give me, he came.

"Oh, Bobby, it's so good! I'm cumming, man, I'm cumming inside another guy's ass! I'm cumming in someone's ass! Oh, yeah!"

I should have known better. I sucked his dick for a long time, than he put it in my ass, he was young and he couldn't hold forever. But it was nice. After he came, we kissed. And he opened his eyes:

"Can I try?"


"You know... To be fucked."

"I don't know, Dick. You're kind of young."

"Come on, Bobby. Let me try it. I need to know what I think."



I got the KY jelly and started to do what I had to do. I could only wish he didn't get too sore.

"Man, I like your fingers moving on my butt. I had never tried that before. I guess I'll really like to have your cock in it."

When his ass was ready, I started to push. I was not sure if he could take it.

"Man, it hurts!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, no, keep going! It's a nice pain. Keep going, Bobby!"

I did. I felt his ass opening slowly around my cock. I felt sorry for him. But I shouldn't. He seemed to be enjoying it.

"Oh, yeah, Bobby, I can feel it. It's really big. And hard. And fat. But I can take it! It's different than anything else I've tried so far."

"Are you liking it?"

"Sure! What about you? Do you like my ass?"

I told him the truth:

"Yes, Dick. A lot. It's so tight."

"Go on, Bobby. Fuck me!"

I started to move my cock slowly in and out his ass. And the little Dick was enjoying it!

"Hm... It's nice, Bobby. So nice! Don't stop!"

I had no intention to stop. I just couldn't go any faster. But I liked what I was fucking.

"Don't worry, Dick, don't worry! I won't stop. I'm glad you're liking how I'm doing you."

"Oh, yeah, Bobby! Now I understand Sam and you and everybody. It's really great! It's as good to be fucked as it to fuck."

"Just like sucking cocks, don't you think?"

"Oh, yeah! That's right. Right there. Hm... God, I can't wait to go back home and show Jason all these things."

"Do you want to feel your friend's cock inside your ass, Dick? Uh? Just like I'm doing to you?"

"Yeah, Bobby, just like you're doing me!"

"Just like I am. Yeah, Dick, when I saw you, I wanted to show you all these things."

"I'm glad you did, Bobby. My cock is hard again, for the pleasure I'm taking right now."

"Do you want me to stroke it, Dick?"

"No, just keep fucking me. You can stay in my ass for the whole week! So good!"

But I knew I wouldn't be able to stay that long. I would have to take my cock out of his ass before I shot. Not because his ass should remain spunk-free (it shouldn't) but because I couldn't go any faster.

But I still had time. So I kept enjoying his nice, young and tight ass for some time. And boy, he felt so good around my shaft...

"Oh, Dick, I don't know if I can hold it much longer."

"Cum in my ass, Bobby. Cum in my ass like I came in yours!"

"I can't do it, Dick! Oh, man, I want to, but I can't. To shoot, I need to go faster! And I can't do it."

"Do it, shit! Go as fast as you want!"

"I'll hurt you!"

"Fuck me! I want to know how it's like, don't worry, Bobby! If it hurts too much, I'll tell you to stop!"

"Okay, but don't be afraid to tell me, Dick!"

"I want! Go on, do it your way!"

I sped up a little. Then a little more.


"Am I hurting you?"

"A little, but go on! Faster. It's really good, too! It's even better than the way you were doing it. Go on, Bobby, faster!"

I lost control. I wanted it, he wanted it, so why not? I fucked his as fast and hard as I could. And, before I came, he said:

"Oh, Bobby, I'm cumming!"

It was true. He was so young that my 17 year-old cock was working seriously on his prostate. After some time, he actually came!

And, when I realized that, it was too much for me! I didn't expect to fuck his ass, but I did, and he came! So I filled his tight ass with jizz.

After that, we laid together. And kissed.

"Oh, Bobby, that was really special!"

"Are you okay?"

"Well, my butt is sore, but I can take it. It was really something!"

"Now... Do you still want to try girls?"

"Are you sure you can find me one? Willing to? I would love to try. But I don't think it's going to be better than this."

"It won't. It will be just as good. Is that enough for you?"

"Yeah. When?"


He kissed me. We were naked, and we fell asleep.

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