Slaver Training-The Auction

(Part 7 from 7)

For five minutes, Michael and Steve fought Becky’s body as she was slowly forced to endure the brutal tearing of the dildoes as they pressed into her teenage openings. Her asshole suffered the most, virgin only days before, now forced to accept a hard, unyielding rubber dildo that sent shudders through her body and forced cramps into her stomach as it slowly straightened inside her colon, reaching the darkest depths of her bowels. Her face showed her anguish, tears running down her cheeks, her breathing ragged as she was strapped into the chair, the dildoes filling her inner orifices.

Just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Michael and Steve showed each of the girls the pair of clamps, black wires running down to the control panel, sharp teeth on the clamps. Fingers sought out their nipples, pinching fingers, twisting and turning on the rubbery nubs into they grew hard, easy targets for the sharp bite of the clamps. They screamed in the ball gags, their tits shaking as they tried to escape the painful crushing of their delicate nipple flesh, but to no avail. The only respite came as the sharp pain gradually changed into a dull, continuing ache, fearful that it would begin again when they shot electricity through their tits. Each of them were handed a button. “The dildoes are electrified, as well as the nipple clamps. I will only shock one of you and will let you decide when you want to switch. If you can no longer stand the pain you only have to push the button. The pain will stop instantly; unfortunately the pain will begin on the other.

Michael turned to address the audience, “I will start off with low voltage and work my way up. Once the voltage increases in the dildoes, they will also begin to pump inside them, fucking them with short, powerful strokes. This will bring about very positive responses from the girl lucky enough to receive them. This will also help to keep them wet, their bodies will respond, even with the pain. Now we will begin,” Michael moved behind the control board, flipping the switch on the master panel, the board lighting up, a gradually humming reaching a higher pitch.

Sara jumped when the electricity began to run through her nipples. What first started out as a gradually tingling became more intense, her eyes watching Michael’s hands, seeing him turn the dial, feeling the pain increase as the tingling began to get more painful, her breasts beginning to shake, small blue sparks shooting out from the clamps, the metal getting warmer as they continued to crush her beautiful nipples. It really hurt when Michael smiled, the knob increasing, the electricity now flowing freely through her breast meat, the heavy tits bouncing up and down painfully, the clamps tugging back and forth.

Michael hit the other button, turning off the charges running through her breasts, the dildo in her vagina now electrified, tiny sharp jolts jumping from the metal dots on the dildo to touch the moistened walls of her pussy. The charges moved up and down the shaft, almost as if it was fucking her, her pussy clenching on the unnatural shocking of the tender inner walls, her body spasms making her jump. Higher he sent the knob, the shaft now beginning to fuck up and down in powerful strokes, the thick head tearing up and down her fuck channel, the bite of the electricity on her tender inner walls making her sex feel like it was being torn open by a metal rake.

“We mustn’t forget this,” his fingers bringing out another clamp with wires attached, this one aimed for her pussy, his thick fingers seeking out and finding her clit, the metal clamp squeezing the delicate piece of flesh between serrated edges, trapping it forever. The electricity started immediately, her whole sex now feeling like it was being electrified. He watched her face contoured in pain as she suffered the electrical shock. Michael quickly switched again, this time her asshole feeling the electricity, the pain worse than all others. 

She felt a need to have a bowel movement, her sphincter sent into spasms, tiny farts of air shooting out as her colon was shocked by the electricity. The cramps began again as the dildo began to stroke inside her, feeling the burning pain as her anal track was fucked by the dry dildo. The twin dildoes began to pump faster inside her, the electricity forcing her body to tighten up, the dildoes making them feel even larger as they continued the relentless fucking of her passages. Her tits bounced up and down, the clamps getting hotter as the sparks continued to shoot out, but the worst was the painful jolts that her sensitive clit received, powerful jolts that seem to tear into her very soul. She couldn’t believe how much pain she was in nor believe that anyone would want to inflict that much pain on another individual. But the smiles on Michael and Steve’s faces confirmed the sadistic delight they were getting from her pain. She didn’t know how much longer she could bear it, her finger pressed tightly against the button. Becky looked over at her; her eyes moving down to her finger then back up again, understanding. Michael sent a powerful jolt into all of Sara’s orifices, her body jerking, trying to escape the terrible chair, the pain unbearable. Her finger pushed the button, the relief instantaneous.

Becky felt the electricity running through her nipples, Michael having lowered the voltage, wanting the pain to gradually build, wanting to keep Becky always on the edge, feeling the pain but always knowing that it would get worse.

“Burn her clit,” one of the men in the audience yelled out. Michael more than eager to please the buyers, sent a bolt of electricity through her clit clamp that made her almost bust the belt that held her hips tightly to the chair. 

Becky’s legs clamped open and closed, the unbelievable pain that shot into her delicate clit just a reminder of the greater pain Michael would inflict on her body. She clamped her pussy onto the thick dildo inside her as the first jolts of electricity began to run up and down her moistened vagina. The jolt of electricity in her asshole was the worse, the cramping and terrible burning making her stomach turn. Her sphincter clamped down hard on the dildo, trying to force the hard rubber shaft out, her body allowing only a millimeter of dildo to push outward, her own muscles sucking it back in again. She screamed in the ball gag as the twin shafts began to fuck her pussy and asshole, dragging painfully along the dry passage, jolts of electricity following the bulbous heads that plowed her passages. It went on for long minutes before Becky couldn’t stand it anymore, her eyes pleading for forgiveness with her mother when she pushed the button. But nothing changed for her. The electricity continued to run through her body, her tits bouncing up and down, her clit feeling as if it was being fried, the large dildoes plowing her dual passages, sending jolts of electricity up and down the tender walls.

“Yeah, give it to both of the bitches,” someone yelled out again.

“Fry the cunts,” another yelled.

Michael didn’t need the encouragement, his hand already on the button, sending electricity into both of them, Sara and Becky both suffering under his sadistic touch. He let the dial go to maximum, watching the pain contoured on their faces as they suffered under his touch. If they only knew that this was just the beginning of a life of pain.

“Three hundred-fifty thousand dollars!” the Sultan’s voice rang out.

“Sold,” said Michael, knowing the cruelty of the Sultan and that no one would dare bid against him. Michael stopped the electricity, Sara and Becky slumping down in the chairs. Steve took the belt off of Sara, her body able to pull from the dildoes, but she stayed still. Knowing that pulling out was just as painful as staying in. He shot a quick jolt in Sara’s asshole, her body reacting and jumping up, the belt no longer impediment, the twin dildoes quickly and harshly yanked out of her asshole in a single painful moment. The same thing for Becky, her muffled screams a testament to the burning she felt when the dildoes were forced from her body. “Take them away, the Sultan will play with them, tomorrow.”

“We did well, Steve. Now let’s get our customers ready to play with their new toys. The Russians want to rape the twins in our “jail.” The Japanese want Michelle and Lyn in some nice bondage furniture and would like to beat and whip them before they fuck them. And the Sultan wants to slowly torture Sara and Becky in our torture chamber. And, they thought the electricity was painful. It is nothing compared to what the Sultan will do to their bodies.”

To Be Continued...

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