Slaver Training-The Auction

(Part 4 from 7)

The girls danced on the end of the paddles for over fifteen minutes, their asses red from the studs, their screams of pain deviating into pleasure as the unexpected rubbing of their pussies were having the desired effect. It only took another five minutes before Jacqueline screamed in pleasure, followed quickly by Charlotte as her pussy was covered with her sister’s juices when Jacqueline came. Even the pain of the paddle hadn’t deadened the sensations, their eyes shut tightly, attempting to block their public humiliation, their bodies shuddering with their orgasms. 

The bidding started quickly, the Russians first, the Japanese following next. The Middle Eastern buyers were not that enthused with the pair, virginity in the Middle East was often taken for granted and readily found in fresh girls from the poorer villages. No, they were saving themselves for Sara and Becky, eager to torture the American mother/daughter pair, or even better, force them to torture each other for pleasure. The infidels would pay for what their powerful country had done to the Middle Eastern countries. 

“$400,000, going once, twice, sold to the Mr. Petrok.” The Russians had won the bidding. Michael was pleased with the price. 

The girls hated the results, having been told that the Russians would cruelly rape them for their movies. Their faces and bodies would be spread around them world, their humiliation complete. They were quickly ushered from the stage, crying loudly at their fate. 

Michael was eager to bring on the next pair, not wanting to lose the momentum; pleased at the high price he received for the virgin twins. He hoped he could convince the Russians to film their rape in his “cells,” an elaborate mock up of a jail. He would love to see the “prison guards” indoctrinate the girls with rape; maybe even take part in their debasement.

The audience quieted down as the next two girls were quickly brought out. These were the two girls that Steve had captured in Florida, Lyn and Michelle. Michelle was the older of the two, in her early thirties, Lyn twenty-nine. Both were joggers and had kept their bodies in excellent shape. Steve had found out that Lyn was an anal virgin, loving the way she screamed when he first raped her asshole, bucking around on the bed, tied, unable to stop his cock from forcing its way inside her tight passage. Michelle was the more experience of the two, having engaged in threesomes, though with two girls and one guy. Michael figured these two for the Japanese; they would have fun with bondage and torturing their lovely bodies, with the mother/daughter pair being bought by the Arabs. They would love to make them inflict pain on each other.

Steve had done a good job in preparing the two for presentation, clad only in the briefest of panties that clung to every nook and cranny of their tight bodies and five-inch high heels to keep their leg muscles straining. They were similarly hung by their wrists, their tits boldly displayed, Steve’s fingers plucking their nipples into hardness before pushing them out onto the stage. The heat from the lights had already begun to make them sweat, the light sheen on their bodies making them look even sexier. Michael had a different idea for these two; he needed to give the buyers some useful suggestions on how to use their bodies to the fullest.

Michael moved next to Lyn, slipping up behind her, his hands on her naked flesh, his cock pushed up against her ass. “Do you remember when you had a hard cock up your virgin asshole? How you screamed so loudly? Steve said he thought he was going to cum right away, your screaming and the way your asshole fought as inch after inch of cock slid up inside your colon. It brought him so much joy, I almost hate to sell you,” he whispered into her ear. “But sell you I must. Yet, I will take my turn at the pleasures of your body before you leave, though I don’t think you will enjoy it as well as I will.” He laughed, seeing the terror on her face as his hands smoothed over her flesh, feeling her trembling in his touch.

“These two beauties were meant to be hurt,” he spoke to the audience. “Such lovely bodies, firm and tight, ready to receive whatever pain and suffering you can dish out. They will scream and beg, their bodies fighting you every way when you rape them, especially this one in her asshole. It’s so hot and tight, it will milk the cum from your balls,” he laughed at the girls’ obvious discomfort. “They are already almost naked, just their sweet cunts covered, but not for long. Let’s warm them up a bit for your pleasure first.” Steve handed Michael a Cat o’ Nine tails, taking a similar one himself. Michael walked in front of Lyn so she could see the instrument he held in his hand.

“We’re going to start with their tits, since they are so prominently displayed for you. Both girls have nice tits, Lyn having 36C’s, nice hard nipples, such nice targets for a whip. Steve handed me a special whip we have for sale called the Titty Tenderizer. It’s a Cat o’ Nine with kangaroo leather tails and an instantaneous effect wherever it hits. It will turn these nice white breasts dark red before we are finished and make the areolas and nipples so tender to the touch. When fucking them, just a light touch to their breasts will make their pussies squeeze tight in pain and a more subtle touch will urge a gasp of pain from their lips.” Michael whispered into Lyn’s ear again, “I’m going to love whipping your titties, Lyn, it’s going to make my cock so hard. Scream all you want, in fact I insist on it. I bet I can make them bounce up and down,” he laughed.

Steve and Michael stood back, looking at the terror in the girls’ eyes as they stared at the evil whips, looking back down at their breasts, ashamed at the way their nipples were still swollen and hard, giving them such easy targets for the whip to bite into. They looked back at the men, their eyes pleading but the only thing they saw in their eyes was lust. They didn’t have to wait long, each whip swinging back and then forward, the whoosh as the leather strands sailed through the air breaking up the silence as everyone in the room waited for the sickening sound as the leather finally found their targets, the nine individual strands spreading out over the youthful breast flesh, no target safe.

Lyn was first, feeling the leather hit her sensitive breast, not initially registering. Then there was a sudden flash of pain, feeling like nine individual whips biting into her breast at different times, each carrying with it its own brand of pain. Her nipple felt like it had exploded, Michael, expert in the use of the whip, extracted the maximum amount of pain, sending one strand to expertly strike the tip of her nipple, the most sensitive part with the knot on the end. The harden leather extracting a scream that tore from her throat as all watched her body shudder and shake in pain. The rest of her breast was not neglected, two strands tearing on the large areola surrounding the nipple, the rest of the strands hitting the exposed breast with equally painful bites. Lyn was not alone, Michelle’s scream no less strenuous, Steve having picked up the talent for beating young girls’ flesh with various instruments, loving the way he could make them sing for him. 

And sing they did, for over ten minutes of non-stop pain, Michael and Steve let the whips dance across their bodies, sweat pouring from jerking bodies, tears blocking their vision, no longer seeing the whip approaching, the only warning of the impending shock of pain that would dance through their bodies as they dangled from the ropes was the sound of the whoosh of the whip. They screamed, their bodies twitching, the pain overcoming all other sensations. Michelle was the first to pee, her bodily functions no longer under her control, urine running down her leg to puddle at the floor. Michael, not to be outdone, struck Lyn’s body harder. When she failed to respond, a quick upswing of the whip between her legs, striking her unguarded pussy got the response he wanted, a puddle of urine loudly hitting the floor humiliating the girls further. “Good girl, Lyn,” he encouraged her quietly, the whip returning to her breasts, the white flesh now a bright red, the nipples swollen to twice their size, dark red, throbbing with blood. “I control your body, I own you!” he exclaimed to her.

It was five more minutes before they stopped, the girls hoarse, the whip hitting harder, encouraging them into louder screams to please the buyers. Michael moved toward Lyn, the whip in his hand, small splatters of blood on the black leather, her breasts showing the terrible abuse that he had inflicted on the flesh. He let the leather whip run over her breasts, the hard leather rubbing harshly over tortured nipples, her body shuddering as she could only stand and bear the pain he continued to inflict on her. “It made my cock so hard to whip you, Lyn. Your screams pleased me. But we have so much more before we are finished. It will be a paddle on your ass next.” Michael swung her around, her sobs ringing out in the room.

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