Slaver Training-The Auction

(Part 3 from 7)

Michael pulled the blouse back, her naked breasts exposed, the ample breasts firm and tight, her nipples sitting high on her chest, the large dark areoles surrounding the pink flesh of her hardened nipples, the tips pushing out over an inch, begging to be touched. He let his fingers push under the flesh meat, cradling the globes in his hands, offering them out to the audience. “Have you ever seen a pair of tits like these before?” A murmur of protests from her sister Charlotte gave the answer. “Ah yes, her sister’s,” Michael proclaimed as Steve had similarly denuded Charlotte for the audience, both of the girls quickly stripped of their blouses, nude from the waist up, Michael and Steve’s hands playing over their breasts as they squirmed in their grip, fingers plucking at the nipples, teasing them harder for the audience.

Both of the girls stood there, their breasts openly fondled before a large group of men, their faces red in shame at having been so rudely treated and abused. They heard the sound of tearing, the flimsy white blouses torn from their body, the hands returning to play with their breasts, again.

“So firm,” Michael putting his hands under her tits and making them bounce up and down, “such big hard nipples, for those that like to garnish their females with jewelry, clamps and weights would hang nicely from the pink buds,” his fingers returning to her nipples. “See how she arches up,” his fingers gripping her nipples and pulling them up into the air, Jacqueline and Charlotte forced to move higher on their toes to keep them from being ripped from their bodies.

Michael released her nipples, the audience watching as both girls’ tits bounced on their chests. “Look at the long legs of these girls, the white thigh high stocking accenting the tender thighs peeking out above.” His hands moved down Jacqueline’s hips, feeling her shaking as his hands continued the exploration of her body. “Would you like me to show them your pussy now, Jacqueline?” He whispered in her ear, seeing her shaking her head no, but knowing that she couldn’t stop him from stripping them both naked. He let his hands move back to her ass, his hands grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them tightly in his large palms. “Such a nice tight ass cheeks. They both must work out. This flesh was made for punishment. A paddle, whip or cane on their naked ass and thighs and these girls will consent to do anything.” He grabbed her skirt in his hand and slowly began to move it higher up her thighs, the white flesh slowly revealed. “Watch for the nice white panties, virgin panties,” he joked. “Very un-sexy except they are cut two sizes too small. They mold to all their contours.”

Jacqueline and Charlotte squirmed again as they were now being stripped below their waist, their most intimate charms soon to be boldly exposed to the lecherous men in the audience. The forced stripping in front of the audience was far worse than what they had been subjected to thus far. At least before, there were only two, not a large group of men. A large mirror on either side of the stage reflected their images, Michael wanting each to see what the other saw, their skirts slowly above their crotch now, the white panties exposed. They had felt the panties cutting into their flesh, the silky material drawn tightly between their legs, pushing apart their pussy lips and butt to contour along their sex.

Michael pulled the skirt all the way above Jacqueline’s waist. He unbuttoned the garment, pulling down the zipper, letting it fall to the floor with the rest of her discarded clothes. “See how the material cuts into her pussy lips?” his hands reaching down over the flat plane of her abdomen, her muscles tightening. He seized her pussy lips, feeling her jerk back onto his hard cock in shock as she was grabbed so ruthlessly. “Such big puffy lips, hiding that cute little virgin pussy. Her pussy lips were made for abuse, a whip, clamps even a paddle on them will get her moving strenuously for you.” His fingers moved over her virgin pussy, noting her fearful trembling at the ideas he was giving the audience. 

Both girls stood, clad in only the briefest of panties, their sex outlined to the audience. At the urging of Michael and Steve, they reluctantly parted their legs, brutal pinches to their pussy lips by powerful fingers unrelenting until their legs were spaced out as wide as their shoulders.

“See how well they respond to pain? Willing to do anything to please you to stop the infliction of pain on their young bodies.” His hands smoothed down over her abdomen before gripping her sex, this time one fat finger pushed harshly between her pussy lips, the other gripping her between her legs almost pulling her up by her sex. “Such a handful,” he laughed as he cupped her pussy. “Now off with her panties so you can see that beautiful cunt. Both girls have been shaved bald.” He let his hands grip the waist of her panties, “put your legs together until I pull your panties off your feet, them spread them wide again. If you disobey, I whip your ass raw,” he threatened Jacqueline, seeing the terror in her eyes as she nodded. He pulled the panties slowly down, bending down so he could slip the tight panties over her hips and down her legs. They sat at her feet, Michael’s hand on her ass making her kick them off. He waited, Jacqueline quickly spreading her legs out again. He could smell her pussy, the sweet smell of a virgin mixed with the sweat of fear.

Both girls stood there naked except for the thigh-high white stockings, making them feel even more naked with them on, seeming to outline their naked sex. Their pussy lips were clenched tightly, no peek of the pink insides, no peek of the hymen that protected their vaginas. Their faces were beet red, forced to endure the humiliation, seeing the leering glances of the men in the audience, some of them grabbing at their cocks pushed hard against cramped trousers.

Michael slipped his hands down the front of Jacqueline again, feeling her body shake in fear, knowing what he planned to do. She arched her ass back onto his hard cock, pushing forward again as soon as she felt the hard cock behind her, pushing her virgin pussy into Michael’s waiting fingers. His fingers were not idle; quickly gripping the puffy lips and stretching them open wide. He heard her moan in pain, spreading them wider, his fingers tightening their grip as they pulled outwards. “Look at the tender pink insides, untouched, just waiting for a hard cock to enter it for the first time. You can be the first inside this pair of virgins, the first to make them scream in pain as your rape them with your hard, thick cock.” He quickly turned Jacqueline around, her face now staring directly at his, his fingers gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them open. He saw the shame in her face as he spoke. “And, just look at this virgin asshole. A tight, wrinkled little hole, barely open. Imagine your hard cock sheathed in her buttery insides, clenching on your organ.” He kissed her, her face shocked at the move, his tongue sliding inside the hot confines of her mouth, playing lightly with her tongue. He felt her shiver in fear when his fingers edged closer to her anus, her naked pussy rubbing against his bulging pants, his cock straining to be free of its confines.

“Let me show you how well these two will perform for you,” moving from behind her. They both grabbed a piece of hemp rope hanging down from the pulley and encircled the tiny ankle with the rope, tying it off. “Steady now Jacqueline,” watching as a winch slowly began to pull up on the rope, her ankle having no choice but to begin to rise, her other foot precariously trying to balance. She cringed in pain and humiliation as her foot slowly rose higher, up past her knee, Michael making no attempt to stop the upward movement. Higher and higher her foot went, now over her waist, her leg almost pulled straight up, her muscles straining, the pain beginning, not even concerned with how exposed her anus and pussy was becoming.

“Please,” Jacqueline begged, her crotch feeling as if she was being split up the middle, her reflection in the mirror showing how obscenely her sex was being split open.

“A little more Jacqueline, look how nicely your pussy is opening up. And your tiny asshole, the darkness inside giving the men a glimpse of the tightness.” He stopped the rope when her leg was almost pulled up parallel to her body, her other foot hopping as she gently swayed. She looked over Charlotte suffering from the same obscene position.

Michael pulled their bodies closer together, Jacqueline feeling the hot sweaty body of her sister pushed against hers. They both felt a rope around their hips, Michael pulling the knot tighter and tighter, Steve positioning the girls’ bodies so that their pussies pressed against each other, one other leg thrust behind the other girl so that they criss-crossed, forcing their splayed sex against each other. Steve gave the rope one final pull before tying it tightly together, one’s inner pussy rubbing against the other’s.

Michael and Steve each grabbed a black leather paddle, tiny metal studs lining the face, the leather supple. He moved behind Jacqueline, “I want you both to rub your pussies together, have girl sex until you cum. We’ll be spanking your ass with these paddles to make your jerk back and forth. The sooner you cum, the sooner we will stop spanking your ass. Now be a good girl and show these men how you will cum for them with your sister.” Michael laughed as he moved behind her. “Watch as they dance for you and cum. Some lucky person will get to force these lovely sisters to have girl sex, making them eat out their pussies, hopefully full of cum first after their pussies are raped.” He swung the paddle back and let it fly, hitting Jacqueline’s ass cheeks at the same time Steve’s smashed into Charlotte’s ass, their bodies jerking back and forth, their pussies rubbing up and down, the rope preventing them from escaping the grinding of their sexes.

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