Slaver Training-The Auction

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Part: Part 5: The Auction

Michael gathered all of his employees to make an announcement about the upcoming auction. “We’ve had a great month. We have collected six girls and it is time to sell them and collect our money. First we have the mother/daughter pair, Sara and Becky. These are our prizes, they should easily fetch upward of $500,000, with their blonde hair, the Japanese buyers will love them. Mom is in great shape for her age and, at eighteen, Becky will be loved for her tight body, even after the fucking she has been subjected to.”

Then we have the two girls Steve picked up jogging in Florida, Lyn and Michelle. Not bad for his first catch. These two really take care of their bodies. And tight? They might have fucked before, but nothing on them is worn out. Then, there’s Lyn, who had been a virgin in her asshole. She squealed like a pig when I sodomized her. These two were made for a rape or some nice torture party. The Arabs will love them; you know how much they hate Americans and love to take it out on the women.”

“Last are the two twenty-year olds from Atlanta, Jacqueline and Charlotte. Buyers go crazy over identical twins. You could fuck one until you wear her out and then turn over and start all over on the other, making her scream just as loud as the other, almost like they were one. And nothing turns on buyers like making them have girl sex, twins would be so unique, almost like eating yourself,” he laughed.

“We are going to extend the auction this year, bring some new life and excitement to it. We will have the auction on Sunday, which will allow buyers to use our facilities for three days to play with their new purchases. Buyers have always loved our torture chamber with all that lovely bondage equipment and furniture. And then there is the “headmaster’s office,” which will be a nice place for the twins. Customers will love to cane those beauties as they are bent naked over the massive desk, twin ripe derrieres to feel the pain of the cane. Many of our customers have asked for instructions in using some of our more extensive torture furniture and equipment so I will be available to help them “break in” their new purchase.”

“We must make sure our stock of girls is presented in the most advantageous positions in order to maximize the price we will get for them. They are not to be used for at least three days prior to the auction. I want them looking pink and fresh to our buyers. And make sure while they are on the stage they are sufficiently decorated with some nice jewelry. We have some nice silver nipple clamps and pussy clamps. Use weights, as it makes the pussy so desirable when the lips are pulled down. And the buyers especially love their groans of pain. Obedience must be maintained. While our customers do like some reluctance, we don’t want any insolent behavior, so make sure you have necessary equipment to enforce compliance. I suggest the electric probe, a small whip or a cane.”

“Any questions?”

“Are the potential bidders going to be afforded the opportunity to try out the girls?” Steve asked, never attending an auction before.

“They will have limited access to the girls. All of our bidders have been prequalified, so we don’t have anyone attending just to play with the girls for free. The $10,000 bidder’s fee takes care of that. But one of us must always be in attendance; we don’t want them damaging the goods.”

“No more questions? Well thank you, gentlemen, for a great month. After the auction we will split up the proceeds. With your help, we will maximize the take and the girls will be off to their new life, whatever that might bring them.”

Lyn could not believe what had happened during the past two weeks. It was like a bad nightmare, but each day she woke up, it didn’t go away. Michelle and her had been jogging, something they did frequently. Michelle was her best friend, having met over 18 years ago. While she was three years older, they had the common interests. Well almost, Michelle had always been bolder with regard to sex. While she had a great body, nice long legs, firm ass, great set of tits, big nipples, Michelle was the one that always got the guys and in some cases the girls. She had done threesomes, two girls and a guy. Michelle had tried to get her to join one time, even going as far as trying to kiss her, but when Lyn backed off, Michelle never broached the subject again. Lyn dated great guys, but lately that had not been enough. They were too great. Gentle, romantic and caring. But boring. Just once wouldn’t someone fuck her hard? 

Well you certainly got your wish come true, she thought to herself. Since she had been captured, she guessed that would be the correct word, that’s all she’d gotten. Hard fuckings. Worse than that, she had been repeatedly raped. To make matters even worse, she had been forced to help in her own rapes. That really was the worst part, made to beg them to rape her, made to suck their cocks to get them hard again so they could rape her repeatedly. They just seemed never to stop. And the size of their cocks. She had never seen any that big, never mind felt one inside her.

They had been jogging along the beach, dressed in spandex shorts, low-cut tees with sport bras. God, they’d looked great; spandex clinging to their asses and pussies. You could almost see their lips outlined by the stretchy material. Her own pussy would be wet after running, excited by the looks from the guys that salivated for the firm bodies. It had been a usual day, neither one paying any particular attention. Hell, it was the middle of the afternoon. How much more safe could you be? She noticed the van parked next to the walkway, a little out of the way, but hardly a danger signal. It had taken only a second. They pulled along side the van and two men jumped out from behind the hood. Before she had even realized what had happened, a wet cloth had been placed around her mouth and nose. She inhaled, the heavy smell infecting her nose and mouth. It must have been chloroform because before she knew it her legs gave out beneath her. She would have fallen to the ground except her captor caught her. Not that she should be grateful. After all, it was he who caused it.

She’d woken up, her head pounding, her mouth feeling like it was full of cotton, which it was. Something filled her mouth, her cheeks puffing out, dry, the cloth jammed inside soaking up all her saliva. She had struggled to get up, unable, finding something binding her wrists behind her, her back arched up high, her arms aching from her weight pinning them beneath her. She kicked, her ankles had also been bound, fear rushing into her system as she realized her dilemma. She’d known immediately someone must have grabbed her, and looked around the van, to see Michelle similarly bound, still unconscious, her chest rising and falling with heavy breathing. They had been inside the back of a van, the front cut off from the back by a solid wall. She felt them moving fast, probably on a highway; she could hear the sounds of cars passing. She struggled to escape, only managing to make the ropes dig deeper into her flesh, her body finally going limp, knowing it futile to waste valuable strength on the effort. She had decided to conserve her strength. She thought that when Michelle woke up there would be two of them. Maybe they could somehow overpower those who took them captured. It had been her only hope.

Michelle had looked over at her, her eyes moving around in circles, still groggy from the drug they had given them. Her eyes had lit up, staring, communicating, hoping to make some sense out of the terrible situation they were in. The van had then stopped and backed up into something. 

Lyn had felt the van bounce, someone getting out of the front. The doors had opened; the bright light temporarily blinded them.

“Well, the bitches are awake, so much better. My cock is hard from seeing those asses bounce along as they ran. I need to get into some pussy.” Steve had been obviously proud of the catch; his first since training with Michael, though Lyn hadn’t learned that until later. 

“And what a pair, nice tight little bodies. I can’t wait to strip them naked and see exactly what we’ve captured.” The look on his face told Lyn he could almost feel the hot, tight pussy milking his cock. “Come’ on cunt,” he’d pick her up and threw her over his shoulder as if she hadn’t weighed a thing. So much for fighting back and overpowering them. She’d looked over at Michelle, her head hanging down to the floor like hers, the pounding returning.

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