Slaver Training-The Auction

(Part 6 from 7)

Michael loved the look in their eyes when they spotted the two chairs in the center of the room. Identical, but what drew their attention was the twin dildoes rising up from the seat. The first one was a formidable weapon, a black rubber shaft that must have been at least three inches in diameter, a bulbous head on the end, the shaft running for about nine inches. The other one, farther back was a thin shaft, or at least by the standards of the front one, being only two inches in diameter, six inches long with a slight curve to it.

Becky cringed when she saw them; her eyes wide open in fear. She knew they were designed to be sat on, the larger one to open up their vaginas, stretching them wide to accept the girth of the dildo. The other one was designed for their smaller assholes, the curve to allow it to enter deep into their colon giving them cramps as it forced their anal walls wide. Good thing she didn’t know about the other features of the dildoes. Tiny metal dots lined both of the dildoes, all tied together inside with a series of wires, each connected to the control panel. Michael would be able to control the flow and severity of the electricity that would flow through the dildoes, watching the mother and daughter feel the jolts of electricity run through the most intimate part of their bodies. The dildoes were also on a loaded spring, able to fuck their bodies, to run in and out at least three inches, the head of the dildo fully opening up their passageways. She shook her head back and forth, her muffled cries pleasing the audience. Sara, likewise secured, her mouth stuffed with a penis gag, the thick rubber shaft bulging out her cheeks, her throat moving up and down as she continually choked with it at the opening of her throat.

“You like them, girls?” Michael taunted them, “just wait until they are stuffed up inside you. The twin shafts are going to make you feel so full. And that will just be the beginning. I have such wonderful treats for you. But first, I think you need to get the shafts wet for each other. I’m going to remove your gags. I want you to take the shafts in your mouth and get them nice and wet. Your partner will be counting on you to do a good job. If you don’t, their entry will be so much more painful.”

Steve helped him as they both removed the gags, Sara relieved when the penis shaft was pulled from her throat, her stomach turning from the constant gagging. She knew it would be short-lived though, the shafts long, the need to take them into their throats imperative to getting them wet enough to lessen the pain of entry. Their arms were released from the overhead track, their wrists still bound tightly as they were both forced to their knees in front of the chairs, hands grabbing their hair and pushing their heads over the first dildo, the larger of the two. It was huge, a black, hard rubber shaft rising from the base of the chair, the domed tip in the shape of a cockhead, larger than the shaft, over three inches in diameter, a girth that would force their vaginas painfully open.

Becky opened her mouth wide as cruel hands gripped her hair, strong hands easily overpowering her, forcing her to do his bidding. The dildo stretched her lips wide, feeling like they would tear as the bulbous head was slowly engulfed into the hot confines of her mouth. 

“Lick it, bitch,” Steve ordered her, his hands pulling on her hair, feeling it rip from her head, tears in her eyes as he slowly forced her down on the black shaft that entered her mouth. He heard the sounds of her slurping, her tongue busy at lathering the shaft with her saliva, hoping to relieve some of the pain her mother would feel when the shaft was forced into her.

Sara looked over at Becky, her predicament similar, Michael forcing her head up and down on the thick shaft. She feared when he would force it down her throat, the black rubber shaft smashing against the back of her mouth with force, her hair ripping from her head as he used her like a puppet, her hair the strings making her move. She gagged, the thick black head forced into her tiny throat, Michael allowing no respite, one hand gripping her under the chin, the other on the top of her head, up and down on the rubber shaft, each time forcing more of it into her tightly confining throat, her choking and gagging only spurring him on more.

Becky choked, sucking air in her nose as the thick shaft pushed aside her muscles and shoved deep into the her throat, the outline of the shaft protruding from her neck as Steve force fucked her face on the dildo. Her saliva was running freely, the choking and gagging filling her mouth with bile from her stomach, the awful taste mixing with her spit to bathe the rubber surface.

Michael and Steve pulled the mother and daughter from the shafts, the black rubber glistening in the light, soaked with their saliva. “Good job, girls. Now the smaller one, that should be easy,” hearing the girls gasp as they were forced down on the slimmer shaft in one powerful stroke that shot the dildo into their throats before they could even finish sucking in enough air. The choking and gagging began again, the faces of Sara and Becky covered in tears, spit falling from the corner of their mouths, as they were again face fucked by the shafts. It didn’t take them long to coat the dildoes, their mouths again painfully yanked off by their hair, their lungs sucking in deep breaths of air.

“Let’s start with Mommy, first,” Michael said teasingly, Steve coming over to help him, pushing Becky to the floor.

“Stay still cunt, your turn will come soon enough,” he warned her.

They both manhandled Sara, able to turn her body so she was facing the audience, hands gripping her arms tightly as they slowly pushed her back towards the chair. “First, the ball gag,” Michael thrusting the large, red ball into her mouth, seeing her lips almost tear as it filled her mouth, the leather straps quickly securing it in place. “There you go, now.”

Sara felt the back of her legs hit the heavy chair, the men beginning to push her down now, her body taunt in anticipation of the first touch of the rubber dildo. She didn’t have to wait long, the men eager to force her on the hard rubber shafts. She felt the wet rubber touch between her legs, hands fumbling between them, strong fingers peeling apart her labia to expose her vagina to the largest shaft. She tried to fight them, the hands gripping her tighter, pushing down on her shoulders. She felt the hard rubber slowly stretching her vagina, the slow gradual spreading of her pussy by the large dildo now getting painful as she was forced to spread wider than she ever had before, even when they had raped her with their big cocks. This was a hard unyielding shaft, her vagina having no choice but to expand and tear to allow its entry. She felt a sudden burst of pain, her vagina forced to grip the bulbous head, stretched so tight, afraid that they had torn her. But, she didn‘t have time to dwell on it, feeling the smaller dildo touching her anus.

“Yes, now the second one, soon you will be so full,” Michael aiming the other thinner shaft so it pushed against her anus, pleased with the way it already dented the tiny, wrinkled opening, already seeking entrance to the depths of her bowels. “Lower, now,” his hands pushing harder on her shoulders, her slowly forced down onto the seat of the chair, her orifices taking the twin shafts inside her body.

The pain was terrible, the juncture of her legs seemed to be one giant burning pain, the dildoes sliding painfully inside her, her rectum fighting the anal probe, her body betraying her, her own weight driving the shafts inside her. Her pussy fought the hard, rubber dildo that painfully dragged inside her, stretching her out as it sought the depths of her body. Her sphincter clenched and unclenched on the unnatural intrusion, unable to stop the onslaught of the dildo as it entered her colon, the curve in the shaft pushing aside all resistance, cramping her stomach as it bore into the depths of her bowels.

Michael smiled as her ass hit the hard, wooden chair, a thick leather strap securing her, the twin dildoes filling her passages with their girth. “Comfortable?” smiling as he saw her body twitching, the rubber dildo in her asshole giving her painful cramps. “Now, for your lovely daughter. It will be much more painful for her, her tightness causing her to endure a more painful stretching.” He laughed as Steve pulled Becky to her feet, a ball gag also thrust into her mouth, silencing all noise but muffled sounds.

“The young lady will have to endure very painful stretching to accept the twin dildoes inside her, but that will only be the beginning of her problems.” Becky fought as they pulled her over to the chair, the two men easily overcoming her meager resistance, Becky soon tiring and forced backwards until her legs hit the chair. This forced another quick bout of resistance but she was no match for Steve and Michael, her body gradually pressed downward, her pussy lips parted by Steve’s fingers, the large shaft fitted tightly against her clenched vagina, strong hands on her shoulders forcing the shaft to spread her wide.

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