Evelyn Blowing Snow : Part 3

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Evelyn finished her seventh day feeling very good about how everything had gone. But the second week, I knew, would be a bit more challenging for her than the first, because THIS week she – joined by Stephanie (of course), Corrine and Cailey, the sisters Mary and Kim, and Kaitlin the reporter - was working at the zoo... and there’s just no rushing Bobo and his pals. Sure enough, her production fell way off that first day, down to just under 300 from averaging over 400 the week before... but I knew that Evelyn would learn to quicken her pace... and next week at a different park downtown, she’d be even faster than the first week. So I wasn’t worried.

It was hugely fun seeing her with Bobo again, because of how much enjoyment she obviously was having. At the zoo, because she was kneeling so often on dirty ground (albeit, someone always put a blanket or towel down for her), she dressed more casually. But, being a famous TV personality, casual to Evelyn means wearing REALLY nice, tight designer jeans, a nice top, and still either spike or platform heels... so she still looks amazing. This week, her nice top was taken care of by a set of seven different ‘I LOVE BOBO’ or ‘I LOVE THE ZOO’ t-shirts she’d been gifted with, all form fitted to flatter the lovely curves of her breasts and her trim waistline.

On each, the picture on the front was of her kneeling either with Bobo or one of the other animals; pictures taken during her previous promotion days. The t-shirts were all different colours – a different colour for each day of her week: white, pink, baby blue, yellow, cream coloured, light green and lavender. And every one of them had a wonderful close-up of Evelyn looking straight into the camera, with Bobo or Orgy the Orangutan or some other animal in her mouth, and her lovely ass and cute little feet showing in whatever pants or jeans and heels she was wearing. She was very proud of them all.

Though, as I said earlier, time with the animals did slow her down quite a bit, by the end of this, her first week at the zoo, her pace had picked up... to 335 that last day... but she still was about 600 off her pace of the previous week. Luckily, she had a few weeks before she was back at the zoo again, and so time to make up that difference... she’d just start an hour earlier... at 8, instead of 9... which she didn’t mind in the least.

Evelyn achieved her milestone of 20,000 completed blowjobs on December 20th at 10:17 a.m., and she was very proud. By that point, across the city, more than 37½ million blowjobs had been given for charity, and more than $250 million raised. Across the state, more than 140 million cocks had been sucked, meaning that the average adult male had been blown at least ten times, and almost one billion dollars raised. It was the most successful (or should I say, suck-cessful) fund-raising event EVER, and now a model for future events that were now being planned in almost every other state, and Canada, and most countries in Europe, and Japan (of course), and Australia and New Zealand, and several other places as well. Evelyn was taking the wonderful work that JoAnne had started towards making the world a kinder, gentler (and moister) place, and moving it that much farther along.

But Evelyn was far from finished. Although her stated goal of 25,000 blowjobs by Christmas clearly was out of reach, 25,000 by New Year’s Day certainly WAS feasible. As some huge black dude fucked her throat, she laughed inside at how her boss had initially implied she’d only get close to 20,000 by the end of January. She was going to more than double that... of that, she was certain. And next year (and that this was now an annual event was already a certainty) she WOULD blow 25,000 by Christmas. It would be a fun goal to work towards.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were to be extra special days that merged one into another... Evelyn and the others had agreed to start at 8 a.m. on December 24th and work all through the night (just like Santa), with plans to end early at around 6 p.m. With the exception of Stephanie and Stacey at the zoo, everything was to occur in one of the big central city parks, including the one where Evelyn had started, along with professional musicians and Christmas carollers and food merchants and tons more fun for everyone.

By now, several new food items had been created to please the ravenous crowd, including cum and piss popsicles, and cum milkshakes. And for anyone who ordered a slice of pizza or a hot dog or hamburger, catsup had largely been replaced by squeeze bottles of cum, including but by no means limited to human cum... donkey cum was fast becoming a huge fan favorite.

Of course, the ever-growing number of dedicated schoolgirls was out in force, as well as hundreds of other generous women on their knees for a great cause. Evelyn wore red today... a bright red sweater to go with sexy black pants and red heels... and a red and white Santa hat... and looked very cute. Being so far south, and because it was projected to be about 75 degrees today and tomorrow, JoAnne showed up in one of her patented ‘panty outfits’: a red, green and white Christmas design half-sweater (that reached to just above her belly button) and bright green satin bikini panties, to go with red 3-inch spike-heeled shoes.

Kaitlin the reporter and Kim H. wore black pants with Christmas sweaters as well... while Brooke, as usual, wore tight short shorts that, today, were red, along with a white t-shirt and red heels (lots of red today). Mary and her sister Kim wore tight sexy jeans with their Christmas sweaters. And Corrine and Cailey wore entirely opposite outfits: Corrine a tight red pair of jeans with a green sweater and green heels, and Cailey the exact same pair of 5-pocket jeans in green, with a red sweater and heels... they looked very cute kneeling next to each other up on stage. And all the girls wore various Christmas-themed jewellery, like tiny Christmas packages or little reindeers.

Speaking of reindeers, they were to show up on Christmas morning too, bright and early, and Evelyn could hardly wait to meet them. But as things started up on December 24th, that was still almost 24 hours away, and she was hoping for at least 600 men to fuck her mouth between now and then. And I had some fun treats for her and the other girls planned too. Of course, I made my rounds of the various stages and various girls’ mouths; of course, JoAnne, Kaitlin, Kim and Brooke, but also Corrine, Cailey, Zoey, Gwen and Peyton, the ‘birthday girl’ who’d blown her first cock, I presume, on her 18th birthday just 41 days earlier, but who now, according to her very proud mother, was feasting “on lucky #5,213.”

“Her blowjobs are amazing now, Mom,” I told her sincerely as she smiled down at her daughter, who was busily bobbing her head to service no longer just me, but me and two other guys at the same time.

Peyton’s lovely eyes glanced up at me as I said that, but her mouth never stopped, except to say a very quick “Thanks” about ten seconds later when she popped off me to suck the guy to my right for about 10 seconds before moving back to the guy on my left... and so on until we’d all shot our loads into her mouth and she’d swallowed and moved on to her next tonsil-tickling trio.

But, since we now started BEFORE 8 o’clock every morning, by noon I was through my rounds and ready to sneak off home to pick up something. In fact, I was stopped and blown by about a dozen more pretty schoolgirls on my way out of the park and across the street to my car, but I did manage to get home a few minutes before one, where Natalie was busy entertaining the dogs, as always.

SHE was very excited today, because I’d promised to bring her, Turbo and Flood to the park to join in the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations.

“Hgghhhg, hgghhhg, hgghhhg, hgghhhg...” she said as Turbo pumped away. Obviously, I’d have to wait for her and Turbo to finish playing, but it was well worth the wait watching this pretty 19-year old enjoying her work so much... and Turbo clearly enjoying her.

A thousand girls and their mothers tried to stop me as I wandered through the park being led by Turbo and Flood. And poor Natalie didn’t even get across the sidewalk before a bunch of homeless men hit on her and down she went, just one step into the park. But Turbo and Flood were... what’s the word... dogged in their determination to get to Mommy and would not be deterred. But guess what? When we finally did push through the crowd and reach Evelyn’s stage, who was she with but no other than... Bobo himself. It was funny seeing the two dogs barking jealously as they watched Evelyn feasting on the big boy. Luckily, I noticed both Zoey and Peyton nearby, and invited them up on stage to take care of Turbo and Flood while Mommy finished Bobo and Corrine and Cailey worked their line-up of horny men. Both girls and their mothers were SO pleased.

Evelyn finally did get to her two ‘babies’, and Natalie finally did break free and make her way up to the main stage (by about supper-time) for HER well-deserved turn with Bobo (if anyone deserved having her mouth reamed by an elephant, it was her). By then, Bobo, Turbo and Flood had already visited all the other girls (Corrine, Cailey, JoAnne and Nadine, Kaitlin, Kim and Brooke, Kim and Mary, and even Gwen); and several other lucky girls from the crowd had been incited up onto one of the stages to enjoy them too.

We thought that the action would slow down as the night went on... but 3 AM in the park was like 3 AM on Times Square... as busy as ever. No one was going anywhere.

Twelve reindeer showed up at about 7:30 the next morning, pulling Santa in a sleigh right up to Evelyn’s stage. Of course, Evelyn blew the big man first, but then the reindeer were split up, two of them going to each stage, and the remaining four brought out individually to four different points in the park, for other girls to enjoy. Zoey and Peyton had been up on Evelyn’s stage ever since we’d pulled them up for Turbo and Flood, so they were already in position to each receive their deer after Evelyn, Corrine, Cailey and the lovely and talented Nadine had a chance with them. Every couple of hours, the reindeer switched stages, so Evelyn and the other girls up on stage, including Natalie now, ultimately got to ‘Ho! Ho! Blow!’ every one of them.

The park was SUPPOSED to shut down at 6 PM so all the girls could go home for their Christmas dinner before returning bright and early the next morning... but no way!!! Working on amazing adrenaline surges, virtually every girl in the park stayed well past midnight. And even as I finally led Evelyn back to my car, Natalie was still on her knees with an endless line-up of men waiting for her, as were Zoey, Peyton, Gwen and at least a few dozen others.

“We’ll get your Mom to suck Turbo and Flood,” I suggested to Evelyn as I drove home and she bobbed her head up and down into my crotch.

As you might expect - having just had her mouth volunteered by her daughter’s boyfriend for what might (and would) end up to be several days of mouth-fucking from two huge Labrador retrievers - Mom was thrilled, and showed up the next morning looking amazingly sexy for a 55 year-old woman. She already still had a very young figure and her face was young too. But she showed up wearing tight white pants, a tight light blue sweater with snowflakes on it and white spike heels and looked truly great, even with her once blonde hair now gone silver. She blew me for what probably was the 100th time since I’d known her, but this time was extra sensual. And Evelyn’s dad enjoyed every minute of it, especially once Mom started on Turbo.

“Say ‘I’m a dog toy’” Dad said as he aimed his camera at his wife of 33 years.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm,” she replied proudly.

Suffice it to say that the park was packed again the next morning as Evelyn and the rest started to work towards New Year’s Day. Natalie had been at the park all night and was still going strong.

One week later, Evelyn ended up singing Auld Lang Syne with me in her mouth while Natalie blew Bobo.

In the end, over 6 billion dollars were raised across the state for a huge variety of social programs. All this activity even improved the state’s flailing economy, with all the money being spent in city downtowns. And, even when the official celebration was over, everywhere – on every street corner, in every park, in every mall... virtually EVERYWHERE you looked... there were pretty, nicely dressed young ladies on their knees blowing and swallowing the creamy white cum of total strangers, just in good will.

Talk about a white Christmas!!!

And it really looks like this year’s Christmas spirit is going to last a long, long time!!!

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