Evelyn Blowing Snow : Part 3

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100% fiction!

It quickly looked like this was going to be the BEST pre-Christmas fund-raising event EVER. Evelyn and Stephanie, the zoo-girl, already were in. And I knew for a fact that the world-famous cock-sucking star JoAnne and her best friend Nadine would be all over it – tongues, tonsils and throats. And no Christmas EVER went by now without the lovely reporter Kaitlin blowing thousands in the lead-up to the big day (and days afterwards). So now all it needed was a few phone-calls to see what other girls I could rope into this year’s huge and hugely fun fund-raising event to raise money for local charities.

Of course, most of them could only mumble their responses over the phone, they were already so busy. But I received enthusiastic “hmm hmmmmmm’s” from Stephanie’s best friend Stacey, from the famous schoolgirl Kim Henry and her best friend Brooke, and from those loving and lovely Santa-blowing sisters Mary and Kim.

Not only that, but every one of the hundreds of high-schools and colleges across the basin happily agreed to give course credit to any girl, 18 or older, who wanted to participate. All a girl had to do was apply by sending in a brief application form, a copy of photo ID, and a single nicer picture to the station... and then be accepted for ‘duty’... and the station literally was receiving hundreds of applications every day.

Pictures were required both to verify that the girl in the photo i.d. and the girl actually participating were the same one... and at least reasonably pretty. And they ranged from quick snaps taken with a cell phone to professionally-done portraits, and from just the girl’s face to her full face and figure (invariably in skin-tight jeans or shorts or their school or cheerleader uniform).

One day a package arrived, because one clearly affluent mom and dad had even sprung to send a $5000 ‘donation to the cause’ and have professionally filmed and edited 250-page photo albums and videos made of each of their lovely teenage twin daughters – Corrine and Cailey - kneeling to blow, between them, all 15 members of a local college’s boys basketball team AND all 47 members of the school’s football team AND eight coaches AND the trainer AND the two, 72 and 47 year-old gym janitors, PLUS about 50 or so older male relatives and family friends... all the while wearing specially-bought pairs of $150 designer blue jeans, one a sparkly black $80 top and the other the same in silver, and each a $120 pair of black, 3-inch spike heels.

The Mom even arranged to have the two girls get their long blonde hair specially cut and make-up professionally applied at a very riche salon the morning of the event... like girls do before weddings. THESE parents wanted their daughters not only helping, but featured in some way.

“Sounds good to me,” our producer said.

Many schools sent all their girls’ applications in together along with supportive letters, with seven schools already arranging formal ‘practice’ for them in preparation for their participation: 2 schools offering free blowjobs every day at a local seniors home, 2 having them volunteer at local homeless centres, and three having their girls work for free 5 nights a week with local pimps; one of these last schools even sent pictures of their girls looking very much like street whores as they stood at busy street corners and kneeled to put their eager young mouths to work in parking lots downtown.

Even girls who would be turning 18 were allowed to apply, to begin as early as their 18th birthday... and dozens and dozens had chosen to do just that. One pretty redhead named Hailey, a dedicated animal lover, had even sent a letter pleading to have her begin her Christmas Day birthday celebration with Bobo the Elephant. She sent in a picture of her AND her very sexy blonde mom on their knees wearing tight sexy jeans and pink (Sasha) and baby blue (Mom) ‘I LOVE BOBO’ t-shirts featuring a big front picture of Stephanie on her knees wearing Bobo’s favorite jeans while mouthing the big guy and staring prettily into the camera.

The two had gone so far as to buy and wear the same jeans Stephanie was wearing in the picture on their shirts. And while both of them waved, Mom’s head was turned to the side to accommodate someone’s huge black cock (her husband’s we surmised, though clearly not Hailey’s birth father; it turns out it was just some guy who played football at her daughter’s school) half way down her throat, while Sasha just smiled.

The producer smiled now too, and then he winked... and then he nodded. “Sign Sasha AND her sexy mom BOTH up for Bobo on Christmas Day,” he said.

And so it was that, in the weeks preceding the start of the big event, literally thousands of beautiful eligible school-girls from all across the city happily signed up to let their mouths be used for charity, along with several very sexy young school teachers. And they weren’t alone, as one large company offered up the mouths of several of their most junior female secretaries, and this spurred dozens and dozens of other area companies to do the same.

And they were joined by hundreds of area nurses who signed up to volunteer during their off hours, as did young female doctors and business women and stewardesses and waitresses and female police officers (wearing especially fitted and flatteringly tight navy blue pants or shorts instead of the usual) and on and on. Soon, more than 10, 000 young ladies were ready to drop to their knees starting Thanksgiving Day, and keeping sucking and sucking through to New Year’s Day, thankful that they had been chosen to contribute to this heart-warming and record-breaking charity event.

And then other cities in the state followed suit, led by their sexy weather girls. So this 10,000 plus women soon turned into more than 35,000, all pledging their mouths and throats to the worthy cause. The major cities even started a friendly competition against each other, one mayor challenging the others NOT to how much money was raised (THAT would be too boring), but how many blowjobs were given. And on the home page each of these cities’ official websites, a tote board suddenly appeared, all ready to post the cumulative total.

A few webmasters even borrowed an idea from America’s favorite fast-food place (that indicates how many billions served), and decided to have billboards posting ‘Over 100,000 blown’... Over 1 million blown’... and so on, all along the major freeways leading into the city as the days went on. It was a fun way to really get into the spirit of things and, of course, encourage those otherwise just passing through to stop for gas and at least a quick blowjob, if not several, in their city. Yes, every single gas station along the freeway and everywhere was to be serviced by sweet, eager schoolgirls. Instead of sexily clad girls offering to wash your car for $5, these girls - who ranged from wearing school and cheerleader uniforms to the tightest jeans and tallest, sexiest heels imaginable (playfully pretending to be professional whores) - would offer to spit-shine your cock. Every station had signs reading ‘BLOWJOBS - $5’

So the idea behind this event was, indeed, going to more than fly... it was going to absolutely sore. The goal was now to make sure that every single man in the entire state who wanted to be blown by a lovely young woman would have to do no more than pledge $5, and could be blown as often as they wanted. Of course, many hoped that some would pledge more than that, for the cause, but NOT so much at any one time that they wouldn’t be back.

“If you’re going to give $20, the girls would prefer that you pay $5 four times than $20 once,” one mayor announced over the radio. He really wanted his city to win the total blowjobs competition.

And those men who truly couldn’t afford the $5 weren’t forgotten, as girls would be assigned to kneel at homeless shelters and soup kitchens and seniors homes, and in other public areas where pledges could be as small as one penny. Someone even came up with a very clever and cute sign and t-shirt that read, instead of ‘A penny for your thoughts’, ‘A penny for my throat’. At least one girl stood outside every public washroom in the city, with full permission to enter if invited in to suck and swallow.

“How would all these blowjobs across the city be accurately counted?” you ask. Easy. All each girl had to do was use her cell-phone to send in two pictures of herself, one with a cock in her mouth at the start of each blowjob and the other with a mouthful of cum once she was done, all collected and compiled by a central agency that then posted not only the numbers, but all these pictures of each girl (along with her initial application photo) on a huge website that ANYONE could visit for free. It was a HUGE site, with each girl who was willing to pay $50 assigned her very own webpage full of pictures and her own private blowjob count.

Evelyn herself was very excited at how everything was just taking off. Her only REAL concern was making sure that our two dogs, Turbo and Flood, weren’t left out in the cold over all this, since she’d be on her knees using her mouth elsewhere from about 9 a.m. to close to midnight every day all 52 days leading up to New Year’s, PLUS the entire month of January. But I found a very pretty, just-turned 18-year-old, brown-haired, hazel-eyed cutie who lived just down the hall in our apartment building and loved animals.

“Of course!” she answered, excitedly when I told her how Evelyn ‘played’ with the dogs every day after work, and asked if she’d ‘baby-sit’ our dogs in the same way every day that Evelyn was gone. She was so thrilled and wanted to do such a great job, she came over every day after school for two weeks in October to learn how to handle the dogs (“Is there anything I need to do or any command I need to know to get them into position?” she asked)... and Evelyn and I watched with great amusement how Turbo and Flood ‘trained’ her. By the end of that time, if we were outside walking the dogs and they spotted Natalie, they immediately started barking and we, naturally, let them off their leash to go to her.

“Hi guys!” she’d say excitedly trying to pet their heads for a minute before they each managed to grab one of their wrists.

“Oh oh!” she’d say playfully once they each grabbed hold and started pulling her towards the closest place available for her to kneel.

In the park, in the parking lot of our building, on the sidewalk next to a busy street, and even directly in front of her school - wherever they caught up to her – they pulled her down to her knees so they could each have another well-deserved turn in her mouth. Natalie, now used to having her mouth fucked in public so often, had even taken to wearing her nicest, tightest jeans and shorts, nice tops, heels and make-up everywhere, both because she knew the dogs liked it best when she dressed like that, and because she knew she’d invariably be posing for dozens and dozens of pictures taken by very amused passers-by.

And, as I held the huge front paws of whatever dog was humping Natalie’s mouth at the time, Evelyn invariably sank to her knees to blow me and whatever other men passed by and pulled their cocks out, and eventually one or both of the pups. Let’s just say that we’ve all had our pictures on the front page of several local newspapers on numerous occasions. Natalie’s entire family is VERY proud of her. And Evelyn is feeling better and better about having to leave her two babies in Natalie’s capable hands (or should I say... lips).

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