Evelyn Blowing Snow : Part 3

(Part 2 from 4)

So now Day #1 was fast approaching and we, at the news station, were doing our best to promote the event. As you would of course expect, Evelyn was on her knees giving at least one if not several blowjobs during every 2-5 minute on-the-air weather report, 3 shows per evening, 5 evenings per week. Evelyn continued to look so sexy in her nice dress pants, tops and heels; and we continued to make it fun for her with various modifications of the same theme. (See Evelyn Blowing Snow Parts 1 and 2).

And she still was doing her all-day Saturday weekly visits either to the big park downtown to kneel for anywhere up to 250 men over 12 hours or, every other weekend, to the zoo to blow Bobo and his pals, plus roughly 150 male visitors to the park (mostly human, but man’s best friend welcome, if he was a ‘working dog’); during which TV viewers got to see her in her nicest and sexiest pairs of jeans. Stephanie was doing what she could at the zoo as well, 6 days a week, as were JoAnne, Nadine, Kim Henry, Brooke and all the others wherever they were.

Every evening, of course, Evelyn spent EXTRA time with Turbo and Flood. Not that she wouldn’t see them over those 3 months she was busy with fund-raising; it’d be much the same as it was for her now on her all-day Saturday events, when she would leave home early and stumble home at midnight. Nonetheless, to get our teenage neighbour really into the swing of things, we started hiring Natalie to babysit the dogs on those long Saturdays. Of course, this sweet girl really wanted to spoil “the boys”... and she did. Each of the 6 Saturdays before Thanksgiving, she essentially let the two big fellows fuck her mouth continuously from when she arrived at 10 in the morning until anywhere from 6 to 9 o’clock that night, depending on when the boys “let her go”.

Of course, she did take brief breaks throughout the day, when the dogs would let her. But Turbo and Flood are smart. They immediately seemed to know that the pretty, petite teen was their ‘toy’ and, whenever she did manage to get a breather to go to the bathroom or something, they invariably grabbed a hold of her wrist within a minute or two to pull her back into the ‘room’. At the end of each of these days, Natalie left cute little written messages for us on the kitchen table like – “Turbo FMM (fucked my mouth) for almost 2½ hours without a single break today” or “T and F kept me on my knees for all but ten minutes today”... and then she’d draw a little smiley face. She was clearly very proud of how the two dogs had taken to her.

But even with all THAT, the two big babies wanted some “lovin’ from their Mommy” the minute she stepped in the door, and Evelyn was always happy to oblige. On the last Saturday before Thanksgiving, we left Turbo and Flood alone for the afternoon and, as a special treat to show Natalie how much we appreciated all her hard work, we let her join Evelyn and Stephanie at the zoo. All the way in the car, she couldn’t believe she was actually going to meet and greet the famous Bobo. Her mom and Dad were so happy for her, they took her shopping for nice new designer jeans and heels to go with her very own ‘I LOVE BOBO’ t-shirt, and Bobo took right to her outfit. He didn’t even let Evelyn introduce the new girl before his big strong trunk was around her waist pulling her towards him and guiding her down onto her knees in position.

Natalie couldn’t believe his size. But T and F had stretched her throat enough with all their constant pounding that she managed to stuff the big boy several inches down her throat. And then she just followed her instincts and soon had everyone clapping for her and cheering her on. Natalie’s parents showed up to capture everything on camera and personally thank Evelyn and me for being “so generous”.

“No worries,” I smiled, glancing over at the petite teen sliding happily to and fro along the big mammoth’s huge length and girth.

Things got even better for Natalie when Kaitlin the Reporter showed up, wanting to promo her own show by interviewing Bobo, and just happened to stand waiting for her turn next to Natalie’s dad. When the reporter asked him if that was his daughter, he said yes, and then Mom went on to tell Kaitlin all about her daughter’s work “with Evelyn the weathergirl’s two dogs”. That so piqued Kaitlin’s interest that she decided to do a story on Natalie, calling her camera crew over to catch her first interviewing “a very proud Mom and Dad” and then kneeling to interview Natalie herself. Obviously, all Natalie could do was turn and stare into the camera silently, but boy did THAT make her parents proud. Equally obviously, once Kaitlin sank to her knees to interview Natalie, within a minute or two her own mouth was doomed to a full day of fucking as well... but she always knew that and was happy to oblige.

Natalie spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying Bobo and several of the other zoo animals, and by 5:30 I assumed she’d want to just go home with her parents. But no way! When I told her that Evelyn wouldn’t be done at the zoo until about midnight, Natalie INSISTED on me taking her home with me to finish her shift with Turbo and Flood. So I invited her parents to join us.

“You haven’t met our dogs yet,” I told them.

But Mom and Dad needed no prompting. They were DELIGHTED to have the chance to finally to watch their daughter with our two huge black Labradors. But first they wanted to stop by their own house, which was on the way, to watch and record Kaitlin’s segment about their daughter on the News.

“Besides,” Mom said, “Natalie can blow YOU on the way.”

“Of course,” Natalie said. And she did.

Natalie and I expected them to show up about 7, but it was past 8 and they still hadn’t arrived. The teen kept glancing over at me with a worried look in her face when time kept passing by.

“Hmmm?” she asked.

“Not yet,” I said.

They arrived at about 8:15, and I could see the excitement on Mom’s face the minute I opened the door. But before she’d tell me anything, she wanted to see her daughter in action. Natalie was on her knees still working on Turbo (as the more dominant male, he always went first, while Flood lay nearby waiting patiently), when Mom and Dad burst in with their cameras (Dad a videocam; Mom a digital stills camera). It was several minutes later that they proudly announced the great news. Kaitlin’s segment on Natalie had been great, and had ended with the reporter giving out their phone number in case anyone else wanted to book “special services for your big furry friend.” It literally took less than 30 seconds before their phone started ringing. By the time 8 o’clock had rolled around, they had a list of more than 25 customers who had big dogs or horses they wanted Natalie to service, as soon as she became available.

“We finally just changed our ‘Leave a Message’ message telling people asking for her just to leave their number and then left,” Dad smiled.

“I’m sure we’ll have more than 100 messages to listen to when we get home,” Mom laughed.

It looked like this was the start of a long-term, full-time career for Natalie.

Thanksgiving was, of course, Thursday; and her station manager knew that Evelyn had committed herself essentially to 3-months non-stop work. So he was happy to give his famous weathergirl all of Wednesday off. Understandably, she wanted to spend the day at home with me and the dogs, and they were delighted to have her. Natalie popped by in the afternoon so the two dogs could have the special treat of both being entertained at the same time all day. Every hour or so, the girls switched positions, and while one pair used the special dog support, the other pair had to make do with... me. Every so often, one of the dogs needed a break... and during those times I earned my reward, being blown either by Evelyn or Natalie at various times of the day.

The day ended with me being blown by both of them, and that was fun. Before Evelyn went to bed, she spent over a half hour picking out the perfect outfit. Since tomorrow was Thanksgiving and it was expected to be a bit cool in the park downtown, she decided to wear a pretty sweater with a combination of fall colors (red, yellow and brown) I’d given her, along with her nice, light brown pants and dark brown heels. The next morning as she came out of the bathroom after having put on the last of her make-up, she looked very sharp!

“You look gorgeous sweetie!” I told her. The dogs must have thought so too, because they wanted immediate attention from her. But I told them firmly that they’d have to wait until tonight, and that Natalie would be by in less than an hour “and she’ll spoil you rotten as usual”... and that seemed to appease them. Fortunately, Evelyn DID have time to blow me by the car in the parking lot before we set out.

“Good luck today Evelyn!” several neighbors walking by us called out.

“Hmm hmmmmm!” Evelyn waved, gaily.

The drive to the park was heart-warming to see. In the spirit of this wonderful 60-day event (counting the week to New Years Day), the city itself and many private individuals had put up all their Christmas decorations early. Everywhere, there were lights and fully-decorated Christmas trees and big plastic or balloon Santas and reindeer. But better yet was that, almost everywhere you looked, on sidewalks, on grass, and in parking lots in full view of the street, there was already at least one if not several pretty girls on their knees blowing somebody, many of these girls with line-ups of men waiting for them.

Many of these young ladies were schoolgirls, dressed in their school uniforms... short plaid skirts or camel-colored pants with school sweaters over white blouses. But many also wore jeans. And there was a nurse in white pants, shoes and top on her knees just outside a hospital, obviously having just left work but wanting to have some fun before she went home, and now on her knees and confronted with a line-up of about 30 guys all preferring to wait in her line than in the emergency room waiting room... smart guys! Talk about taking medicine by mouth!!!

When we arrived at the park itself, the parking lot was FILLED with lovely young women on their knees. Even though we’d arrived 35 minutes before 9, the official starting time, Evelyn felt badly that she was starting so ‘late’.

“Don’t worry,” her station manager, Marty, told her. “Over the next 90 days, we’re estimating you will suck close to 20,000 cocks...”

“At LEAST 20,000” Evelyn chimed in confidently.

“At least 20,000” her boss continued. “No one will believe you’re slacking off starting a few minutes behind a few people.”

Still Evelyn felt badly... and so while she sat in a chair to let the make-up girl touch up her make-up a little bit, all she could think about was dropping down to her knees and getting started. This was compounded by the fact that the make-up girl, a cute 23-year old dark-haired brunette named Roxanne, had a small but obvious drop of cum to one side of her mouth, and a line-up of men waiting for her... it was clear that she’d already been snacking and would be back down on her knees the second she finished with Evelyn.

About twenty minutes later, we all were silently counting the seconds. Evelyn was up on stage looking as gorgeous as ever, holding a microphone and ready to speak. Roxanne, of course, was back down on her knees blowing three men at once.

“Four... three... two...” the producer whispered and then pointed at Evelyn.

The production team had decided that, since this really was Evelyn’s event, she could start the show with a few words.

“Only a minute or two, Ev,” Marty (the producer) had said earlier. “Otherwise, we’ll have a riot.”

Evelyn briefly asked the crowd how everyone was.

“Are you EXCITED?” she asked.


“I am TOO,” she said. I’d never seen her be such a cheerleader before, but it was very sexy.

“Do you like how I look today?” she asked the crowd, spinning around to show everyone her outfit.

“YES!!!!!!!!!” the crowd roared.

“Thanks,” she said sweetly. And then she went on to thank everyone for coming and all the sponsors and her own station and production crew and all the other stations that had decided to cover “this amazing event.” “AND the community, including all those wonderful young schoolgirls who will be dropping to their knees too to raise money for charity too. All you guys... be sure to fuck EVERY ONE of these girls’ mouths as often as you can.”

And the crowd cheered loudly.

She then briefly named all the other girls who were working with her, including “Nadine, schoolgirls Kim and Brooke, Kaitlin the Reporter, sisters Mary and Kim, Stephanie at the zoo and her best friend Stacey, the two twins (Corrine and Cailey) whose mom and dad just wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer (everyone laughed)... and the AMAZING JoAnne!”

And boy! Did the crowd ever cheer then!

She then briefly described the website where everyone could go to find out where she and all the other girls were working, and about how she and many of the other girls would be working “with Stephanie at the zoo... all of January... to raise money for NEXT year.”

Cheers and applause.

“Today,” she said, “JoAnne, Kim and Brooke, Corrine, Cailey and Kaitlin are here, along with at least 100 schoolgirls from schools near here, and dozens and dozens of other beautiful women volunteering their talented mouths to the cause” she said, “so we’re ALL going to have lots of fun.”

More raucous cheers.

But then she got quiet. “But you know,” she said. “Today someone said something that really insulted me.”

And everyone else got quiet... stunned into silence. Who would EVER insult Evelyn?

“It was my producer,” she continued... “when he said that he estimated that I would suck close to 20,000 cocks by the end of January.” Evelyn smiled. “MY plan,” she smiled a big mischievous smile... “is to have at LEAST 20,000 of you fine young, and old, men fuck my mouth by Christmas!”

And now the cheers were deafening.

“Well then, Evelyn” Marty butted in. “You’d better get started then.” And he reached out and pushed Evelyn down to her knees.

Evelyn still held the microphone to her mouth and had WANTED to say “THAT’S what I was waiting for.” But all that came out was “THAT’S whaaaaaahhhhkkkkkxxxxxx” as Marty’s own cock plunged all the way down her throat.

And the applause again was deafening.

As I watched Evelyn enjoying the first ‘official’ blowjob of the day and a huge line-up of men moving that much closer to her stage now that the first several were allowed up to form on-stage lines for Evelyn, Corrine and Cailey, I quickly started doing some math in my head... which was difficult because Corrine, the sexy twin whose mother pledged $5000 to earn her daughter a place up on stage for the entire event, and who now was wearing that same $150 pair of designer jeans and sexy black heels and top as in her video blowing an entire basketball team, was admiringly sucking my cock, with her twin sister blowing the guy next to me and ready to pop onto me next. But still, I managed... and calculated that Evelyn needed to give roughly 450 blowjobs per day, over the 45 days between now and Christmas, to reach her goal... which was 30 sucks per hour... or one blowjob every two minutes for 15 hours every day.

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