Evelyn Blowing Snow : Part 3

(Part 3 from 4)

But then I glanced over at how Marty had already shot his load and Evelyn was working hard on her second through fourth cocks (three guys at the same time)... and how she energetically and lovingly brought all three of them to cum in her mouth within five minutes... and how she then literally lunged forward to take the next cock into her mouth to start her next group of three... and how unbelievably sexy her ass looked in those wonderful light brown pants she was wearing, and how tight the seat of her pants became ever time she dove forward into whatever groin she was feasting on... and I nodded. She just might do it.

As always, I could have watched my darling Evelyn enjoying herself sucking an endless stream of other men’s cocks all day... but I still had work to do. The problem I would have would be doing it. You see, the park had set up four big stages... one for Evelyn, Corrine and Cailey, one for JoAnne and Nadine, one for Kaitlin the Reporter and a couple of other lucky schoolgirls who’d been randomly selected from the crowd to join her (one in a cheerleader uniform and the other in her school skirt), and one for Kim Henry and her friend Brooke... and my job was to wander between them to see everything was going smoothly and provide any assistance I could.

So, as soon as Cailey had swallowed the hefty load I’d given her, I stepped away, zipped up, smiled back at Corrine and Cailey (who’d both already started other duos of cocks), and climbed down off Evelyn’s stage to find JoAnne’s. The problem was that I didn’t realize how much of a celebrity I, myself, had become. I hadn’t gone ten feet from Evelyn’s stage when some older woman grabbed me and dragged me over to where her teenage daughter already was on her knees blowing two men.

“Look who I have for you, Honey,” the woman said, and the girl peered up and looked my way.

“It’s Charlie Snow,” the mom continued.

“Hmm hmmm,” the girl said, waving me forward to the front of her line.

As I stood there, next in line, I couldn’t help but notice the girl’s skin-tight, slightly faded blue jeans, and her gorgeous teen-sized ass, and her cute little pink and white running shoes, and... and THIS is what stunned me... her tight, white ‘I LOVE BLOWING SNOW’ t-shirt, that had a very flattering picture of Evelyn (in a black and white striped top, black dress pants and heels) on her knees blowing yours truly... and both Evelyn and I were staring into the camera (my cock buried deep in her mouth) giving ‘thumbs up’ signs. I couldn’t even remember WHEN that picture had been taken... but I knew there were hundreds of pix of me and Evelyn all over the internet.

This pretty, pony-tailed brunette waited to finish both cocks she was working on before waving me forward. Finally, she smiled up at me with a look of total admiration I’d rarely felt before, and said:

“Hi. My name’s Zoey.”

“Hi Zoey,” I responded. And then I stupidly started to introduce myself too.

“Everyone knows who YOU are,” Zoey said brightly, as she undid my belt and zipper. And then she gave me one last huge smile, before lunging forward to take my cock into her mouth. Mom was immediately there with her camera, with Zoey posing proudly.

“Say cheeeeeeeese,” Mom said.

“Hmmmmmmmm,” Zoey replied playfully.

I’d no sooner shot a load into Zoey’s mouth and paid my $5 (which the mom had tried to refuse) and walked another twenty feet, when another Mom spied and grabbed me.

“Are YOU Charlie Snow?” she asked me.

“Uh... yeah,” I said. This time, the Mom was wearing an ‘I LOVE BLOWING SNOW’ t-shirt, And seeing it closer up (Zoey HAD been on her knees, after all), I saw that it really did look like me in the picture. Apparently, a few local people had gotten the tremendously clever, entrepreneurial idea to print out several thousand shirts like this, which they were selling throughout the park... and they were selling like hotcakes. Standing there with this mom, I glanced around and saw 5 or six of them within the thirty or so people whose shirts I could see. I was doomed!!!

Sure enough, this mom led me to HER daughter, who was on her knees blowing three men at once. Mom didn’t even have to introduce me to this girl. She TOO was wearing an ILBS (I LOVE BLOWING SNOW) T-SHIRT, to go with light, camel-coloured school dress pants and black school shoes. As she leaned forward, I couldn’t help but notice her cute bikini panty line. How I love light-coloured pants!!!

“Hmm hmm hmmmm?” she asked.

“In the flesh,” I answered, smiling.

And within another few minutes, my flesh was in THIS girl’s mouth.

“Say spaghettiiiiii,” the mom sang.

“Hmm hmm hmmmmmmm,” the girl (whose name was Gwendolyn or Gwen) sang back.

“Where are you heading to?” Mom asked me later as her daughter worked.

“I’m TRYING...” I laughed “to get to JoAnne’s stage to see if they need anything over there.”

“Good luck,” Mom smiled. “I’ll bet every teenage girl in the park will want to blow you.”And then she winked... “and half the mom’s too.”

Sure enough, she was right. It took me well over an hour to venture the 200 or so feet there were between the two stages, during which time I was blown by 17 teenage girls, one nurse, two secretaries, and three sexy, stay-at-home moms... with at least half of them wearing Evelyn’s and my t-shirt. It was crazy!!! And the only thing that kept it from taking even longer was the fact that so many moms were either too busy squatting down next to their daughters taking pictures, or on their knees sucking cocks themselves. (I even saw a few not-half-bad-looking grandmothers giving blowjobs).

When I finally reached JoAnne’s stage, roughly 90 minutes into the event, she was already blowing her 73rd through 76th man... incredible. I still remember the time she set the world on fire by blowing more than 350 men in the first-ever 24-hour blowjob marathon. That record of 350 or so men was barely even getting started for this unbelievably talented (and gorgeous) blonde now. At last year’s event, she blew over 1200 in 24 hours, swallowing a huge load of cum from every single one of them.

The next closest girl (the lovely Kim Henry) blew 831. It was wonderful how Jo had revolutionized the art of fellatio and converted it from a closet, rarely-mentioned and somewhat distasteful activity between two people, to a fun, fully-out-in-the-open, source of personal pride thing, where girls (and, though this doesn’t turn me on, gay guys) happily blew anywhere from one to hundreds of guys at a time. You couldn’t walk four blocks downtown now without seeing at least one girl on her knees somewhere. Schools routinely held blowjob competitions for the senior girls (and again, the more progressive schools, gay boys) to raise money for things like library renovations and new gym floors and a new computer lab.

You had to look around before you could find a pretty 18-year old girl who hadn’t blown at least 20 cocks straight at least once. The city even now had its first blowjob school, the Oral Arts Academy, where girls (and guys) learned the fine art of fellatio in a concentrated 6-month course... the final exam included, among other things, blowing 100 men in 5 hours.

Evelyn blowing me that first time as part of her on-the-air, prime-time weather update had been another big jump forward, something she was justifiably very proud of. Why should we, as a society, be ashamed of seeing one person lovingly pleasing another with a blowjob? There isn’t even any nudity! I mean, for years, we’ve had video games with zombies whose arms and legs are falling off, and with gory beheadings and people being disemboweled or exploding. In the news, we see dead and horribly maimed people lying on the street in wars and terrorist attacks. In sports, we see fights and brutal hits and players and coaches screaming. What’s worse – bloody, gory or violent scenes like that... or one person happily pleasing another with their mouth?

Some used to argue that asking a woman to drop to her knees to blow a man, or worse, a number of men, was degrading to her. But churches have asked us to get down on our knees for years. Is THAT degrading? What a girl kneeling to give out a few blowjobs actually does is make her the centre of attention... AND gives her almost total control. Hey! One hard bite down and her man is a soprano. Besides, even plain-looking girls usually look fantastic with a cock in their mouths. Take the shame away, and posing with a cock in your mouth could, and SHOULD, become a real source of pride.

Besides, research has shown that marriages in which oral sex is practiced regularly last much better than marriages in which it never happens or has been dropped. Want to fix a bad marriage? Have the woman take blowjob classes for a few weeks, give her hubby the blowjob of his life, and then tell him she can’t WAIT to blow him again. Talk about rekindling the old love flame. I’d wrestle two lions, a mad hippo, a lawyer, and three girl scouts selling cookies to save my Evelyn from harm.

Want to stop wars? Start by having sexy army secretaries start giving all the generals blowjobs... that way they’re not mad all the time.

Blah, blah, blah. I could go on and on.

So, as I stood there, watching JoAnne, I was so grateful to her for all she has done and continues to do to make the world a better place... and I desperately wanted to tell her this while fucking her throat. Luckily, being Charlie Snow has its advantages. As soon as I climbed up on stage, someone noticed me and pulled me over to her.

“Have you met Charlie Snow, Jo?” her boyfriend (also named Charlie, by the way) asked her.

“Hmm hmmm,” she said, shaking her head as she looked up at me with her gorgeous, deep brown eyes.

“You’d better pull your dick out,” Charlie told me. “Jo will DEFINITELY want to thank you for all this with a real SPECIAL blowjob.”

Was it EVER! Let me say this... being blown by the amazing JoAnne G.... is like waking up in heaven and finding out you own the place. Nothing... and I mean NOTHING... could have prepared me for the soft sensuousness of her mouth... for the excruciatingly pleasure-full tingling of my cock... for the unbelievable beauty of her big brown eyes as she stared up at me. She literally had me shoot 5 loads into her mouth in under ten minutes. I didn’t even think that was possible. And then she asked me if I needed to piss – “because lots of guys need to piss after I blow them” – and when I said I did, in fact... she took me back into her mouth and just waited patiently as I emptied my bladder into her mouth and down her throat.

And then she blew me again until I shot off 3 more times, my last load as big as the first. Again, I don’t even understand how that is POSSIBLE. But she opened her mouth up wide to show me and, sure enough, her tongue was drowning in creamy, white seed.

Well... if I’d been famous before, it was nothing compared to how famous I was a couple of days later when an ‘I LOVE BLOWING SNOW’ t-shirt came out with JoAnne blowing me. Man!

My new notoriety even reached Natalie. When I came home for supper around 6 on the next Monday, I found her playing with Flood in the dogs’ room... but also watching a small TV her mom had dropped off for her so she could enjoy footage of the event while working. As she kneeled and Flood worked her, she angled her eyes towards the TV, where a bunch of girls in the ILBS t-shirts were being interviewed about how it felt to have blown the famous Charlie Snow.

I couldn’t believe it!

Of course, I had other stages to visit besides Evelyn’s and JoAnne’s each day, including Kaitlin the Reporter’s and the stage that had both Kim Henry and her friend Brooke on it... and I received amazing blowjobs both on and between those stages. What was particularly fun about being blown by Kaitlin was that her producer had her hold a microphone the entire time. She even ‘interviewed me’, first asking a question into the microphone –

“Hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm?”

And then reaching up towards my face with it for me to answer. I’d give a thoughtful response while totally reaming this pretty reporter’s throat with my cock. She, like Evelyn, remained the complete professional... including her dress (a red sweater, black dress pants and black heels) and demeanour... always calm and collected, no matter how far down her throat I or anyone else was.

Kim Henry and Brooke were a study in contrasts. Though both have sweet faces, lovely teenage figures and long blonde hair, Kim, despite only being 19 and just a freshman in college, virtually always dresses very formally, today coming to work in navy blue dress pants, a nice pink sweater and black 2-inch heels. Brooke, meanwhile, was a sexy minx in tight, white short shorts, a hot pink ‘I Love Blowing Snow t-shirt’ and 3-inch spikes.

And where Kim blew each man calmly and sensuously, Brooke literally fucked her own face, repeatedly driving herself as hard as she could onto each man’s rigid pole (once it was hard enough) to drive it far down her throat. But, despite this difference in pace, they both blew roughly the same number of men per hour... seemingly slow but steady Kim, in fact, blew more, averaging more than anyone but JoAnne. She was good!!! Perhaps, in fact, the world’s second most proficient cock-sucker.

By the end of one week, JoAnne had blown more than 6000, Kim about 4600, and Evelyn an amazing 2917 men, and was well on her way to reaching her goal of 20,000 blowjobs by Christmas. In fact, she proudly announced that she was changing her goal to 25,000 by Christmas, and 50,000 by the end of January. I was VERY proud of her. I, meanwhile, had been blown at LEAST 40-50 times every day, by schoolgirls, and nurses, and secretaries, and stewardesses and female police officers in their sexy pants and shorts... it seems I couldn’t keep all these girls’ hungry mouths off me.

And, of course, at least once every day, I was blown by Corinne and Cailey, whose parents’ initial $5000 donation and all the money they spent having their twins professionally filmed blowing more than 130 men between them in a 6 hour video was certainly paying off. Not only did the twins end up on the same stage as Evelyn, but by the end of one week each girl had blown more than 2000 men, including one of the city’s most illustrious pimps, who immediately had Mom and the twins sign a contract for them both to work for him full-time for the next 5 years as soon as this event was over.

“It’ll be a step down from this,” Mom told him, when he said he could only promise the girls 50 to 60 blowjobs each per day. But the $200 per day, plus the generous clothing and make-up allowance he promised to pay the girls for each day worked, was too good to pass up.

“And the twins can always blow me and their drivers if there’s EVER a break in the action,” he said, with as big and white and toothy a smile as there ever was.

Another girl in the crowd was literally celebrating her 18th birthday by blowing anyone and everyone at this event... and I was lucky enough to be her 37th blowjob of the day when her mother grabbed me at around one o’clock in the afternoon of the third day and dragged me towards her.

“You HAVE to let Peyton blow you,” Mom said. “It’s her 18th birthday today.”

How could I possibly say ‘No’ to THAT request? Especially when I saw this gorgeous little teen with nice, long blonde hair in a ponytail, on her knees wearing an I LOVE BLOWING SNOW t-shirt, tight yellow short shorts, white socks and white and yellow running shoes. And those eyes she had... huge, beautiful bright blue eyes that pleaded with me to let her suck me!

“Hmmmm?” she said.

“I’d be honoured to have your daughter suck me on her birthday,” I said.

And, to be honest, presuming that I truly was just the 37th blowjob she’d ever given, she did a VERY NICE JOB! And I told her so.

“She’s NEVER drunken piss,” her mom said as I prepared to step away. “So if you need to go...”

“What the Hell,” I said, and stepped forward again. Peyton surprised me by taking my soft cock back into her mouth, and by not popping off or backing off a bit even when I started to stream. She just swallowed calmly like JoAnne did, as if she did this daily. And, as I was starting to slow down, she started sliding her mouth back and forth to make me hard again.

The second blowjob, she gave me with her mouth full of piss, which was a sensation I’d felt before several times with Evelyn, but no one else. After a few minutes of this, I added another big load of cum to the piss already in Peyton’s mouth, and then slid out carefully so she wouldn’t spill.

“Hmmmmmm,” she smiled with her cheeks all puffed out with urine and cum. And then she swallowed.

“Thanks, Peyton,” I said.

“Thank YOU,” Mom said, as Peyton opened her mouth up to accept cock #38 (but for blowjob #39, I realized... I guess I’d screwed up her numbers a little bit... but it was all in fun).

Anyway, it wasn’t the LAST time I’d see Peyton. In fact, because I largely took the same route between stages, Peyton and a few other girls (including Zoey and Gwen) ended up blowing me several times that week... and, as a promise to her mom, I always sought Peyton out when I needed to piss.

Another fun group of girls I found that first day was a group of about 15 girls all from the same school cheerleading team, all dressed in their pretty yellow with green and white trim uniforms, with cute, light green nylon panties, yellow socks and white with green trim running shoes. These girls had had the great idea to form a human chain... all getting down on all fours in a big circle, and letting guys fuck their asses and mouths at the same time, the guys in the back told to just push their panties to the side, rather than remove them so the girls stayed ‘in uniform’. It was a very clever guy being blown who got the even better idea to tell the guy currently fucking his girl’s ass to switch with him.

This had since evolved to guys working their way down the chain until they shot their load into some girl’s lucky mouth. It worked like this. Whenever a space opened up, the closest guy waiting (and there were guys in line for every girl) would step in to fuck whatever mouth had just become ‘vacant’. Then, every 30 seconds or so, the stern-voiced teacher chaperone would yell out “SWITCH” and the guys would shift clockwise, each guy who was fucking any girl’s ass turning around to fuck the mouth of the girl on her knees and hands behind him, while the guy fucking that girl’s mouth would then move to her ass until the next “SWITCH” command bellowed forth. In that way, cocks coming out of one girl’s ass always ended up in the NEXT girl’s mouth, which was much more fun for everybody.

Typically, guys would end up fucking anywhere from 5 to 10 different mouths and asses before emptying out their semen and sperm. It had become a game to guess which guy would next join the line. Of course, if some guy was so unlucky as to wait forever to join the line, the ‘matron’ (as some had come to call the teacher) would find a girl for him.

I even decided to join the line when some mother (again, these mothers all seemed to recognize me; a few particularly sexy ones even blew me themselves) grabbed my arm and hustled me to the front of her daughter’s line. I was convinced to do the entire circle, and happily agreed, fucking the mouths and asses of all these perky cheerleaders. Soon, as you might expect, other cheerleading groups became copycats, so there eventually were at least a half a dozen of these circles in the park by the time that day ended.

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