Cassie's Hot Cruise

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“I was in the middle of setting up the novel, and she just couldn’t take my involvement. First, it was birds, she said, and now a bloody novel. I wasn’t giving her any consideration. So, she left.”
“I’m sorry,” Cassie said, feeling it was a useless comment, but thinking that the woman had to be crazy.

As the lift doors opened, Jas gave her another of those smiles that had kept her insides ticking since they’d met. He shrugged, “Maybe it was for the best.”
Cassie’s legs were shaking as she watched Jas open the door. Inside, she was immediately stunned by the lavish room in front of her. A cozy sofa and two armchairs set around a low glass table, a huge television on the left-hand wall, and across the lushly carpeted floor, sliding doors that led to what looked like a very wide balcony.

A door on the right-hand wall had to be the bedroom.. As she stood there telling him how fantastic it looked, Jas strode to the sliding door and urged her to have a look at the balcony.
After she had viewed the room-sized balcony holding two plush sunbeds, two comfy armchairs, and a table and sufficient extra space to dance, Jas indicated the other sliding door, and as Cassie expected, it led to the large bedroom.

“It’s an apartment, really,” Cassie observed.
“You’re impressed?” Jas asked as he followed her to the rail.
With you or the apartment? That was the question that ran playfully in her mind, but her answer served both choices, “Very.”

She leaned against the rail, marveling at how high they were. She knew her cabin looked out over the busy port but on this side of the liner the open ocean lay, silver-speckled by the high full moon.
“Tomorrow we’ll be out there sailing towards St Kitts,” Jas said, standing so close at her side that any movement brought the skin of their arms into contact. For Cassie, it meant spasms of hot, effervescence coursing through her veins.

That was nothing compared what hit her when she felt his hand cover hers on the rail. For some crazy, unexplainable reason, she pulled her hand away, stepped back and looked up into his worried face, Confusion filled her head, as he gave her an uncertain smile, and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

The turmoil in her lower body and the genuine apology on his face urged Cassie’s immediate response, “Don’t be sorry. I was shaken, but definitely stirred.” A smart-ass reply? To make up for it, she went on, “In fact, I enjoyed it.”

The surprised look on his face almost had her smiling, but his next request pushed the ball firmly into her court, “Would you then, kindly allow me a goodnight kiss?”
This was fantasy-land. And Cassie was suddenly aware, and the moisture between her thighs confirmed it, that she could make it all come true. That spiral of hope was reaching a peak. Her eyes looked into those gorgeous blue eyes as she said, “I would like to be kissed.” She wondered if he noticed that she had omitted the words, ’good night’.

Anyway, with the sea far below them gently slapping against the side of the liner, Jas lowered his head, to softly place his lips on Cassie’s hopeful mouth. Her heart pounding madly, Cassie’s lips tingled as for only seconds they stood there exchanging a friendly kiss.

But the moment she parted her lips, and her tongue searched out to find his, their whole calm introduction vanished. They became two ravenous beasts, with mouth and tongues seeking and fighting, arms clasping desperately around each other. Cassie, moving on to a new plane of existence, had her hands roaming over the shirt on Jas’s muscular back. Her legs trembled as she felt his hands on the back of her dress, wandering down to stroke over her buttocks.

She might have protested when Jas broke the kiss, but the expression on his face as he looked hungrily down at her, told her that this could not be over.
“From the moment I saw you sitting out there, I was longing to kiss you. Now that I have, I’ll stop if you want me to. “
The thrilling words that ran through her head, could not be ignored. ’It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. No dream. It’s going to happen.’

She heard her own voice sounding like a desperate growl, as she replied, “I don’t want you to stop.” And she hoped her eyes, turned up to his face, would tell him what she really wanted. Cassie learned very quickly how well her eyes had conveyed her message, for within seconds they were clasped together once more, their mouths mashing wetly, warmly.

Cassie was so aware of the rising need as her passage exuded its juices, under the thrill of Jas’s hands being much more adventurous over her body. Starting by tracing her shape, the side of one breast down the inward slope of her waist, up to rise over her hip and then a return glide, the action repeated once more before his hand settled warmly over her left breast.

He would be finding there was no bra, as his finger tickled over her nipple jutting through her thin dress. Inflamed, Cassie pressed herself against him, an action which impeded his caressing, but which had her detect the hardness pressed against her belly.

My God, she wanted to reach for it, hold it in her hand. Right on cue, Jas broke the kiss, and said, “You willing to continue this?” Even as he spoke, he had unbuttoned the top button of her dress but despite that, Cassie, all aflame herself, appreciated his concern to be correct.

Her breathing was ragged as she told him, “If you want to.” And she gave him a smile to register her intended humor in that.
He gave her a swift kiss on the lips before taking her hand and leading her to the other French door, “Comfort is needed, I think.” Sliding that door to one side, revealed the stylish bedroom and leading her inside, Jas sat on the bottom end of the bed but guided Cassie so that she was standing in front of him.
“Standing there,” he said gruffly, “you are bathed in a most romantic moonlight, which highlights your beauty.”

He held on to one of her hands while his other hand began to flick loose the rest of the buttons down her dress. Suddenly, Cassie was totally transfixed, lost in the wonder of what was happening to her, blood pounding in her veins at the prospect of what was about to happen.
“Just shrug your shoulders,” Jas instructed, bathing her again with that smile, and willingly, Cassie did as he asked, knowing that this would cause her dress to drop away, and she’d be standing more exposed to male eyes than she had ever been. Only her flimsy, blue, soaked panties covered her shaved pussy.

Looking down she saw the wild distortion in the front of his pants, as she felt his fingers loop inside her panty waist, to draw them down. What happened next as she stepped out of them, almost took her to instant orgasm.

Wide-eyed in surprise, Jas mumbled, “I’ve never touched a shaved—” He didn’t end his statement as, almost in one movement, he released Cassie’s hands, to place his on her buttocks, applied pressure to draw her nearer. His head bent forward, and his face and mouth nuzzled under her bare mound.

Cassie’s gasp of shock and pleasure was drawn from her as something wet, surely his tongue groped snakelike into her crease, and touched, oh, God, yes it touched her clit. Cassie had known nothing like the sensations that stormed through her whole body, as Jas’s tongue claimed her. Her juices seemed to be running free onto her thighs.

Jas slid his hand beyond where his tongue was playing, and two fingers ploughed through her soaking crevice. The wild ecstasy of his touch had Cassie moaning out loud, trying to vocalize her passion, “I want—I want—”

Jas moved his head up and slid both hands to her waist. Cassie had the vague sense of loss as her pussy was deserted. But Jas had continued moving as he said, “You are more than ready.” And, as he turned her body to the bed, he took her hand and placed it on the incredible hardness at the front of his pants and growled, “And you see how ready I am.”
Cassie’s mind was in a mad turmoil of unfamiliar impulses. Very briefly she had gripped the hefty tool that she knew would soon be fulfilling her burgeoning desires. But all the time Jas had been moving her, and now he lay her gently back on the bed, where she parted her legs wantonly. Trembling under Jas’s caressing gaze. Was it lustful? God, She hoped it was.

Jas had whipped away his shirt to reveal a lightly muscled chest, with a thin line of dark hair down the center. But now he was unbuckling his belt, and Cassie was realizing that she had never seen a real, fully erect cock. Yes, she’d had two inside her, but they had never looked at them until they slid limply out of her.

Jas’s pants dropped, he moved to the bed, and there it was, looking large and eager to get at her. A solid log of a cock. The only thing Cassie could find to say was a lame, “I’m on the pill.”
His smile was kindly as he came alongside her and the touch of his thigh along hers had her pulses reaching speed limit. “Good. I was going to ask that.”

His hand trailed over her left breast making her shiver, but he said, “I think both of our eager organs need a quick friendly introduction, don’t you?”
Jas was already rolling between her thighs and Cassie could only gasp, “Oh, yes.” As she felt the first gentle poke at her entry. It really was going to happen. Right here. Right now. And, oh, God, she so wanted it.

Yes, yes, Jas’s solid cock was inside her, moving with slow, deliberate care up and up, filling her, immense. His lovely blue eyes were gazing down into her face, as though seeking her reaction. Not difficult to see, Cassie thought, as her breathing quickened, her inner walls pulsed like crazy, drawing him on, and a tidal flush of heat coursed through her whole body. An orgasm?

No, there was something else building deep inside her, as Jas seemed at full reach and then drew back, to begin heaving into her with a steady gorgeous rhythm which she tried to match with her own hips lifting. Jas’s mouth lowered to find hers, but the groping kiss was brief, as Cassie felt herself losing control of her own body, under Jas’s continued thrusting.

Her mind, her body, were moving into an environment where they had never been. Cassie gladly gave in to the rapturous sensations that were flaring through her. This was orgasm? The whining groans that surrounded her were coming from her own mouth. Then she wanted it again. And again.

Jas was continuing his humping into her, reaching for her very core, and, as his movement quickened, she couldn’t believe that yet another orgasm, was possible. But then Jas’s thrust became firmer and deeper and his groans told her that he was about to spout his cum deep inside her. That thought in itself thrilled her.

The awareness of his massive orgasm was so pleasing, and as they lay trying to calm their breathing, Cassie knew that her body had passed through a doorway into a sexual world where she wanted to remain. She could not know it then but her sexual fantasy with Jas, her dream lover, was set to dominate the rest of the cruise.

Within half an hour they were naked in the massive bath with bubbles up to their chin while their hands groped and stroked at each other. It was a joy to handle his delicious rod and the temptation to take it in her mouth was strong. His fingers on her clit and probing deeply up her channel drove her wild. But Jas, almost sensing the desires in her, climbed out of the bath, handed her a towel, and after quickly drying, he picked her up in his arms, and said, “One more fuck before sleep?”

He got no argument from Cassie on that one, and this time he entered her quickly and Cassie managed to return his thrusts with her eager hip movements. When it was over, and they lay quiet again, Cassie knew that her earlier orgasm had only been a precursor. This time her mind had traveled out of herself completely. An explosion had occurred inside her, something incendiary. She lay savoring the continued throbbing in her lower body, seeing the darkness beyond the half-open sliding door. Her eyes closed as she wondered about Sally.

Startled, she opened her eyes, to find that there was light streaming from the sliding doors and then Jas appeared in that doorway dressed in a toweling robe.
“Ah, awake at last,” he smiled, and his eyes caressed her naked body, as the wonder of the whole situation slowly returned.

She was shocked when he told her it was almost nine o’clock, and that he had ordered breakfast. He came across to the bed and leaned to kiss her gently on the lips. A warm friendly kiss. After a breakfast of toast and coffee, “Very cautious,” Jas had laughed, they agreed that she needed to change her clothes. As she dressed, she suddenly noticed that outside, the sea was drifting by. They were afloat.
Reaching her own cabin, Cassie found Sally, sitting on the end of a bed looking slightly stunned. Her clothes from the previous evening looked rumpled. “I’ve only just come in and need some sleep,” she told Cassie. “Seeing him later this morning. But what about you? Did yours want a blow job?”
Cassie only hesitated before replying, “No, but I might have.”

Sally smiled, and meaningfully rubbed a finger along her lips, “Mmm. I’ve told you, haven’t I? if God had been a woman, a man’s cum would taste like chocolate—but it doesn’t.”
Cassie raised an eyebrow, “Sally, first night, and no sleep?”

Sally was unrepentant, and after she went to bed, Cassie took a lovely cool shower, dressed in shorts and shirt, and nervously, went to knock at Jas’s door. His welcoming smile told her that her fears were without foundation. “I thought you mightn’t come back,” he told her, guiding her with a gentle arm around her shoulder, out onto the balcony.

As sea swished by far below them, he urged her to sit on the edge of the sun lounger, before sitting alongside her. There was a warm look in those blue eyes which she hoped she wasn’t misreading.
“You gave me my first orgasm, last night,” she told him, reveling in the look of surprise he gave her. She felt the time ripe to be perfectly frank as she added, “And my second.”
“I hoped it might be like that for you. You were the first woman I have been with since Leanne.”

“Your wife?” Cassie asked in some surprise, and when he nodded, she added, “But you said that was eight months ago.”
He laughed, “Go on, admire how controlled I was.”

Cassie had to admit Jas had shown no desperation last night. She could only recall sensuality. Deep and new. Delightful. Were those memories making her body respond to the way he was looking her at that very moment? Because, for damn sure, what she was sensing between her thighs and beyond was a tingling warmth.

Their eyes locked as she tried to find words. Instantly she discovered she didn’t need words, as Jas found them for her. “Oh, God!” He growled as his hand stroked up her bare thigh to the rim of her shorts.
Cassie knew her whimper of pleasure gave her away. It took just ten seconds for them to be side by side on the lounger, all clothing scattered around them, mouths mashing together madly. A further five seconds for Jas’s fingers to gently explore Cassie’s eager wet readiness. Matching her sheer delight at those fingers, at the whole pace of everything, Cassie was stunned when Jas drew back his head, removed his fingers from her pussy, and sniffed at them as though savoring a rose.

The blue eyes scanned her face once more as he said, “I think we’re both ready for a repeat performance, don’t you?
“I’ve been ready since last night.”
Jas moved his body closer over her and told her, “Very private out in the open air, but-” He waved a hand loosely in the air, “- but noise travels. You know what I mean?”

Cassie was about to tell him she understood the need for some silence, but that was the moment that his hardness pushed firmly into her hot entry, drawing a wild gasping grunt from her. Entering her more deeply, Jas gave her a quick smile and a kiss. Now began, to Cassie’s utter delight, his rhythmic thrusts, plunging up into the heart of her, and which she responded to with her own vigorous hip thrusts, as well as flexing her muscles around Jas’s gorgeous hardness.

Within ten minutes of completely joyous union, they came very close to sharing mutual orgasms. As they lay still, cooling down, Cassie was hoping she would never wake up from this incredible dream. Everything she had ever fantasized about was here. Then Jas’s smiling face loomed over hers, and he said, “That was terrible, wasn’t it?”
Cassie surprised face had him laughing, “Terribly short, I meant. Was I too quick for you?”
“Just right,” she told him.

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