Cassie's Hot Cruise

(Part 3 from 5)

He then suggested that they have a quick shower before taking a view around the liner, and Cassie said numbly, “Oh, yes, the ship.” As though she had forgotten everything else other than this lovely man.
After a not-so-quick shower, as touching tried to take over, they were finally strolling together around the various decks. Seeing the luxury of some of the shops, the peacefulness of some of the bars which would clearly become busier come evening. They had a little fun counting the number of bars they passed, the Ball Game, the Calico, the Happy House, and quite a few others. “No shortage of watering holes,” Jas remarked.

They were walking like young lovers. When had he taken her hand? Cassie was warning herself not to read too much into this to avoid any hurt, when, in the early afternoon they stopped at one of the eating spots and shared a prawn salad.

They talked casually, and he spoke briefly of his idea for his second novel, before running his hand up the length her arm to stroke her shoulder. Thrilled by his touch, Cassie looked into his face and immediately saw the raw desire showing in his eyes, even before he said, “God, Cassie, I can’t get enough of you. I know somewhere quiet.”

It took them nearly ten minutes to get up to his posh cabin, where Jas wasted no time in stripping Cassie’s shirt away, removing her shorts, and lying her on the bed, with her legs spread, telling her, as he removed his own clothes, “I usually have a sweet after lunch. You’re it.”

Cassie had hardly recovered from the thrill of what he had said, and that look in his eyes. This was only her first full day on board. Could it get any better? As she looked at him standing, naked, over her, his cock already semi-erect, and, she had to admit, highly desirable, she had a feeling that things were about to become very much better. And she soon learned that she was correct.
Jas leaned over her and looking into her eyes, asked, “Can you keep a promise?”
“I think so,” she said, hearing the catch in her own voice.

Jas the placed her arms out wide, spread her legs, and placed a small cushion under her buttocks, before telling Cassie, “You must promise to stay exactly in this position.” He paused until Cassie, excited yet curious, nodded her head, and then he added, “Because I am, I hope, about to pleasure you in a way that will set the standard for the rest of our time together.”
That sort of statement had her moistening immediately. Then Jas was leaning close to kiss her warmly on the lips. Soon their lips and tongues were acting like long practiced friends. Jas’s right hand stroked over her shoulder and down to her left breast, where one finger played over the nipple.

Her so sensitive breasts longed for this kind of pampering, but then his mouth and tongue roamed over her skin, settled over her left breast, and Cassie’s heart pounded against her ribs. She longed to wrap her arms around him, to stroke him, but she had promised, and what he was doing to her was oh, so good.

His hand moved away from her breast, to allow his mouth and tongue to begin their kissing, licking and sucking at one breast after the other. Could he hear the harshness of her breathing? His caresses alone were driving her towards a frantic edge.

Lost in the wonder of his tongue on her nipples, Cassie became aware of his hand wandering gently over the skin of her belly, lingering momentarily on her hairless mound. Cassie’s breath caught in her throat as she was certain where those fingers would nestle next. She was wrong.

That hand stroked over Cassie’s pulsing mound, down to her inner thigh, where it fell into an up and down soothing action, which was almost as rapturous as his attention to her breasts. Her skin was a mass of tingling cells now.

Still, Jas’s attention shifted as his mouth left her breasts, and his tongue made a softly moist trail over her belly. Now everything seemed to be quickening, and Cassie was sure what his intentions were with his wonderful lips and tongue. This time she was only half correct, as his lips and tongue nuzzled over her smooth mound, and the hand that had been caressing her inner thigh moved up into the moistness of her cleft

Moving his head down brought his lovely cock close to her hand. Cassie just could not resist reaching for it, knowing where she wanted it at that moment. But Jas, in a low grunting voice, murmured, “Your promise.” Reluctantly Cassie drew back her hand.

Next second she was letting out a wild yelp of delight as a finger stroked over her clit before moving back along her crease to linger and circle her entry. Cassie knew she had to warn Jas just how close she was. Every move he made drove her wild. His fingers were traveling towards her clit and Cassie clenched her body to face the storm that might come. A touch, a tickle, and the fingers were moving away, back through her wetness. Making Cassie’s body arch with scorching hunger.

That was the moment that Jas’s lips and tongue slid from her mound and down into her crease where his tongue lathered at the already risen clit. Once again Cassie’s body twisted up in an involuntary arc. Then, as two fingers were wriggled up into her craving womanhood, she had tremors throughout her body which she could only classify as mini-orgasms.

Lost in those raptures, Cassie suddenly realized that it was no longer two fingers inside her, as one had been removed and was sliding further back to linger around her anus. No, she had never been touched there. Her squeaking intake of breath signaled that Jas’s finger was not just touching her there. It was pushing gently inside so that two fingers were now set to pleasure her, as Jas eased them back and forth.
But it was all too much for Cassie, her whole body was heaving as she craved only one thing. Forgetting all promises she reached out for it, voicing her need to Jas. “Cock. Oh, cock me.”
Without hesitation, Jas was poised over her, and without any teasing in his voice murmured, “Cock you? That’s a new way of putting it. But, dear Cassie, I can hardly wait.”

And his first solid thrust up into her, had her inner walls clenching and heaving at his rock-hard rod, but already had her mind gone. She floated on a cloud of sheer delight, and as Jas’s strokes became deeper and harder Cassie found herself in this euphoric wilderness of pure joy. She was aware that her own body was not inactive, as her hips rose up to meet each charge from Jas’s mighty cock, all of it automatic, for she had nothing else to give.

Jas’s strokes quickened and became more frantic. Oh, yes, cum with me, stuff me full. Jas’s deep growls of pleasure were loud in her ears and she delighted in convincing herself she could actually feel his juices mingle with her own. It was a sheer mutual joy.

Sad to feel Jas’s limpness slowly slide out of her as he rolled to one side, but his words were a wonderful balm, as he said, “Cassie, you are delicious. Did it please you?”
“There are no words,” Cassie sighed, only just coming down from her high. Lying there alongside him, she had to remind herself again that it was just the first day and already the sensuous experiences were beginning to mount up. Her crease had been massively licked, revealing to her how deep her passion might go.

There was no doubt, given his loving words, his wonderful eagerness to give her pleasure, and her desire to take it, that this cruise was set to become a sexual odyssey. She wanted to learn so much more.
Cassie was not disappointed. Late that evening, she fulfilled her curiosity as well as her desire, when she took the gorgeous hardness of Jas into her mouth. They had been naked on the bed for a while, touching, kissing. Jas fingered her with incredible finesse, while she stroked her fingers with equal gentleness along his hard cock. Being that close made the next step logical to Cassie.
As she moved her lips down over his hard belly, Jas seeing her intention placed a hand on her head and asked, “Have you done this before?” And when Cassie told him never, but that she needed the experience, he added, “I can see that, but maybe you won’t like it.”

“Maybe,” Cassie replied as he released her head, and she came face to face with that fascinatingly shiny bulbous purple head. Tentatively she poked tongue at the little slit there, before running it along the whole length, pleased to hear Jas’s grunt of pleasure.

That grunt came stronger as Cassie’s lips closed around the head with her tongue lapping at it. Then she was sliding her mouth along the whole amazingly warm, length of Jas’s gorgeous implement. It filled her mouth, and she was sure it was getting bigger as she moved her lips backward and forwards along it. Perhaps the greater delight was sensing Jas’s jerks and grunts as she gained more confidence in moving her lips along his shaft.

Oh, yes, mainly giving Jas this pleasure was central to the action, but she was fairly sure that, in time, she might come to enjoy giving a blow job just for the sheer joy of it. She was just wondering what it would feel like to have Jas’s cum pulsing into her mouth when his two hands clasped on either side of her head and his body wriggled to pull his cock from her mouth.

“First time? Young lady, you have such great potential that I will let you try that again when the mood is right.” Cassie, just a little disappointed not to complete her mouthing of his cock, was quickly aware of where it would be going, as Jas continued, “But I think a repeat of our, so far, conventional connecting is in order. Agreed?”

Of course, she agreed, and once again it was a sheer delight to have his powerful rod lunging up her willing channel. And his term ‘conventional connecting’ became a standard marker for straight sex for the ensuing days. Those ensuing days, with Jas’s cooperation, drew Cassie deeper into awareness of her own sexuality.

Next morning, after a quick nibble at each other, and then at a light cabin-service breakfast, because they had docked at their first stop, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Cassie moved to go for fresh clothing.
Jas’s response both pleased and worried her when he suggested, “Given the situation, it would seem time-saving to move all your gear up here.”
She told him she worried about deserting Sally. Understanding as ever, Jas told her, “Of course, but see what she thinks.”

Cassie quickly found that Sally was following her example. Her clothes and cosmetics were gone. A note on the dressing table, apologized but Sally’s guy was very demanding, and vigorous, and she couldn’t refuse that.

Cassie chuckled. Wild Sally. But then, just how wild had she become herself? But problem solved, Jas happily carried her case to his place. Then, both in shorts and shirt, they went ashore onto the wide clean pier of Gran Turk, where Cassie quickly remarked, “Look at that, a beach right alongside the landing pier.”

The white-sanded beach was not too crowded. Very tempting, but they only had until mid-afternoon, so, hand-in-hand they strolled around the town. A coffee in a café overlooking the azure sea, and early afternoon, a light drink with a sandwich.

Cassie shocked herself by remarking you, “You know, I think this is the longest time we’ve been together without—” She looked at him, wide-eyed, not needing to complete the sentence,
Jas laughed and said, “I’m delighted you noticed.” And shielded by the table he slid his hand along her inner thigh, making her gasp, and setting her juices flowing, before he added, “Time to hurry back?”
Cassie was all for that. The sun was at its strongest, as they joined other passengers ending their brief visit. The cool interior of the liner was so welcome, but the lift ride to the upper decks seemed interminable and crowded. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before they were naked, facing each other in a bath full of half-warm, but so refreshing, water.
“No suds?” Cassie queried.

Jas smiled and shook his head, “I need to see what’s under the surface”
Immediately his head dived under the water between Cassie’s thighs, and she jerked as his tongue stroked her clit.

That couldn’t last long, as he came up gulping and spluttering, before catching his breath and saying, “Not a good idea trying that underwater.” His smile broadened, “You still tasted good though.”
Cassie enjoyed what followed as she had enjoyed every sensuous encounter with Jas since they met. Their experimenting grew more and more intriguing for her.
At least twice, out on the balcony beds, they had a competition, which they called ‘first to cum’. Jas would finger deeply along her wet channel, while Cassie happily pulled and stroked on his rock-hard length. No lips or tongues were allowed, except for mouth to mouth kissing.

The first time, Cassie, after working furiously on his hefty shaft, sat back in triumphant wonder as she watched Jas’s cock spurt like a never-ending fountain across the tiled floor. With the game over, Jas, with tongue, lips, and fingers, brought Cassie to a mind-blowing climax, which he called her ‘prize’.

Jas’s equalizer came with Cassie claiming a foul, when Jas, working his usual magic with his fingers on her clit, and all around the constant wetness of her slit, suddenly plunged a finger into her anus. Cassie, having two orifices plundered at once, screamed her orgasm as her fluids ran wild, and her madly jerking body could not disguise her climaxing. Her hand flexing on his rigid member, soon had him cumming too, but he claimed victory.

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