Cassie's Hot Cruise

(Part 5 from 5)

Jas was the first to move, standing he said, “Let’s take the towels and the bag up to the trees, and then we’ll explore.”
“Naked?” she asked.
“Like Adam and Eve.”

That idea appealed to Cassie and, after putting the towels and bag in the shade of overhanging trees, they strolled, hand in hand, along the beach, as Jas told her what he recalled of his first visit. He was quite willing to talk about his companion then. “Taught me so much about---everything,” he added. “A very mature lady, ideal for a gawky young man.”
“She taught you well,” Cassie said.

Jas face became serious for a moment as they cut away from the beach onto a well
-trodden path among the trees. “Other people do come here, you see.”
That stroll was so comforting as they clutched each other, and the birds above them were the only sound. Cassie had a strange heaviness inside her as the thought of the pending separation on the following day. Jas had been pointing out certain birds, but, as they neared the other end of the tiny island, he had fallen silent.

Passing a grassy knoll, he guided Cassie towards it, sat down with her, kissed her warmly and stroked her breast. Then drawing back, his blue eyes gazed fondly into hers. “Tomorrow can’t be the end, can it?”

Cassie’s heart leaped. “You read my mind,” she whispered, and they kissed. For another twenty minutes, their bodies explored each other as though they had just met. It was all so idyllic. For Cassie, it really was Adam and Eve stuff.

They bathed in the warm waters back near the boat, and then they talked about the future. All of it like a dream to Cassie. Jas told her they could swap cell-phone numbers, and he would give her a copy of his book which she had to read. Her criticism of the book had to be made personally at his apartment.
More ecstatic than she had been on any part of this wondrous ten days, Cassie, just wanted to kiss him all over and he was willing to reciprocate.

It was getting late when they got back to the ship, and they had a meal before retiring to his apartment. Cassie knew her transport to the airport was early morning and with great sadness, Jas helped her pack and showed her where he was placing his card with his address and phone number. They set a deadline of no more than ten days before they met again.

They clung together practically all night, and their farewell kiss the next morning was painful. She gazed into Jas’s wonderful face, and as they finally parted, she looked back from the coach window to where he stood waving. Oh, God, that body, and what it had done to her. She was a changed woman from the girl who had boarded the ship.

On the coach journey to the airport, Sally prattled on about the joys of her man, to whom she had made no promises. Cassie just put her head back, closed her eyes, and dreamed of the future that one lottery win had laid in front of her. Some of that thinking was as though Jas was inside her once more.

Time just couldn’t pass quickly enough. They would talk on the phone, and his lovely deep voice, would make her moist, but until she was back in his arms, she would be lonely.

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