My Sister and Lover

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

All names & locations are changed as this is a true story of the deep physical love that my sister and I have shared for the past 36 years. She is also fully aware & endorses my telling of our story with all names changed to prevent identification of any innocent parties i.e. herself, me & our now deceased parents.

My sister Wendy & I are twins, we are approaching 60 years old now. We were born in 1954 to our loving parents Joan & Dennis. We were raised in an ordinary 3 bedroom detached house in Hampshire, England. Not luxurious but clean, tidy & well maintained due to our loving & dedicated mother & our father who had a good job with a civil engineering company that won some lucrative overseas contracts. This job entailed Dad being away overseeing some of the overseas projects that the company had landed throughout our childhood, while Mum raised us.

Being twins Wendy & I attended the same local schools together & pretty much shared the same circle of friends at secondary school. From around 18 years or so of age I dated some girlfriends of hers while she dated some of the boys that were friends of mine.

I was overly protective of my sister at that time & uncomfortable with her dating some of my oversexed young pals. This was because I was oversexed too & already having a sexual relationship with my sister & didn’t want any of my friends getting “a piece of the action” with Wendy. Mother had caught us in the act of fucking several times in fact. Sometimes with me between Wendy’s legs pumping away for all I was worth & sometimes with Wendy playing “cowgirl” & riding my cock. Mum merely admonished us both but did no more about it, certainly she never told Dad when he returned from his trips away. So we figured that we could just carry on fucking each other as discreetly as possible.

By 1973 we were both in long term relationships with partners who we were genuinely in love with. Wendy with her guy John & me with Babs. We married in 1975 with a double wedding ceremony attended by all our friends & families. Wedded at 21 years was too young by far, we were cautioned but didn’t heed the warnings. We even went on honeymoon to Tenerife as two couples. Life was very good at that juncture of time with no hint of what was to befall us.

June 1977 saw Dad killed by a hippopotamus whilst working in Rhodesia. It seems that he was at the wrong place (a river) at the wrong time; a group of workmates had gone together to photograph some of the wildlife on a day off, four had escaped the charging hippo while Dad & another guy in the party got gored by the hippo’s huge teeth. Dad was killed & his friend spent quite some time in hospital before spending the rest of his life (a mere 5 years) confined to a wheelchair.

That was indeed a very distressing time for all of us. Joan our mother was distraught at the loss of her adoring husband Dennis. At such times you have to all comfort each other & carry on with life. Unfortunately my wife Babs & Wendy’s husband John had been doing their own “carrying on” & Babs announced shortly to everyone that she was pregnant & going to have John’s child. I’ve never understood to this day why John would want to be unfaithful to Wendy. No surprisingly perhaps after John had produced three children with Babs he left her for another woman he’d met while working as a travelling salesman.

It’s said that the last to learn of an unfaithful partner is the one who has been cuckolded. In the case of Wendy & I that was true. Afterwards it seemed that everybody & his dog knew about their infidelity. Mother told us both that she had suspected John & Babs but it was only hearsay & as she had not the slightest proof wouldn’t lower herself to repeating gossip. There were naturally enough divorces to follow. Plus I’m sure that there was a lot of sniggering from those who knew of our partner’s infidelities & chose to remain silent on the matter.

Wendy & I moved back into the family home with mother, she was very sad that her children’s marriages had failed but at the same time pleased that she wasn’t in a 3 bed-roomed house on her own & would again have company especially during the long evenings after dinner. Wendy took an opportunity to change her job & went to work for the same shipping company that Mum worked for & for more money too!

I remained at my same job as a precision metal machinist which still pays good money to this day. We continued to carry on living lives similar to before our ill fated marriages, albeit without Dad’s occasional presence. Even though he’d often been away for much of the time we did all sorely miss him. Then not long after Dad’s death, our Aunt Molly (Mum’s sister) in August 1977 invited Mum to go & stay with her for a fortnight summer break in Exeter. Mum was hesitant at first making excuses that she’d be needed here to care & cook, wash & iron etc. for Wendy & me, which was not in the least true as we all pulled together & shared any chores. Wendy & I were both very capable of looking after ourselves “thank you very much!” And of course it would be a very welcome break for Mum to see her sister & distract herself from Dad’s death hopefully.

So a week later we took Mum to the railway station & we saw her off on her trip to see her sister. We stopped on the way home from the station at Tesco to replenish the larder for the next couple of weeks & purchased wine & beer to wash down the evening’s dinner. After washing up we decided that the pub seemed like a good idea too, so off we set on foot.

Some 2 hours or so later after some socialising with friends at our “local” we went home & watched a “Blue” VHS tape, Wendy insisting that she wanted to see a porno flick again. Hey Ho! I didn’t mind, It was one that she’d seen before with John & brought with her along with her other belongings when she left him. (She’s leaning on the back of my chair now as I type this nuzzling my ear, giggling with my neck between her ample 36 DD cup breasts)! We watched the movie that night snuggled together & started kissing, at first just a few pecks & then more affectionately, our tongues soon probing each others mouths like it was in our teens, the alcohol lowered our inhibitions & of course the porno flick as well made us both horny.

“Do you remember the fucks we had when we were fifteen or so?” Asked Wendy in her sexy husky voice that she uses when she’s horny. “As if I could ever forget the great times that we had together sis”. I replied. I guess it was no coincidence that the movie involved father & daughter incest. It had occurred to me that Wendy, as far as I was aware had not had sex since splitting with John & just maybe she was gagging for it as much as I was lately. I’d had just 1 proposition since leaving Babs, from a woman at work who I didn’t much like, & had declined her offer, she appeared to me desperate to get a man for sex & probably thought I would do for her.

The truth was that if she’d been even moderately good looking I’d have leapt into bed with her pretty damned pronto. But even I had some standards to adhere to! I was also thinking by now in no uncertain terms that I’d love to sleep again with my good looking sister with the luscious body; Wendy spoke huskily into my ear. “Would you like to take me here & now or in bed Pete?” “In your bed Wendy, definitely in bed, I want to make love to you with a passion & then caress your body all night.” She replied “I’m so glad its Saturday tomorrow & we can lie in bed together. I’ve wanted this to happen for a long time bro.” “Me too I thought.”

I’ve thought back often why ever did we not just rekindle our teenage incestuous relationship when we were together again in Mum’s house. I feel sure that it wouldn’t have been any problem at all & maybe then even had her blessing as we were both 24 tears old & consenting adults.

We made our way upstairs & into Wendy’s bedroom. Hers was the room with a double bed. Mum had swapped beds with Wendy & now slept in a single bed in her same room, which she preferred now that she slept alone.

Neither of us had had sex for about 10 months. We had both made do with masturbation…alone I’ll add. Me with my fist & Wendy I learned from herself with a vibrator or sometimes a banana or large carrot. That night we watched each other undress with eyes lusting for each others bodies. She giggled & reached for my cock which had unashamedly got very interested in sex indeed & was stood to attention. My sister has a gorgeous body & I was ogling her, my eyes feasting upon her nicely rounded buttocks & her ample womanly breasts. I couldn’t help noticing that she now shaved her pussy completely clean, not a big deal nowadays I believe but it was much less common in the 1970’s.

I knew that I was indeed one very lucky guy. She put her hand around my shaft & stroked it up & down with a lovely firm but soft grip. I cupped one of her full breasts in one hand & gently kissed & sucked on the swollen nipple and ran my tongue around the areole before doing the same to the other breast. She sighed with pleasure & continued to stroke my raging cock. Abruptly she said “Lick my clit Pete! Tongue me bro. Oh do me now Pete I need you so much! It’s been too long since I last had you inside me.” “Okay Wen I said,” We were laid in the sixty-nine position with me opening her inner labia & lifting her clitoral hood.

There was her little “Man in the Boat” gently I tickled it with my tongue, only to have Wendy give a long lustful moan & put a free hand behind my head to pull me to her lovely pussy with its intoxicating musky scent. By now she had my cock in her mouth & was giving it the most wonderful servicing I had ever had, her teeth rasping gently along my shaft.

Babs had been a damned good fuck but my sister was so much better. “Mmm you taste so good Wen.” I said. “Fuck me Pete; fuck me like you’ve never fucked any woman before!” A tall order indeed still I must try to.

So obediently I positioned myself between Wendy’s long slender legs which she spread wide & then pulled up her knees, reached down & held my still rampant cock, lining it up with her fuck-hole I felt the wonderful lubricating juices of a woman’s cunt as she circled her fuck-hole with my cock-head & I pushed gently. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Pete!” she cried. “Are you alright?” I asked puzzled but at the same time concerned that something was wrong. “Oh Pete it feels so good… I’d forgotten about how good my brother was in bed I now remember.” Feeling somewhat abashed I was now obliged to do my damnedest to satisfy my sister’s carnal lust. “Hey Wen you’re pretty damned hot yourself. Take credit where it’s due we were just made to slake each others sexual thirst!” My cock was so deep in my sister now & I pumped away on top of her for all I was worth, I’m not an overly large man by any means (only 7 inches) but we were both in 7th heaven by then.

I could feel an orgasm building by now & told Wendy that I was about to cum. “Me too… cum In me bro. I want your cum to fertilise me.” “Are you sure Wen?” I said. Too late I was cumming, pumping my sperm into my beautiful lustful sister. A few more strokes & I was spent. My semen mixed with her orgasm juices into a lovely slushy mix. I & my cock were in heaven. “Wow that was unbelievably good sis, I hope it was as good for you. “Oh it was Pete, definitely the best. Why ever did we leave it so long before we fucked each other? We should have kept on screwing years ago, it would have saved us both the trauma of our disastrous marriages”

That maybe… but perhaps after our disastrous marriages we probably appreciated each other even more. After all we do have a very special affinity with each other now & I hope always do have sis. We spent much of the remaining night fucking each other maybe another three or four times. In the morning Wendy said that if she was pregnant she would get an abortion as she thought now that it would not be such a good thing if we made a baby between us after all. And if she wasn’t pregnant she would go & see her doctor for the birth control pill. As it happened she never has got pregnant & was taking the pill by the following Wednesday & continued until I got a vasectomy 30 years ago.

However as we’d dipped our toes into the waters of incestuous sex again there was no going back for us as we were so totally besotted with each other. There now remained the problem that Mother would be returning soon & would we be able to fuck as freely as we had been with mother back in the house? The answer of course is that we would have to test the waters & try. After all it was Mum’s house, so we had to try to abide by her standards & if she said NO then that might be the final word. So there would not be much fucking upon her return, not immediately anyway. That was going to be frustrating to say the least. In the worst scenario we would have to resort to weekends away in a hotel some distance from home. Wendy & I made the most of what time we had left to fuck each other at every opportunity until Mum returned… so no big surprise there then.

Well of course Mother did return from Aunt Molly’s & all too soon for her fornicating son & daughter.
Shortly after Mum’s return she must have picked up that Wendy & I had changed our body language. We were even more affectionate toward each other & when we all watched TV or a video together Wendy & I would snuggle against each other. Deliberately caressing each others bottoms & thighs & linger thereon maybe my hand casually brushing a breast.

Anyways one evening Mum just out & asked us how was it while she was away at Aunt Molly’s? “Just fine Mum. You know that we get along great.” Replied Wendy. “I know you do, did you sleep together?” She replied smiling & looking straight at us with her big twinkling brown eyes. “What sort of a question is that?” Replied Wendy with her jaw dropping, while I was stammering & lost for words. “I thought so.” Said Mum with a wicked smile on her face. “Yes Mum we’ve slept together why hide it, in fact every night that you were away. Given that you found us shagging when we were teenagers it can’t be such a big surprise.” Said I, Mum had read her son & daughter well.

Mother sat there smiling at us both. “Well your secret’s safe with me. I shan’t tell another soul. I just hope you both keep it a secret & don’t have a baby.” “I’m taking the pill” Blurted out Wendy with a now reddened face. “Good I’m glad to hear that. You may not realise that Incest especially between siblings is more common than most people might think.” She paused & took a deep breath. “I was having sex with my brother when I was fourteen & he was seventeen. I got pregnant but miscarried at three months but it didn’t stop until he had to join the army, so your old mum knows a thing or two about teenage incest.” There’s no doubt that confession utterly stunned both Wendy & I.

That was obviously why she had only admonished us when she’d caught us having sex together as fifteen year olds. “Did Dad know about your big secret Mum?” I asked. “That would have been our Uncle Vince then Mum?” Chimed in Wendy before Mum could reply. “Yes my brother that was killed during the allied assault at Arnhem bridge in Holland in 1944. I do still miss him terribly, he was kind & I gave myself to him willingly in 1940 during “The Blitz” he & I would never go into the air-raid shelter. We would stay in the house & grab our illicit love when we could. Oddly perhaps I really wanted to have a child by him; the repercussions in hindsight would have been unthinkable.

Can you imagine not only the stigma of being fourteen & pregnant but pregnant by my own brother? Your grandparents never knew about my pregnancy but Uncle Vince did. I’m certain that he would have stood by me, but his destiny was to be in the Airborne Regiment dropped into occupied Holland by glider & buried in an unknown grave. And in answer to you Peter no your Dad never knew about my Big Secret.” She wiped tears from her by now moist eyes.

You can both sleep together as often as you want & enjoy it too! After that enlightening chat we all retired to bed. Mum in her room & Wendy & I in her room. That was the beginning of Wendy’s & my special relationship that had mother’s blessing.

Wendy & I would make love often & in deference to mother I would try not to be too loud when we were fucking. Shortly after we had been sharing Wendy’s bed every night for a short while she asked me why I made love to her so quietly. I explained that I didn’t wish to disturb Mum. She told me that Mum enjoyed hearing us fuck together, it apparently reminded her of the times that she’d had making love to our Uncle Vince & then later Dad. Mum told Wendy that she would always masturbate while listening to us fuck. So Wendy bought her a vibrator & a few masturbatory sex toys from the local Anne Summers shop.

I asked if Mum had expressed any desire to watch Wendy & I going at it? But no she just liked to hear us & fantasize what we were up to. However that was not strictly true she would, at weekends especially, get up before us & make a pot of coffee, then bring it to us in bed & sit on the side of the bed & chat about anything at all whilst we all three drank the coffee. Mother was always very scantily clad those mornings & willingly gave me an eyeful of her full luscious breasts (Wendy had indeed inherited the “big tits” gene from her) Mum would always wear a miniscule bra & panties under one of her “Baby Doll” nighties obviously to turn us on, or if not us then me. It worked very well indeed.

Wendy would sit up in bed with both of her lovely breasts fully exposed too & me with a tent pole erection under the duvet. If I needed to pee then I had to get up & walk to the bathroom naked, to the delight of them both clapping & whistling!
Although by that time I would have loved to fuck with Mum as well as Wendy it just wasn’t going to happen, it was fine for me to kiss her & put my arm around her waist, and to sit on the sofa between Wendy & Mum while watching T.V. with an arm around both of them.

But if I touched her tits or bum or thigh my hand was quickly removed & I was told that I should be very grateful that I had such a loving sister & that I must be faithful to her & not betray her trust ever. That said I always have been faithful.
Mum passed away in 1983 with cancer. She was sadly missed by us both. We sold the family home 28 years ago & moved to another house not far away but with a smaller garden & easier to maintain too.

We still share a bed together; have no children but a lot of love for each other & a damned good sex life still. We’re starting to think about retirement now & perhaps moving to Salisbury; Nobody knows us there so we can at last live discreetly as Mr & Mrs Smith.

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