Cassie's Hot Cruise

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When it was over, they lay together, and Cassie quietly asked him, “Am I becoming a genuine slut, lusting after you like this.”
He laughed out loud and said, “You are definitely a grade ‘A’, and it’s marvelous.” He kissed her fondly.
When they reached Antigua, a friendly taxi driver, showed them the sites among them the English harbor used by Lord Nelson. The smiling driver took them to a lively beach café where the West Indian music had them swaying together. Something they had become well-practiced at, by this time.

That night, in the rowdy casino, they lost over a hundred dollars, before retiring to the Calico Bar, where, under the cover of the voluminous red squared tablecloth, Jas ran his fingers under her light skirt, along her bare inner thigh, to probe into Cassie’s wetness.

Trying desperately to control herself, Cassie wriggled rapturously on her seat and reached to touch at the exciting lump in his pants. With her eyes fixed on his, she unzipped him and quickly had her hands around his wonderful rod. When she saw Jas’s lips tremble with excitement, Cassie took her chance. Glancing quickly left and right, she dived under the table.

On her knees, she fingered Jas’s throbbing cock. It was gloomy under the cloth and with her mouth poised over the shiny head she giggled as she whispered, “Jas, it glows in the dark.”
Before he could respond, she had taken the heat and firmness of him between her lips and deep to the back of her throat. She wallowed in the fullness of that solid cock, filling her mouth. Cassie had it smoothing along her inner cheeks, making them tingle, while her tongue tried to roll around this wonderful girth.
Rejoicing in the massive feel of it, Cassie sucked avidly.
“Careful, Cassie,” she heard Jas breathlessly hiss, “I might cum.”

That is my intention, she thought happily, knowing she looked forward to that moment. Then she heard the waiter’s voice from somewhere above her, “Is the lady finished with her drink, sir?”
Cassie almost giggled around his shaft when Jas’s gasped reply came, “I don’t think so.”

Cassie continued her sucking on that gorgeously cock, while her fingers began to gently squeeze his balls. She felt his legs tremble, and when his hands failed to move her from her task, his hips began pushing from the seat. She knew it was going to happen.

First, there came Jas’s suppressed mumble, and, before she was fully expecting it, his hot creamy fluids were striking the back of her throat, and she began swallowing. Recalling the way his seed had shot across the balcony floor, it was a joy for Cassie to be at the center of his fountain this time and sense the pleasure she was bestowing.

She gulped and swallowed for what seemed a long time, and she didn’t want it to end, as she heard Jas’s desperate attempts to suppress his groans of delight. Cassie had a vague suggestion of a salty tang in her mouth after Jas’s cock finally limped out of her, and she scrambled to regain her seat, to take a swift gulp of wine.
Jas, quite red-faced, was smiling at her as he said, “naughty girl.”
“Don’t you like me naughty?”
He reached to squeeze her hand and reply, “I love you naughty.”

That four-letter word seemed to hang in the air around them, as their eyes met and held. Cassie’s heart was pounding against her ribs, and later back in the apartment, they were very naughty together.
Two nights before their final island stop, a fancy-dress evening was held. A special room was set aside for the hire of outfits, and Jas insisted that Cassie, given her background, should hire a stetson, and cowboy boots. That would be enough since she already had a checked shirt and denim shorts with her.

Jas picked out a Roman toga for himself, and as they dressed that night, Cassie viewed the Roman-garbed Jas with mock intensity and joked, “I guess you’ll keep your tiny weapon well concealed in there.”
All she was wearing was the checked shirt when she was grabbed by a laughing Jas, who growled, “Tiny? Tiny? I’ll show you tiny.”
Instantly, a delighted Cassie was aware of his hardness pressing under her shirt. The dressing was completed some thirty minutes later, after a second shower.

The evening proved to be full of glamour, games, and hilarity. Being wrapped in each other they hadn’t socialized much, so this was a pleasant change of pace. They had agreed that their drinking would not be overdone, so, as they returned to the apartment, arm in arm, Cassie wondered what excitement this evening might produce.
As they stood outside the apartment door, Cassie jokingly patted at her belt, and whispered, “I’ve lost my gun.”
Jas looked down at her, stroked one hand over her breast, and told her, “You can have mine.”
“Is it loaded?”
“You’ll find out,” he grinned, as he opened the door.

Cassie expected him to grab her once inside, but, still in his robes, he flopped back on his elbows on the bed. As she moved expectantly towards him, he held up a hand, “No, you stand over there. Near the mirror.”
She did as instructed and reached up to remove her Stetson. “No, leave that on, but unbutton your shirt—slowly.”

Cassie gave him a coy grin and slowly began to unbutton her shirt. When the last button was undone, she flipped one edge of the shirt to give him a quick one-off view.
“No, take the shirt off.”

With a seductive shrug, she threw the shirt to one side and waggled her breasts at him. Jas laughed and asked, “Do you think you can get out of the denim pants without removing the boots?”
It was a struggle, but eventually, she was standing there on display in only Stetson and cowboy boots, a brazen expression on her face. Jas sat up, “Ah, yes, just as I thought. Stetson and boots make what is in between look very sexy. And by God, Cassie, you are the sexiest lady I’ve ever seen.” He flung open his robe to reveal his gorgeous erect cock pointing at the ceiling. “Now come and straddle your mount.”

Cassie, her heart pounding ever faster, hurried to the bed and climbed to pose, on her knees, astride his lovely body. Reaching down she handled his rock-hard cock to guide it between her thighs. The moment that bulbous smooth head touched her pussy lips, Jas heaved his hips upwards and his hot lance glided so readily into her soaked channel. Cassie gasped with the sheer delight of it.
“Is this your bucking bronco I’m on?” she gasped as Jas’s hips continued to rise to meet her downward thrusts.

“No, this is a fucking bronco.”
Cassie giggled through another ecstatic gasp, “Is it trained?”
“After these days with your demands, I’d say it is more drained than trained.”

Cassie ground down on his wonderful hardness that filled her so completely. She could hear her own breathing rasping as her insides warned her of a massive conflagration coming her way, quicker than expected.

Jas must have noticed it too, for, in one slick movement, he had twisted her so he was on top, and had shifted how his cock moved in her so that each thrust stroked his cock over her clit. Cassie could not suppress the scream of joy that escaped her lips as that magic orgasm struck.

Where did it start? Was it heat around her clit? No, the heat was more of a blaze deep in the channel of her cunt and was expanding as though some fiery creature was seeking a wild escape. Through every channel of her body, in every artery, every vein where the blood became hotter. On up into her brain to bedazzle every thought, every ecstatic sensation.
Really impossible to define, but just sheer wonder, expanded by sensing Jas’s expulsion of his cum inside her. They played an ecstatic duet of joy.

At some time, during their frantic heaving, her Stetson had been dislodged, and she barely had time to remove her boots before they fell into a deep welcoming sleep.
The next morning, they found the ship had docked in Nassau in the Bahamas, and over breakfast, Jas told her that it was one place that he had been before. His college had extended the ornithology course to view some exotic birds on a special field trip.

He told of the sweet local lady who had taken him to see what she had called ‘the smallest island in the group.’ Cassie would have gone anywhere Jas suggested, and as they made their way to the harbor, Jas told her, “It’s too small to support human life.” He gave her a wicked grin as he went on, “I learned a lot on that island—but not about birds.”

After only twenty minutes on the small motorized boat that Jas had hired, and steered ably through the blue, green water, Jas called, “Dead ahead.”
Cassie had sat back under the shady awning, letting the breeze flare out her hair as she gazed between Jas’s broad back and the darting colors of fishes in the clear waters. Now she looked to where Jas pointed.

Through the distant heat haze, Cassie saw a small lump, rising from the sea. Coming closer it became greener, but not much bigger. “I’m going to steer right around the island,” Jas told her.
He gave her one of his special smiles, “To make sure there are no other boats berthed anywhere, with folk having the same ideas as we have.”
Cassie returned his smile with added false innocence, “I thought we’d be bird watching.”

She found that the island was so small that the round trip took no time at all. And it took no time for them to be together, with water up to their ankles hauling the boat completely onto the sand. Cassie giggled, “I feel like a pirate.”

“You look like an angel,” Jas said, and his blue eyes regarded her deeply as he took her in his arms. They kissed passionately, and Cassie was aware of Jas unfastening her shirt buttons. Not to be outdone, Cassie, already moistened with desire, started on his, and their stripping didn’t end with the shirts. Within seconds they were naked, with their clothes flung into the beached boat.

Without breaking their kiss, Jas pressed her down until she was lying in the shallow water as it struck the beach, and to her delight, he lay over her and his solid cock pressed up into her, and with more force than she had ever known from him.

So quickly, they were pounding at each other with water splashing around them. For Cassie having his shaft deep inside her in this environment made it extra special. Their fierce hip movement and Jas’s wild thrusting up to her core were absolute magic. Their cumming together so quickly was a display of their eagerness for each other, and it was joyous to share Jas’s grunts with each heave of his cum inside her.

Eventually, he rolled off her and lay on his back, as the sea washed over him. They both took pleasure in watching as Cassie spread her thighs, and they saw his cum being washed away by the sea as it struck against her slit.

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