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Free Prison Rape Stories

  • Rape and Beat the Anchorwoman
    A television anchorwoman is captured and punished by a convicted criminal's brother for insulting the family name. For two days she is beaten and raped in her own home. She is forced to submit to the rape of her mouth, pussy and asshole, each time beaten before the rape begins...

  • Making Prison a Bit Harder Valluum 3
    Prison brings new experiences every day...

  • Making Prison a Bit Harder
    Caden enters Walla Walla and wonders how he will survive. There will be several sequels that get more graphic as they go along. This is just the introduction...

  • The warden
    'Come along with me, Baker' prison guard Burt Ives ordered, 'the new warden wants to see you in her office, pronto, so let's step on it!!!'...

  • Waitress du jour
    Do not read this story if you are offended by brutal gang rape...

  • Bikers
    Do not read this story if you are offended by brutal gang rape erotic fantasies...

  • The R-ape of Virginia P
    This is one of the many versions for an infamous gang rape incident portrayed in Philippine movies in the 80's...

  • The Prisoner
    This is a story with a rather lengthy lead in to the ... at the end of it. If you like stories that lead up to the ... this is for you and yes this brain washing technique really works...

  • Factory 2
    John, still held prisoner continues impregnating women, starting to question the purpose of it all...

  • The ebony satisfier
    Paula couldn't resist the lure that the big cock had on her, so she leaned forward and 'gingerly took the purple head into her mouth and thought, 'My god, it's so smooth and 'soft, almost like velvet!'...

  • Escaped
    Just seeing her daughter so satisfied was all it took for Tara go over the edge 'once more, leaving her a limp and shaking from another powerful climax!!!...

  • Mom's slutty friends
    Passed around between mother's slutty co-workers and friends...

  • Talking Dirty
    A tragi-comic tale that has a young teacher fulfilling her sexual fantasy with an unlikely partner in a very unlikely place...

  • Surviving with my Aunt
    Aunt and Nephew in the wilderness...

  • My fun time in Germany Part II
    Has too much to categorize... Nudism, first time sex, oral sex, asian sex.'I hope you like it!

  • Making the Chef Pay
    A disgruntled employee holds Cleo for two days in her restaurant. Her body is used for his pleasure. Cooking instruments were never meant to be used like this...

  • Hiking in the mountains
    Mother and son plan a little mountaineering trip during the weekend. But things change in a different way when two intruders barge into their cabin...

  • Guilt and seduction by a married woman
    This story happened when I was 27...

  • The Winter of the Danes
    The first of the 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicles.'...''Hereward must rescue his love from the clutches of the marauding Danes.

  • Life is Wonderful
    Carl was surprised at her brash request. This lovely girl was fucking his son, and so was her sister. What if their mother was a horny bitch also? Maybe he could get a piece of ass from her. He was a lonely man after his divorce. He hadn't stuck his dick in a cunt for years...

  • Airport Search Ch 3
    Natalie is searched at an airport in Cuba. She is humiliated by the guards and masturbated until she cums. Her body is abused by different electrical devices and if again forced to cum from the pain and the pleasure. Ch 3 the police arrest her...

  • The Silken Family Trap - Part III
    Mike confronts his mom about his pantyhose fetish last nights sexual encounter with his sister. Guess what happens?

  • Revenge Of The Furies
    Three lovily creatures revenge the murder of the innocents...

  • The Silken Family Trap - Part IV
    The fourth installment of this incest and nylon fetish story. Mike has Mom and Sis together finally...

  • Slaver Training-The Auction
    is the story of Slavers and the capture and auction of their prey...

  • The Wild, Wild West Ch. 1
    A young girl wants to ride a stallion...

  • Angie's An Adult- Chapter 1
    She turns 18 and decides to become a slut...

  • Tina
    My sister-in-laws hidden desire...

  • Matchmaking Trap- Chapter 4
    She Males
    The conclusion of the series, where a traumatic experience causes a change in plans for Donna by Chad, Deanna, and Roberta...

  • The Tutor
    She slide back up to the tip of my cock and flicked her tongue on it, which made me antsy and i wanted her deep throathing me again. My hands came to her head and was about to push her forward but she removed her mouth from my cock 'I get to be on top,' she reminded me...

  • Marooned on Gronk
    Fiction : NASA is shipwrecked on an alien world...

  • The Apartment on Tabor Road
    The guy next door seems obsessed with talking about anal ... with his girlfriend, but what does he really want?

  • Bad Uncle - Part 2
    Caught in the act with his niece, Uncle Tony is forced to accept severe terms of submission to his evil bitch sister...

  • Closing Time- Chapter 2
    Paul and Jessie agree to become Dan's slaves...

  • Blackmailed For Wife's Crimes
    A Dutch shrink is blackmailed into becoming the office stud for his wife's boss and her female colleagues...

  • Scott Sonnyjohn's Wild Time
    Scott Sonnyjohn goes on a wild sexual adventure with many twists and turns on the way!!!

  • A Connisseur's Feast
    An opportunistic cocksucker seduces his dream cowboy!

  • Dans le Murs Part 10
    Colin and Nahdya become embroiled with a powerful and demented Triad. They manage to escape but are hounded...'[Part 11 will published tomorrow]

  • The Outsider and the Rebellous Gir.
    A strange boy suddenly shows up in a pristine community and a sympathic girl becomes obsessed with him...

  • Factory 1
    John is abducted and forced to impregnate women by his enigmatic captors...

  • Reluctant Hero
    A British Submarine ace is asked to defect to Nazi Germany to steal Nazi codes...

  • Hot Hokkaido Winter
    American guy meets 2 Japanese girls in train and they spend some days in Sapporo/Japan...

  • Betty Bukkake
    A middle-aged woman discovers she is a cumslut...

  • My Mother - My Lover
    My mother and I have always been close, then one day when I was 18, our relationship changed...

  • My Busty Aunty
    Raj Enjoys With Her Busty Hot Aunt...

  • Wife Seeks Help In Training Her Submissive Husband!
    Hubby gets caught subbing for swingers... 'Wife & friends take revenge!

  • Escape from Singapore
    Tony is left starnded in Singapore at the surrender. This is the story of his escape and survival...

  • Little Red-Cap
    An erotic retelling of the traditional fairy-tale...

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