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Mom's slutty friends

(Part 1 from 1)

This episode is true, it all happened in a week's time. my mom introduced to one of her nurse co-workers, this lady was 45 yrs old and slutty sexy. she had red-hair and large boobs. she had some dick sucking lips and an ass that wouldn't quit. my mom went on vacation, the next day, i recieved a phone call from from the red-headed slut, she invited me over to her house. i went without hesitation. she answered the door nude, she had a big hairy bush, i was rock hard. she offered me a drink, i took it. she then proceeded to unbutton my shirt and remove my pants, when i was completely naked, she called out for everyone to enter. out came 11 women my mom worked with, there were filipino chicks, a couple of black chicks, a mexican girl, a pakistanian slut, and the rest were white sluts. they all soon got naked, i was to be their sex-toy. i was totally jacked about this. they told me tha i was to be servicing them all week at the slutty red-head's house. they hand-cuffed me to the bed.
As i sat there naked and tied up they all got drunk. the 2 filipin chicks came to the bedroom and stared at me with evil grins. one of these chicks was a thick girl, the other was fine. i would have jumped on them any time. the thick girl ordered me to lay on my back, i did immeadiuately. she mounted my face and began to shove her shaved cunt into my awaitng mouth. i have never been treated like this, i was loving it. the fine flip, starting giving me a blow job. within minutes i shot my load into her hot cock-hole. the thick girl rode my mouth until she blew her load. the fine chick sat on my face and pissed on me, i was shocked on how much i loved it.
All of those sluts left, i was soon alone again, all of the lights in the house were out, i was scared with anticipation. the door creaked open, i smelled perfume, i figured it was the red slut. i laid still, all of sudden haot wax dripped on my pecker. i jumped with pain, the red slut told me to rollover on my stomach. i did this with great excitement. she made spread my legs apart, she propped a pillow under my cock to raise my ass up in the air. she started to lick my asshole, this was a first. i was loving this ass licking, soon i was a raging hard-on, she stopped all of sudden. i asked her "what's the deal?". she said nothing, and she rubbed a cold greasy lube on my ass. she uncuffed me and forced me to pull my fat ass cheeks apart. she strapped on a big dildo on, and forced this monster into my tight ass, i screamed with pain, she rammed this thing into my shitter until i passed out.
I awoke a few hours later, my ass was sore. the sheets were stained with my piss and cum. the whole room smelled of sex. i went to the oilet to pee, and found the red's husband in there. he saw my ass was lube. he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and smacked my ass. he yelled at me, and made me spread my legs, i did this with anticipation of an ass fucking. he positioned behind me, grabbed my hips and slammed his pecker into my asshole with one huge shove. i lost my breath. he pumped feverishly for a couple of minutes, and shot his jizz into my sweet-ass. his wife walked in and laughed at me, she made get into the shower and lay down. her husband and her pissed on me. i was humiliated.
The next day, the fat black chicks took me to their house. there were video cameras around the room. i was to be filmed do what they wanted, i was excited. i was stripped naked by them while the cameras rolled. they tied me up to the bed, i ahd enough rope to turn whichever way they wanted. little did i know i was raped by several large cocked brothers, just out of prison and pissed-off at white people. theyw ere to take out their anger on me. it gaot bad quickly.
they mounted my ass dry, the first was to loosen me up. it worked. his black fuck-stick was small enough to enter without too much pain, he nutted in there. the next one jammed it in without any problem. he fucked me till i was screaming. the cameras caught this action. they chicks were screaming at these guys to fuck the shit out of me. by the 4th brotha, i was laying there on my stomach getting fucked. this brotha rolled me on my back and threw my legs on his shoulders and slammed his meat in my ass, he must of had 12in pecker, b/c i was cumming and wiggling. he pulled out and shot his nasty dick seed into my mouth. he jammed his shit covered pecker into my mouth. he fucked my mouth until he was clean. the next brotha made stand up, he bent me over and proceeded to fuck me while i was standing, he shot his load onto my back. my shit-hole was a gaping cave, the last dude kick me in my ass. he shoved me down on the bed. he lifted my ass up in the air, pulled me to th edge of the bed and mounted me. he grabbed my hips and started slamming the big black dick into my abused ass. he fucked me like a piston. i was trying to cath my breath, he would slap me, and call me names. he pulled out and got in front of me and shot his load in my face. he squeazed it all out.
The next thing that happened was three 55 = yr old braods had me, they wanted sex, good sex, normal stuff. i was a willing participant. these three ladies made love, i had sex with them for 2 days. i was enjoying the granny sex, even thought heir titties sagged, and pussies were gray, they could fuck. the sex with ladies turned me out to only fucking old broads. i now get paid for fucking old sluts. i love licking their stink-holes and gray pussies.

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