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Rape and Beat the Anchorwoman

(Part 1 from 4)

Note : This story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live! - THIS is EROTIC FICTION/Fantasies ONLY!

M+F, bd, nc, rape, humil, tort, Mdom, anal, enem

A television anchorwoman is captured and punished by a convicted criminal's brother for insulting the family name. For two days she is beaten and raped in her own home. She is forced to submit to the rape of her mouth, pussy and asshole, each time beaten before the rape begins.

Chapter 1-The Punishment Begins

“Convicted child molester, David Johnson was sentenced to 50 years in prison today. A suitable punishment for a despicable crime committed by this man. Stay tuned for details.” The camera panned off to the commercial, Celeste relaxing in the booth, waiting for the commercial to end and the news broadcast to begin again.

“Fucking cunt, how dare you say that about my brother.” Joel was pissed. His brother had made a minor mistake, how did he know the girl was only 14, she looked much older. When she said no, he thought she was just teasing him. They always say no, but mean yes. They just wanted a reason to give in and be fucked and he gave her one. He tied her down. He kept her for a week, fucking her in every imaginable way. He even let Joel have a piece of her, luckily she had a blindfold on and could not tell the difference between his cock and his brothers. All she knew was that they were both big and they hurt her each time they fucked her. That’s what they have cunts for, for fucking.

“I’ll teach you bitch,” Joel watching as Celeste came back on the screen. Celeste was five feet six inches, but you could not tell from the television. She was never standing. Her blonde hair hung down below her shoulders, not real long. Her 34D breasts pushed out the silk blouse she wore but what drew the attention of the listeners, especially the men, was her face. She had a sexy face that seemed to scream “fuck me.” “I’ll teach you your place, wait until you get home tonight. Joel is going to be waiting for you and he is going to show you what a worthless cunt you are. You are going to feel pain for insulting my family.”

Joel opened the door to the condo, the penthouse of the Wilshire building. It was almost too easy to sneak past the doorman, they let anyone in looking like a delivery or repairman. The lock was nothing to open, a few minutes at most. He closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked again. Don’t want her getting spooked, he thought. He casually walked around, checking out the place. He figured he still had about a ½ hour before she would come home. Today’s newscast had just got over. The place was large, a giant window overlooking the city on one wall, the couch and chairs all facing the window. A large coffee table was in the center. Just the right height, Joel thought. I can see the bitch kneeling on it, naked, her ass pushed up high, begging for my big cock. She will beg before the night is over, his cock already hard and bulging his pants.

The dining room contained a very large table, heavy legs holding it up. She’s going to look so nice bent over the table, legs spread wide, waiting for the cane on her ass. She is going to beg for every snap of the cane on her flesh. He walked into the bedroom, loving the bed. It was a large, high bed, with very big bedposts in each corner. He was going to love tying her down on it, legs spread, ready to be fucked.

Joel knew that she did not work again for two days and he had found out that she was planning to go out of town. He had done a lot of planning. He did not leave anything to chance. She would not be missed for two days and he was going to make her pay for what she said about his brother. Her body was his to do as he pleased and he had so many things he planned to do. He put his bag down on the floor next to her bed, out of sight until she came home. It contained all of the things he needed for Celeste’s two days of punishment and rape. He had so many nice things to use on her body. The cane, the whip, the barbed dildo, the inflatable butt plug, the nipple clamps and weights, the studded paddle, a wet suit and various electrical devices. He had brought enough rope to tie up twenty people, you never have enough rope, he laughed.

He stood behind the door in the bedroom, rubbing his cock through his pants in anticipation of her arrival. He heard a key in the lock and he pulled his gun from his pants, a large 38-caliber pistol. He heard the click of her heels on the floor as she entered the bedroom. As soon as she entered the room he quickly shot out from behind the door, one hand thrust over her mouth, the gun in the other hand shoved deeply into her side. “You make a noise cunt and I will blow a new asshole in your side. Put your hands down at your side and don’t move.” He felt her body surrender, her arms hanging limply at her sides. “That’s a good cunt, you keep that up and you might just live.” He pulled his hand off of her mouth and before she could react, the gun was thrust into her open lips, smashing against her teeth as it entered her oral cavity. “You want a new throat, bitch.”

He watched as she shook her head, tears beginning to run out of her eyes. Her lips were spread wide over the black barrel of the gun as he forced it further into her mouth making her choke as it pushed to the back of her mouth.

“You insulted my brother the other day on television, David Johnson, do you remember bitch?” She shook her head yes, the gun moving up and down in her mouth. “You’ve got to pay for that, bitch. I know you will not be missed for two days, so for two days I am going to make you pay.”

Celeste cringed as she felt his other hand run over her body, moving up from her waist to her breasts, grabbing them tightly. She could feel his cock pushed against her ass. She knew that she was going to be raped. He was right, no one would even begin to look for her for two days.

“Your penthouse is almost soundproof and being on the twenty first floor, nobody will even her your screams. Your neighbors down below you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones are gone for the summer. It’s just you and me bitch, payback time. Do you know what I am going to do to you? Can you imagine what I will do?”

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She felt his hand became more urgent, running down the flat of her stomach, grabbing at her pussy, forcing her ass onto his hard cock. She shook her head no, mumbling through the gun in her mouth. She started to struggle, hoping to get away from this madman.

“Stay still, cunt or I’m going to shoot you now and get it over with. I can still fuck you, even if you are dead. It just wouldn’t be as much fun for you,” he laughed. “I said, stay still,” his finger pushing down on the trigger, the noise of the firing pin pulling backwards breaking the silence in the room, as he felt her struggle again, trying to get loose.

Celeste heard the noise of the gun and all of a sudden she felt the gun jerk, his finger pulling back on the trigger. She froze, her piss running down her leg, waiting for the inevitable explosion in her mouth. She heard a loud metal bang as the firing pin hit the chamber. She shrieked into the gun but no explosion occurred. Her piss continued to run down her leg, soaking her panties.

“Must’ve forget to put a bullet in that chamber, want to try for another one.” His fingers searched out her pussy, feeling her skirt begin to soak through. “Did the bitch piss her pants? Your odds go down to 1 in five next time. You want to fuck with me again and see if you luck holds out?”

Celeste slumped in her captor’s grasp, surrendering to him. She shook her head no, mumbling incoherently, anything to stop him.

“That’s the way to behave, keep that up and you might live. We are going to play for the next two days. I going to beat and torture you, then I’m going to fuck you. Then we are going to start all over again, for two long days. If I get bored with you, you’re dead, so you better make it good.” He felt her body shuddering against him, his cock getting harder. He was going to love beating and torturing her. He was going to love using her body for his own pleasure, making her submit to him, her pain making his cock hard. His hands continued to run over her body, her breasts, moving back over her ass. “You have a body made for fucking, what do you think God put you on this earth for. You are nothing but a big cunt, only good for a cock to fuck.”

Joel pulled the gun from her mouth, first running it over her lips. “Soon, that is going to be my cock on your lips. You’re going to learn how to suck cock real good, that’s if you already don’t know how. You look like a cocksucker.” He pulled the gun from her mouth. “Not a peep out of you or I’m going to put a bullet in your kneecap. It wouldn’t kill you, but it will sure hurt like hell,” laughing as he watched her. “And I will still fuck you.”

Joel pushed Celeste out of the room, back into the living room. She watched as Joel moved away from her, the gun still pointing at her as he sat in the chair. She looked around the room, looking for an escape route.

“Don’t even think about it cunt. You’ll never even make the door before I blow a whole in you. Now, I want you to slowly strip off those clothes for me. Make it slow and sexy.” He pointed the gun up at her, waving it indicating that she should begin. “Last chance,” pulling back the hammer of the gun.

Celeste saw his finger tightening on the trigger. Her fingers moved quickly to her blouse, unbuttoning it slowly until it reached her skirt. She pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“Bra next, bitch, I want to see them tits.” He stroked his cock through his pants. He thought of his cock, nestled between those twin peaks, his hands pushing them tightly together so that he could cum on her face.

Celeste reached back behind her back, forcing her breasts out. She quickly unsnapped the bra, wanting to get this degradation over with quickly. She let the bra fall to the floor, her hands covering her breasts. She looked at him.

“I can’t see them tits with your hands all over them. Put your hands down to your sides, bitch.”

Her arms went down, her breasts now naked before him. The cool air rushed over them, her nipples beginning to harden. Her breasts stood out, pointing toward him. Her areolas were a dark brown, silhouetting her white skin, the pink nipples nestled in their center.

nice tits, I hope they can take a lot. I have a nice bamboo cane that I’m going to use on that tender body. I’m going to start with those tits.” He rubbed his cock again. They had used a cane on the fourteen-year old that David had captured. She quickly learned how to obey. He had almost cum in his pants when he hit her nipples with the cane. She screamed so loud. They had beaten her tits until her nipples bled. Then they moved down to her pussy. “Now lose the skirt, let’s see them legs.”

Celeste stood there, humiliated, half-naked, as she pulled the zipper down of her skirt, unbuttoned the button and let it slip to the floor. She blushed as she realized how wet her panties were. She put her hands in the waistband, pulling them down her legs until they formed a puddle on the floor. She stepped out of them. She looked at him, his eyes on her, his hand grabbing his cock through his pants.

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