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On Golden Lake Part 1

(Part 14 from 14)

"Mmm," Meg groaned at this exploration of her most private part. This was an entirely new sensation to her. Encouraged, Blake cupped her asscheeks in his hands and lifted her to him, insistently poking his tongue against her anal opening.

"Ooh yeah..." Meg sighed.

Blake got an idea. "Turn over Meg," he directed.

After a momentary hesitation, Meg complied, and her round ass cheeks were pointing toward the ceiling. Blake licked along the crack of her ass, and she spread her legs wide in invitation to his searching tongue. She felt his thick middle finger probing against her vaginal opening, pushing slowly in. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips in response, as Blake's tongue circled around her puckered asshole. Gradually, the finger worked its way in, and Blake began to finger-fuck her, thrusting slowly in and out of her hot opening. She whimpered with passion, imploring him to continue. "OH YES! Mmm, that feels so good."

Then she felt a new sensation, higher. Blake had wedged another finger against her anus, and was slowly applying pressure. Meg protested weakly. "No Blake...not...not there...Oh God..."

Blake smiled to himself as he pushed his middle finger against her tight asshole. She was going to love this...she just didn't know it yet. He couldn't believe how hot this slut was. His middle finger was jammed up her tight slippery pussy, coated with her hot juice. He interrupted licking her to drizzle some saliva onto her tight asshole and index finger, then began to push it slowly into her hot ass, until it was buried to the second knuckle.

"Uhhh...yess," Meg hissed.

He began to rapidly finger fuck her, one finger up her clinging pussy, the other buried in her tight asshole. Meg began to buck her pussy and ass savagely.

"OH GOD! Yesss," she groaned.

But Blake could take it no longer. He had to fuck her! Meg protested as he extracted his wet fingers from her holes, but he climbed on top of her and directed his throbbing cock against her pussy. He pushed against her, as inch by inch his prick disappeared into her.

"OH YES! GOD!" Meg moaned. "DO ME BLAKE!"

But he had other plans. He pulled his cock, now covered with her pussy juice and Justin's cum, back out of her warm pussy and wedged the cockhead against her asshole. Meg jerked her hips away when she realized what he was doing.

"Don't Blake...don''s too big."

But he was insistent. "I'll go slow Meg. Relax." He pushed forward gently, and the first inch of his cock was buried in Meg's vice-like rectum. Meg gasped sharply and tried to pull away, but she was pinned to the bed beneath her. It hurt, but it was a delicious, erotic pain. The thought of what he was doing to her made her pussy tingle. "Please be gentle Blake," she whispered hoarsely.

"I will." Meg felt him reach underneath her, and he began to fondle her pussy, stimulating her, as he ever so carefully pushed his penis into her ass, slowly, almost imperceptibly. His fingers frigged her, working their magic on her clitoris, exciting her, until she was aching with desire. She pushed her ass against him, encouraging him to continue his anal probing. She could feel his penis push deeper, painfully, but the pain was lessening.

She buried her face in the sheet and moaned with passion, lusting over the feel of Blake taking her like this, and through it all, she knew her son was watching them, watching as Blake prepared to fuck her just as he had done.

The gloriously hard and throbbing penis burrowed deeper, impaling her, and Blake rubbed her erect clitoris beneath her. "Oh God...Oh Blake...yes," she hissed. She clutched at the sheets and arched her back, pushing back against him. "Fuck my ass..." she groaned.

Suddenly, the final inches of his manhood thrust into her rectum in one smooth motion. "OH GOD!" she cried through clenched teeth. "YES! YES! Fuck me!" And his penis was thrusting in and out, the pain subsiding, as Blake worked her clitoris and asshole to a fever pitch. She pushed back against him, wanting him...NEEDING him to fuck her ass.

There was no way Blake could hold off on his orgasm, his first of this remarkably erotic night. Meg's asshole was like a vice around his throbbing cock, and she pushed against him like a wanton slut. But he wanted Meg to come one more time. He grit his teeth, trying to delay his climax, and focused his efforts on Meg's soaking-wet clit. He rubbed it furiously, stimulating her, willing her to come with him. All the while, he was dimly aware of Justin lying on the bed next to them, watching them intently, and once again sporting an erection as Blake's cock stretched his Mother's asshole.

Meg cried out with pleasure. Blake's expert fingers were bringing her to another orgasm. She felt her clit tingling with pleasure, the sensation spreading to her pussy, her asshole. She bucked her hips feverishly, matching Blake's strokes. Her orgasm was approaching...he was hitting just the right spot. "YES! YES! YES! Right there Blake...YES! OH GOD! FUCK ME BLAKE! OHHHH!" A powerful orgasm washed over Meg as Blake slammed his cock deeply into her, and they were coming together, writhing against one another, as they cried out in ecstasy.

Meg screamed with pleasure, her orgasm coursing through her entire body. Blake was pistoning rapidly in and out of her ass, shooting his warm sperm deep into her rectum. "GODDDD! FUCK ME!!!" she cried. She buried her face in the sheets, groaning loudly as her body pulsated and trembled.

Finally, Blake collapsed on top of her sweaty body, gasping for air. He lay there for a moment, then rolled to her side, gently taking her with him, his cock still hard and twitching inside her warm asshole. They lay glued together on their sides, luxuriating in the warmth of their climax.

Meg sighed contentedly as she slowly came back to earth. Blake had his arm around her, idly caressing her breasts, nuzzling her earlobe. She could feel his penis inside of her rectum, beginning to soften, and his sperm was leaking out of her asshole, tickling her as it ran down her thigh. She felt so slutty, yet so alive!

She opened her eyes, and was greeted with the view of her hot and horny young son, lying next to her, his eyes glazed with erotic passion, watching her and Blake in the aftermath of their orgasms. Meg smiled at him lovingly, and he shyly smiled back.

She reached out her arms, beckoning him, and he came to her. Mother and son hugged - she pulled him to her in a tight embrace, her hands wandering over his back, caressing his buttocks. He snuggled against her, and she felt his erection poking against her stomach.

And as Meg lay between her two lovers, she knew that she would never need to read her romance novels again.


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