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A few years back me and my wife discussed trying something different. To have a 3some with another straight man. Out of all my friends kyle was the only one who thought alot like i did and thought of it as sexual fun not anything more. I let carly my wife make that decision. A little about my wife to give you an idea how hot she is. natural dark brunette 5ft2n half natural 34dd tits dark brown eyes sweet firm round brown bubble ass, and her mouth was is pretty as her slutty shaved pussy. Full set of cocksuckers, and trust me any man on the receiving end of one of her bj, s was going to heaven rendered helpless at her control.

And a fantastic fuck. We invited kyle over one saturday night fully aware of what was going to happen. We all got buzzed and carly turned on ac/dc dimmed lights and started strip tease dancing for kyle. She loves to dance for men and even women, but thats another story. Wasn, t long she was topless with her awesome 34dd tits fully exposed and a orange g string. Prick teasing kyle real good. Kyle isn, t very shy so he already had his pants off with a rock hard big thick cock throbbing for was what to come. Carly made sure to tell him days in advance if he wasn, t shaved down there that he better be for this night, which he was.

Taping all this had my cock so hard it ached. She tossed her g string spreading wide showing shaved wet cunt. Then got between his legs prick teased him by flicking the head of his cock with her tongue and licking back side making his cock jerk and jump. finally wrapped her mouth around his cock and wasn't long before every inch disappeared down her throat. She deep throated him for awhile. kyle foundling and playing with her big tits. She tit pumped him also. Climed on his lap and rode his cock like a cock craved nympho maniac. I couldn't. t take it anymore set dvd recorder on tripod and took my pants off with a rock hard 8 inch thick cock.

Got in behind her while she riding kyle, s cock. She new what i wanted cause she wanted as bad. Double penetrate her sluuty ass. I guided my cock into her lubricated ass hole and before you know it we were banging the hell out of her. Kyle, s cock come out her cunt my cock buried in her ass like a well oiled machine till my wife screamed out with multiple orgasms, s and i pumped her ass full of cum and kyle pumped her cunt full of cun. Wow was it hot we all 3 chilled out for awhile hung out rest of night and did it again every chance we get.  the end

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Being in a room full of women who were climaxing all around her was unbelievably intoxicating, and the sexual tension in the salon could be cut with a knife!...