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Niece's Weekly Punishment Session-Melissa and Lara Lose Their Virginity

(Part 1 from 5)

Chapter 3- Melissa and Lara lose Their Virginity

“Mother, must I go, please, stay home with me, don’t make me go to Uncle Bill’s study. You don’t know what he makes me do,” Melissa begged her mother.

“Nonsense, it’s not that bad. You live in a nice house, Uncle Bill takes good care of us. We could be out on the street. This is the least thing you could do. Look at all I have sacrificed for you. I gave up a singing career to take care of you when you were born. If it wasn’t for you, I would be famous! Now stop being such a child. I have to go, the other girls are waiting for me.”

Melissa was left alone, alone in the house, Uncle Bill waiting for her in his study, ready to take advantage of her body. She looked at the clothes spread out on the bed, cringing again when she saw them. The skirt was short, a light green flowered skirt that would barely cover her upper thighs. The top was cut at the midriff, her stomach would be naked, just a light tee shirt material. There was a green thong, but no bra. A pair of high heels again, higher then she would ever wore were sitting on the floor. She quickly went into the shower, not wanting to be late. She didn’t hear the doorbell or Uncle Bill inviting in the visitor. 

“Welcome Michael, I’m glad you accepted my invitation,” Uncle Bill showing Michael to his study. Michael was his best friend, confiding all of his secrets to him. He had been fascinated when he told her about Melissa and the control he had over the young girl. 

“I do the same thing. I have a young girl under my care now, Lara. She is from Spain. Her mother gave me custody of her in order to provide for her education. I am just starting to train her now, why don’t we train both of them together,” Michael had told him.

Bill had agreed, with Michael bringing Lara with him tonight. She was a beautiful girl, brown curly long hair, big beautiful brown eyes that seem to beg you to fuck her, a nice pair of tits, long legs and a great ass. She was eighteen. “Hello Lara,” Uncle Bill said, noticing her looking down, not staring into his face. “Is she bashful?” Uncle Bill asking Michael.

“She is not sure what is going on. As I said, I have just begun to train her and she is still quite reluctant. Is Melissa the same way?” 

“Yes, I have only had two punishment sessions with her. I have not taken her sexually yet, though I have abused her body some. And she has used her hands and mouth on me.” Uncle Bill looked at Lara, such a lovely body. It would be nice to have two young girls to molest.

The door burst open, Melissa walking into the room, startled to see Michel and Lara standing there. “Excuse me Uncle Bill, I’ll go, I didn’t know you had company,” relieved, getting out of the Friday punishment session she dreaded. She turned and started walking out when she heard his voice.

“Nonsense, Melissa, come over here,” ordering her.

Michael looked up at her, a beautiful young girl. Different then Lara, being blonde, blue eyes, but their figures were similar. Both young girls, still filling out, both had small breasts, but firm, tight asses. Yes, he would enjoy this very much.

Melissa obeyed Uncle Bill, walking into the room. She looked over at the other girl, seeing in her eyes the same fear she had. Whatever they planned to do, it looked like it concerned both of them.

“Melissa, this is Lara. Do both of you know why you are hear?” He looked at both of them, seeing the blank expression on their faces. “Lara is in a similar position as you are Melissa, with Michael though. He is training her, just as if I am training you to service my needs. We have decided that it would be much more enjoyable to do it together.” He waited for a response, knowing that Melissa would protest, her reluctance in her new role always fighting back. 

“What do you…...?” Uncle Bill stopping her sentence in the middle with a quick, hard slap to her ass. “OOOW,” she screamed, clutching her butt.

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“It was not a question, it was a statement, Melissa. That is the way it is going to be.” He looked over at Lara, seeing the fright in her eyes as she saw what Melissa’s outburst had cost her. 

“I’m going to like her, Bill, I like a little spunk in them. Much more enjoyable to drive it out of them. I think Lara has the same thing in her, but she is not that familiar with English so it takes her longer to comprehend what is said to her. But once she does, she puts a good fight.”

Lara looked at Melissa, there eyes meeting, each knowing what the other was thinking. What were they going to do to them?

“Who do we start with first?” Bill asked Michael.

“Since you’re the guest, why don’t we start with Lara, then we can move onto Melissa.” “I like the idea of Melissa seeing what is going to happen to her and not be able to do anything about it but wait for her turn.” Bill looked at Michael, awaiting his approval.

“That’s all right with me, but mind if I check out Melissa first. I love those tiny little titties, and I just can’t wait to touch them. And I think we should get her in a good position to watch what happens to Lara, don’t you. I’m sure you have some rope.” He smiled at Melissa, his hand reaching down to his crotch, grabbing his cock, straightening it out in his pants. “Lara, sit down over there until we are ready for you,” he ordered her sternly, Lara obeying quickly.

Melissa backed up as Michael approached, afraid of what was going to happen. It was bad enough with Uncle Bill molesting her, now there were two of them. And with Lara also present to see her humiliation as she is forced to submit to them. “Please, don’t touch me,” she begged, Michael smiling as he approached her.

Michael moved next to her, “now little girl, be good. I’m not going to hurt you, much.” He moved next to her, “stand still,” he ordered her. He saw her freeze in her tracks, Uncle Bill giving her a stare to obey. He moved behind her, admiring her body, the light green skirt draped sensuously over her firm ass, the thin top showing her nipples popping out the front. No bra for her. “You’re a very beautiful girl, you know that don’t you,” he whispered into her ear. “Such a lovely body. We are going to do such delightful things to you.”

Melissa trembled as Michael whispered in her ear. She was afraid of what they were going to do.

“Are you a virgin Melissa?”

She swallowed, ‘yes,” she managed to get out. “Please, don’t take that from me.”

“I could tell, I can smell a virgin, I can smell your pussy. Such a sweet fragrance. We are going to fuck you Melissa. You are going to lose your virginity tonight, just like Lara. You’ll get to watch her first, get to see what will happen to you. Then it will be your turn, your turn to learn how to fuck.”

She felt his hand begin to move over her body, starting on her naked stomach, moving up under her top to grasp her naked breasts. She moved her hands up, grabbing his, stopping them before they touched her nipples. “No,” she cried out.

Michael leaned over her, “put your hands down now!” He waited, her hands releasing his, slowly lowering down to her sides. “Good girl, Melissa, I just want to play with those cute, little titties.”

Melissa felt his hands begin to move again, his large palms completely covering her small breasts. She clenched her fists as he molested her teenage breasts unable to stop him. She felt her nipples begin to grow under his palms, pushing into the hot flesh clenched on her breasts. She had always been ashamed at the small size of her breasts, but they seemed to like them the way they were. His hands were big like Uncle Bill’s, able to grab all of her breast flesh and squeeze them tightly, compressing them. She arched her back, feeding her nipples deeper into his palms, wanting him to touch them, make them harder.

“You like that, don’t you Melissa. You like your little titties played with.” He released her breasts, cupping them from underneath. “You want me to play with your nipples, make them hard? Arch you back more, stick your tits out for me. Show me what a good girl you can be.” He didn’t have to wait long, her back arched up, thrusting her little breasts out. He pulled her tee up over them, her naked breasts eagerly awaiting his fingers. “Yes, such nice nipples,” his fingers gripping the hard peaks. “You want me to squeeze them hard don’t you Melissa?”

“OOOH,” she moaned as his fingers became more insistent, twisting and turning her nipples, his strong fingers pinching her sensitive flesh. She felt the pain shoot down to her sex, making her pussy wet. “MMMM,” pushing up on her tip toes as Michael pulled her nipples up, forcing her to stretch on her toes or have her nipples pulled from her body. Even as she stretched, her nipples were pulled until they were over two inches long, yanked out of shape by his powerful fingers.

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