A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure

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I loved Saturdays. They were easily my favorite day of the week. There was  something so great about them. Yeah, having no classes was nice. Yeah, the beer was great. Yeah, the football was pretty awesome. But my favorite thing about Saturdays was the cheerleaders. College hot cheerleaders. While I had a hardon for most cheerleaders from most of the nation's schools, the cheerleaders from my own school, Rasington University, were the sexiest of them all. Those firm breasts, those short skirts, those big asses. They were perfect.

Our colors were gold and blue. Rasington's mascot was the Roosters. Naturally, most of the guys from our student body referred to the mascot as a cock. The uniforms consisted of a bright white top with a gold rooster in the center of it, gold bows, and a dark blue skirt. The skirts were really short, and they barely covered their light blue bloomers. None of the cheerleaders liked wearing the cheer sweats. It didn't matter what month it was or what the temperature was or what the weather was like. They were really horny, and they liked showing off as much skin as they legally could.

My interest in cheerleaders developed rather quickly. I was a film student, and I liked to film a wide variety of things. My interest in film and my work on short films eventually led me to become the cameraman for my school's football team. My job was to film the games and hand them over to the head coach to be analyzed. Unbeknownst to the school, I actually had two cameras. The DSLR that I used to film the games and the miniature camera that I used to film the cheerleaders. I kept the second camera hidden under a small curtain on the camera stand. Throughout the year, I created a collection of all the games, halftime shows, and anything that the cheerleaders did on Saturdays.

On game days, I arrived about one hour ahead of the game's start time to set up my equipment. As I set up the equipment, I would take my time to watch the cheerleaders stretch, tumble, and go through their usual routines in their very skimpy uniforms.

Yep. College cheerleaders made me horny. And no cheerleader turned me on more than Becca.

Becca had the perfect double D's. Her legs were long, and her tan was natural. She was a real blonde with dazzling brown eyes. Her ass was so big and so round that her cheeks typically hung out of whatever she was wearing. And I knew for a fact that she didn't wear anything under her cheer panties. There was something so dirty about seeing Becca raise her leg and seeing the outline of the lips that were concealed under those light blue bloomers. I always gratified myself after the games were over, and Becca was almost always the object of my self-gratification.

On several occasions, I thought about walking up to Becca and asking her out. However, I never had the nerve to do it. Talking to women was never really my specialty. I was also pretty bad at lying. Even if I was able to talk to Becca, I would more than likely have to tell her why I was into her and tell her all about my sexual fantasies. Maybe one day I would have the nerve to talk to Becca and tell her how I felt about her. But admiring her sexy body from a distance was all I was capable of doing for now.

One evening, I was at my apartment, getting ready to head down to the stadium and set up for tonight's football game against the Preston Pussycats. Suddenly, my libido went nuts, and I felt the need to rub one out.

I turned on my TV and DVD player and decided to watch one of my homemade movies. A few seconds later, footage of Becca stretching and practicing her cheer routine appeared on my screen. I dropped my pants and boxers and watched the show.

I got hard almost immediately. A few drops of fluid leaked out of my cock as I watched Becca shake her ass. It had been raining that day, and her bloomers were getting soaked, which meant that I could see her round ass in its full glory.

I grabbed the lubricant beside me and prepared to pour it out of the bottle and onto my cock. At that moment, the doorbell rang. I groaned loudly. I did not enjoy having my private time interrupted.

It took me about thirty seconds to pull my pants and boxers back on, pause the DVD player, turn off my television, and head downstairs.

I opened the front door to see who was there. Much to my surprise, Becca was standing on my front porch. She was wearing her sexy little cheerleader uniform. I couldn't believe my eyes. Why was she at my place?

"Hey," she said.

"Hi, Becca. Uh, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm having a bad day," she remarked. "My car broke down, and I don't have any jumper cables with me. Do you have any that I could use?"

"Yeah, sure," I remarked.

I walked over to a nearby cabinet and pulled out some jumper cables. I walked over to her and handed them to her.

"I also want to use the bathroom," Becca added. "Is it alright if I use yours?"

"Yeah, sounds good," I replied. "I'll get your car started up, and it should be good to go once you're done."

"Sounds good. I'll see you soon," she remarked. She handed me back the jumper cables, gave me her car keys, and headed into my apartment.

Holy crap, I thought. The girl of your dreams is in your apartment. She is here, and she can be yours. However, I chose to ignore my dirty mind, and I headed outside to start up her car.

It took me less than one minute to get her car started up. I sat on the hood of her car and waited for Becca to emerge from my apartment. Ten minutes passed by, but she never came out.

Fearing the worst, I ran back to my apartment, leaped onto the front porch, opened the front door, and ran inside.

"Hey, Becca, are you okay?" I asked. "Becca?"

I closed the door and ran up the stairs, hoping that I would find her. I could hear the television in my bedroom. I felt my heart drop. I hoped she wasn't watching what I think she was watching.

I slowly opened my bedroom door and peeked inside. I gasped when I saw my television monitor and what was playing on it. Becca had found my cheerleader porn stash.

At that moment, Becca turned her head around and stared at me. Busted. Fuck.

"So this is what you've been shooting on Saturdays, is it?" she asked. "I thought you were supposed to be filming the games?"

"Look, I... I know this looks really weird," I said. "And I know it looks bad, but..."

"But?" she replied. "Yes, you seem to have quite the eye for my butt."

As she said those words, she turned around, leaned on her knees, pulled her skirt up, and stuck her ass out. Her light blue panties rode up to the point where I could see both of her buttcheeks.

"What the... Becca, what are you doing?" I asked, unable to comprehend what was going on.

"Well, let's just say I've been feeling a little... naughty," she said with a short giggle.

I stared at Becca in amazement. She smacked her ass with her right hand. With a small amount of hesitation, I tried to work up the nerve to ask her a big question.

"Do you want..." I gasped. "I mean... can I... do you want..."

"Oh, yeah, cutie," she said. Becca got up, walked over to me, and whispered in my ear, "You can touch anything you want. With any body part that you want. So what the fuck are you waiting for?"

I grinned. Without a moment of hesitation, I kissed her.

We fell onto the bed and began to make out. This was really happening. I was making out with the hottest, sexiest, naughtiest cheerleader that I had ever seen. I was making out with Becca.

Eventually, our lips separated, and I gazed at her perfect face.

"Hmm, you're a pretty good kisser," Becca said. "But I know for a fact that my mouth isn't the only thing that you want to kiss right now."

Laughing, I moved down and flipped up Becca's miniskirt, exposing her panties. As usual, I could see the outline of her pussy through the panties. She motioned for me to act, and I did.

I raised Becca's legs up into the air, grabbed the panties, and lifted them up and off of her legs. I held the crotch of her panties up to my nose and inhaled the scent. I could smell it. Becca had pleasured herself earlier today. Yep, she was one fucking naughty cheerleader.

I tossed the panties onto my bedside table and stared at the cute little pussy in front of me. It was pink and very moist. She was shaved so I didn't have to worry about any hair. The excitement was building up inside of me. She was here, she was wet, and her pussy was mine for the taking.

I lowered my face to her crotch and began to suck her pussy. Becca moaned softly as I slowly licked her clit. She tasted so good. So sticky, so warm, so moist. I already knew that she was horny, but being able to get her this wet this quickly was definitely a shocker.

I moved my tongue inside of her and began to wag it back and forth. I pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as possible. I wanted to taste as much of her as I possibly could.

Becca yelled loudly, and I felt facial cum splatter onto my face. Her cries of joy turned me on so much. Just hearing her moans and screams made me want to cum right there.

At that moment, I decided to get her loose. Ready for the next step.

I pulled her clitoral hood back, licked the top of it, and began to place each of my fingers inside of her. I started off with two fingers. I slowly moved my fingers up and down. Then I added a third one. I felt her loosen up as the cum came all over my fingers. Eventually, I added a fourth finger and began to pick up the pace.

Becca's moaning grew louder and louder as I moved faster and faster. Her cum gushed out past my hand and onto my bed as I finger-fucked her. Then I went in deeper.

My fingers moved faster. She yelled out in excitement. I found it. Her g-spot. Becca let out a scream that was so loud I was very thankful that I didn't live with my parents or have any roommates.

She fell back against the bed, and I withdrew my fingers. I raised them up to my mouth, but Becca grabbed them and sucked the cum right off. She sat up, leaned forward, and kissed me. Her tongue tickled my tongue as she slowly sucked drops of cum out of my mouth and placed it in her own.

"Hmm... it's kind of warm in here, and this top is a little tight," Becca remarked. "You want to help me out?"

"It would be my pleasure," I said.

I grabbed her top and yanked it up and over her head. It turned out that she wasn't even wearing a bra underneath it. Becca tossed her top onto the floor and allowed me to get a good look at her rack.

Her boobs were perfect. Her nipples were large, erect, and very perky. This was better than anything I had ever imagined, and I had one dirty mind.

We began to make out again. I grabbed her boobs and rubbed her nipples as we kissed. Eventually, our lips separated. I stared at her amazing body.

"You want to hear a little secret of mine?" Becca asked.

"Sure. What is it?" I asked.

"Well, I really enjoy touching myself," she whispered. "And I always know how to get that big O. But I got to say. None of the orgasms that I had have been as arousing and amazing for me as that one you just gave me."

"Wow," I said, completely shocked. "So that means you're a... you're a...

"Have I ever done it with another guy before? Nope," she said. "The only guys I want inside of me are the cute ones. And you are pretty damn cute. Now girls on the other hand..."

"Holy fuck," I exclaimed.

"You're surprised?" she asked. "Why the hell do you think I became a cheerleader? They turn me on just as much as they turn you on."

I couldn't believe my ears. This woman... this hot girl... this cheerleader... she was too good to be true. And yet, here she was. Willing to let me do anything to her.

"Now it's my turn to taste you," she said.

She grabbed my pants and boxers and pulled them down. My erection leaped out at her, and I just narrowly avoided smacking her in the face with it.

"Wow, you're big!" she exclaimed.

I nodded, unable to speak. I knew at that moment what was coming (no pun intended).

Becca gripped my shaft with her right hand. Her fingers moved all over the head, looking for every sensitive area. She moved her hand up and down. I could already feel the semen rising.

Suddenly, she thrust my cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue press against my urethra. I moaned softly. Her right hand gripped my shaft as she moved my cock in and out of her mouth.

I grabbed her pigtails and gripped them tightly. She pushed my dick down her throat, and the sensation became even greater. At that moment, I began to fantasize about the cheerleader footage that I had shot and all of the cheerleaders' sexy bodies and naughty poses. The semen in my cock began to rise, and I knew that I was in for one incredible orgasm.

Suddenly, Becca stopped sucking me and yanked my cock out of her mouth. I groaned as I felt the orgasm, but I didn't ejaculate. I collapsed onto my bed, panting loudly.

"Not yet," she said. "I don't know you too well, but I'm guessing my mouth isn't the only place on my body that you want to put that giant cock."

Becca hiked up her skirt and spread her milf legs. She began to finger her pussy as she waited for me to make the next move.

I grinned, reached for my wallet, and pulled out a gold packet that had been in there for far too long. I tore open the packet and prepared to place the condom onto my dick. As I began to slide the condom over the head, Becca climbed up, yanked it off, and tossed it into the garbage bin.

"Now what did you do that for?" I asked.

"Cause I'm on the pill, you silly man," she giggled. "Sex was intended for pleasure. And right now, I want to feel all seven inches of that cock inside of me with absolutely nothing in between us."

I smiled. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it all over Becca's pussy lips. A few drops of fluid leaked out of my dick and onto her clit. She giggled. At that moment, I thrust my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her.

I could feel the walls close in around my cock. My breathing grew louder, and I felt my heartbeat skyrocket. I grabbed onto her boobs and played with her nipples as I fucked her. She moaned loudly as I pounded her.

Suddenly, I stopped and pulled out of her. She panted loudly, gasping for fresh air.

"What the... why the hell did you stop?" she asked.

"I just realized something," I said. "As much as I'm enjoying this, I don't get to see that perfect ass when you're in this position. So..."

"Oh, that's what you enjoy?" she asked. At that moment, Becca turned around and stuck her ass out at me. "Well, it's a good thing that this is my favorite position too."

I grinned and smacked her right butt cheek with my right hand. I rubbed my cock all over her pussy and ass, whacking it against them as I prepared to enter her again.

Eventually, I grabbed Becca's skirt, lifted it up, held onto it with both hands, and slammed myself into her. She fingered her clit and moaned loudly as I fucked her pussy from behind. I smacked her ass several times as I fucked her. Each smack made her even more excited and aroused.

"Oh, fuck it! I want to taste you again!" she yelled. "Let me fucking taste you! Please!"

Who was I to deny this beautiful sexy cheerleader what she wanted? I pulled out of her right away. She quickly spun around, grabbed my cock, and began to suck on it. Apparently, my cum and her pussy juice went really well together because she was really enjoying it.

Becca climbed onto her knees and lowered her ass down onto my face. She smacked her ass and motioned for me to eat her out. I licked her pussy and drank her juices as she devoured my cock. She motioned for me to rub her clit, and I obliged.

Eventually, I rubbed and licked Becca to the point where she came on me again, screaming loudly as she did. She climbed off of me, kissed the top of my cock, gripped it with both hands, and placed it between her boobs.

"Alright, baby, now it's your turn to cum for me," she said.

I immediately began to move my dick between her boobs. This felt so good. So good.

Becca squeezed her boobs together, and I quickly picked up the pace. A few seconds later, I reached a point where I couldn't hold back anymore and climaxed. I screamed loudly as I came. She squealed as my warm cum squirted out of my cock and covered her boobs and face.

Finally, she released my cock, and I fell back against my bed, loudly gasping and trying to recover from the orgasm that she just gave me.

Becca grabbed her panties off of my bedside table and rubbed them all over her boobs, collecting every drop of semen that they could possibly absorb. She raised the panties up to her mouth and slowly poured the cum onto her tongue and into her mouth. She rubbed the panties back over her pussy before tossing them onto my face and allowing me to enjoy her juices once more.

"You are so fucking sexy," I gasped.

"I know I am, silly," she giggled. "And I knew that you had a hardon for me. That's why I came here. So I could give you what you wanted... and get a lot of pleasure out of it as well."

She rubbed her fingers over her pussy and gathered a few drops of cum. She rubbed it over her lips, leaned forward, and gave me a big kiss.

"That was fun," she remarked. "I don't know about you, but I hope my car breaks down in front of your place more often."

"Me too, Becca," I said. "Me too.

"Alright, I got to get to the stadium and get ready for the game," she said.

Becca climbed off the bed and bent down to pick up her top. Her skirt crawled up her legs, allowing me to have one last glimpse of that gorgeous ass and pussy. I couldn't help myself.

I reached out and grabbed her ass with both of my hands. I smacked my dick on her ass a few times. A few drops of semen suddenly flew out of my cock and onto the back of her skirt.

"Whoops!" I exclaimed. Thankfully, Becca giggled.

"It's okay," she said, as she pulled her top on. "I'm used to feeling moist under this tiny skirt. As a matter of fact, I actually prefer it this way."

She stared at me and frowned. I still hadn't put on any clothes.

"You should probably get dressed," she said. "You don't want to miss the game now, do you?"

"Uh... yeah, right," I said. "The game. Cause that's what I was watching."

Becca giggled at my remark.

"Just letting you know, I hope you never quit your job," she said. "Keep coming to the games, and I'll keep making you cum. And this cheerleader... well, she never breaks her promises."

She grabbed her panties, wiped my cum off her skirt, and slid them back on. I couldn't wait to pull that thing off of her and play with that pussy again.

"I'll see you at the game tonight, big boy," she said. "I hope you enjoy the show."

Becca walked over to me and gave me a nice big kiss. She was delicious, and I was happy that she was willing to let me have her body. Once our lips had separated, Becca walked out of my room, headed downstairs, and left my apartment.

I went to the game that night, but the only person that I saw and thought about was Becca. I watched her stretch and practice her routines. I watched her cheer in that skimpy uniform, gawking at her boobs, ass, and crotch. I watched her give me naughty looks as I gazed down at her from the stands.

I don't know how the game ended. I don't even know what the final score was. Hell, I don't even know if I hit the record button on the damn camera. All I knew was that Becca was extremely sexy. I knew that I was willing to do anything to keep this real-life porn fantasy going. I knew that I was very happy to have someone as amazing as her in my life.

And most importantly, I knew that I truly did love Saturdays. I loved not having to go to class. I loved being able to drink beer. I loved being able to watch football. I loved getting to spend time with Becca. But the greatest thing about Saturday was having at least one day of each week be filled with cheerleader pleasure.

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