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Niece's Weekly Punishment Session-Melissa and Lara Lose Their Virginity

(Part 3 from 5)

Michael pulled his cock out of her mouth, afraid that she would make him cum. No, he wanted to be the first one to cum inside her pussy, the first one to fill her with his hot semen.

She felt the tongue leave her anus, relieved that the ordeal was over, moving back between her pussy lips. She could feel how wet she was. Could she have gotten that way when he tongued her back there. Even though she protested it, could the thrill of being forced making her wetter. “GGGGODDD, ssssoo good,” she cried out. He had latched onto her clit, sucking it into his mouth, his tongue slapping at the over stimulated hard bud. “NNOOO,” feeling his teeth nibble on it, the sharp teeth moving back and forth over it like a vise.

“I think you better stop eating poor little Lara’s pussy before she cums all over you,” Michael laughed. “I can’t wait any longer to fuck her. He watched as Bill got up, admiring Lara’s naked body, her sex slick with Bill’s saliva, her face showing her arousal, her nipples looked like they would burst. He kneeled on the bed next to her, “Spread your pretty legs for me Lara.” He didn’t have to wait long, her legs parting, giving him an excellent view between them and her naked sex. “Such a good girl Lara, you want to get fucked don’t you?” He moved between her legs, his cock jutting out, his heavy balls hanging below.

Lara couldn’t believe how big his cock was. The head, an angry red glistened with her saliva. How would she get something that big inside her without tearing her, or maybe that was his intention. She felt him grab her legs at the knees and push them out and up, her legs bowing out, her pussy spreading out before him.

“Grab your legs at the knees and pull them up. Hold them so I can fuck you,” he commanded. She obeyed, willingly holding herself open, helping him take her precious virginity. Her sexual arousal was at a fever pitch, unable to stop him from doing anything to her young, tight body. She just had to cum and cum soon. He knew from experience she would cum as soon as he tore her hymen and plunged his cock into her unused pussy. But there would be more, he would make her cum again, this time after he had stroked her with his cock. After her hot, tight pussy received its first fucking. She would remember him forever, they always remember the first time.

He moved up, his cock in his hand, moving it up and down her slit, coating it with her juices, getting it ready to plant inside her. He pushed forward, letting it circle her clenched vagina, slowly running it around the edges before fisting it and placing the blunt head against the opening. It looked so small. It would have to get bigger real quick. He would not wait for her to grow accustom to the size of his cock. He had to bury it in her quickly, he had to fuck that tight cunt now.

Lara arched her ass up from the bed when she felt the hot flesh pushed against her vagina. God, it was so big, but she needed it so bad. She groaned when he pushed in, the head spreading her open slowly. She looked down, his hand gripping the shaft, her small vagina making the hard cock bend, his fist holding it tight, pushing harder. “OOOH, sssoo biggg,” she cried out as the head slowly expanded her, her vagina stretching tightly around the massive piece of flesh. “SSSTop, pleasse, wait,” she cried when he jerked his hips forward and the head was gripped tightly inside her, her vagina gripping it just below the ridge, the hot flesh stretching her hymen but not tearing it.

Michael thought her pussy would tear the skin off his cockhead, feeling like a vise in a hot furnace as it clutched so tight. He leaned over her body, lying on top of her, his mouth biting on her neck. “Can you feel me jerking inside you Lara? I’m going to take your virginity forever. Your first fuck.”

His body covered hers, her hard nipples pushing into his chest as she felt a man on top of her for the first time. She held her legs out, his hips forcing them wider, splitting her crotch painfully. He was biting her neck, tiny love bites that sent shivers up and down her spine. She felt his flesh inside her moving around, jerking up and down in her pussy.

He moved his face over to hers, looking at the questioning eyes, knowing what was going to happen, but unsure of how. He let his lips touch hers, his tongue forced between her lips seeking out and finding her tongue to dance over it. It was time. He shoved with his hips, a powerful thrust that drove his cock through her flimsy hymen, tearing it forever. She screamed in his mouth, his cock pulsating inside her when he heard her. It was a sound that he loved so much. The sound of a virgin being deflowered. He had done it often, always exciting as much as the first time. He would never get use to it. 

Her hips tried to push into the mattress to escape the brutal cock that tore through her hymen. The sharp pain shot in her groin, her scream muffled by his mouth. Her body tried to jerk away, trying to escape, but his heavy body pinned her to the mattress like a butterfly pinned by a collector, her legs spread wide, defenseless as he speared her sex with his cock. 

Melissa saw Michael’s ass push down and Lara’s body try to escape, knowing that she was no longer a virgin. She heard the muffled scream, fearing the pain that she would have to suffer when Uncle Bill took her. Would he take her as Michael did Lara, pinned to the bed, her legs held wide by her own hands?

Michael moved his head back, seeing the scared look in her eyes as he felt the wetness on his cock. He was sure that his cock was covered in blood, but that did not matter. It would just make fucking her easier. “Relax baby, the hard part is over. Now it is all pleasure. Just have to get all of my cock inside you first.” He pushed his hands under her hips, his cock beginning to slide deeper inside her. He felt her insides clenching on his cock, not sure if she was fighting to push it out or in.

“Oh, it’s too big, please wait, not yet, stretching me so wide.” She had never felt so full before. It was strange to have something so alive inside her, feeling it twitching, her pussy grabbing it so tightly. His hands held her naked ass in his large palms, pushing her up, his hips pushing forward, the slow gradual insertion of his cock in her unused pussy. He pulled back on his hips, feeling like he was dragging out her insides as the head pulled back until it was almost out. She held her breath, knowing what would happen.

It felt so good, her pussy so hot, the tight flesh grabbing his cock. He painfully pulled it out. He saw her hesitate, holding her breath. Not wanting to disappoint her he pushed back in, her pussy going from empty to full in less then a second, this time over half of his cock buried inside her. He heard her muffled groans, his hand drawing her hips up to receive his cock. “Yeah, that feels so good Lara. I’m going to teach you how to fuck. Your pussy was made for my cock.” He buried his cock inside her, slamming into her cervix, his body banging hard against hers, slamming into her clit as he did.

“OOH, GGGod,” she screamed as she came, came all over the cock buried inside her. Her body shook and trembled, her pussy clenching and unclenching on the thick cock inside her. She had never felt like this before, even when Michael had masturbated her, forcing her to cum for him. This was different, more intense. It was as if her pussy was connected to every part of her body, sending out signals of pleasure throughout. She arched up her ass, wanting to drive his cock in deeper as she shuddered again.

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Melissa looked over on the bed, Lara’s body arched up, Michael’s hips shoving in and out, the slap of flesh, the faint groans of pain coming from Lara now less and less. It looked like Michael was burying his cock inside her, Lara taking the hard thrusts. She heard Lara cumming, cumming so loud from the cock inside her. She knew it would be her turn soon, scared when she saw Uncle Bill moving towards her.

“I saw you watching Lara lose her virginity. My cock is so hard thinking about doing the same thing to your delightful body.” His hand reached down, moving from the back of her legs to caress the back of her thighs, the high stretch of her legs providing such lovely targets. His hand moved lower, feeling her body shake as he let his hand roam over her ass, his fingers lightly touching her pussy peeking out from between her tightly clenched legs. “And to feel your body, the wetness from your pussy. You may protest the loss of your virginity but your pussy wants to feel the fullness of a hard cock pulsating inside you.”

“NO! I don’t want to lose my virginity. Please, I don’t want to lose it like this,” she cried. She saw what they did to Lara, it was not how she wanted to lose her virginity.

"Are you going to get on the bed and spread your legs for me Melissa?” Bill questioned her. "I want you to pull back your pussy lips and show me your virgin pussy, show me your insides."

"I'll never do that. You might take my virginity, but I wouldn't help you," she shot back. "Never!"

Bill got up and came back over to her, in his hand a black piece of plastic. It was like a tongue depressor, but bigger. It was eight inches in length and three inches wide. He bent it, making the two ends almost meeting, the plastic highly flexible. He let go of one end, shooting back quickly to slap against his palm noisily. 'I think I can make you do that Melissa."

She looked at it, fear in her eyes, her body jumping, startled by the sharp crack of the plastic as it hit his palm. "What are you going to do with that?" she asked, even though she knew the answer. It was her flesh that would feel the sharp pain of the plastic, she just feared where the most.

"I can see it in your eyes, you already know?" Bill smiled down at her, moving back to run the plastic down her tender thighs, "yes, such nice soft, sensitive skin," feeling her flinch as the cruel plastic ran down her thighs, moving over her pushed out pussy lips. "Or here, how would you like to feel it her?" rubbing it up and down her slit, the rigid plastic having no trouble splitting her pussy lips apart. "And don't forget here," letting it lightly tap on her exposed anus, "so many tiny nerve endings."

She braced herself, not having to wait long before she heard the slap of the plastic on her flesh. The sharp pain followed quickly, her upper thighs burning. "AAHH," she cried out in pain, Michael and Lara looking over at her to see what the commotion was. Her body jerked in pain. God that hurt!

Bill looked down at the spot, a bright red mark showing. He rubbed it, feeling her flinch in pain. "Hurts don’t it?" He smiled, pulling back the end of the plastic again, moving down lower this time, a new red mark cut right below.

Her body jerked around in pain as Uncle Bill beat the back of her tender thighs before moving onto her buttocks, the plastic spanker leaving her skin pink as it moved from top to bottom. He loved her yelps of pain, trying to suppress her screams, not wanting Uncle Bill to truly know how much it was hurting her. She bit her lip as she clenched her lips, tasting the blood. 

“Ready to spread your legs for me Melissa?” He let the plastic spanker move lower, lightly tapping her pussy lips poking from between her tightly clenched thighs. He loved the sound of the plastic on her wet flesh, the spanker hitting her pushed out pussy lips.

“NNNNNOOO!” she screamed when he hit her pussy. God, how could he hit her there, it was inhuman. No girl should be hit between her legs. She didn’t have a chance to think again, the plastic spanker hitting her pussy from the top all the way down to the bottom, the hard plastic pushing aside her clenched thighs, parting the thick lips and striking painfully her soft, inner pussy, the pain shooting into her brain. “NO MORE! I’ll do it,” she cried out in surrender.

“You’ll do what?” He hit her pussy again, making sure she understood what she was consenting to.

“Stop! I’ll spread my legs for you. I’ll let you fuck me!” God, she couldn’t stand the pain any longer, though she was not sure which would be worse, the pussy spanking or the loss of her virginity. But she knew that she would have to continue suffering the pussy spanking until she relented to being fucked. He had no intention of stopping that. And he seemed to relish spanking her pussy, noticing the way his cock seemed to grow each time she screamed in pain.

Lara was still receiving her first fucking, her body being plummeted by Michael as he continued to feed his cock in and out her teenage pussy, pushing aside all resistance, the head of his cock touching parts of her body that was previously chaste. The pain had almost gone away. It was only when his cock would smash into the sides of her pussy when he gave her an especially brutal fuck that she clenched her teeth in pain. Most of the time she had this glorious feeling of being so full, his flesh pulsating inside her. Her pussy was soaked, first from the orgasm, then continuing as his cock dragged back and forth over her clit as it fucked her. 

Michael clenched her ass cheeks in his hands, feeling the tight, muscular flesh beneath his hands. He would enjoy her ass next week, loving the feeling of lying on top of her while she was face down, his cock sliding between those silky cheeks, finding her asshole, her legs spread wide, unable to prevent his cock from entering her virgin asshole. But for now, he was getting ready to cum, her pussy gripping his cock so hard, almost like a hot vise clenching onto his cock. The friction her pussy was causing was dragging the cum from his balls, but he wanted her to cum, cum when he filled her virgin pussy with its first load of cum. He wanted her cumming when she felt the hot fluid fill her. He pushed up with his body, making sure his cock would drag over her clit each time, his fingers moving between her cheeks, pulling them apart, his fingers playing along the edge of her anus. “You’re going to have to cum for me Lara, cum with me now,” he ordered her. “I’m going to fill your hot, teenage pussy with my cum.”

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