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  • The Sex Unbelievable Secret Sex life of Mrs. Diane Erebus.
    Some secrets needs to be told and some to be kept, but the desires of a healthy young wife married to a disabled husband is worth telling. And so thus the tale of the boys involved with her...
    Rate this story, Author : greg, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 31-Oct-2010.

  • Two New Voicemails
    A Tale of Depravity, Madness, and Synthesizers...
    Rate this story, Author : praisethefallen, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 01-Jul-2008.

  • Trip to Glastonbury
    This story begins in a office secretary/boss atmosphere that is a innocent sort of union where the married secretary wants to have a baby but her husband is never home to impregnate her. It grows into a polygamous setting that ends with the polygamous group setting up a family atmosphere in their own commune overseas...
    Rate this story, Author : DRT, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 01-Jun-2004.

  • Guess What? Part 1
    A young girl trying to find out her place in life. No sex in this one. Will be in sequel...
    Rate this story, Author : jenae percy, Main category : Lesbian Stories.
    Posted at : 22-Jan-2004.

  • I Can See the Horizon
    A girl is trying to figure out how to live life away from home and balance her feelings for another girl...
    Rate this story, Author : jenae percy, Main category : Lesbian Stories.
    Posted at : 18-Nov-2003.

  • Flying with Katie...
    Giving a gorgeous horny neighbor a "demonstration"...
    Rate this story, Author : Darryl Phillips, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 07-Nov-2002.

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