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Daddy's Blind Daughter

(Part 3 from 3)

It was a different Kelly that lay alongside her father in the bed to the one he’d found washing up. One arm was cradling her body too him while the hand of the other felt the delicate petals of her sex.. Kelly on the other hand was enjoying the warmth and intimacy of the moment, her taut breasts pressed into her daddy and legs wide open allowing him free access.

Kelly firsts licked and kissed her daddy’s nipple her hand wondering down his muscular body in search of his cock. Even in its flaccid state she could sense the awesome power
of his engine.

“I love you daddy,” she murmured, “I mean I really honestly love you. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, it made me feel so special.”

John adjusted his body, leaning up on one arm he looked down at his daughter. “You are special baby and I love you as well. As soon as I’ve recovered I’m going to show you just how much I love you. You’re so beautiful Kelly; I think you’re the most desirable girl on this planet. Now lay back and let me suck on those pert tits of yours, that’ll help me get nice and hard for you.”

Kelly let out a deep sigh as her daddy’s hot mouth sucked her breast to the back of his throat. Once again she felt the butterflies flitting around in the pit of her stomach. She knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before she was taken. 

Kelly felt the juices forming in her pussy again at the thought of her daddy putting his cock into her. While she had no experience of other cocks she guessed correctly that her daddy had more than his fair share of size but it wasn’t the size that excited her or the fact that she was going to be fucked for the first time. It was the simple fact that her daddy was going to commit incest with her; the cock that made her was going to turn her into a woman.

She felt the huge member begin to give little jerks and slowly begin to grow beneath her fingers. Fascinated that she was causing the erection she concentrated all her efforts in aiding its growth as quickly as she could, even though she was still a little frightened, she wanted it badly.

Eventually it was back to its full size and she measured it against her trying to assess just how far it would probe into her body if she were able to take it all. She shivered fearfully when it became clear just how far it would penetrate.

John felt the little shiver against him, if it did anything at all it was to put the final rigidness to his already hard cock. Kelly’s pert nipples and tight sloppy cunt told him she was ready and so was he.

Kelly allowed her daddy to adjust her position on the bed; compliantly she raised her knees and let them fall wide apart in open invitation. She felt the bed move as her daddy moved between her spread thighs and then the gentle weight as he lay over her, crushing her small form into the mattress. There was a sudden spurt of juice between her legs as her cunt pulsed and then there was connection.

The huge head of her daddy’s circumcised cock was pressing against her wet slit, gently at first as it spread her distended lips. Instinct told her that she was open and receptive, ready to take all her dear daddy had to give and then she heard her voice.

“Daddy, about what I said earlier. It’s alright to hurt me, you’re so big and I’m only little so I realize that it will have to hurt some. Put in me daddy…. Please I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! That hurts……… No, No ……. No please don’t stop, Oh you’re stretching me sooooo much…… More… Give me more.”

John couldn’t believe how tight his daughter was. He knew the female organ was designed to stretch but this was like jamming your cock in a vice. He had her stretched to the very limit of her capability and was in danger of splitting her. Only her begging him to continue encouraged his upward motion, gaining precious centimeters each time he moved into her.

Tears were seeping from the corners of her blind eyes and he compassionately kissed them away with feather like kisses making small crooning noises to his baby beneath him. Kelly’s small hands tangled in his hair and she pulled his head to hers, their lips meeting in their first really hot passionate kiss. All the time his hips worked gently, his massive piston being worked into her female housing.

The kiss continued until John felt his daughter stiffen, he knew he’d reached her maidenhead. Almost calmly Kelly said, “It’s alright daddy, take it. It’s for you anyway… it’s always been for you. I want you to….Aggggggggh DADDY!”

The single brutal thrust carried away Kelly’s virginity and innocence. As brutal as the stroke was, it was delivered with the greatest amount of love possible. John had decided the quick thrust would be less cruel than probing at her virginity with smaller ones. Not only did it dispense with her girlish barrier but it carried his cock deep into his little girl.

Kelly had felt her maidenhead ripped apart and the huge cock stretch her tube even wider; she was at the point when she knew she wouldn’t be able to take much more of his length. She remembered later thinking that another thrust like that would have the cock coming up her wind pipe. There was a pause in movement and the sharp pain dulled into a throb before finally turning into the sensation of the most exquisite pleasure.

As her daddy began thrusting again a small white light began to grow in Kelly’s brain, it became increasingly brighter and more intense as the thrusting continued. When the tip of her daddy’s cock doubled off her cervix and his heavy balls slapped against her ass she let out a sob of pleasure, satisfied she had managed to take all of that monster cock within her. The white light began to spin and pulse faster and faster until suddenly it exploded into forked lightening that struck full force between the centre of her universe.

Kelly was babbling nonsense beneath him. The force of her orgasm had her bucking beneath him and her screams filled the house, her sharp nails raked at the bare skin of his shoulders. Kelly’s legs were wrapped tightly around him and her cunt muscles were furiously gripping at the root of his cock.

“Kelly… Kelly, are you alright? Kelly listen to me…… Hello.”

John finally got through to her. Her mouth curved into a loving smile, “Yes daddy. Oh that was so wonderful, you didn’t tell me it would be like this. Do it again… please do it again,” she begged.

Happily John began fucking his daughter’s now very sloppy cunt. Pleased that he’d given her the orgasm of a lifetime and determined to build her up for another one so they could both cum together.

Now her daddy had opened her right up and was shafting her with long probing even strokes she moved her body to meet his. She learned to grip his shaft with her cunt on his outward stroke and release for the inward one and made sure his pubic bone connected with her clit. Her desire to have him cum in her turned her into a wild animal, riding the cock that made her furiously, as he hammered into her cunt.

Her pussy was manufacturing juice at such a rate she could feel the bed wet beneath her buttocks and her thighs were soaked through. “fuck me daddy. fuck me hard, I want you to cum in me. Shoot your stuff into your little girl,” she begged.

When it happened, her orgasm was as intense as the first one. The first glob of spunk splattering into her belly triggered the climax, and each glob after sent another wave of pleasure sweeping through her body. Only when her daddy’s cock softened within her did she come back down to earth.

As they settled down to sleep Kelly’s last words lingered in John’s ears. “Oh daddy, you’re so wonderful, I’ll never leave you, I promise.”
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