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Daddy's Blind Daughter

(Part 2 from 3)

The next morning Kelly awoke to the normal household sounds. The radio was playing out music and she could here her mother bustling around in the kitchen. Sleepily she set about her toileting and then made her way to the shower where she stood for a considerable time relishing the cascade of hot water as it caressed her body.

Once again she turned her thoughts to the previous evening but now it all seemed so distant, almost as if she’d dreamed it. Smiling to herself, Kelly dismissed the matter finally from her mind and grabbing a towel returned to her bedroom to get dressed.

John had heard his daughter in the shower and positioned himself in the hall so he could watch Kelly as she returned to her room. He wasn’t disappointed, after a somewhat lengthy wait Kelly returned with a towel loosely wrapped around her shoulders, the front gaping so as to reveal her breasts and naked pussy. The sight of her took John’s breath away.

When Kelly neared his position she suddenly stopped and John clearly saw the puzzled look on her face. She remained motionless for a long moment then, gathering the towel around her disappeared back through the door of her bedroom.

Kelly’s heart was beating wildly when she gained the safety of her room. She knew daddy had seen her in a near naked state. His smell was so familiar it was unmistakable
to her sensitive nostrils which was one of the few blessings of her blind condition. Then came the memories of the previous night, the hard lump of his erection, the touch on her inner thighs, the fear and the wetness between her legs. Once again the fearful excitement coursed through her small body and her legs went weak at the knees.

It took her longer to dress than normal. Usually she would have thrown on a tee shirt and jeans for lounging around in the house; instead she dressed in a black mini-skirt with a bright pink mini-top which left her tummy exposed. After carefully applying a very small amount of make-up, Kelly vigorously brushed her long black hair before going for breakfast.

“Morning momma. Are you already for your trip to see the oldies?” Kelly asked.

“Yes and less of the oldies. Grandma and Poppa aren’t that old yet,” Laughed Lisa.

“Morning daddy,” Kelly said as she lightly kissed him on the cheek. “Seems as though you’re going to be looking after me this weekend. I hope your cooking has improved since last time.”

“Well you know what the answer is if you don’t like my cooking don’t you?” John said as he placed a plate in front of his daughter. “Eggs at 10 o’clock, bacon at 2 o’clock and your tomatoes at six… Don’t spill it on your bare tummy.”

Directly after breakfast John drove Lisa to the station and then returned to the house where he found Kelly at the kitchen sink washing up the breakfast pots. With all the noise she was making she hadn’t heard him enter, besides, her mind was on the most recent events, she just couldn’t seem to shake them.

John watched his pretty daughter from the doorway, his cock now pushing upward in full erection. There was nothing left to get in his way only the final taboo that the target of his desire was his daughter. Again he recalled the image of her breasts from the night before and her exposed body as she left the shower. He had to have her and he couldn’t wait any longer.

Kelly jumped as she suddenly sensed the presence of her daddy, as before it was his aroma that tipped her off. “Daddy! You frightened me. How long have you been there?”

“Long enough to see how really beautiful my daughter is,” replied John as he wrapped his arms around his daughter’s waist gently pulling her back towards him in a hug and bending his head to kiss the side of her neck.

Shivers ran through Kelly’s body and the sense of fear and excitement returned. Almost automatically her hands went to her daddy’s hands, holding them to her midriff. At the
same time she bent her head allowing access for the soft kisses being placed on her neck.
For that instant Kelly felt safe and secure but then she felt her father’s erection pressing into her bottom.

Unlike the previous night, the proud member was pressing full length against the crack of her butt and even higher into the small of her back. Never in Kelly’s wildest dreams did she believe the male organ could grow so large and thick. She moved her lower body forward to press against the sink but her daddy moved with her, pushing his erection even harder against her. Several more soft kisses reined on her neck before an insistent dry humping movement began, trapped and terrified she had no idea what to do except plead with her daddy. 

“Daddy? Daddy, you must stop this now…… Please daddy, please stop you’re frightening me,” Kelly pleaded.

John Tucker was too far gone to listen to his daughter’s pleas, even though he heard them. They just served to drive him on in his quest; it was a plea from the sacrificial virgin begging not to be defiled. Kelly was his little virgin and she was going to be sacrificed to the lust in his loins. 

“Oh nooooooo daddddyyy. PLEASE” Kelly called out. 

He’d moved his hands upwards and was holding a breast in each hand, gently squeezing the soft ripe flesh beneath her top and bra.

“Stop struggling Kelly. I don’t want to get rough with you but I will if you make me. Drop your hands down by your sides and enjoy yourself. If rape is inevitable, it’s far better to let it happen and enjoy rather than fight against it.

“Just know that I’m going to have you whether you like it or not. Now turn around and face me.” John ordered his daughter roughly.

Kelly found herself roughly turned around and almost immediately her daddy’s hands tugging at her clothing. First the top was almost torn off in his haste and was quickly followed by her bra. Short work was made of her flimsy mini-skirt and strong hands ripped her cotton panties away in just a split second.

The word rape had struck fear in Kelly’s heart but it also filled her pussy with an intense desire, she could feel herself getting wet and then even wetter as the clothing was torn from her body. The breath gasped from her when she felt her daddy’s clasp between her legs, squeezing her vulva and then slipping a finger into her slit.

“You want it, you want it really badly Kelly, your pussy is so wet. Now be a good girl for daddy and I promise I’ll make you so happy.” With that, John easily lifted his daughter’s small frame and carried her up the stairs.

Kelly clung too him, her arms fastened tightly around his neck, her mouth close to his ear, “Please don’t hurt me daddy,” she whispered.

Mixed emotions caused Kelly confusion. She finally admitted to herself that she had purposefully dressed sexily that morning. Was it then so surprising that her daddy, overcome with temptation had ripped the clothing from her? Had she set this train of events in progress and secretly hoped that this would happen?

Whatever the answer was it made no difference now. She was being carried upstairs to the bedrooms where she knew her virginity was going to be sacrificed on the alter of love. Her daddy was going to have her, by force if necessary but he was…. Going to have her. 

Kelly found herself dumped on the bed and guessed by the sounds she could hear that her father was undressing. “My heavens Kelly, you’re so beautiful I can’t wait to eat you.”

“Eat me?” thought Kelly. She went over the lessons she’d had in sex education and couldn’t remember any reference to the term. Before she had any time to ponder the answer further, she was lifted up by her legs so that she was upside down, her light frame easily handled by her father’s muscular body. Then she found herself pressed against her daddy’s naked front, her position held in place with his strong hands supporting her shoulders.

In her upside down position Kelly could smell the muskiness of her daddy’s sex, her taut breasts were pressed firmly against his stomach and she could feel his hot breath close to her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh daddy!” she gasped as his mouth closed over her vulva. “Oh please…. Don’t………. Aaaaaaaah…… What are you doing to me?” She couldn’t believe that her daddy was sucking on her slit so hard it was like a vacuum.

Hardly had Kelly recovered from the erotic shock of having her pussy sucked when she felt his tongue burrowing into her love hole. It flickered in and out several times before she realized daddy was gathering her juices, that’s the moment she knew what, “Being eaten was,” and Kelly totally surrendered herself.

There was a sudden desire on Kelly’s behalf to please the man that was loving her, pure instinct made her hands move in search of her father’s cock, nothing prepared her for what her small hands fastened onto. For a brief moment she thought she was touching his leg, that was until she felt the pulsing in her sensitive finger tips. In excitement she quickly moved her fingers exploring the length and thickness, “seeing” her daddy’s cock for the first time. Her pussy pulsed in anticipation, flushing extra lubrication into John’s mouth.

John felt Kelly’s first touch and then her delicate fingers fluttering up and down his shaft. Almost immediately he sucked out fresh honey from his baby’s pussy as her cunt pulsed fresh lubricant, readying itself for penetration and the ultimate act of union between male and female.

It took all of his will power not to throw her on the bed and take her quickly; he could never recall desiring a woman as much as he wanted his own daughter. Resisting the impulse only out of love, he continued feasting on the delicate folds of her pussy, content for the moment only to bring her to orgasm.

He was rewarded for his decision moments later, when Kelly’s sweet mouth closed over the crown of his circumcised cock. At first her actions were tentative and inexperienced. her sharp teeth scraping the sensitive glans but she learnt quickly. John actually curled his toes in pleasure when Kelly took as much as she could to the back of her mouth and sucked hard while her hands moved along the silky steel stem.

Kelly had cum several times in her life when she masturbated but she knew the one building in her body this time was different. Every part of her fresh young body was sending urgent signals and the massive network of nerve endings communicated those signals directly to the hot spot between her legs. In a race against time she sucked hard on her daddy’s cock, both hands working furiously on the steel hard shaft.

It was her daddy that won the race. Knowing he was close to cumming John didn’t wait any longer, his talented tongue sought out Kelly’s engorged clit and molested that choice morsel wickedly. Immediately Kelly stiffened momentarily, her whole body trembled and then came the explosion.

The rush of orgasm burst from between Kelly’s virginal lips with such force it bubbled
out in a series of pulses. John held on tightly to his daughter’s shaking body, his mouth firmly over her slit drinking down her deliciousness. The sweetness of his little girl coating his mouth and face.

Kelly squealed over her daddy’s cock as the orgasm burst within her, she had been right; nothing had prepared her body for such a massive burst of release. It was during those moments of uncontrollable shaking that she realized something else, her daddy was the most important person in her life and she loved him deeply. Not for just being her daddy, but for being her best friend and lover. She knew at that moment he was the only man she would ever allow to touch her and… she would give him everything she had willingly.

As if to keep the promise freshly made, she attacked her father’s pole with fresh fervor, bobbing her head quickly on the shaft, forcing the cock head so deep it was hitting the back of her throat. No man could have resisted such a passionate attack from his virgin daughter.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” Kelly heard her daddy cry out and then learned the lesson of dominance from a man in orgasm. A thrust of hips jammed his cock deep into his daughter’s throat and she felt his hot seed being ejected directly into her gullet. For a few seconds Kelly was unable to breathe and struggled to get air into starved lungs then finding the secret, gulped down all her dear daddy could offer. His seed was sweet and salty in taste, thick and creamy in texture and Kelly loved it. 

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