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Daddy's Blind Daughter

(Part 1 from 3)

Note : This story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

There were two very different things about Kelly when compared to other girls her age, she was totally blind and over-protected by her parents, John and Lisa Tucker.

Kelly coped well around the house and even the large back garden but beyond those bounds she relied totally on others for help. When she wanted to go shopping it was her mother that drove her to the mall and guided her from shop to shop, describing in detail the items her daughter wanted to purchase. Other outings were undertaken by her father such as visits to the local swimming pool and library where Kelly selected audio books.

Each week day a bus would collect her for attendance at a special school and return her at night where her mom would be waiting at the front gate. The same pattern had gone on for years and it never looked as though it would change.

Kelly had come home from school one night and had gone to her room to listen to music. She’d stumbled on the stairs on the way up and that wasn’t the first time it had happened. Once she had missed her footing on the way down and fell her length, fortunately with no injuries occurring.

“I knew we’d made a mistake John,” Lisa said to her husband. “We really should have made her take that white stick training, she could have had a guide-dog by now.”

“It was you that didn’t want her to train, didn’t I say that she’d be in trouble if anything happens to us? We have to accept the fact that she’s blind and help her to become more independent. Look, tomorrow’s Saturday, I’ll borrow a cane from the chemists and spend the day teaching her the basics, once she’s got them I’ll ring the Blind Welfare and get them to include her on the next long-cane sessions. Is that fair enough?”

“Ok, but I can’t help you. Tomorrow I promised to go and see mom and dad, it’s been ages since I seen them,” replied Lisa.

“Yes it has. Tell you what, why don’t you pack an overnight case and spend the night with them and catch the last train back on Sunday, I’ll meet you at the station.” 

“That’s a wonderful idea. You go and tell Kelly while I put the dinner on.” Lisa replied.

John knocked on his daughter’s door but because her music was so loud she didn’t hear him. Knocking again he opened the door and stopped dead in his tracks. Kelly was standing in front of her cupboard naked to the waist, her medium sized breasts jutting out in front of her. John had seen his daughter naked before but she’d grown an awful lot since the last time.

Mesmerized by her beauty, John continued to watch as his daughter felt in a drawer and selected a flimsy black lace bra which she fastened with an expert touch before pulling a fresh T-shirt over her head. Still he stood there watching, feeling like an intruder but what concerned him the most was the erection in his trousers.

During and after dinner, John couldn’t get the vision of Kelly’s breasts off his mind and his erection had remained with him. He found himself imagining taking one of the delicious orbs in his mouth and sucking the nipple to a swollen erection while fondling the other tit.

Then he began to think about her pussy and what it would be like to fuck his daughter, imagining her tightness crushing his shaft as he pressed into her. And she’d be a virgin, there was no doubt about that, she’d always been so well supervised.

John kept trying to put the evil thoughts to the back of his mind but gave up when he realized that come hell or high water, Kelly would soon lose her virginity to his aching cock. It was only a case of where and when.

Later when John and Lisa sat in the lounge watching TV Kelly entered the room in her shower jacket, her hair still wet and tousled. Arms out in front of her she made her way to her father’s chair and climbed onto his knee as she often did before she retired for the night. Her back to her mother who sat to one side on the settee, she settled her damp head into her father’s chest.

Kelly never told anyone, but these moments were the highlight of her day. She could listen to the television and her father always described what was happening keeping her up with the story line. But what made it so special, was the cuddle from her father, it made her feel so safe and secure in her dark world.

John could feel one of his daughter’s sharp breast pressing into his chest as she leaned against him, he was also very aware his erection pressing into Kelly’s buttocks. If Kelly was aware of the massive lump in her daddy’s shorts she did nothing to show it except to wriggle her butt a little as she settled on his lap.

Almost unconsciously John placed his hand on Kelly’s knee and squeezed it gently and then slowly move beneath the hem of her shower jacket to stroke the soft flesh of her upper thigh. Kelly’s skin was ultra soft, leaving very little to his imagination as he pictured the rest of her body in his minds eye. He began to wonder about her vulva, how tight was she, did she have hair on it and how wet would her crack get when she was aroused. When his thought returned to the present, he found his wayward hand had moved to the soft inner thigh flesh and he could feel the heat from Kelly’s groin.

Kelly thought nothing of the fact that her daddy had slipped his hand beneath the hem of her shower jacket; after all, he often caressed her during these intimate sessions. But she did find the hard lump she was sitting on a little disconcerting. She may have been blind but she wasn’t stupid and knew exactly what the hard lump was.

Several lessons at the special school had been devoted to sex education and the students had been given all the information they would need. Like the other girls, Kelly had giggled through most of the lessons, mainly from embarrassment but that didn’t stop her cotton panties from becoming damp.

Now here she was sitting on her daddy’s knee feeling his erection pressing against her and in her innocence, wondered what had caused it. Was her mother doing something that had caused the response from daddy? Then the breath caught in her throat as his hand suddenly moved from above her knee and in-between her legs and pressed against the soft inner flesh of her thigh. She could never remember her daddy touching like that before.

Kelly was both excited and frightened at the same time and more than a little confused at the feelings that seemed to sweep through her body. Nervously she sat up and quickly sought daddy’s cheek with her lips and kissed him before scrambling off his knee.

“I think I’ll go to bed now,” she said feeling her way to where her mom was and kissing her. “Goodnight,” and then left the room.

For a long time Kelly lay in her bed trying to come to terms with what had happened. Was there some other explanation for the hard lump she had sat on and was the way daddy touched her accidental? Then there were her feelings, why had she been frightened and at the same time excited and why….. Was her pussy wet?

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