Wife gets what she has always wanted.

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I guess when it comes right down to it; my story is not much different than most married guys. I have a good looking wife who is much less interested in sex than I am. If I initiate sex, she will usually do it just to avoid an argument. But most of the time, she can take it or leave it when it comes to sex. At least that is what I used to think until the last few months when I discovered her "darker" side.

Over the years, I've learned that she wants and enjoys sex the most when she is ovulating. During those few days when she is fertile, her subconscious must be telling her to breed so she gets horny and really likes it when I fuck her hard and cum inside of her. The rest of the month, I'm lucky to get a hand job from her. She is my second wife and during my first marriage, I had a vasectomy. I'm her first husband and she has never had kids so although her body is telling her to breed and procreate, it will never happen with us. Before we got married, we talked about the fact that she could never have kids if she married me and she said she was cool with it and didn't want them anyway. But deep down inside, I think she longs for a baby every now and then.

So I've learned to make the best of those few "golden days" each month. It is during those times when we have the best sex and when she is game for a little experimentation. I've learned that when she gets horny and is ready to breed, she likes her sex a little rough with some light BSDM. She especially likes to be tied up and fucked while I talk dirty to her, calling her a slut and a cock hungry whore. It always gets her hot.

Recently, I started to build on my own deep dark fantasies during these hot encounters. After I tie her up spread eagle, I blindfold her and tell her that I'm bringing in a group of guys to help me with the fucking. She says, "god no" and I say, "too bad bitch, you are all tied up and there is nothing you can do about it". Then I fuck her with her various dildos and vibrators while telling her that each of them is a different cock. As I "gang fuck" her with the dildos, I always know when she is getting ready to cum because she starts to moan and say, "please don't fuck me with your bare cocks, please don't cum inside of me and make me pregnant".

Whenever I hear those words, I know it is my sign to stop the dildo fucking and give her my real cock. As soon as I stick it in her tight pussy, she says, "no, no, don't fuck me with that bare cock, you will make me pregnant," and I just keep fucking her harder and harder until I feel the walls of her pussy start to contract and I let go and fill her with my cum. That puts her over the edge and she screams "oh god, I told you not to cum in me, don't knock me up!" as she shakes the bed with her orgasm and her pussy contracts like a milking machine on my cock squeezing out every last drop of my cum.

I guess her conscious mind is telling her to not get pregnant but her inner, subconscious mind is screaming to breed and she just can't help having an orgasm every time she gets filled with cum, even though my cum contains no sperm.

Afterwards, I untie her and we cuddle. On a good night, I'll get it up again and we just have straight sex after that without the bondage, toys or fantasies. Usually, we will get in a 69 where she enjoys sucking my cum covered cock while I eat out her cum filled pussy until we both cum in each others mouths.

Recently, my fantasies have become more and more adventuresome. After I tie her up and blindfold her I tell her that I brought in a room full of black studs with big cocks and I'm going to watch while they gang bang her. She says, "god no, they will make me pregnant with their big, thick loads of sperm filled cum and I'll have a black baby"! But as always at the end of the fantasy, she gets off as I cum inside of her. I even bought a big thick, 10" black totally realistic vibrating cock to fuck her with. I pretend that it is my cock and I hold the base of it against my pelvis, right above my cock.

Then while I have her tied up spread eagle, I "mount her" in the missionary position and rock my hips back and forth while fucking her with the big black vibrator. It gets me so hot to see it slicked up with her pussy juice as I ram it in and out of her pussy. And as always, almost on cue, when she gets close to having an orgasm, she pleads for me to not cum in her and knock her up. At that point, I replace the black vibe with my cock and after a few strokes, we both cum together.

I have got to admit that the bolder I get in the fantasies, the more I'm beginning to actually want to act out the fantasies for real. I have suggested it to her and she immediately says "hell no bud, fantasy is all you will ever get out of this one!" To be honest, I don't understand my obsessions with wanting to watch her get fucked. When we first met, I was jealous of her lipstick and I would get green with envy, thinking of the guys she had fucked before me. We used to fight about that all of the time. And yet as we get older, I want the very thing that used to make me crazy with jealousy years ago.

That brings me to the part where the line was crossed between fantasy and reality....a line that my wife will never cross back over.

It all happened quite accidentally. It was totally unplanned. We had to go out of town for a Saturday business meeting and we decided to make a long, three day weekend out of the event. I had made a mental note before we left that she would probably be ovulating that weekend so I packed a few of her dildos and some rope just in case. She must have had the same thoughts because as I found out later, she did some packing of her own in anticipation of some serious breeding.

My business meeting was over by noon and then we had the rest of the weekend to ourselves. We took a walk in a nearby park and held hands and stole an occasional kiss. Later, I took her to a nice restaurant with a view of the city lights. After her second glass of wine, I could sense that I was accurate about the timing of her ovulation....she was definitely getting that "fuck me" look in her eyes. So I paid the bill and we went back to the room.

When we got back to the room, for some reason, I just felt that something was out of place. I looked in the bath, the closet, in the dresser and everything was fine. Then it hit me. Our room was one of those that had a set of doors between our room and the adjoining room.

Each room had a door with a latch and so both doors would have to be unlatched from within their respective rooms, for anyone to get from one room to the other. I went over and checked the door and discovered that the latch on our side was in the unlatched position. So if the people on the other side wanted to, they could unlatch their door and get right in our room. The locking mechanism was jammed and I couldn't get it to lock. However the second door that went to the other room appeared to be locked. So I called maintenance and they said they would send someone up right away to fix it.

In the mean time, my wife unpacked her special "provisions" for our sex filled weekend. She got undressed and put on her sexiest outfit: a white lace corset with white thigh high stockings held up by garters. Then she put on a black leather mini skirt that barely covered her bare ass and pussy. She topped her "fuck me" outfit with a new pair of bright red 6" heels. She looked like a high priced, Vegas call girl. She said that she would hide in the bathroom when the maintenance guy got there, which in itself, started to make me hot and fantasize.

While we were waiting for him to show up, she lay back on the bed, leaned back on the pillow against the headboard and crossed her legs. I suddenly had this incredible urge to find a bunch of big black studs to help me breed her. She was too fucking hot to keep to myself. Little did I know that I would soon get my chance to see her get fucked by a monster black cock.

After waiting a while for the maintenance guy to show up, I turned on the TV and started to check out the movie selection. I went to the adult menu and there was a movie called "slut housewife tries black cock". Without thinking, I punched in the movie selection number and in a few minutes, we were watching a horny housewife getting seduced by her husband's black friend.

The story was about a white housewife whose husband wanted her to fuck his black buddy but she absolutely refused. He finally gave up and then one night, the guy came over to drink beer and shoot pool with them. During the course of the evening, one thing let to another and eventually they started to play "strip" pool. The woman was down to her g string and she had huge cream colored tits with big dark aureoles and nipples. The next shot, the black guy missed and took off his boxers to reveal a massive thick, jet black 10" cock with big veins bulging and a flared mushroom head. You could tell that the woman was getting hot, but she still wasn't ready to fuck the black stud and fulfill her husband's fantasy.

So the black guys suggested that just him and her play the next game and if he won, she would succumb to her husband's fantasies and let him fuck her. If she won, he would go home.

The woman was a pretty good pool shooter and it came down to the last ball. She called the 8 ball in the side pocket and as she leaned over the table to set up for her shot, her big tits practically touched the felt. She hit the ball strongly and the 8 ball slammed into the pocket but the cue spun off to the left and scratched in the corner pocket.

The woman conceded that she had lost and went over to the black dude. He proceeded to go down on her and eventually, she started to get into it all and ended up taking his cock in every hole while her husband watched and joined in any way he could.

I could tell by wife's breathing that she was starting to get aroused so I started to fondle her stocking covered legs. As I watched the movie, I now more than ever wanted my wife to take on a black cock and I was beginning to think that she was finally coming around. As I ran my hand up her thigh, she leaned back and as she did, her nipples popped out of the corset. I immediately took one in my mouth as my fingers reached her shaved pussy lips. She was already soaking wet and so for the moment, I forgot all about the maintenance man and I told her to wait a moment. I took a pillow case off of a pillow and used it to blind-fold her. Then I got the rope out of my suitcase and tied her in her favorite submissive position, spread-eagle on her back.

I stood back and admired my prim and proper conservative wife, dressed like a whore in the corset, the stockings, garter and the black leather mini skirt with the red heels. It was more than I could stand and I ripped my own clothes off and started to go down on her sweet pussy. I nibbled on her clitty and ran my tongue in and out of her wet lips. When I stuck a finger in her pussy, she started a rocking motion and I knew she was ready for some heavy duty fucking.

So I got out the 10" black vibe and started to fuck her slowly. I remember thinking at the time that I have never seen her so into fucking the black cock and so I told her, "do you want more of the black cock?" and she said "yes, god yes, it feels so good". The movie must have gotten to her also. So I gave her more and more, deeper and deeper and she kept taking all of it. I was looking forward to plunging my own cock in her and filling her with my spermless cum when I heard a knock on the door. "Shit, it's the maintenance guy" I said. She said, "what if he comes in and sees me like this"? Although the thought of seeing the look on his face while seeing my slut wife lying spread eagle with a big black vibrator in her pussy was hot, I knew she would never go for it.

So I told her that I would go and tell him to come back later. I got up but I left the black vibrator stuffed in her pussy to the hilt and left it on the high speed so she wouldn't lose her momentum. She was rocking and moaning about how good the black cock felt inside of her as I walked away, almost delirious with pleasure and pretty much unaware of whether or not I was even there.

I went to the door and opened it a crack, but the guy was gone. He had left a stiff paper door hanger note on the door knob and when I grabbed the note, I dropped it and it went sailing across the hall. Like an idiot, I stepped out to get it and when I did, the door slammed shut behind me.

I almost freaked...here I was in the hallway of a hotel, without a stitch of clothing on, sporting my best wood and my naked wife was tied up inside to the bedposts in her hottest fuck me outfit. I knew that even if she could hear me calling for her, she could not get up to let me in. And I'd be damned if I was going down to the lobby desk naked.

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